Sucking Rikochan's enlarged clit

Can oral sex cause clitoral hypertrophy?

It’s been ages since I posted a new video at Rikochan’s Big Clit, my clips4sale studio, but the wait is finally over. I think this latest video, Rikochan’s Big Clit: Sucking and Squirting, is probably one of the hottest clips I’ve ever made. I know it was one of the hottest porn shooting sessions I’ve ever had (and they’re all hot, because I only shoot when I’m actually having sex). And the editing was delayed several times because my editor kept getting…distracted. I thought I was going to follow the example of my domme friend Mistress K and forbid Kraka to touch himself until he had finished his job! (Her and her Pet’s fetish blog Deviant Display is very sexy, by the way: if you haven’t read it, you should!)

This video is the first of two parts shot on Valentine’s Day. For my present, Kraka submitted to me in a leather hood and worshipped at the altar of my giant clit. The excitement of having my own slave to give my clitty the attention it deserves for Valentine’s Day made me so excited, my clit was maybe the most swollen I’ve ever seen it without pumping. In addition to slavey Kraka, the thing that really got me hot was the fact that I was controlling the camera. So, instead of the usual closing my eyes and slipping into a semiconscious dream state when the squirting started, I watched it—every last second of it.

So hot!

Seeing it is very different than just feeling it! I imagine all my friends and fans watching over my shoulder, and I do my best to keep the camera steady as my man’s mouth covers my erect clit, going down on it like it was a little cock. He flicks it from side to side with his tongue, and I imagine that I am slapping him with my girl dick, the way he slaps me with his cock—the thought and the sensation causes my clit to harden—you’ve got wood, he tells me.

His lips slide down the entire length of my enlarged clit, slicking my shining, stretched-tight clitoral hood. His tongue slides along the long, grooved underside of my clitty shaft and into my gushing pussy. As his lips suck and slurp, his teeth gently scrape my glans, which is now so prominent that no part of its bright pink head is hidden by the foreskin of my clit hood. And then I start squirting, into his mouth, all over his face, soaking his mask…

That’s when my camerawork gets a little shakey, as I’m sure you’ll understand! Today I posted the first of two parts of this video. Today’s is about 8 minutes long, and I think next part is a bit longer (maybe 10, 11 minutes?). The screen grab above is from Part 1—I’ll post another one when Part 2 goes up.

Let me know what you think also be sure to tell me what you like to see in future videos. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll definitely try for you!



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