Rikochan in Bondage

Musclegirl Rikochan in leather cuffs

I think it’s time for me to shoot some more BDSM content soon. What would you like to see?

For someone who came late in life to kink, I’ve had some amazing experiences with deviant sex, and the best of it has mostly been centered around BDSM. I’ve had an expert forced orgasm session, I’ve been dommed and double-teamed by female bodybuilders, and I’ve been tormented by a professional dominatrix, too. I’ve even gone in costume to a rubber world show. But, for various the most recent of those bondage and discipline experiences was almost a year ago, at this point, and I’m really starting to miss it.

Of course, Kraka and I play regularly, and a lot of what we do involves bondage gear, toys, and imagery. But there’s something very different about roleplaying with a person that you share a long intimate history of non-BDSM sex. It’s satisfying, it’s fun, it can be amazing. But it somehow lacks that breathless sense of real, thrilling danger and risk and surrender that being dominated by someone who you’ve never seen the softer sexual side of.

Sure, all my encounters have been carefully vetted, with limits negotiated and Kraka on scene as an escort. But, still, my limits are loose enough that, without ever exceeding them, there could be whole worlds of sensation between what one dom might inflict on me and the experience that another domme might treat me to. And, so far, all the experiences I have had have in some way gone far beyond what I expected or would have chosen for myself or knew that I wanted. And, while I love sex with Kraka, there’s a lot of it that I doubt he’d ever do for/to me, and some of it that, just because of our history and tacitly agreed on sexual limits and customs that I probably would either not allow or would safe word out on. But there’s almost nothing that I’ve experienced as Rikochan that I’d trade or give back, even if it’s not all stuff that I have since added to my sex play (though much of it is).

Gorgeous suspension BDSM picture

I can’t wait to try more rope bondage…especially suspension! Washi-naswashi picture used by kind permission.

So, I’m getting back in the saddle. I’ve got a session nearly scheduled with a professional dominatrix FBB, a new mistress whose instruction I expect I will always treasure. And there’s another new photographer I’m talking to now whose girlfriend I am very excited to play with. She’s gorgeous and pervy (judging by her pictures) and has the most perfect big, real American breasts, which I’ve always dreamed of playing with but have never actually touched, let alone caressed, licked or felt them rubbed against my muscular little Japanese breasts or felt their softness rubbed against my smooth pussy. Yeah, I really hope that one works out; I look forward to what she will make me do…

Finally, I’m really hoping to get some professional shibari play in. I’ve done just a little in the past, and I almost had another shoot set up, but the guy decided he didn’t want Kraka along as an excort, and that’s one of my few limits. But there are some real pros in my area when it comes to shibari and photography, and I am hopeful that I’ll be able to work something out with one of them soon. The picture to the left is from my FetLife friend Dov’s site Washi-Nawashi, used by his kind permission. We’ve talked several times but never quite managed to work anything out. I’m hoping that posting this picture of his might restart the conversation! J

So I’m taking suggestions for the new BDSM stuff I’m hoping to shoot. One is me being dommed by an FBB, and it’s probably going to be video and some pictures. The other is a photoshoot between me and a gorgeous non FBB. Not sure if there will be video there, but I’m hoping that it’s at least ok for Kraka to shoot some behind the scenes video! Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see in either of these projects, or, if you have other ideas for projects (no B/G, sorry!), tell me about those, too!

Rikochan's leather cuff bondage

Leather cuffs, vascular arm

Rikochan Nude Bodybuilding Progress Pics (or lack thereof)

Amateur female bodybuilder Rikochan shows off her side chest

Black and white is so much fun! Click the image to see the full-size version.

I love bodybuilding. I’ve been hitting the gym really hard in the month since I last posted, lifting often and heavy. I love it; I love the way I feel stronger, more powerful, more alive. I love feeling like I have accomplished something, even if it was only working up a shirt-soaking sweat and moving a few plates of iron from here to there and back again, over and over. I’ve been growing in all sorts of places. My shoulders and ass, especially, keep getting too big for my clothes. The legs of my pants get further and further stretched by what, to me, are starting to look like speed-skater’s thighs. And my calves…well, there basically aren’t any boots in the world that will cover them that weren’t made specifically for plus-size women.

I feel great, but sometimes I also feel huge, bulky, and blocky. I realize that partly it’s in my head. Bodybuilding is mental, as much as physical. I’ve definitely gotten bigger, but not as much so as I feel sometimes. I fed my body to grow some muscle, however, and I grew some fat as well. So I’ve started cutting. I’m down about five pounds so far, and I hope to lose a good chunk more in the next ten days as I get ready for Rubber Ball NY. I’ve got a dress for the event that is literally skin tight, as it it made of latex, and it shows every curve, that’s for sure! I didn’t realize how much latex was also a compression material, too, until I tried the dress on; I was pleasantly surprised! But I was also determined that my shape would change for the better by the next time I tried it on. We’ll see!

Anyhow, the picture above shows me last night. I’ve been experimenting a lot with black and white. I love the look of B&W. For example, my friend Mayumi does some beautiful erotic work in black and white–her blog is always worth looking at. I wish my pictures were as good as hers. Still, I am having fun, and I hope you like the B&W pics I plan to post on and off over the next little while.

This particular pic I’m not sure how I feel about. Kraka really liked it and convinced me to put it up, however. Clearly, I am off-season, still. I think, however, you can see that I have put on at least some size, despite how bad I am at posing. I feel like you can see a little in the size of my upper arms and traps, and maybe a little hint of my pecs, too. I was surprised at the vascularity I still have, even at this weight. None of my pictures so far have really captured just how veiny I really look, but this does, a bit. Anyhow, even though I’m not flexing very well, it does sort of show my current shape, and that’s a good thing for me to have in mind as I work out and diet over the next ten days.

I plan to take and post lots of pics over the next ten days, both to share any possible progress and to help me track it, and to hold myself to account for it.

So, what do you think? Either about me in the picture, or about the picture as a picture. I’d be interested to hear!


Rikochan's forearms are starting to look vascular

Close up view of my veins. Good thing my mom is in Japan: she would hate it if she ever saw my arms looking like this…

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