Where to Find Rikochan

I’m all over the place! But, there are few places (besides Rikochanpornstar) where you can find me. This is a work in progress, so check back once in a while!

Rikochan on Facebook
I’m on facebook more than I am on Rikochanpornstar. Stop by, say hi, send me a friend request. Please understand, however, that I don’t often have time to chat privately. I’ve got lots of friends, and I work much more than full time, in addition to my porn hobby and my gym addiction. I’m much more likely to answer comments than private messages.

Rikochan’s Clips Store
Like big clits, squirting, electroplay, muscular calves, titty torture, girl/girl femdom? I’ve got you covered with tons of sexy videos on my clips4sale store. I’ve got big plans for new videos in 2013, so check back often!

Rikochan on FetLife
I’m on Facebook more than I am on FetLife, but you can read more about me there, and check out my very detailed profile, too. If you’re interested in seeing what kind of porn I like, you can watch to see what I “love” and comment on if you friend me and follow my updates.


  1. That is the most beautiful clit I have ever seen. If you were my woman ,most of my time would be spent pleasing you to the fullest. Sucking your clitty will be my biggest hobbie. I love it. Holla back!

  2. The best is, if a woman has a little cock too, mixed with her pussy. It`s a fascination if the limits between – little – cocks and big clits fade away, so you don`t really know where one is beginning and where is the other ending. And it`s a thrill if a huge clit (she-dick) is even bigger than a little cock – why not.

  3. I love u and ur body so much dear Riko ! Im always hard seeing ur pics !

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