This Time My Horse Can’t Fail

Slutty Nic sucks Rikochan's giant clit

These pictures have nothing to do with this post but I thought you might enjoy more pictures of Slutty Nic giving me head. Click all the pics in this post (and pretty much all my blog posts) for full-sized version.

I’ve got a good life. I’m lucky, and fortunate, and privileged. I work very, very hard to maintain that life. Because of the way I grew up, with a father who mistakenly thought, over and over and over again, this time my horse can’t fail, I’m also always secretly terrified it will all slip away. So I work harder still. Memories of the yakuza knocking on your door at night, in the morning, in the middle of the afternoon, those never go away. And so I do everything-work, working out, porn–at full force, and even then I don’t really believe it will last, because I know everything is changeable, nothing is guaranteed, and you have to fight to keep what you have. This has made me successful, but it can also make me very, very tired. So I’m using some of the money I have worked so hard to save, and I’m going on vacation, to make myself happy again.

I’m going where there is sun (maybe) and a pool and there might be a beach or two, and there is going to be jewelry. Necklaces and chokers and bracelets…I’m going to be flashy and brassy and bold and all the things I never let myself be. There are going to be dresses; so many dresses, and maybe even…gowns (though I am unclear on the actual difference, to be honest). I’ve been planning what to wear and shopping for months, and I’m not telling myself when would I ever wear that? This is the time I’m going to wear it. I’m going to dress for dinner like the sophisticated adult I always imagined I might one day be, and I’m going to dance and drink wine and champagne and Prosecco and maybe even a cocktail or two.

Rikochan's pussy is a mouthful

My pussy is a serious mouthful!

I’m going to kill it in the gym every day, maybe twice a day, and I’ll be swimming every day, and I might do some rock climbing, and I’m definitely going to do some hiking. I’m also going to get a massage or three and a manicure and a pedicure and maybe even a quackish spa treatment. I plan to haunt the saunas and steam rooms and hot tubs on the days when I access have one.

And I plan to have sex. So much fucking sex. The first night I don’t get to my hotel until 2 am, but every night after that I’m going to fuck. I’m going to have my nipples sucked and pumped and pinched and bitten and stretched until they are sore and swollen and stand out like thumbs in my bathing suit the next day.

Rikochan's clit hard-on getting licked

Slutty Nic has sucked my clit into a giant clitty hard-on…

My clit is going to get so much love, too. I’m only bringing a few toys, but the most important one is the pump for my clit. It has been ages since I got the chance to pump more than once every week or two, let alone once a day, which is what I used to do. Sometimes I would pump it for two, three, four hours at a time and my clit and labia (I used to pump my whole pussy a lot more) would get so fat and swollen that they would still be stretched and swollen and full the night when I started again. Each day, they’d get a little bigger, more sensitive, and more freaky looking.

Serious clit suction...

Nic sucking my clit hard!

I loved that sense of causing myself to become so outre, so shocking, and so strange, even to myself. I remember looking at my partner as we changed my body into something else entirely, as I pumped my labia until they were standing out like a fat, juicy fruit that filled my entire hand, and laughing a nervous, excited, happily horrified laugh, and saying, “Is this ok? Can I do this? Is this allowed? What if it never goes back? What it’s so big that I always have to wear a skirt or I will have a giant cameltoe? What if even under skirts it will show up? What if I look like a guy in a bikini? Would that freak you out? What about when I go back to Japan to visit? What if I go to an onsen with my friends and they see it? What if my mom sees?”
“It’s your body,” he said. It’s completely up to you what’s allowed. It doesn’t matter what I think. It doesn’t matter what your friends think. It doesn’t matter what your mom thinks. It only matters what you think.” It’s your body. It’s completely up to you what’s allowed. That simple statement–of a simple fact said at precisely the right moment–changed everything for me.

Nic licking Japanese pussy

Nic goes to town on my pussy

It might sound obvious to you. But to a Japanese woman growing up in conservative family–and, furthermore, one who grew up believing, secretly, and despite all evidence to the contrary, that if she did everything just right, and above all properly, this rectitude and propriety would spill over into her family life and keep her mother sane, keep her father from away from the track and the horses he could never quite give up on, keep him from shacking up with the vampiric track skanks (or better still, from ever coming back), keep the loansharks from the door–to a woman like that, the idea that we can (and maybe even should) just do whatever the fuck we want to ourselves, if it makes us happy…to a woman like that, such an idea is wildly, improbably revolutionary.

Of course, I’d heard those ideas before. Even in Japan you can’t avoid the sex and self-indulgence that permeates the media. We may have a more culturally ingrained sense of conformity and duty (or we may not, but that’s the perception), but we see all the American movies and TV shows, and our own culture is utterly saturated with sex, too. Unfortunately, in Japan it’s sex that is almost completely in service to men, to a far greater degree than even in the US. Or at least, that’s how Japan was for me, when I lived there.

Tonguing big Japanese clitoris

Nic tongues my big Japanese clit!

For me, sex was a burden. In my experience, men were eventually going to take you to the track on your birthday and lose all their money on a sure thing instead of buying you a present. Sex was just something I could do in the meanwhile to make the men in my life happy, and, in doing so, make my life better because my partner was happy.
That second part is still true, of course, but it’s not the whole truth, the way it was then. I hadn’t learned that sex could also make me happy. You see, I never had an orgasm until more than halfway through my 20s, and I’d had several “lovers” by then. I’d even been engaged to be married. I knew about orgasms, of course, but I’d decided that there was probably something wrong with me that meant I couldn’t have one, and that I really didn’t even care about them, anyhow.

My first western boyfriend (who is my partner today) took that as a challenge, of course, and eventually that changed. I’m certain it was at least as much about him feeling powerful for making me come for the first time where other men had tried and failed as it was about how I felt, but I’m okay with that. He was young and dumb and I was a repressed, neurotic mess. The article going around about how men view making women come as an achievement more than a mutual act, well that doesn’t seem like a shocking piece of insight to me. I’m sure it’s still true of him today to some extent, but far more so at the beginning.

Finger fucking Rikochan's pussy

Love to feel Nic’s little fingers squirming around inside me

I’m just glad there was some reason for him to stick with it–and it actually took a consider amount of sticking with, I was so locked down and rigid. I never would have made it on my own. When I think back on how excruciatingly hard and embarrassing it was to get to there, that first time, and how confused and full of hate and rage I was, I just want to sit down and weep for myself as I was then. As confused and run down and mixed up as I get now, I at least know, that if I can manage to want to, I can reliably come and come and come until I need to change the sheets, and possibly the mattress.

