The Return of Rikochan Erotica

Rikochan erotica means pumping clits

I don’t know if my clitty has ever looked bigger and fatter than it does in this shot…

Hey everyone! I just wanted you to know that Rikochan Studios (not a real studio-yet) posted a new video a few days ago! I think it’s going to be fun for anyone who likes my big clit pumping Rikochan erotica–it’s like ten minutes solid alternating between pussy pumping and nipple play. My clit gets absolutely huge in this one! But that’s not the reason that I love it! It’s called Rikochan’s New Clit Pumping Project, and I hope you’ll all like it too.

Rikochan porn

The feeling of my huge clit growing and swelling and stretching…heavenly!

Here’s why: As I’ve said many times, most of what I make on goes straight back into buying stuff to make it better. Some years I net a little money, most of the time I take a loss. Of course, someday I’d love for this to be a big money spinner, but for now, I spend the money to make better Rikochan erotica videos, to make better pictures, to hire new people to shoot with, to pay for hosting, to buy new wardrobe, and to buy new toys. This time I spent money on toys.

pink pussy rikochan porn

it’s not just about the clit, of course, it’s also the pink pussy!

It’s All About the Toys

It’s a not a sex toy, though, sorry! This time it’s a new ring light for my camera. These things are seriously cool…the light that they provide is so even and gorgeous…I’m pretty sure some of the selfie queens on IG use them, but I found them from watching Japanese AV. I always thought they looked so beautiful with their lighting even in their weird cheap gonzo porn with handheld video cameras, and I couldn’t figure out how they did it!

Rikochan touching her clit

My clit gets so sensitive that I can barely touch someyimes when I touch it

Finally, though I noticed that in a lot of the close-ups, you can see a ring-shaped light reflected in the eyes of the stars! So, I google ring light, and the rest is history. The one I bought is on the cheap side, and occasionally you can actually see it in the edge of the frame in this new video, but I don’t think it really detracts too much…might even give it a funky new guerrilla Rikochan erotica/porn look.

The Future of Rikochan Erotica?

This is great and all, but I’m so frustrated about having to basically just reinvent/reverse engineer everything when it comes to making video. I’m seriously thinking of taking some film-making classes, if I can find some that are right for me at my weird advanced beginner level! If anyone knows of any porn-friendly film schools or classes (casual or formal) in the NYC area, please let me know!

Nipple play in Rikochan porn

There’s also some nice nipple pumping and nipple play in this one!

I’m thinking of maybe setting up a gofundme for it. I don’t know, is that too…gofundme-ish? I feel like there are some of you, at least who would really get your money’s worth if you invested in Rikochan Studios, or whatever I end up calling it…

Anyhow, that’s just a dream for the moment. Right now, I’m already putting out my advanced beginner porn, and you should really check out the latest one, Rikochan’s New Clit Pumping Project!


  1. Hi Riko, your clit is looking massive in these pics Ill have to check out the video.

  2. Nice photos Riko, look like you had a huge pumping session, as you now I love everything Riko but really happy to see nipple pumping.
    I have a LA 1’’ nipple set Coming my way Ye ha
    Lastly I have been bad and not buy any video for a long time. But I’m hoping in the next month or so I will start buying up big
    Love ya keep pumping (ha ha pun) out the video

    • rikochan

      May 7, 2018 at 10:04 am

      I hope you have good results with the nipple pumping. I love it sooooo much. Yes, I hope you can check out my last few videos, and I hope you’ll drop me some comments about them when you! ~Riko

  3. Riko, sensational return, clitoris looks bigger and more beautiful the pussy nor do you speak all pink smelling and appetizing, congratulations.

  4. I have so many fantasies about sucking your massive clit….keep up the hot work…you have many fans out here!!

  5. Incredible Mouth Watering Pics! 😉

  6. I just adore your clit and especially the cock like glans you have worked so hard on.

  7. Hi Riko, I was wondering how much did you grow over the last few years? For me it looks like the recent posts are gross… 🙂 which is sooo sexy

    • rikochan

      June 15, 2018 at 2:48 pm

      I don’t know, honestly. It doesn’t stay big all the time, but when it’s pumped it’s definitely bigger now than it used to be!

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