Titty Tuesday: This Is Why I Pump: Pokies!

Pumping gives Rikochan Nipple Erections

It’s harder than I thought to take pics of pokies!

It’s no secret that I love pumping. I’ve been pumping my clit for many, many years, and it’s definitely my clit that gets most attention online. It’s not surprising. I mean, after all, my clit is huge. But although most of the fan-love goes to my clit, my nipples actually get more time overall being pumped than my clit, and, while the results may be less visually spectacular, my nipples actually often get a bigger increase in sensitivity from pumping than even my clit does—and that’s saying a lot!

I always pump my nipples first—you have to build up to clit pumping, after all. And, with the nipples, you can pump longer and harder—after all, the nipples are meant to be sucked on, right? If you pump your clit too long and hard without a break, you can get a blister. You’d have to really pump your nipples super crazy hard to get a real blister. You’re much more likely to start getting little droplets of milky fluid, instead, which is very exciting!

Rikochan's nipple pumping leads to pokie nips

There’s nothing sexier than pokey nipples, I think. How about you?

I love to pump my nipples until I’ve got enormous swollen nipple erections. After I remove the pumps, I show them off for Kraka under a thin shirt that highlights my nipple erections poking through. Nothing makes him hornier than seeing my pokies standing up proud, and nothing makes me feel better than his touch through thin cotton shirts, silk mesh camisoles, sexy little t-shirts. I never show them off in real life. My breasts are small enough that I don’t really have to wear a bra, but I do have to wear nipple shields to keep my pokie from poking through. Kraka, I know, would love for me to let them loose, but, for now, they are just for him…and you!

So, I’m going to start focusing a little bit more on nipples, and nipple pumping here at Rikochanpornstar from time to time. What do you think? Do you like my pokey nipples?


  1. Yes, I would love to see more nipple related posts. And I have to agree with Kraka, I’d rather see them loose and poking through your shirt without the shields.

    By the way, Pet sucked on my tits till I came this morning. So fun!

    • Your wish is my command! I will definitely post more nipple stuff soon–I was surprised at how many people said the same thing. I thought most of them just loved me for my clitty. Not you, of course! 😉

      I am so jealous! I have almost never been able to come from tit-stimulation alone. Not from lack of trying for hours at a time though, which is still fun!

  2. Always use some lube on the rim of the tube. That makes for a better seal and also prevents the skin from tearing or abrading.

    I do love your pokies

  3. I love everything about your body, Riko. Please share more pictures of your pumped nipples, and if you do express some milk that would be the icing on the cake! You’re right, nothing better than your pokies!

    • I will definitely post more! Having finally fixed this post after it being broken for a year has really inspired me to do more of this. Videos coming, I hope!

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