22 Things Women With Big Clits Hear All the Time

Rikochan has a big clit, man.

I totally get it…it’s big. It’s really, really big! [Click the pics to get them in full gigantic size!]

Women with big clits who show them off are kind of rare, so it’s not surprising that I get a lot of questions from all over the world about my clit, and I try to answer as many of them as I can, because I love to talk to my friends and fans.

But there’s another reason, too, and one that’s at least as important to me. For the average person who’s most only seen the “perfect,” nearly invisible little pussies in Playboy-type glamour magazines, a big clit (or long labia, or uneven labia, or meaty labia, or a puffy mons, or dark purple labia, or…) can be utterly shocking. I’m more than fine being the one to shock you (I love it, frankly), but I also want to educate you a little, too. And clearly you all want to educate yourself about women with big clits, too. So many questions!

Why do I want to be the one to shock and educate? Well, I’m a closet exhibitionist (complicated, I know). But I also know that there are other women out there with big clits who are sad, embarrassed, stressed, and shy about that part of their bodies. They’ve seen the perfect Playboy pusses, too, you know, and they don’t recognize themselves in those pictorials. And they’re afraid no one else will, either. Some of them have never shown themselves to anyone out of shame, and some have had ignorant people who made them feel like freaks (and not in a good way). So I love to show my big clit off and answer questions to maybe make them less of a big deal both to the people who have big clits and the people who might see them someday.

women with big clits FAQ

I know, when you’re confronted with a clitoris like this, it raises questions…

That doesn’t mean big clits are going to stop being shocking. Let’s face it, women with big clits are not so common that’s it’s ever going to be like, “Eh, you have one slightly bigger boob, so what.” And I’m fine with that. I don’t want to ever want to stop shocking people. I can’t tell you how incredibly exciting it is to literally make someone’s jaw drop the first time they see me naked. But I do want to make other women with big clits understand that that jaw-dropping can be a good thing (a very good thing!) and maybe be as proud of their clits as I am of mine. I also want people who might see them to have a little bit of an idea what’s going on so they don’t say or do something stupid.

So I put together a big clit FAQ. I can’t claim to speak for all women with big clits, of course, but I have gotten all of these questions many, many times. Some of them only apply to edge cases like mine, where people know that I pump, and because I’m a bodybuilder, and because I show mine off all over the place and do porn. But I bet every woman with a big clit whose ever shown anyone has heard some of these…

1. Your clit is so big! Why is your clit so big?

Yes, it’s big! Why? Just like cocks (and boobs and labia and noses and feet), clits come in all sizes and shapes. I have pumped and stretched my clit a lot, too, and that helps some, though not as much as people think. It’s pretty much always been on the big side, and it got bigger when I hit puberty. And that’s totally cool I love that it is big, and so do all my partners. At this point, if it wasn’t big, I would do everything possible to make it that way! (More on this later.)

2. Does your big clit make you horny all the time?

Nope. It just helps me enjoy myself when I am horny. I don’t think I even have a particularly high sex drive, honestly. I think and write and blog about sex and make porn all the time, but I can go without actually *having* sex for quite a while without losing my mind. Having a big clit doesn’t mean you are into sex any more than having big boobs means you are nymphomaniac (something everyone seemed to believe when I was a kid).

3. Seriously, though; you must be stimulated all the time with your clit sticking out like that, no?

Nope! It gets way smaller when I am not aroused and I don’t even notice it. I’ve had a long time to get used to it, too!

4. How can you walk around without your big clit rubbing on your clothes? Can you wear pants? You must get an orgasm just from walking!

I wish! I mean, it would be really, really inconvenient, but it would be damned sexy if it could happen once in a while under sexy, non-awkward conditions. But, no, my clit is only erect when I am excited; most of the rest of the time the head is mostly inside the hood, like an uncut cock. And it’s really only the super-erect, full-on clitty hard-on Rikochanpornstar readers know and love after lots and lots of stimulation. I very rarely spontaneously get a serious lady-boner without serious stimulation. There was that one time in the sauna with that sexy trainer at the gym, though…

What do women with big clits wish you knew?

