Jane’s Guide Reviews Rikochanpornstar!

Jane's guide loved Rikochan

Jane’s Guide liked Rikochanpornstar!

Riko is an extremely hot Japanese woman with a wonderfully muscular body, and a clit that is so large that I actually made yummy noises out loud when I saw it! This blog discusses her interest in getting into porn, and how she is trying to establish herself as a healthy and happy sex worker.

That’s how the very cute (click to check her out!) Vamp Ire‘s review of Rikochanpornstar on the excellent Jane’s Guide starts, and it concludes: “I was absolutely captivated!” I couldn’t ask for a better review. I get Vamp’s Pick seal, and the Original and Quality icons, too! So cool! I might have guessed maybe I’d get original, since my blog is a little bit unusual, but I was really shocked at the quality rating. I mean, I do my best, but it’s still such an amateur effort, I think. I really don’t know what I’m doing most of the time, honestly!

I’m so very pleased that a site that’s been reviewing sex sites in such a positive way, for so long (since 1997!), liked what I have to show and say. It’s so encouraging. I feel like tomorrow I’m going to have to jump out of bed and get right to work on bigger and better stuff. And, actually, I am doing something really exciting for the blog tomorrow, but I’ll save that news for another post. 😉

I’m sort of delirously happy–and more than a little drunk: I took time out from my own dinner party to write this entry, I was so excited. (If it’s totally mixed up and all, don’t worry, I’ll come back and fix it tomorrow when I’m a little less tipsy). Anyhow, enough about me–go check out my review: It’s a short and sweet and exactly summarizes what I’m trying to do, and it shows up in the Asian, blogs/journals, sex, and bodybuilders categories. If you’ve got a minute, you should go and read Jane’s Guide’s review of Rikochanpornstar.

Thanks for the great review, Vamp; thanks for the great Guide, Jane!



Rikochan’s Double-Pumped Clit Says Happy Monday!

Rikochan's two-inch clit!

Rikochan Big Clit Pumping

I’ve got a lot going on this week, and I don’t know how busy I am going to end up being, so I wanted to start the week off right by giving my fans and friends something fun to look at on Monday morning. And what could be nicer than a big double-pumped clit?

Double-pumped, you ask? Yes…Inside the lucite tube I’ve got a little clear soft cup on the glans of my clit to keep the shape long and narrow so that it pokes out nicely when I take everything off. Otherwise sometimes the head gets covered up by the pumped up clit hood, which is no fun. It’s nice to see the clit head–makes it look like a little futanari girl-dick!

Anyhow, there’s a lot going on this week–hopefully including some fun news for big clit lovers in general and Rikochan fans especially. Check back later this week. Or follow Rikochanpstar on Twitter and I’ll let you know!


PS: Click the pic for a much closer look!

Rikochan’s Busy Weekend / Fetish Mask / Bruises

Rikochan bondage mask bj

Masked Slave Rikochan gives Kraka blowjob

[Click the link at the bottom of the post for the English version!]


先週の金曜日に、新しい動画を私の巨クリ映像販売サイトのclips4sale studioにアップしました~。タイトルは、”Squirt, Rikochan, Squirt!” (潮吹き画像です。)

先週の土曜日には、予告したとおり、写真家のBrian Moss氏と会って、彼のスタジオを見学してきました!(興奮気味)。Brianは、Shemuscle.comdirtymuscle.com等彼自身が運営するウェブサイトで、女性ボディービルダーを中心に美しい肉体美の写真や動画を次々と発表している写真家です。

会う前は、ちょっとどきどきでした、実際の彼はとっても気さくでいい人でした(ハンサムです)。なにより、彼の家が半端なくかっこいい!さりげに彼の作品が飾ってあったり、マネキンにそこはかとなくパンクっぽい洋服を着させていたり(しかもビンテージものっぽい)さすがアーティストっって感じのお家でした。おどろいたのは、彼が時間をかけて集めた70年代ころのアンティークのダンベル等のエクササイズ器具がそろった、ジム(shemuscle ジムと呼んでいました)は圧巻でした。今回は、本当に私が(安心して)できるかどうかを見極めるための顔合わせだけで、数ヵ月後に具体的な日時を決めることにしました。







Sorry I haven’t been able to update lately–I’ve been so busy! The post above is a recap of the past four days in Japanese.

