What’s Happening With Rikochan?

Yesterday I spent all day cleaning my home for houseguests and got too busy to post. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working on Rikochanpornstar.com behind the scenes. Actually, there’s a lot going on.

I’ve been talking to a pro photographer about a real photoshoot! I’ve never done that before—Kraka is the only person who’s ever shot me nude—so I’m nervous, but excited. I blogged this before, but the story has advanced some: We’re working out a date to meet him and visit his studio after our guests leave. In the meanwhile, I’m going to hit the gym hard, as I mentioned.

In fact, I’m setting up a bodyspace profile this weekend to track my progress; I hope you’ll all follow along. If you have profiles, please let me know, so I can follow you!

Kraka also talked to a longtime fan and new friend with lots of website experience, and he’s offered advice and assistance. He’s going to reencode our videos for starters. Hopefully we’ll get the sizes down to something more manageable. If you’re not buying because our videos are ridiculously huge, don’t worry, they should get smaller soon. If you already bought and want the more compact version, we’ll get it to you for free!

I hope to edit another video over the weekend, but, like I said, houseguests—straight folk who don’t know about my big clit or my semipro porn career. I’ll do my best, though! I can’t wait to share more clips and pictures with you!



  1. thes best big clit
    maravilhoso! lindo! majestoso


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