Yes, that glans is very similar to what you see on a penis…

5. But, seriously, how do you keep from playing with yourself all the time?

Well, I don’t know. It’s smaller than the average cock. How do guys with cocks keep their hands off them? Or *do* they? Hmm…

6. Are bigger clits more sensitive, and do big clits mean better sex and bigger orgasms?

Honestly, there’s no way I can answer that. I have nothing to compare it with! I can only tell you that I have amazing orgasms that go on and on and on. But I think that’s as much about having clever partners I trust and love and am excited by who are eager to please me as because of my big clit. Furthermore, what I have read seems to say that all clits have more or less the same number of nerve endings, so even little tiny clits should feel as good as my big one! I can tell you that the little clits I have licked seem just as sensitive as the big ones—maybe even more so! On the other hand, mine is easier to stimulate in just about every sex position, so there’s that…

7. I bet no one ever has trouble finding your clit!

Yes, very clever. It can actually be hard to convince them to pay attention to other bits, though!

Rikochan's big, meaty clit.

I love how thick and meaty my clit looks in this shot!

8. That’s not a clit! That’s a little penis!

No, I’m pretty sure a gynecologist would have told me. On the other hand, clits and penises are very, very similar. It’s just more obvious when a clit is closer to cock size, like mine is.

9. That’s bigger than my penis!

No it isn’t! I mean, probably not. But, either way, it’s cool. I have lot of fans and friends with micropenises, which I think are crazy sexy, by the way. TBH, I’ve never played with one, but I find the idea and look of them (lots of my friends send me pictures and videos of their microdicks) very, very exciting. None of them have ever actually turned out to be smaller than my clit when erect though, although some of them are very, very small! Someday I will make a big clit versus micropenis video!

10. You are a hermaphrodite.

Uh, no. I don’t have a penis. I have a clit. They are not the same thing, although they are similar. You can educate yourself on the difference, but there is one.

11. You are intersexed.

Nope. I have intersexed friends (sexy!). Their bodies are different from mine. I really just have a big clit.

12. You are a post-op transsexual.

Again, no. I think I would know about that. People often think I am trans, but I have periods, ovaries, a uterus, the whole glorious, messy thing. But, just for the record, let me say that the only annoying thing about people insisting I am a trans person is that they are trying to define me or are accusing me of lying about my biology for some reason. I’m totally not offended by being identified as trans! Some of the sexiest people in the world are trans. But I am a CIS woman who is exploring what “woman” means with my bodybuilding.

13. You are a man.

No. Not in terms of biology or gender. You’re probably confused about the distinction there, if you insist I’m a man.

14. You’re manly/not feminine.

That’s stupid. People who say that are stupid. Those words are meaningless, and anyone who uses them in that way is a narrow-minded and ignorant. What they are saying, although they not clever enough to know it, is: “You don’t fit my idea of what a woman should be like.” Who cares about the opinion of someone that clueless and that casually hostile? Not me. Anyone who ever says “that’s not feminine,”—whether it’s about a clit size, body shape, muscle size, fatness, thinness, or whatever—loses *all* respect in my eyes. Seriously, it’s one of the dumbest things you can say.

Lick my big clit

Do you want to get close to my big clitoris? Close enough to lick it?

15. How can I make my clit like yours?

Pumping can help, but only so much. Even if you imagine it will double the size of your clit (it probably won’t) if you have a tiny one it will only be tiny times two. If your bean is really small, you will have to resort to hormones if you want it to really grow. I have friends who have had very good luck with them, but beyond that I can’t tell you any more about that method. You’ll have to do your own research, but there a plenty of forums for that. Some of the methods are DIY and legally sketchy, and some are prescribed by doctors (as libido treatments), and both seem to work.

16. I know you take the steroids. Women with big clits all take the steroids. Admit it! Tell me about the steroids! Confess!

You really don’t know anything about me. I’ve had a big clit since before I ever touched a weight, and I have the chubby out-of-shape big clit pics to prove it—and I’m hardly much of a bodybuilder now, either. That said, I’m totally not against steroids or any other form of body modification. I think it’s all great. People should have complete autonomy over their bodies, and they should be proud of whatever shape they have naturally, or whatever shape they choose for themselves.

Yes, steroids can pretty clearly make clits bigger, though not all big clits come from steroids and not all of the biggest FBBs have big clits, either. And, seriously, even if I were an expert in illegal drugs, do you think I would talk to you about them on Facebook, over email, on Twitter, etc? That would be a really good way to go to jail. If I suddenly become a super-jacked bodybuilder over the course of a few months, I will definitely expect people to speculate about what I took, but I still wouldn’t talk about it online!