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Big Clitoris Squirting Video Coming Soon!

Rikochan's monster clit in a squirting video

Rikochan’s new big clit squirting clip’s opening credits!

Worked hard until late, so tonight’s entry is just a quickie to let you know my next clitoris-worship video is almost done.

Squirt, Rikochan, Squirt! is a sexy squirting video of me jerking off my big clit, getting fucked with a black vibrator, and squirting over and over–for 13 minutes! I haven’t counted the squirts in it, but it must be more than 20. Hot! Kraka and I have gotten excited just editing it. If you like big japanese clits and squirting, you’ll love Squirt, Rikochan, Squirt!

Buy Now

With this clip I’ll have 56 minutes of big clit video available. Once I break an hour, I’m going to put out my first DVD! I bet it won’t be a million seller, but if even a couple people want it, I’ll be thrilled. That’s the nice thing about having pornstar as a your hobby and not a job, I guess! 😉

My new clip should be available on my clips4sale studio Rikochan’s Big Clit by Thursday night, or Friday night at the latest.

Click on the pic above to see the opening credit screen grab at full 1280X720 resolution. Not bad, right? I think our movies are getting better. What do you think?


PS: The tiny black dots that look like hair in the picture aren’t: that’s where I got scorched by my hair-removal laser earlier that day! Pornstars suffer for our art! 😉

Rikochan’s Pro Shoot (?)

Brandi Mae from DirtyMuscle by Brian Moss (used with permission)

Brandi Mae from DirtyMuscle by Brian Moss (used with permission)

So, exciting news: the pro photographer meeting I wrote about, I think it’s really going to happen this weekend. I’ve got a date, a time, and directions! And the photographer I’m meeting? The amazing Brian Moss of shemuscle.com and DirtyMuscle.com fame.

Brian Moss takes incredible adult muscle girl, FBB (female bodybuilder), fitness, and figure pictures. I’m no photography expert, but I love his style; his images look clean and simple and unretouched. I imagine it’s a case of making hard work look effortless, however. I love the colors and the light in his pictures. I also love the way he gets the women he shoots to looks so strong and pretty and sexy without seeming like they’re trying too hard. And it’s not just standard bodybuilding poses, either. He has a real, distinct style—when I see one of Brian’s pictures, I always know it’s his before I see the logo.

Kraka and I are meeting him this weekend for a studio tour and mutual scoping out. I’ve never posed nude for anyone but Kraka, so it’s important to find a photographer who makes me comfortable. And Brian has only seen a tiny selection of our thousands of pics—the very few flattering ones. So it’s important for him to see me, too—he might change his mind! Either way, this meeting is just for getting acquainted. Even though I am very nervous, I think it will be fun, too. Kraka, of course, is ridiculously excited. But he is always convinced I look hot and always thinks everyone will want to shoot me.

My clit, sure. But what about the rest of me? We’ll see! Brian is laid back over email, so I have good feeling so far. If it works out, you’ll be able to get the pics on my images4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit.


PS: Do you like the picture above? It’s from Brian’s Dirty Muscle site–a very sexy bodybuilder and muay thai fighter named Brandi Mae Akers. Kraka and I are members of Dirty Muscle, and, it’s worth every penny. So many hot, sexy, inspirational pics–and videos, too! I’m going to go look some more at Brandi Mae right now!

Technical Difficulties

Sorry for the lack of updates: I promise we’ll be back on track by later this afternoon or this evening, at the latest!

Clips4sale news

Finally, my clips4sale site Rikochan’s Big Clit can finally accept regular old credit cards! That’s because I’ve been posting clit clips, and am now about the minimum of five required for credit card sales. I hope you’ll all stop by and take a look. Sadly, my images4sale story only takes the site’s stupid proprietary gizmo card. I hope to change that soon!

I’ve got three videos posted now, each at three different sizes, with three different prices. I’ll be posting new sample images from my video starting later today and going through the weekend, so stay tuned.

Check out my site–I’m in the process of enabling little sample clips, too! I’ll try to figure out a way to post those here, too…

I’m excited: big things are coming, and I don’t just mean my big clit! 😉


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