This may sound awful, but I am, in fact, absurdly grateful that he stuck with it, to the point where it still makes me resent him sometimes. As in, how dare you make me feel guilty by being nice to you when I didn’t deserve it: I hate you! There were many, many years of really bad (and rare) sex. I’m honestly not sure why he did stayed, although he maintains it was always love. I don’t see how that could have been true at that point, but there must have been some reason. I suspect some degree of laziness, or maybe insanity, because…honestly.

At the beginning, my friends were all openly, even insultingly puzzled. I remember one particular night we were sitting on a blanket under a blossoming cherry tree, drinking beer and listening to the guys we were with singing terrible karaoke through a portable sound system powered by some kind of generator. It was one of those perfect gorgeous summer nights, and I was happily waiting for him to show up, and my friends started in. “Yes, you’re sort of pretty in a square-jawed, Easter Island Moai kind of way, and you’re really smart, but do boys care about smart? I don’t think so. You’re prickly and stubborn and sharp. If you’re not having much sex, and you don’t even like sex, and you’re not any good at sex, why is he still hanging around and being nice to you? What does he want? What’s wrong with him?”

I wanted to be mad, and I felt like I ought to defend myself, or even him, but it was just the truth. I was (and am) prickly and stubborn and sharp, but back then I was also nearly always unhappy, and it made me mean. But we were also very simpatico and good at just hanging out and just being together, which I’d never experienced before. We laughed a lot when we weren’t fighting. He was the first lover I’d ever had who was a friend…a really good friend. Maybe even my best friend.

So why wasn’t the sex better? He learned how to make me come more consistently (and more, importantly, I learned how to relax enough to let myself come), but something wasn’t right. It was him doing things to me…so many things to me, over and over again, things that I often adored and sometimes even craved so much that I got frightened. But something just wasn’t right, and nearly all our fights were about sex at their root, even if he didn’t always know it.

Fingerbanging Rikochan

One in the pink

It wasn’t until I really started to absorb that idea, that it was my body, that it was completely up to me what was allowed, that things started to change. Like…I could tell him what I liked, and what I wanted, and when. I mean, that one wasn’t a huge leap, since he was one of those guys who always asked if everything was okay, to the point of it being annoying and off-putting. I was so twisted up inside that literally the best thing that occurred to me, at the dawn of this idea of total freedom, was that that I could tell him to stop asking me what I wanted all the time. Just shut up and do it, asking too much kills the mood! In fact, I sometimes hated him for being so fucking weak and worrying so much about what I wanted, and not just taking it…so that I didn’t have to think about it. How sad is that?

Although checking in too much is actually an annoying habit of his that still enrages me sometimes (although we’ve mostly moved past it), he really was right to ask, back then. In fact, he was doing things that I really didn’t like sometimes. Other times, he was just doing things that I might have liked fine at another time, but wasn’t in a mood for right then. And he was asking about them all, but, instead of saying no, I’d just go through with them, and then be truly awful to him in retribution at at some later date, without ever explaining why. Or I’d say yes and then just be unavailable for sex for days or weeks after, also without actually explaining why or even really clearly saying no.

It took me a lot longer to actually get to the point where I actually lived up to the idea that I really could say no. To anything.

Rikochan gets fingered and licked

I loved when Nic fingered and licked. First time a girl ever did that to me, captured in pics!

Every woman has things they don’t like. One of my favorite writers on sex and feminism and being a woman has sex, Charo Shane, writes again and again about how much she hates receiving oral sex, which is fucking crazy to me. But that’s just it: she’s the one who gets to decide, no matter how crazy it might sound. (For me, it’s masturbation; I don’t and hardly ever have have. I know, freak out: discuss.) With him, it was anal, which I felt obliged to say yes to. The ability to just totally shut that down was terrifying, but wildly empowering at the same time.

I may have gone a little power-mad for a while, employing my newfound veto power. It’s one of those personal growth stereotypes that is also true that when you start working on yourself, things get worse before they get better–especially for your partner. It turns out that, ideally, sex is a negotiation. No one has to (or should) do anything they hate, but if you want to actually be able to live with someone and have a partner, you might actually need to negotiate a little bit, unless your partner is willing to be totally subservient to your needs. Since despite the tone of this story, I’m mostly the submissive one, that’s not at all what I want, I’m not well matched with that kind of partner, so I had to learn how to do that, too.

Rikochan's big clit facefucking Slutty Nic

Ugh, facefucking Nic felt so good, I was gushing into her mouth.

I eventually discovered that it was much more fun to just insist on what I wanted and to make it more and more fun for him to give me what I wanted (and to make him want to give me what I wanted) than to focus on denying him what he wanted. Eventually, we ended up mostly wanting the same things, and sex got much, much better.
It turns out that, if you say, I want you to do X to me–where X is some kind of kinky, transgressive, or just plain crazy sex act–and that afterwards (or during) they get an orgasm, that’s going to take care of most guys. If they have some super-specific kink that they can’t live without, either you need to be okay with satisfying it every so often, or you probably just shouldn’t be with them.

These days, if he really wanted anal, I’d be fine with doing it once in a while, but he’s so fixated now on my clit and shooting my porn that it hasn’t come up in literally years.

That all sounds great, and it would be great, if only I could live by it all the time. But despite the fact that I sort of mostly know it’s true, on a good day, I only have it about about halfway internalized, at most, and that’s after years of working on it and countless hours of therapy. Sex still gets problematic for me. I work too much. I worry too much. I’m still the girl who turned up the volume on her stereo to drown out the sounds of my mother screaming at the loansharks looking for my father–whose horse always failed, until he finally did disappear, forever. And so I work myself to the point where I’m sick. I’m too tired for sex, and, more importantly for the kind of negotiations that make it fun and exciting, and bearable, let alone sexy.