But in any case, what difference does it make why women with big clits have them? Is someone whose clitoral hypertrophy was the result of steroids less pure? Less sexy? Less “real?” No way! Big clits are awesome, no matter why they are big, through genetics, chemicals, surgery…whatever.

17. Are You/Have You Ever Been Embarrassed by Your Big Clit?

Not really. I honestly didn’t realize how much bigger it was than the average until I met someone who was very, very happy to see it and told me so. Ever since then, most of the people who have seen it have known ahead of time what they were going to see, and they have all been very excited to see it, so that’s pretty good for my ego.

I have occasionally been a little nervous about how someone might react to it when seeing it for the first time. Occasionally a new doctor will see it, or I will be in a situation where someone who doesn’t know about my porn life might see it (sauna, onsen, skinny dipping, whatever), for example.

But that is almost never an issue. Doctors rarely mention it. One woman doctor said: “Your clitoris is big! It hasn’t suddenly changed size, has it, because that might be a problem.” When I said, no, she said, “Well then, I guess you are just lucky!” That made me very happy. Honestly, I think she was more impressed by how hard my pecs were when she did my breast exam. Other people mostly make a point of not looking at your pussy, generally, but I have completely lasered off my pubes, so sometimes I have seen people noticing my pussy because of that. But none of them have ever said anything about my big clit, although a few have mentioned the hairlessness.

Women with big clits get lots of questions about them

Why is the shaft of my clit so long, you ask?

18. Have you ever thought about having your big clit reduced?

No! Nonono! No! Just…no.

Like I said, I would never judge anyone for modifying their body, but I personally can’t ever see wanting to have less of this very good thing. And I wouldn’t do something so drastic to please anyone else.

Breast augmentation, on the other hand, I have considered, though I think having a big clit is actually probably less traumatic than having big boobs, honestly, because big boobs are out there *all the time*, and people stare at them *all the time* and they make weird judgments about them *all the time*, too! (I think I probably stare at them more than I should, honestly. I try very hard not to, but I do love them.)

I’m totally open about my big clit here on my blog, but in my day to day life it’s totally hidden, like a superhero’s secret identity. I get to decide who gets let in on the secret, unlike people with big boobs. Big boobs are like the Tony Starks of the superhero world, living life out and proud. Big clits are more the Kamala Khans, also crazy awesome, but secret.

Rikochan's big pink clit

My big clit is looking very pink after some pumping and oral sex…

19. How can I date women with big clits like yours?

I have mixed feelings about this question. On the one hand, people have their fetishes and preferences, and I can’t fault anyone for that. I personally have a *huge* weakness for redheads and big boobs. But, on the other hand, the old-fashioned progressive in me thinks maybe you shouldn’t really be picking your partners based on some physical characteristic. I mean, yes, I totally also want to play with a woman with a big clit, but dating, and having a relationship…that’s a different thing, right? “I only want to date women with big clits” sounds like “I only want to date Asians,” which, to me, is kind of weird and icky, honestly.

If you really, really, really only want to date/fuck/go out with women with big clits, you have to start with the clit first, though, I guess. The only answer I can think of is to go to a site like Fetlife (friend me there!) and search for women whose pictures show off their big clits, and go from there. But while that’s probably a good way to find sex/sessions/scenes, I doubt it’s a great way to find a girlfriend personally. Maybe I’m just old fashioned, though.

You could try and date a serious female bodybuilder and hope she has a big clit, but, seriously, if that’s the only reason you’re dating her, that’s kind of sad, to me, and chances are a woman in that kind of amazing condition has plenty of men to choose from and may not be interested in someone who only wants her for her clit!

If you just want to play with a big clit to live out your fantasy, you’d be far better off finding a big-clit session provider, in my opinion. To be completely transparent, these are women with big clits (often a bodybuilder) who will have some sort of sexual encounter with you. For money. There are entire websites dedicated to organizing these things.

