You Broke My Cherry!

Big Clitter Rikochan rides Kraka Cowgirl

Ride 'em, cowgirl!

So, it’s official: I’m a pornstar! OK, the “star” part is debatable, but I did lose my amateur status last week. I’m a bona fide sex worker–even if I’m only a part-timer.

I got my first check last week for videos sold at my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. It’s been just over a month since I started posting clips, and since my “help break my cherry” post. You guys really did it! Thanks so much!

Sure, I can’t quit my day job, but so what? Kraka and my friends Garibaldi, Galactus, Dweeble, and a few others have always I should go pro (I’ve shared clit pumping pics and vids on amateur sites for years) but I never thought anyone would buy my clips, even if we put lots more work into them. I’m so happy I was wrong!

I was thrilled when the check came, but it didn’t really, truly, hit me till Friday night, when Kraka and I were having sex. I was riding him cowgirl. I looked down at Kraka, and he had a big grin on his face. “What’s funny?” I said.

“I just realized,” he said, between thrusts. “I’m screwing…a pornstar. Never thought…that would happen.”

I felt the same big grin spread across my face. “Does it feel..any different?”

“Would it be bad…if I said…yes?”

“I don’t…think so.”

“Then, fuck yeah…tonight it does.”

I started laughing, but only for a second, though, because right then Kraka pinched my big clit between his thumb and finger and started jerking it like a little cock, stroking in time with the thrusts of his full-sized cock inside me.

Let’s just say we didn’t get much sleep that night! Thanks, guys!


PS: we put the money in the bank; we’re saving up for a better camera and some lights so that we can make more and better videos for you!

PPS: Clip the pics for full-sized versions!

Rikochan cowgirl POV

Rikochan cowgirl POV

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  1. Man, Kraka is such a lucky guy. My hat off to him. Thank you for letting us enjoy Rikochan; we really appreciate it.

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