Rikochan oral sex and nipple pinching

Helping Nic make me come by pinching my own nipples

So I’m on vacation. Recharging. Getting myself together. Again. Using some of that money and time off that I have banked, and getting back to the point where I not only know that it’s my body, and that it’s completely up to me what’s allowed, but that I also recapture that feeling of wanting things to be done to it, loving when things are done to it, and loving when new things happen to it, with new people, and loving sharing all those experiences with all of you. Maybe this time I’ll even be able to learn it so deeply that it’ll stick with me, that I’ll remember that I ought to choose the things I love, and that make me happy, instead of the crazy, obsessive, superstitious things that I do to try and manage a life that I haven’t actually lived for many, many years.

It’s not that I’ve ever stopped actually loving those things, but I get so tired and sick, honestly, that I can’t remember how to access that feeling of love, if that makes sense. Don’t worry; it’s nothing for you to worry about. This happens from time to time, and I’m getting better about taking care of myself when it does. I hope you’re as excited as I am about what’s going to happen when I back, recharged and ready to be Rikochan again, full of that new, shiny optimism that this time I’ll be able to keep my life in balance, that my partner will stick through just this one last cycle with me, that this time my horse won’t fail.

Yuka Ozaki spanks Rikochan

Yuka is small, but she’s also just a little bit crazy when it comes to spanking.

I know, you’re hoping for a big clitty porn story, but really I just wanted to let you all know that I will be offline for about 10 days starting tomorrow-ish. But don’t worry, it’s for a good reason: I’m going on vacation! I’m not going to go into too much detail now, but just know that I won’t have much internet access, so there won’t be as many pictures on my Facebook and Twitter as usual!

Yuka Ozaki beats Rikochan

Yuka is so happy to be beating my ass!

I’ll tell you more about it when I’m back, but just to tease a little bit, I can tell you that there will be beaches, hiking, boats, champagne, and dressing for dinner. Also, I’ve got at least some kind of gym to work out at every morning of my trip! I plan to come back both more rested and in better shape than when I left, which I think has never happened before in the history of my vacations.

Yuka Ozaki playing with Rikochan's Erect Clit

Yuka spent a lot of time looking at my clit…she’d never see a such a big erect one before!

Also, I am really hoping to get some fun pictures and video on my trip to share with you here and for my clip store. Oh, I should also let you know that I used the money I have made on clips recently to finally upgrade my video camera: I got a Canon Vixia HF G40! I’m so happy, my clitty porn video quality should get way better, I should be able to do better closeups in better focus, and I’ll be able to shoot in lower light, which I think can be sexy and fun.

Yuka Licks Rikochan's Erect Clit

I have to tell you, having my clit licked by another Japanese woman seemed even more transgressive than when American girls have done it…which was amazing.

Please remember that everything I make selling clips goes back into making more clips. Every penny goes into better equipment, better wardrobe, new toys to shoot with, pay for pro photographers and costars, new bondage gear, lights, backdrops, etc. Actually, I end up spending more than I make, if you count all the wardrobe…but the point is, if you buy one of my clips, you’re not making me rich, you’re just financing more and better clips and pictures!

Yuka Ozaki fingers Rikochan's spread pussy

Yuka’s clever little fingers made my pussy vibrate with pleasure!

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you all know, and to leave you with a picture or two to keep you busy while I’m gone! If I can manage it I will schedule a couple more clitty porn pictures to to post here before I go, but…mmm, there’s about a 50/50 chance I will be too busy packing and cleaning tonight. Gotta hide all my sex toys from the very nice, but very pure-seemed lady who will feed my cats while I’m gone.

Clitty porn blowjob by Yuka Ozaki

Yuka was really good at giving me head. She really sucked and slurped on my clit!

That’s all for now. But I hope you liked the pictures. These one were shot on the day that we also shot When Yuka Dommed Riko, which is one my most popular videos ever. If you haven’t checked it out, you should!

New Video: Black Boots, Big Clitoris, Black Corset

big clitoris of rikochan

It’s been a while since I shared new pictures of my clitty! I hope you like them! Click on all the pics in this post to see full-sized versions of my full size clit!

Hey everyone!I have a good excuse to share a bunch of pictures today–I have a newish video, called Black Boots, Big Clit, Black Corset, Part I, and I took even more screen grabs than normal. I couldn’t narrow them down enough, so I decided to just post a ton of them. All the big clitoris and pumping and boob play screens in this post are pulled directly from that clip, which seems to be getting popular among my fans.

Rikochan Japanese amateur nipples

There’s plenty of boob play in this video, and my nipples are rock hard the whole time.

Also, I have to admit, I know that I’ve I’ve been terrible about getting new pictures out there, and I’m worried that some of you may have forgotten about me, or lost interest, or moved on to other women with a big clitoris…Yes there are more of us out there! Actually, more all the time, which is great. While I sometimes worry that I won’t seem as special any more (yes, I am only human), I am mostly very, very happy to see them all.

Rikochan nipples

I got such a nice response in my last post, which was (mostly) all boobs that I’m posting more!

Big Clitoris Pride

I think that lately women who are naturally well endowed aren’t so ashamed to share their anatomy, which, I have done even a little bit to encourage, makes me super crazy proud and happy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong–and so much that’s right–with a big clitoris, and I’m very proud of even the very small amount I have done to spread the word about the beauty of big clits.

Rikochan's great big clit

I can only play with my nipples for so long before I have to reach for my clit, though!

Big Clitorises and FBBs

I think there’s also a nice upswelling of people–men and women–who are interested in strong women, and bodybuilders in particular. Ryan Takahashi has a great blog about having a female muscle fetish, if you’re interested in looking into  that world a bit. As many of you know, one of the side effects of bodybuilding and the steroids that some women take to do it can be to cause enlargement of the clitoris. I don’t think I’m revealing a big secret to say that that can be the case.

Big clit squirting

It really doesn’t take much for me to squirt anymore. In fact, it’s hard *not* to squirt. It’s not the best shot, but you can see that I’m gushing here!

That said, don’t assume that every FBB who has a big clitoris took steroids, nor that every bodybuilder takes them (many do not) and that even those who do take steroids have big clits. It’s wrong and offensive to act like and assume that you you know what people have done, or that you understand their bodies. Even if you think you know, to talk about something they want to leave private can be really shitty. Try not to be shitty! Personally, I myself am super into female bodybuilders both with and without large clits, and it doesn’t matter one bit to me whether they are naturally occurring or grown with help.

Big clit gushing pussy

Gush aftermath!

