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Hello, and welcome to Rikochanpornstar.com. I’m Riko-chan, a Japanese woman with an interest in sex, lingerie, toys, and exhibitionism. I’m a late bloomer, I guess, but I didn’t get interested in any of this stuff until my 30s, when I discovered porn, sex toys, female pumping (via the amazing superclit, on ifriends), squirting, electro-play, and more. Of course, the best thing I discovered there was the fact that I had a really big clit. I mean, I always knew that it was big, but until I discovered my porn niche, I didn’t realize quite how gifted I was. Ever since, I’ve been doing what I can to make it as big as possible—I’m a dedicated pumper—and sharing my progress online.

Don’t I know You?
I’ve contributed to a handful of amateur sites in the past, and there are over 500 pictures of me out there now, as well as maybe a dozen little video clips, all under the name Krakette. So, I’ve done the amateur thing for years now, and I’ve loved every minute of it. The problem is, I’m tired of crappy pics and even worse videos. Yeah, my videos have been terrible. Hot, and fun to watch (and make!) but really grainy and poorly lit. Terrible!

I want to keep sharing pics, and I’ll keep posting amateur quality stuff under the name Krakette, (I’ve got a backlog of literally thousands of amateur-quality pics). But what I really want is to start make good pics, sexy pics, arty pics, interesting pics, and hot pics—images to be proud of. And I want to make some video that’s good enough that…well, that’s good enough that I’d want to watch it. That would make me hot if I watched it.

Why Go Pro?
So I’m going pro. Well, semipro. What does that mean? Well, first of all it means starting my own blog, with my own domain name! Yay! It also means making and selling premium pictures, videos, and maybe even DVDs. Initially, I plan to sell them at clips4sale.com, though it’s possible I might start selling them directly, once I get up and running, if there’s enough demand (if there’s any demand. The quality will hopefully be better than my amateur stuff, right from the start. Hopefully, it’ll keep improving, as I get new equipment, work with better photographers, and maybe even shoot with other models (if I get that brave!).

Better pics and vids are great, but why sell them when I’ve given them away in the past? Well, one reason, really: Money. It’s going to cost money to make the kind of stuff that I think I can be proud of—I want to buy a better camera, first of all. I did just buy a little Canon 12 MP camera to get the ball rolling (it also shoots 720P video), but I want to get a serious camera to take really great pics. And a real HD video camera, and some real lights, and props, and costumes, and…

My promise is that I’ll reinvest everything I make at Rikochanpornstar back into making better content until I’ve got all those things. And that, after that, I’ll find other ways to use it to make my fans happy. Because, for me, this is still really a hobby. I’ve got a day job, and I never want this to turn into that kind of grind.

What Should You Expect?
I’m not really sure, honestly. I’m going to use this blog to communicate with my fans (assuming I get some), with answers to questions and so on, and as a place to post teasers of my photosets and videos, of course. But, really, I think this will just be a fun place to blog about my life as an extremely marginal pornstar (self-declared!), sharing my opinions on porn and adult stuff, reviews of videos and toys, and links to the cool, sexy stuff I find on the Web. I’m even planning to do some interviews of people who do the kind of thing I do. I’d love to interview superclit—maybe even Denise Masino, who has a huge clit, a great site, and a newly blossoming pumping fetish!

Oh, and since I’m Japanese, I might be able to point you to some cool Japanese stuff, too. I might even make a Japanese version of the site, if I’m feeling ambitious. One note about the whole Japanese thing—big posts like this will be cleaned up by a native English speaker, but offhand little blog posts might not be. So don’t be surprised if there’s some Japlish in there sometimes, because English is my second language. In fact, I’m probably going to post in both English and Japanese—if I’m ambitious enough, all posts will get translated into both languages. We’ll see!

I hope you like my blog, and I hope you come here often and comment a lot. Compliments (always welcome), suggestions (I’ll do my best), and critiques (as long as they’re not too mean) are all welcome. Mean posts will just be deleted, though—life is too short to argue. I promise I will read every comment and will do my level best to respond to all of them, eventually—within a day, whenever I can!




  1. How can I be the first comment!!?? Wow, this is the best news to hit in a long time, Riko-chan, I’m ready for what you are about to drop on the world. I hope you get to do everything you want here, and then some! Looking forward to some great content from one of the internet’s best,


  2. Hey, thanks, Galactus! Kraka and I are really excited to be getting this started after talking about it for so long. Nice to hear from you, and hope you’ll like what we have to offer. Things should pick up soon!

    Riko & Krak

  3. Hi there Rikochan! I’ve found your blog while looking for Ryoko Yoshida! And now you have a fan in me! Also to test this post!

  4. You’re welcome! I don’t know why icons don’t work–mine isn’t showing up either! 🙁

    • Anyway, I will make a post on your Ryoko Yoshida thread; so you can know more of what I am trying to say. See you then rikochan!

  5. Its my dream to bring you to orgasm with my tongue, draw your clit into my mouth and feel your clit dancing on my tongue as you cum again & again &……

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