Welcome Farrah Day-Cage to Rikochanpornstar!

Farrah Day-Cage

Isn’t Farrah Day-Cage gorgeous? I’m so happy to be able to share her with you!

Hi everyone: please join me in welcoming my clever, sexy, and bold friend Farrah Day-Cage to Rikochanpornstar.com. I’m really hoping that this will be the first of many posts and pictures she shares here—or anywhere: I’m not selfish! As long as there are more stories and pictures (and maybe someday video?) of her out there for us all to enjoy, the world will be a much better and sexier place for it! You can follow Farrah Day-Cage (I love that name!) on her Twitter accountPlease, please, please leave nice comments for her so that maybe she’ll share with us again someday soon, because obviously there is a lot more to her story! And–who knows–if you make her really happy, maybe she’ll come and shoot some clips with me someday! Now, without any more from me, I’m going to let Farrah talk for herself! 

Farrah Day-Cage clitoris and bush

I may be smooth, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love bush on other people! I want to run my fingers through Farrah’s gorgeous hair, and that enormous clitty…delicious!

I like the feeling of having my panties be full. To be so turned on that it’s obvious to someone watching, that I can’t hide it. Being watched is also hot. So of course I was interested in showing my clit off, especially as I got into pumping and enlargement. I was introduced to pumping years ago, at Burning Man, of all places. The camp was all guys, and pretty guy focused, but I was nosey and perked up right away when I saw the nipple pumps.

“You can totally use that on a clit!”

“Well…yes, actually. You can.”

“Let’s do it!”

Farrah Day-Cage pulling back the hood of her big clit

I want to be the one pulling back her clit hood, so that I can suck at the glans…

The camp was amused and amazed and happily helped me figure out the basics of clit pumping. They guided me through lubing up and easing the tube into place. When the first pull on the pump started, I felt pressure, then suction. Gentle at first, then slowly more persistent as blood flowed to my clit. There wasn’t any pain, instead a warm, pulsing pull focused squarely on my throbbing clit. I kept squirming adjusting to the new sensation and looking down at just how much I was growing in the tube. By the time the tube came off, the camp attendees all crowded around to marvel at how fat my clit was and moan about how tasty it looked. I got turned on being on display for them…just writing about this has turned me on now!

The camp planner gifted me my first tube and pump and sent me back into the default world, and a pumping fan was born. I pumped off and on over the years, but got to the point where I wanted to try something more structured, more on than off. As my clit grew, I started experimenting with different forms of masturbating.

Farrah Day-Cage and Buck Off

Farrah’s wearing her Buck Off in this shot! I can’t believe how hot it makes me to think of her wearing this under her clothes walking around packing, feeling that, and no one knows!

There’s this interesting toy called the Buck Off. It’s a stroker created for transmen’s cocks—think Fleshlight—but it happens to also be a lot of fun for a femme with a big clit!  When the Buck Off came out, I was on it! The thing I liked about it was not just how it felt on my clit, but how, if the suction was right, I could wear it. I could fill my panties and have suction on my clit, at the same time! So now, I’m “packing,” if you can call it that, more often. It’s just so cute to me, to have that hot bulge wrapped in cute lingerie! The feeling I get when I take it off is so wonderful, and my clit is so hard, I want to show it off all over again! Everyone that’s seen it has been really appreciative so far, which makes me want to show it off a little more.

I like it when my panties are full. I like it when I can show my clit to an appreciative audience. I like that Rikochan is egging me on.  And if you’re nice, I’ll show it off some more for you.

Farrah Day-Cage large clit glans

This is how I imagine Farrah Day-Cage’s huge clit, hovering above me, just before she lowers between my waiting lips, that perfect moment…

That’s it from Farrah Day-Cage for now everyone! If you want to see more of her, please leave a comment saying so! ~Riko


  1. Damn, that story was so hot! Your clit looks so warm, tasty and inviting; I’d love to suckle it for hours.

  2. Oh my! What a beauty she is! I’m so glad you’ve included her on your blog and look forward to seeing much more of you both!

  3. Oh, these pictures are very hot, of course I want to see more of them and naturally some clit.photos in a pump. Want to know, how big is this clit if it is stiff and if it is flaccid.
    Can we say it is a ftm-cock, or should we better say a huge clit or we can say both ? Is it only a question of the perspective?

    • Oh, it’s definitely a clit. A sizeable clit, but a clit nonetheless. It’s been ages since I’ve measured it. Maybe that should be the next picture! Measure flaccid and pumped?

  4. Fantastic Riko. Love the pics so far of Farrah and want to see more. Imagine the two of you doing a clit comparison to see who’s clit is bigger or harder?

  5. She has a very beautiful clit that I would luv to suçk on for hours and hours

  6. I loved seeing that clitoris with those provocative lips I’d like you to post more on provocative scenes. delicious.

  7. Roll where you get these beauties with these delicious clit.

  8. this. is. awesome. can’t wait to see more from her!!!

  9. Very Sexy indeed! Luv the 2nd shot! Myself I prefer a bit of bush around that sweet clit! Yours is So Fckn HOT as well Rikochan! 😉

  10. Thank you so much for the love, everybody! This is my first foray into sharing things like this online, and having an appreciative audience makes all the difference.

    So what I’m hearing is that you’d like to see more? =)

  11. Sorry for joining late to this blog but yes please more is best in size and quality
    Would love to see clit tribing and come clit fucking and sucking and girl cum all over the massive glans

  12. Yes more please. I love your body.
    Shaved would be terrific.


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