Of course, for me, with big clits is the holy grail, regardless of how they got there. I got into this whole fetish and started loving my own big clitoris largely because of the magazines and websites of the fabulous bodybuilder Denise Masino and the excellent photographer and trainer Robert Masino of Muscle Pinups. I can’t give them enough credit for where I have come to today. Both are really trailblazers, and I owe them so much.

Pinching nipples

Mmm, boobs again! I’m pinching my nipples so hard there are almost tears, and it feels…so…good!

Clitoris Enlargement

I also know that there are a lot of women who are actively working on enlarging their clits, through pumping, stretch, and most effectively, through hormone treatments. I can’t tell you how exciting that is to me. Body modification, whether it’s to ornament yourself, to sculpt yourself into a new shape, to make your body’s physical appearance match your inherent gender, or to just plain change yourself into someone or something else, is, to me, the sexiest thing there is.

Nipple pumping

I’m changing my body in big ways and small, and one of my favorite ways is pumping!

Body Modification

The idea that someone can, on a big or small scale, choose to make themselves someone else or to make themselves more in line with how they have always seen themselves, the idea that we don’t have to simple accept the way we are, right now, at this moment, but that we have the power to change it, to me that is a power verging on the magical.

I think that’s why I’ve always loved tattoos (even though they were very taboo when I was a kid in Tokyo), piercings, implants, bodybuilders, plastic surgery shows, and even bimbo-ification. That last one is more to look at than to emulate, for me, but the dedication to it that some people have is crazy hot.

Big clitoris pumping

Even if it’s mostly a temporary modification, there’s nothing more satisfying than pumping my clit!

Trans Beauty, Trans Love

Along the same lines, I also have a huge weakness for transwomen and transguys, at every stage of their journeys, and a lot of that is because I think that taking control of your biological self is fucking amazingly sexy. I’ll be honest, there’s definitely some physical objectification there, but, fuck it, you fiend what you fiend, right? My respect for my trans friends as people is way more important, to me, though the sexual part is very real thing, too. I’m forever checking out Delia DeLions and Jessica Fappit and Natalie Mars online—I admire them all so much, and I lust after them, too! I regularly have people insist I’m a trans woman, and I couldn’t be more flattered than to be in the company of these amazing women.

Growing your clitoris to make it big

Ugh, I love how powerful the suction of my clit pump is!

It’s All About Me

Anyhow, I feel like I’ve gotten off the point here. And the point is: big clitorises! I love them, and I have one, and I love sharing it with you. The idea that you’re looking at it right now, and you’ve got your hand on your cock as it gets hard, or maybe you’re crossing your legs *hard* enough to squeeze your puss and your own clitty, or maybe you’re pinching your nipple with the hand that isn’t working your mouse or holding your phone–that is everything to me.

Long clitoritis

I think my clit is getting longer!

It’s so much more important than I can ever really explain. It’s a huge part of why I write this blog, why I post pictures, and why I make porn. I want people like you to see me, and people like me–the nerdy Japanese girl who thinks too much and loves her strange and amazing body and wants to share it–and I want you to think that me and people like me are so fucking hot that you just can’t help banging one out when you think of us.

Real-life Futanari Clit Cock

I mean…look at how long my futanari clit-cock is!

My Latest Big Clitoris Video!

So, this video. If you like my big clitoris, I think you’re going to like this video, because it has a starring role! I’m wearing my knee-high Docs for the whole thing, and I’m pumping, rubbing and jerking the fuck out of my clit and pussy throughout the video. Oh, and yes, there’s even a little squirting too, though not a huge amount. It’s not my wettest video, but there’s definitely a little gushing…

Fat clitoris glans

My clitoral glans, nice and pumped and fat

There’s also some pretty hot nipple play, including some nice pinching and pumping. I got so much real great feedback and comments and compliments on my recent post about boobs that I decided to try to focus more on my tits, too!

Prominent clitoris

My poor clitty, so sensitive after all this delicious torture that I can hardly stand to touch her!

I hope you liked the pics and I hope you’ll check out the video and post a review on here, or on Twitter or wherever, too, if you’re the type of person who writes!

~Love, Riko


Boobs I Have Loved (and Licked, and Sucked, and…)

Rikochan's Boobs

They’re not very big, but my boobs feel nice.

I’ve learned a lot over the past few years being Rikochan, writing this blog, doing my photoshoots, making my videos, and meeting people on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and what I am capable of, and of what it means to try new things and stretch and grow. I know, you’re here for the clits and the boobs and the muscles, but just bear with me for a minute…

Rikochan's erect nipples

My nipples are always long and hard, like little bullets!

It has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me, even if at times it has been uncomfortable and hard and nerve-wracking. I’ve learned so many things that I can’t even put them into words. Some are just feelings, and some are ways of being, and some are new kinds of confidence. You can’t really distill those down into concrete ideas, or at least I can’t But some of these things I can put into words, and one of them is this: I love boobs.

Rion Nishikawa boobs

I dream of having boobs like Rion Nishikawa’s sometimes. So big and soft…

Rion’s Rack

I love them all. Of course, my deepest weakness is for the big, gorgeous ones that you can just drown in. The kind that can smother you, that you can motorboat, that are so big that even the nipples are a challenging mouthful. Rion Nishikawa is my lastest Japanese pornstar crush, and a big part of that is her fantastic breasts. I’m utterly (udderly?) hypnotized by them every time I see them.

Little muscle tits

Mine are nothing like Rion’s, but I’m okay with that these days.

Every time I have sex lately, it’s always Rion, Rion, Rion whose porn I watch to get me in the mood and Rion, Rion, Rion who’s fucking in the background as I get fucked. I look up and see Rion riding, being ridden, her huge gorgeous breasts swaying and shaking and being fucked. Sure, I still have room in my heart for Julia and Rena Fukiishi, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and right now it’s Rion who makes me hot and wet.

Annie Rivieccio Nude

Annie’s breasts–and all of her body–are so perfect and sculpted, I just want to run my hands all over her. (Used by permission of Annie…thanks Annie, I love you!)

Inspirational Annie

That’s not to say that I only like huge, full and round ones. I have a huge love for the muscular chests of female bodybuilders, too. I’ve written before about my love for Annie Rivieccio, and how my exposure to her in the pages of the excellent Muscle Elegance magazine helped me to understand and accept and even love my own muscular body and little boobs. I’ve bought a ton of her videos over at her Female Muscle Movies clips store, and I can’t recommend them strongly enough…they’ve got everything from lift and carry to muscle worship to full-on muscle fucking.

