Trouble Buying My Pics or Clips?

Hi everyone: kind reader Dweebler2k just let me know that he was having trouble buying at either my big clit clips4sale store or my big clit images4sale site (still trying to sort out which). I haven’t had any sales yet (still haven’t broken my pro cherry!). I was beginning to think maybe no one was interested, even though it’s only been a day and I can only accept the stupid Gizmo card. I’m paranoid! Now I’m wondering if a store problem is the explanation. It would be easier on my poor ego!

If anyone is having trouble buying clips or pic sets, please, please, please let me know. You can either comment in any thread (this one would be perfect) or you can even email me direct at rikochanpornstar AT (Replace the “AT” with “@” of course.)

Please be sure to let me know what you were trying to buy (clip or pic set) and what kind of error message you got. Help me trouble shoot this, and I’ll send you a limited edition pic once I’m back from vacation.




  1. Riko,

    I am wanting to buy your stuff, but this Gizmo card, what is that all about? They want your credit card and Gizmo? I don’t see why they need me to put money in a gizmo card, and then provide my visa info? Do you know better how it all works? sorry, i don’t want to complicate things, just want the hot big clit sex in my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yah, i realized i don’t know anything about how clips4sale works, i’ve never used it! I guess Gizmo gets your information, and then you sign in, sorry about that, i didn’t get that sign in screen when i was looking at it a few days ago. Is the gizmo card a safe, trusted thing? seems like it, but i’ve never used anything like it so i’m curious to know from other peeps if its cool. sorry again!

      • No need to apologize. From what I’ve been able to find out Gizmo is fine–it’s just annoying to have to use. Once I get up to five clips or five sets of pics, I’ll be able to accept regular credit cards, which will be a big relief! Thanks for sticking with us. 😉

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