Your session might be full on penetration, or it might just be a wrestling match in which she pins you and her panty-clad big clit just happens to get jammed up against your mouth. Or it might be somewhere in between. It all depends on what you agree on ahead of time (and what you pay for). Depending on what happens and where you live, it might be illegal, but I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with sex work as a job. And I think that for most people it might be their best chance of experiencing a large clit at least once in their lives.

20. Can I do a clit worship session with you? I’ll pay!

I don’t do sessions for the moment, sorry. I’m totally not against the idea, and I don’t in any way look down on session providers, though. I’m just not outgoing and brave enough, that’s all. If I thought I could enjoy it and do a good job, I’d totally be a session girl!

21. Can I worship your clit?

I am very, very flattered that you asked, but probably not, sorry! Unless you are a woman who wants to shoot movies with me, your chances aren’t good. You can support me and my movies, though, and worship my clit virtually!

22. Will you do a photoshoot/video with me?

The chances are small but not zero. I only work with people who know what they are doing with pics and clips I can see that I also like. I don’t do GWC shoots. I’m not at all interested in having sex with guys in a shoot. Girls, sure, if it’s the right girl. I will do TFC. I always bring a guy with me to the shoot.



  1. Mike from the Pioneer Valley, MA

    December 23, 2015 at 4:05 pm

    Here’s a new question, Riko: Will you ever make (and sell) plaster casts of that magnificence? (And do you take PayPal?)

    • rikochan

      December 23, 2015 at 5:03 pm

      I’ve actually had people ask me to make casts of it, but I’ve never done it yet. I am afraid that it would be hard to do, as my clit is continually moving around and changing size. Unless the experience was somehow very erotic, I wouldn’t have an erection, so a cast wouldn’t be so interesting to see. I’m not against the idea, but I would have to be doing it with someone who also arouses me, which is tricky, as I’m shy about having guys I don’t know touching me like that. Maybe I’ll try to do it myself?

      • I made a cast of my little acorn dick. . That was kind of rough. BC it changes in size also. But it worked out. My wife showed her sisters and a couple of her friends. They had a lot of fun about it

      • You said you like clit to clit. What about an tiny acorn dick to your big clit sex. We would ha e a lot of laughs and fun. When I am flaccid your clit is bigger than my acorn dick

  2. The most questions here, I would never ask, because they are very generally, not good enough for to discover all the secrets of a big clit.
    So I would ask you following questions:

    1. in which speed is the arousal of your clit? I mean with this the time from beginning of the your clit.arousal till the complete erection.

    2. How stiff can get your clit? Can you hold a wet towel on it, without changing the position of your clit. Can you hold even a big towel with it?

    3. if your clit becomes hard, can you bow it in all directions without resistance and pain?

    4. could you penetrate and fuck a vagina with it?

    5. Can you show us your internal part of your clit? (crura clitoris, also called thighs of the clit) The half of your clit.thighs or so, I can see very easily and good. If you form with with your fingers (a kind of pressing) your outer.lips, surely it is possible to see the complete crura clitoris, the internal part of your clit. So we can see the complete size of your clit.

    6. What do you think are the differences between your clit and a little cock? (ok, there is no hole in your glans, but this isn`t really interesting to mention, it is only a truism)

    • rikochan

      December 24, 2015 at 11:44 am

      Oh, yes…this was a post about the common questions! These are uncommon ones.

      1) It varies wildly!
      2) No, it doesn’t stick straight out like that, and it moves easily.
      3) I can move it around easily, but it’s sometime so hard that I can’t bend it.
      4) The problem is the angle. I have gone pussy to pussy with a girl, and my clit got in her pussy, but just sort of at the edge, and not really lengthwise…it wasn’t really “penetration.” But I am going to try again!
      5) I can’t really show more than I have, I don’t think!
      6) I mean, it’s mainly the urethra thing.

      • Riko, many thanks for your answer. And let me ask this too, do you like clit.grinding? Clit to cock or cock to clit, and clit to clit – active or passive?

        • rikochan

          December 29, 2015 at 1:17 pm

          I’ve only done clit to clit or clit to pussy a little, but it was amazingly exciting to see and think about. I only did it as little parts in video clips, however, so I never really had a chance to do it enough to really fully know what it’s like, if you know what I mean. I really, really liked it, and I really want to try it again, but I don’t have an expert opinion on it yet! Clit to cock is one of my favorite things in the world. I think I like it better than penetration, honestly, or at least as well. My new video I posted today has a lot of clit to cock!