Rikochan: Small boobs, big clit

My boobs are tiny and I’m ok with that, most of the time.

My Boyish Boobs

I’m totally not one of those purists who complains when bodybuilders get implants (I think implants can be crazy sexy, too! I think Cindy Landolt looked great with a completely flat chest and I think she looks great with her big sexy implants, too. I do, however, have a real, serious weakness for the muscle chests of the big female bodybuilders with broad pecs and small breasts that comes with training and dieting. I’ve been thin enough myself that tits basically disappeared except for the nipples and just a hint of a curve, one that would completely disappear if I lifted my arms over my head.

Rikochan in a sling bikini

My boyish, flat chest

These days I don’t want that completely shapeless preteen boy look, though; as sexy as I found the androgyny, and as hot as I find it on other people, I want something that is, for me, healthier now, something more powerful and striking. That’s why I work so hard in the gym and eat well and right and take care of myself.

FBB chest in bikini

Getting more muscular, right?

These days, my own chest is getting bigger, partly because I’m a bit on the fatter side right now, and partly because I’ve been training like crazy, really getting into my new powerlifting workouts. I think I’m starting to look a little more balanced, now, too. In the past, I was all legs, but now I’m starting to see a little bit more shape in my upper body, and I’m especially happy with the way my chest is changing. It’s getting bigger, and stronger, and harder…

Mistress Treasure Nipples

Mistress Treasure’s big beautiful nipples

Treasure Chest

I’ve got a long ways to go before I reach the awesome size and power of Annie, or my other bodybuilding porn friend, Mistress Treasure, and I might never get there, but every time I meet up with Mistress T, I’m more inspired than ever to hit the iron, and hit it hard! I’m going to be working on editing another Mistress Treasure video this very weekend, and you can be sure I’ll be checking out her fantastic nipples! Mine are long and hard, but they’re got nothing on Mistress Treasure’s. Hers have to be seen–and sucked–to be believed.

My Mistress

Lady Clarece boobs

I can’t wait until I can suck and squeeze Lady C’s big, soft, natural breasts again…

The fact that I’m working on little muscle tits doesn’t mean that that’s the only way I imagine myself being, though. In fact, I dream about having huge glorious boobs like the ones I got to suck and kiss and bury my face in when I shot my Pouty Slave session videos with Lady Clarece. They’re so perfect, and soft and heavy. She left me suck and bite them, and she smothered me with them, too.

Sucking Lady Clarece's tits

Sucking on Lady Clarece’s amazing nipples was better than even the clit play that day, and that’s saying a lot!

That feeling of being completely surrounded by boobs, nearly crushed by them is the best feeling there is. I can’t wait to do that again, and we’re talking about shooting again soon! I know many of you loved the videos we shot, and I’m sure you’re going to like what my mistress has planned for the next set of videos even more!

Puffy nipples on Slutty Nic

Slutty Nic’s Breasts are amazing…look at those nipples!

Nice Nic

I used to only dream about playing with big boobs like Lady Clarece’s. Since I’ve been expanding my horizons as Rikochan, however, I’ve learned to love playing with small ones, too. I had so much fun playing with the Slutty Nic’s little ones. She has amazing nipples, the areolae are huge and puffy…puffy nipples are one of my weaknesses. I love that hers have such a different shape from mine which are sort of flat and hard and champagne glass shaped. Hers are long and low, and stretchy. I loved how I could move them around and play with them and even stretch them out!

Nipple Stretching

Stretching Nic’s tits was fucking amazing. I never knew they could do that!

Pinching and pulling Slutty Nic’s nipples was so exciting and sexy. I was playing the domme in that shoot, which was very hard for me (I’m a total sub), but I have to admit, the idea that another serious sub would let me pull and pinch and stretch her nipples until she gasped and moaned really did bring out something a bit more dominant in me. I really enjoyed making her feel good by being a little bit rough with her lovely little boobs. That was almost as fun as when Nic gave me a clit blow job: my first time ever being on the receiving end of oral sex from a woman. The fact that it was even close should tell you just exciting pinching her nipples was…

Pinching Nic's Nips

I think Nic enjoyed it too!

Yummy Yuka

And my friend Yuka Ozaki (who has sadly retired from porn, I think) also had such cute little ones, too. I have an an amazing time sucking them, and just looking at them, frankly. When we shot When Riko Met Yuka, it was the  first time I’d ever played with boobs that were even smaller than mine. Although I saw plenty of smaller ones when I was growing up in Japan, at that point in time I wasn’t thinking about playing with them, I was just being jealous of how those girls were all skinnier than me.

Yuka Ozaki pussy lick

I learned to love little boobs playing Yuka’s cute little tits

I’m sad that I might never get to play with her cute little boobs again, but I’m glad I got to do it a couple times while she was still making porn. We were supposed to shoot one more video after When Yuka Dommed Riko, but the schedule never got worked out, and I think I got too busy with school after that. I really wish I had worked harder to reschedule that third shoot, now! We were just starting to get really comfortable shooting together, and I’d love to have played with her boobs (not to mention her crazy tight little pussy) one more time…

Sucking Yuka's Tits

Sucking Yuka’s tits was so much fun!

Anyhow, can you tell by this long rambling post about playing with boobs that I’ve been too busy to have much sex lately, and that I haven’t been able to play with any women at all for months? In fact, not once this year! Writing this post made me realize that I am seriously in boob withdrawal, and that it’s time to schedule new video shoots. Any women out there who want to shoot with me, please let me know!

More videos coming soon. In the meanwhile, let me know what you think of my boobs and whether or not you think I should get implants at my Rikochan Implants Poll. Yes, I know it’s up to me. Don’t bother telling me that, I know! I’m curious what you think.

Mistress Treasure Returns: Big Clit Comparison!

Big clit comparison

There are really no losers in a big clit comparison!

Hi everyone! Exciting news–at least for me! I’m finally making porn again, and I’m starting off with a bang: Mistress Treasure Returns: Big Clit Comparison! I think anyone who’s a fan of me or Mistress Treasure or female muscle or big clits might like this one!

Rikochan gives Mistress Treasure head

My favorite parts of this video (and of that day) are all the parts where I get to play with Mistress Treasure’s Gorgeous big clitty!

