Valentine’s Day, Rikochanpornstar Style

Rikochan's Erect Clit

Hope you like my big fat clitty! Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a big clit closeup for Valentine’s Day present for all my fans and friends. Do you like my panties? I think they are the most romantic (and least concealing) lingerie I own. Seemed like a good day to wear something a little less hard edged and a little more on the pretty side. But not modest—certainly not! What do you think of the picture? I think I’m starting to get the hang of the new camera!

I hope all my friends can spend Valentine’s Day with the person who makes them feel the sexiest! Kraka and I celebrated on Saturday. We spent all night in bed, and we brought the cameras! I took some great video of Kraka, wearing a leather hood and giving me head. So hot. I’m making new videos for Rikochan’s Big Clit, my clips4sale studio, right now! It makes me hot just to edit this stuff, so I hope that’s a good sign.

Tell me about your sexy Valentine’s Day?

PS: Click on the picture for a much bigger version!


  1. I enjoy it… so erotic. Please , keep them coming… and keep cuming too ;P Those are very nice pictures. I love them.

  2. Riko says: thanks so much for the nice email!

    Kraka says: Alain–vous parlez Francais? Moi j’en parle en peu. Nous aimons bien avoir des amis partout!

  3. Oui je parle français. 🙂 Merci beaucoup! I hope to see more pics of you. 🙂 See yaa soon 🙂

  4. Thks hon.. I love big clit.

  5. Oooh. Happy belated Vday. Your big clit is the perfect Valentines day gift next to my Pet’s naughty homemade card.

    I think you’ve mastered your new camera too! The photo is the perfect balance of elegant and dirty. I can’t wait for more. xoxox

    • Thanks–we’re starting to get the hang if it, for pics if not for video.

      I think your Vday pic of pet was pretty fantastic, too. What a man!

      Hey, just uploaded a new clip to my store. Check out the preview of Rikochan’s Big Clit: Squirting and Sucking Part 1 720P here:

      It’s only a crappy 10-sec low rez preview, but you get the idea. Once we get the next vid posted, we’ll get you a DVD made and you can see the real thing.

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