  3. Dear Riko,

    What an amazing clit u have ! I would like to suck it forever !

  4. As always just perfectly sexy Riko

  5. Wow sorry been on Christmas holiday come back to 7 HOT CLIT photos. In one post thats awesome Riko thank you great Christmas present
    Love the Q & A. Love the second last photo it just looks so god dam big in that one. The pussy lips look so good too
    Also the photo of you stand in front on as you can’t see your pussy just your clit. MMMMM
    Also you answer one of my Q I with a micro cock have notice how it keeps moving all the time going in and out. You said the same with your clit to the Q about making a cast .
    Making a cast of your clit would be awsome I would order one for sure !!!
    Have a great new year Riko and thanks for a great year of rikochanpornstar

  6. rikochan

    December 29, 2015 at 1:21 pm

    Thanks, Craig! Yes, I really like the one where you can’t see the labia, too…it looks so much more cock-like, it’s really freaky…which I love! 🙂

  7. Wonderful I like such kind of sex very much too, but only if a clit is big enough, so I can feel him good enough, else it makes no sense for me.
    If I understand you right Riko, so you like to be the active grinder, that means yo want to grind on a cock with your clit.
    Yes it is a great thrill a female shaft on male shaft and glans to glans this I call the wedding of the both members, both phalli, both cocks, however you will call it. So similar with a small kind of difference. The same with a little part of strangeness. But the priority is to make it to the same, take away the differences.
    Yes, I am a friend of such clits, who look like a small cock, so they are for me she-cocks, girl.dicks. This together with labias, that is phantastic. And the best is, if the inner.lips are small or seperate with the female boner, so it is still more cock.like and the female boner is still more prominent. Outer.lips should be meaty, if they don`t cover and hidden the clit.

  8. Thank you for posting such a nice FAQ! I am a woman with a big clit too and it’s always been a source of shame and embarrassment. Even though I am engaged I still shy away from sex unless the lights are off. My fiance does not seem to care but I do because I was told (not by him) one time that it was frightening and have never really recovered. It is not perfect and photoshopped and I have reluctantly considered reduction surgery. I appreciate you taking the time to explain to people on your website that yes, clits do come in different sizes and there are some people who will adore and even seek big clits. Thank you for your kindness and being so open!

    • rikochan

      January 4, 2016 at 12:31 pm

      Wow, it means so much for me to hear that maybe reading this helped a little, you can’t imagine! I’m so very grateful that you took the time to write and let me kow, and I hope you will maybe consider embracing your clit and maybe even giving your fiance the chance to see it with the lights on! I recommend talking things to death, personally. Maybe let him know why the lights have been off and what he can expect to see ahead of time when they are on and how you feel about the whole thing. If you have trouble talking about it but you look at porn together (everyone should look at porn together!) maybe have him come here and read the piece and your letter?

      And, BTW, if you want to share a picture of your clitoris on my site, I’d be honored…I’m going to start doing a clit of the week section soon, and I hope that at least some of the selections will be reader submissions, with women telling their own stories. If so, let me know by email, at rikochanpornstar [dot] com!


      • Hi Riko,

        I am so happy you responded so quickly! What is the actual email I can contact you? (Above you’ve so graciously posted “at old.rikochanpornstar.com” but of course I cannot send an email to that address as it’s “incomplete” and naturally I can’t find a direct link to contact you.) If I did send a picture, I would love to hear someone’s thoughts other than my own and preferably someone who embraces it. If it is okay, in the email I’d like to get a bit more personal and share things I really don’t feel comfortably sharing on a public forum. If not, that is okay too.

        Either way, thank you for being so warm and caring to a complete (and relatively shy) stranger who stumbled upon your site while seeking any type of porn star who, physically, did not share the cute little buttons so many actresses seem to have. I initially found your website in my quest to try to squirt (and still haven’t succeeded, to my own disappointment). Your quest to find new sources of pleasure is inspiring!

        I know it sounds stupid but your thoughtful response is really encouraging. My fiance and I hardly even have a sex life let alone look at porn. He’s just not built with the same drive I am and it’s very frustrating and also very hard on my self-esteem. I have tried many different ways to approach him about the subject but he is very reserved and even after four years I still haven’t found the courage to speak to him about my fears and desires.