First, though, I wanted to say hi and happy New Year and that I hope you had a good year last year and that I hope you have an even better one this year. My last few months have been pretty challenging, but I’ve come through ok, in the end. I think 2017 is going to be even tougher, both at work and at school for me personally, and for people of color and immigrants and sex workers, too. But I also think it can be an excellent year, because I’m determined to make progress personally and porn-ally!

Big clit oral sex

Licking Mistress Treasure’s Big Clitty

I think this new clip is a pretty great start for both goals! Personally, it’s the most complicated edit I’ve done; that’s not to say it’s a masterpiece of editing or anything, but I learned a lot doing it. I’m actually thinking about taking some classes online for Final Cut (which is what I use). Anyone know of any good ones? I’d like a course that can take me beyond the basics.

Chocolate FBB clitoris

Don’t you wish this was you? I get excited every time I see this one.

Mistress Treasure!

Anyhow, this new clip…I had so much fun making it. Mistress Treasure is amazing and fun and sexy and confident and knows exactly what she’s doing, which just makes her amazing to work with. What you readers will probably care about even more, though, is that she is super hot, with an amazingly sexy body. Those muscles, that shape, that incredible shining, glowing black skin. Ugh, so beautiful. I generally feel reasonably ok about myself, but when I see myself next to her on video, I just feel like a flabby, floppy, pale and shapeless white cave fish or something. It’s like a regular person standing next to a superhero!

Big clit blowjob

Giving Mistress Treasure a big clit blowjob; it filled my whole lucky mouth.

But I only thought that afterwards. In the moment, I was just crazy excited. The fact that I got to be with her, near her, was just stunning, despite the fact that we did a photo and video shoot a few years ago. As amazing as she was in my memories, those images in my head were nothing  compared to the reality. I wanted to touch her, and touch her, and touch her again. Her skin and muscles and shape are like magnets to me. I just want to be pressed up against her, rubbing my fingers against her, feeling my palms glide over her smooth, hard muscles, like sneaking into a museum at night and touching the statue of a warrior goddess only to find that, in addition to being as hard as marble underneath, her skin was warm and velvety smooth.

Mistress Treasure's juicy pussy

That is the juiciest pussy I ever got to lick so far…

Big Clit Comparison

The basic idea of the video is that Mistress Treasure and I compare clits, and then take turns stimulating each other, and then compare again. Whose is bigger? Well, we never really establish that, spoiler—we kind of got too carried away! I especially really got totally lost in Mistress Treasure’s pussy. I think half the video is me sucking on that big chocolate lollipop (or as Mistress Treasure calls it, her gumdrop). Either way, there’s lots of footage of both of our clits, and I hope you will watch and weigh in on the comments here! We’re already planning our next shoot (maybe in March) so there will be more chances for us to really get it settled.

Stroking Mistress Treasure's big clit

Mistress Treasure’s clit is a bigger than my finger

Also, stay tuned for another video from the same shoot, where Mistress Treasure teaches me a little bit about facesitting; we have a very willing slave to practice on, taking turns smothering him with our asses and pussies!

Clit licking!

Lucky licking! Me and Mistress Treasure…can’t wait to do it again…

Rikochan’s Big Quads, Big Clit, Big Ambitions

Big Quads Big Clit

My legs are getting bigger day by day! Love my big quads! And, because, why not, here’s my big clitty, too! Click to see the pic full size (as with almost all the pictures on this blog).

I used to want skinny, coltish legs. I used to want a thigh gap. I wanted to be the one who walked knock-kneed and girlishly weak, like a sexy anime character. Big legs, and big quads especially, had a special horror for me-because I had them at one point, when I was a fat kid with muscles. (I had big shoulders that I hated, too, but this post is about legs.) I used to want to be slim and sleek and heroin chic. And I got there. I was, for many years thin enough that friends’ mothers alway used to always try to feed me up. Ever seen Aeon Flux (the cartoon, not the shitty movie)? That was me: all shoulders and sharp, boney legs.

And please understand, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being slight, svelte, and elflike, if that is your aesthetic, your genetics, your inclination, or just where you’re comfortable being–always assuming that it’s not because you are unwell or don’t have access to as much food as you might like. I’m definitely not one to judge on their thinness, fatness, muscularity, or lack thereof. If you could see my porn collection you’d know that. Chubby girls, skinny girls, bodybuilders, I’ve got them all, and all of them make me crazy excited in their own way.

But I am pretty sure I was hurting my health to get that thin. I’m sure I was malnourished, and who knows what the fuck I did to my bones during those years. I used to be so thin that my legs were stick-like, and my pelvis bones bruised my sex partners, and my fingers recalled segmented spider legs, and my ridiculous Mongolian cheekbones looked like they were going to burst through my very, very thin skin. In those days, I had disciple and self control, and complete mastery of my body, and those were the outward signs of that complete self domination.

Or at least, that’s how it felt to me then. I still yearn for that feeling sometimes. I think about getting ripped a lot, but, for now, the desire to build and bulk is stronger. And I’ve really, really grown to love eating, too–there’s that. I’m seriously thinking about going to AVN this year in Vegas, and, the instant I pull the trigger on tickets and hotel reservations, I’m going to have to face cutting, though. It’ll be interesting to see which impulse–cut or bulk–wins out then. But, there’s no way I want to be in a convention hall full of porn stars in off-off-season shape. I’ll have to get to at least off-season shape!

Big Quads Pride

These days I’m happy to have legs that are getting just a little bit “thick” and quads that are starting to get a little rounded, and I’m excited if someone tells me my legs look “swole” even though they don’t, really. (They really, really don’t–yet.) I’m just happy that they have changed enough that people might say that, even jokingly. “Legs looking beefy, Riko!” makes me absurdly happy. Even when people tell me not to let my legs get too big, that I’m big enough, or that my legs (or any part of me, really) are getting too big, there’s a part of me that exults–after I yell at, unfriend, ban, or block them, of course.

Big Like Bakhar!

Bakhar Nabieva

The beautiful Bakhar Nabieva’s beautiful legs!

I want legs that are big, I want tree trunks, I want massively rounded bulging legs and teardrop quads. I want sprinter thighs, I want speedskater thighs, I want my legs to look like Bakhar Nabieva‘s legs. And that ass! I got into bodybuilding specifically to overcome a flat ass. I want legs that are so big that if someone did a faithful drawing of them for a comicbook, people would be like, that’s ridiculous, women can’t *look* like that. Of course, I want the rest of my body to match my big quads. Bakhar is mostly about the legs, as a bikini girl. Which is cool–the focus on legs and ass really pays off for her!

