Work With Rikochan

Work with Rikochan

Keeping the pictures for this post safe for work so I can share it around the web!

I’ve decided that it’s was time to get more organized about making more pictures and videos, as a result of my recent thoughts on why I make adult content in the first place. I want to have new content showing up on my blog a couple times a week, and I want to be posting new videos on my clips store weekly. That means expanding the pool of people I work with. Do you want to work with Rikochan? Good! I want to make it easier for you to do so!

First thing is, I got a new email address specifically for work correspondence. My old email is swamped with comments, spam, friends, shmoes, social network junk, and so on. If you’ve had problems getting in touch with me–especially via Fetlife–this should help. The new email, for work only, is

Work With Rikochan: Collaborators Wanted

I’m looking for a couple different categories of collaborator! In general, I want people who are excited about what they are doing, who can set dates and show up for them! If I’m hiring you, you don’t need to have a ton of experience. If you’re hiring me, I’d like you to have some experience and some work I can look at ahead of time. I’m really not interested in working with people who happen to have a camera and think they are actually paying me to have sex with them. Although I have mad respect for escorts, I don’t have sex for money. I make porn for money. Both are legitimate choices, but for now I choose the second one, got it?

Note: I have decent equipment and can edit my own video: I’ve got close to 100 of them on my clipstore! I’m in the NYC area. I’m willing to travel (planning a work trip to Vegas next year), but that would have to be part of the conversation…

More images for my work with rikochan post

Are pokies safe for work? I guess it depends on where you work!

Hiring Video Costars

First of all, I’m looking to hire women to come and have sex with me in my videos. If you’re a woman who wants to shoot with me, you should definitely write to me at the address above! Terms are open to negotiation, but I offer either payment or trades, where we both end up with copies of the clip to sell. Everyone deserves to get paid for their work, even if they are having fun doing it! Sorry, I’m not doing boy/girl at the moment.

What kinds of women should apply? Women who like sex, women who like sex with women, who want to have sex with Rikochan. It’s great if you can take charge in bed, because I am submissive, but it’s not required. I’ve made sub/sub videos before. I don’t have a lot of other requirements or restrictions. You should absolutely write me if you’re interested or even curious. But, here’s the thing: you should write me. I don’t really want guys writing me about their girlfriends. I want girls who are interested enough to write me themselves.

Hiring Rikochan for Photography

I’m interested in modeling for other people. I warn you that I need a LOT of direction. I’m not one of those people who shows up with an idea and can just pose, pose, pose. I’m a sub in real life, and 10 times as submissive when it comes to modeling projects. Modeling is a good word for it, because I am basically clay the needs to be modeled. That said, I have set limits. I’m not looking to have sex with a photographer, even for a good shot, I bring a guy friend with me to my shoots, and I want to work with experienced photographers. That said, there aren’t too many people who look like I look or do what I do. If you want to work with Rikochan as your model, terms are negotiable.

Hiring Rikochan for Video Shoots

I’m very interested in working with other studios for video, either solo or boy/girl. Depending on the boy, I might be willing to work with a boy who does things like bondage, shibari, and forced orgasm to me, but I’m not into skin on skin stuff with boys right now. Solo (especially with instructions) or girl/girl are my sweet spot. Keep in mind that I am an ultrasub. I need a lot of direction and a vision and a director who directs. Otherwise I’m just going to stand there and be awkward.

I’ve only shot video for other people a couple of times. My limitations are probably too strict for most studios, and that’s probably why, but they work for me. The main two are that I wear a mask or otherwise hide my face, and I always bring my guy along. He doesn’t interfere at all, never had a problem on a shoot, but I sometimes need a translator, and I always need to feel safe. I’ll come up with another post detailing all my limits, but basically: safe, nothing too painful, nothing that breaks the skin, no breath play. Terms are negotiable, but I’m willing to work for cash or trades.

Work With Rikochan on Other Projects

I’m open to other projects, for pay or for trade. If you have some idea that I haven’t covered above, please feel free to get in touch.

Again, if you want to work with Rikochan the email address is


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  1. Rainne Consignon

    February 2, 2018 at 11:28 am

    Hello, I was just wondering if you ever just have someone perform oral sex on you. Not for a video or photoshoot or anything, no reciprocation. I would just be very interested in going down on you and hopefully making you cum. Just curious if you ever do that sort of thing.

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