        Any rate, thank you for being a beautiful person, Riko. 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you. I am not sure if you would be interested enough to email me directly but I believe my email address is provided below (not to the public, of course, but perhaps you can see it). I would love the chance to talk to you. Thank you for your kindness.

        • Hi Lauren
          I share some of your concerns
          My wife is completely different than me sexually
          She seems to have lost all urges of sex from me
          As I get older soon to be 63 my sexually energy is going up while hers is nonexistent
          She doesn’t like to watch porn or experiment at all
          If and when we ever have sex it’s straight vanilla plain
          Not a good situation for me
          Would love to be able to vent with others like yourself
          Please feel free to email if I wish
          My name is David

  9. You indicate that none of your male friends with micropenises have erections smaller than your engorged clit. I’m certain that mine is smaller, probably half your size. I know that it can be tiresome to be asked the same questions or to hear the same comments over and over, but a truly large clit is far more attractive and interesting to the opposite sex and to the world at large than a one-inch penis is. While the idea of you penetrating a woman is quite intriguing, and you addressed this in another comment here, have you ever considered penetrating a man? After ejaculation and shrinking during his recovery time, a man with a very small penis might retract completely, and your engorged clit could press the tip of his penis back inside him. It’s easily done with the tip of a finger, so why not your big and beautiful clit?

  10. Some interesting comments and quite an insight into how your mind and body works but the pics are the stars. So many beautiful ways of showing off your incredibly gorgeous and erotic clitoris. Thank you so much… xxxx

  11. See, you say that large clits have nothing to do with how horny you get… and you’re totally right that you get massively horny women with small clits… but i don’t think you’ll ever find a woman with a large clit who isn’t massively horny.

    • rikochan

      May 3, 2016 at 12:55 pm

      Well, but my #2 up there is that I am not a massively horny person. I enjoy sex when I have it, but I’m not thinking about it all the time!

  12. Hi i am glad i found your site! I my self have a big clit since birth because i was born With hyperclitoris and after i hit puberty it grew alot… since then I am very selfcounsious about its size and i never completly showed my self to my partners or let them perform oral sex to me. When I was younger I desperatly wanted to undergo surgery and at that time I felt disgusting and weird but nowadays I try to accept the fact that I am kind of special. I am writing a comment here because I seek for advice how you became so confident and how you told your partners that you don’t have a “breadroll” vag.

    Your pictures showed me how beautiful big clits can be!

    love from europe <3

    please excuse my bad writing english is not my first language.

    • rikochan

      August 9, 2016 at 5:13 am

      I’m so glad you wrote and so happy that maybe my blog
      could help a little! Honestly I never really gave anyone any special warning about me before having sex with them. Most of the boys I had sex with when young were I think just happy to have sex at all! Most guys were more focused on my boobs, honestly. I was never really ashamed of mine. I was more just repressed in general. I never even really realized how unusual I was until later when I started watching a lot more porn as a way to open myself up sexually.

      Sharing myself here has been the most liberating thing I have ever done. If you want to see how many people love your special anatomy, and how lovely it really is, send me some anonymous pictures to share on here. You’ll be amazed at the response!

    • dont ever change yourself
      you would be surprised how your partners might just love your differences
      i know i would
      please be kind to yourself

  13. Riko, here a wish and a question: Want to see how your clit is growinf while it is growing to the complete swollen size.
    And what would you say, where you would in your perception to koordinate your clit. This means in scale this: 1 is the avwerage clit and ten is the cock. Where will be the place of your clit?

    • rikochan

      August 9, 2016 at 4:57 am

      I don’t know how hard the average clit gets, so it it hard to answer. I would say maybe half as hard as a very hard cook, though.

      • Sorry, this wasn`t my question -your answer in this cas you gave me for some times, Idont forget such. My question is much more, where you would take the positon, the place in a scale, where you will find your clit. Is it more in direction of an average clit or do you think it is tending more near by a cock.