I’m a little sad that it’s getting harder and harder to find jeans that fit my legs, but I’m secretly happy, too. I feel like this is something I can really do, this is a change I can make, this is achievable. In fact, I know it is. I might never have giant peaked biceps (although I will never stop working on them!), but I’ve already had grapefruit quads as a highschooler, when I was on the volleyball team, and I’m going to have them again…

Next stop, big quads and freaky legs!

Dirty Pictures With Rikochan

Rikochan nude full body face shot

Working on my strength lately. Just started to cut back on food a bit, too.

It’s been ages since I posted any dirty pictures that weren’t just screens from videos, which makes me sad! I mean, of course, I’m happy to have had some new videos to tell you about recently! And in fact, I have another new one up online right now, called Big Clit Bonanza, but I’ll post pictures from that one later! But for now, I really want to get back to posting some actual pictures and telling some stories that aren’t just video recaps. I want to get back to showing you dirty pictures and telling you dirty stories! Would you like that?

I had a lot of fun working on these dirty pictures for you. I wanted to make these pictures feel really dirty and retro, like the old porn magazine you find under your uncle’s bed, or in an abandoned building or in a box at a flea market.

Rikochan dirty pictures, big clit

I love the idea of shots like this in a magazine that comes in a brown paper wrapper…

Dirty Pictures, Girly Mags

I don’t really know why exactly, but there’s just something very sexy about the idea of an old porn magazine that you found illicitly, by stumbling onto someone’s old stash of “girlie mags,” porn that you know had been jerked off to dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of times.

I wish I had started making porn in those days, when I could have shown up in a magazine or two-especially the kind of underground hardcore magazines that you could only buy in special stores, or by mail, or by, I don’t know, traveling to Germany. The kind of magazines that were, and still are, illegal in Japan, although they were there to find, if you knew where to look.

Rikochan's clitoris fat

That clit is bigger than your thumb…

I wouldn’t trade my Internet-age porn adventures for anything, you understand; with my blog and my clips and the samples I’ve put online here and there, I’m sure that literally millions of people have jerked off to pictures of me, and there is a real power and excitement in that.

But to be able to be be part of something truly underground, something so illicit and forbidden that it had to be shipped in a discreet package, or bought from behind a counter or from a back room, or even passed from hand to hand.

While I’m incredibly pleased to be able to reach and talk to literally thousands of people a day, he fact is, I’m just one voice, one body, one clit (if you want to reduce it to that) out of thousands or even millions out there who are sharing the same thing and doing it better, many of them.

Rikochan blowjob face picture

Braver shot than usual, imagining myself in a old-school hardcore porno mag, maybe called Big Clit Cocksucker, or something like that…

Small Batch Porn

I’m often scornful of the idea of things being artisanal, authentic, small batch, and so on. Sure, there are times that might mean something real, but most of the time it seems like a way of marketing yourself to people who are rich and stupid enough to buy into these ideas.

But I do like the idea of small print runs and rare objects. That my issue of some magazine, that was only printed in one area, in a limited print run, might become something that people in the know looked for, that it would become a prize to lovers of big clits, or the few fans of me in particulat who would be devoted enough to care to find it…

Big Clit, White Swimsuit Part III: Hitachi Orgasm

big clit, Hitachi magic wand

This attachment feels soooooo good inside…

Yay, it’s Part III of my latest video series. This one is short and sweet and it’s all in real time–there are no cuts. After all the warm up and pumping and squirting and mini-vibrator foreplay of the first two clips, my whole pussy has been buzzing on the edge of a shattering orgasm for almost an hour (trimmed down to a little under 30 minutes of video). Please understand, though…this is an outttake, as I’ll explain! You can go here to see it: Big Clit, White Swimsuit Part III: Hitachi Orgasm!

Rikochan Hitachi Masturbation

There it goes, all the way inside me…

It’s no surprise that my Hitachi with the special soft in-pussy dildo attachment I’m climbing up the stairs to cumming like three at a time. I’m too excited to even take the suit off, I have to just pull the crotch to one side and jam it into my pussy and against true underside of my big clit shaft as hard as I fucking can.

Masturbating with Vibrator

I’m jamming it in so hard the vibrator’s head is bent sideways…

There is a time for gentle and soft and slow and feathery, ticking touches, and there is a time for going as hard and as fast as you can, and worry about the bruises and sore cunt and not being able to walk or sit right later. This is was time for the second one. You can see my powerful and muscular thighs clenching and quivering and flexing as I squeeze down as hard as I can, putting as much pressure as I can on my pussy, flexing and releasing in wave after wave of delicious spasms as I get closer and closer to coming until finally I’m there flying falling spiraling spinning crashing…

Hitachi Magic Wand Thigh Power

Holding the wand in place with the power of my thighs…

Keep in mind that this is a quickie, and it’s an outtake. It’s a quickie, because sometimes you just want enough video to jerk off to before work or while your significant other is in the shower or when you’re hiding out in the restroom on a coffee break at work, am I right? I know at least some of you agree, because all those examples came from things readers have told me!

Rikochan jerks off

I love pulling my suit up into my pussy like that. UGH! I want to do it again right now!

So, I’m getting ready to shoot some more clips soon, and hopefully I’ll be working with my mistress from the Pouty Slave clips again soon. Would you guys be into seeing her make me come again, with new toys? Maybe her and another guest domme or two making me come like crazy? I’d love to do another all-girl threesome! I haven’t done one of those since I shot for Shemuscle!

Rikochan fingers her big clitty

Hitachi and clit stimulation…heaven!

Anyhow, let me know what you want to see! Lots more stuff coming soon. At least one more new video this weekend!


Rikochan’s Big Clit With Cock Ring

Rikochan's enormous clit

My big clit is hanging low tonight, right? It would be hanging a lot lower and fatter by the end of the night!

Hey all, it’s the first chance I’ve had to blog in a little while, sorry for that. On the other hand, it’s for good reasons this time: I took 2 accelerated classes that just ended, and I got As in both of them. Yay! So I had a little free time over the past day or two before my next two classes start, and I spent some of it editing a new video! It’s called Big Clit, White Swimsuit Part II: Clit Pumping.

Pumping Rikochan's Clit

Mmmhmm, I love to pump my clit…

I guess you can probably guess what it’s about by the title, but you know, just in case, it’s basically a 13/minute clip of me pumping my clit and masturbating. Yay! Part I, bulging and squirting, is is the #1 big clit clip on clips4sale, which makes me super happy, and I think Part II is even hotter. I hope if anyone buys both, they will let me know which one is hotter. Between them, that’s 24 minutes of Rikochan big clit porn, which I am pretty proud of. There’s just one part left to go, and that’s a short one of me finishing myself off with my Hitachi Magic Wand!

Cock ring on big pumped clit

This is how you get a cock ring on your clit!

I’ll be posting  lots of pictures from that in a post coming soon, but tonight I wanted to share something else with you, because I’m so excited by how the pictures came out. It’s my first (or my first since I picked the name Rikochan–I used to be Krakette, remember that?) pictures of me with a cock ring on my clit. Yes, that’s right, a cock ring. Think about that for a minute…my clit is big enough (when I pump it at least) that I can wear a real guy’s cock ring on it. In fact, what I’m really wearing is a cock and ball ring my guy bought me at Purple Passion/DV8 in downtown NYC, which is my favorite sex-toy and bondage gear store in the world. I always buy in the store, but you should check them out online, too!

Big clit, guy's cock ring

I want my clit to look and feel like this EVERY DAY! I need to pump more…

It’s a actually harder than you might think to get a cock ring on a clit, at least my clit, because they aren’t as stiff or as long as guys’ cocks (well, most guys’ cocks–I have some friends with very sexy micropenises, I don’t mean to leave them out). The trick for me is to pump up my clit with the ring around the tube. Then, when it’s good and pumped up, I roll the ring down to the base of the tube, and slide it off the tube as I let the air back in. When the tube comes off, the ring is at the base of my clit, trapping all the blood inside my clitty, and making it look really nice and long and fat.

big clit POV shot

Here’s the POV shot of what it looks like to have a guy’s cock ring on your clit

When I look down at it, and see it there, my little cock/clit, I can’t tell you how excited I feel. Technically, I’m probably intersex already, my clit is so big, and I when I pump it gets bigger, and harder, but it never looks quite as big when the pump tube comes off…until now. Oh my god, the way it looks and feels made my heart pound, and my hands shake, the first time I saw it. I love, love, love that feeling. I always want to be trying new things that make me shake I’m so excited, whether it’s kissing a girl (or fucking one) or doing a forced orgasm shoot, or watching some new kind of more out-there porn than ever and thinking to myself I might do that someday soon. I’m going to do fucking do that. It’s amazing how different watching porn is when you realize that you’re going to be doing what you see on screen. Anyone can feel that way, if they think that way, and dare that way. Maybe not everyone can (or is willing to) think and dare that way, though?

Cockring on a big clit micropenis

Ugh, I love the way this feels, and part of it is the way it looks…

Of course, with me, it’s always about doing MORE. So I of course had to see how many rings I could get on my clit. The answer, as you can see from the next picture, is three. I think it might be possible to get four on, but it would take a lot more pumping, and I think I would need to be wearing a Supple Nip on the glans of my clit to keep it stretching instead of going wide. So, of course, I ordered some. I hope they’ll get here soon, because I really love them, and I realllllllly want to try them out with this new pumping/ring strategy. It’ll be my pumping/cockring/supple nips strategy.

Pumped clit with three cock rings

I’ve got three cock rings on the tube this time, though you can only barely see the third one…

I love the way it looks, to have three whole rings on there, but maybe next time (at least until the Supple Nips arrive) I’ll just try two, so that you can see the glans. I think it’s hotter if you can at least see some of the clit, right? But still, I am pretty amazed that I got three to stay on, stacked there on my clitty. I hope you all like these shots. I’m going to try and shoot a video of this process soon, if people are interested in buying it. Would you be interested in buying a video like that? Let me know in the comments. Or, if you would rather buy something else, let me know that, too.

Three cock rings on one big clit

One of the most exciting shots ever, for me…my clit with three cock rings on it!

Anyhow, I have so much more to say, but I have to go and have sex now, so I will sign off until next time, which I hope will be much sooner than last time! If it isn’t, though, and you miss me, please follow me on Facebook and Twitter! Don’t direct message me, though…I don’t really use DMs or Facebook Messenger. Just talk to me out in the open. That’s what social networking is for!



My Meaty Clit in a New Video Series

Meaty Clit, Engorged Labia

Forget my clit, I love how meaty my labia look here! Engorged!

Hi everyone, I’m back after a little bit of a break to tell you about new video of me and my meaty clit, Big Clit White Swimsuit: Part I: Bulging and Squirting! Ok, it’s not really all that new, but I haven’t actually posted about it on here yet, so I thought I would let you all know! Plus, I had some pictures of my clitty play that I thought were pretty hot, so I figured I might as well share them, even it’s a little late. No complaints, I assume?

My Meaty Clit, unpumped

POV looking down on my unpumped clitty

My Meaty Clit in a White Swimsuit

I did actually post some picture of this shoot last month, in the post called My First Fetish Swimsuit. There are three more pictures there, with a special focus on my clit making big bulges in my suit. I know a lot of you love the clitty bulges, so if you haven’t seen that post, be sure to click the link and take a look.

My meaty clit, big AF

POV looking down on my clit pumped AF.

Just FYI, these are actual photographs from the shoot, not screen grabs, and they come from all different parts of the whole shoot, which will run to 2 or three videos, but I promise that all the parts of the clip will have a worthwhile assortment of clits, masturbation, toys, clit pumping, squirting and my fetish swimsuit. Check out the descriptions of the individual clips as I post them for more information.

Rikochan's Thumbsized meaty clitty

You might have already seen this one if you follow me on Twitter. You don’t follow me on Twitter? Why don’t you follow me on Twitter?


I hope to get another clip up this week, although things are extra crazy right now. I have to go to court (nothing to worry about), my job just got bigger and better, and I’m taking some classes, too! Life is best when it’s busy, right? Oh, and I’m in the gym most mornings, too! I’m trying to see what kind of shape I can get in by early November. I’m thinking of going to Exxxotica NJ this year. Has anyone reading this ever been? Is anyone reading this planning to go this year? Let me know!

Pinching my big clit

My meaty clit after some sweet, sweet pumping.

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