  14. Beautiful utterly beautiful

  15. I wish my wife had a clit like that

  16. Hi Riko!,
    We just wanted to drop by and say that we (my wife and I) are big fans of yours and have been for a few years now, ever since we “discovered” your wonderful photos and videos on the web!!
    We would both LOVE to play with, lick and suck your beautiful clit for hours and hours! And I would love to rub my 7incher all over it, My wife absolutely loves it when I rub my cock and or big balls on her big clit, most times she has a huge orgasm even before ever I get to stick my cock in her sweet pink pussy. Her clit is pretty large too, but not nearly as huge as yours is.
    I would love to watch the two of you rub your clits together!
    If your ever in NYC and would like to join us for some food, drinks and “fun”, hit us up!
    Keep up the great work!
    D&M 🙂

    • rikochan

      March 24, 2018 at 6:24 pm

      Nice to hear from you. I’m always in NYC! You could write me at rikoworkmail at gmail.com!

  17. Hello,

    I’d like to ask you one thing… I have read that big clitoris can be caused by hormonal imbalance. What do you think about that? What do you think is the cause of clitoris big like that, because women usually don’t have that big clitoris.

    • rikochan

      January 29, 2017 at 11:17 pm

      There’s a natural variation with clits the same way there is with boobs and dicks. Men don’t usually have a 10 inch cock, but they exist. Same with enormous boobs. That said, hormones can affect the size of the clit, and some people use them especially for that.

  18. Hi Riko. I found ur post very interesting and true becas I own a big clit :-). Ive always wanted to meet another woman with big clit and I realize that it brings so much attention (98% good). Now I dnt feel exactly weird. Anyway, thank you for making this post on behalf of urself and all other women with big clits like myself, it sheds alot light and clarifies alot of misinterpretations.

    • rikochan

      March 14, 2017 at 9:09 pm

      Hey, I’m always so glad to hear that anyone liked this post, but I’m especially glad if can help another women like me even a little bit! Hey, do you want to submit your special clit for a “Clit of the Day” post on my site? I’m getting ready to start those up again!

      • Hi Riki! Happy new year!
        I know my response is coming in a year later lol. In regards to your personal, I’ve never done anything like that, so I’m not sure how it works.

  19. Without a doubt her clit is bigger than my acorn dick. I am not embarrassed. I had sex with a big clit chic. Had a lot of fun. We tease each other all the timr

  20. Loved your story ! Love your mind even more Thanks

  21. Riko let me ask this: Sometimes I watch ftm trans.cocks. do you think there is a difference between your clit and a ftm trans.cock? I am not able to see a difference.
    And what do you say, is the appearance of your clit more like an average clit or more like a cock? Is it in the middle of it, or does it tend more in one of the both directions? .

  22. I think you are an amazing person! I wish more people were as open minded as you are, there would be way less people out there feeling bad about themselves for all different reasons, but it all stems from the same thing….SOME DOUCHE MAKING THEM FEEL THAT WAY WITH THEIR SMALL MINDS AND BIG MOUTHS!!!
    Thank You for being YOU♡♡

    • rikochan

      May 4, 2017 at 11:47 am

      Thanks sooooo much! I’ve been very lucky for most of my life that I’ve been with people who were encouraging and even worshipful! I’ve had my problems, too, but on the whole I have been very fortunate.

  23. Hi Riko, I would like to submit a picture of my clit to you. I’ve never pumped so the pictures would simply be of my clit aroused.Thanks for your wonderful post.

    • rikochan

      July 16, 2017 at 4:25 pm

      Hi Tasha!

      Yes, please! You could submit it to Rikochanpornstar [at] gmail.com, and let me know what you give me permission to do with it, if anything!

  24. Hi Riko,
    I am kindly requesting if it is possible to hook me with a woman with big, long, soft beefy clitoris.

  25. I would love to lick and suck on your beautiful clit until you have multiple orgasms I love big clits and pussie lips what a turn on xxx

  26. I have only just seen your work but I’d have to say I’m a fan already! I’ve only run into one big clit in person and I was more than happy to ravish it and play with it. It’s not as magnificant as yours, but it sure has opened my eyes.

    But the real kicker is that youre into girls! As a lesbian who is also into body building, this is a virtual dream come true lol.

  27. Riko with each post its crazy to see that delicious clitoris and I have to masturbate with so much excitement.

  28. I love women with big clits and or long labia’s ! Your more than right about it being rare. Once in my case and I loved every minute. Masculine , I think not…Sexy you bet ! just a heavenly experience. To bad it didn’t last…

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