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Rikochan On Nipple Pumping

Rikochan's long pumped nipples with red leather corset

I love pumping my nipples; there’s honestly nothing that feels better than a touching them when the tube comes off. The red rings are from pumping with a bigger cup.

Why am I so into nipple pumping? It’s a hard question to answer, but I am totally obsessed with boobs; I love big breasts, and I love big nipples. Puffy nipples, long nipples, fat nipples…I’ve been fascinated with nipples since I can remember.

The first Western porn movie I saw was a Traci Lords movie, and I remember being hypnotized by Traci’s fabulous breasts, her huge puffy nipples. And, before you freak out about me talking about me watching movies by an underage porn star, the movie in question was Traci I Love You–the only adult video she made as an adult. I had to look up the title when I started working on this post, but I remember my friend who showed it to me telling me that she was an American superstar all of whose movies had been filmed when she was underage, that this was her only movie, which made it sort of famous. He was into that kind of controversy.

I couldn’t have cared less how famous she was or wasn’t. I wasn’t all that interested in watching the movie, initially, except as a little bit of a drunken laugh at a small party of friends. But then Traci came on the screen. She was gorgeous and so sexy and so raw, and her breasts were just incredible. I couldn’t stop looking at them; I’d never seen puffy nipples before, and I couldn’t really understand what I was looking at, at first. And, once I realized, I couldn’t stop looking. Her nipples, if you’ve never seen them, had huge areolae that could swell up amazingly big and round. I remember my girlfriend A, who was part of the little group watching, saying: “Her nipples look like she’s got lightbulbs on the end of them!” I can remember our eyes meeting and it was totally like something in a manga; both of our faces were red, and A, at least was sweating a little bit, too. Of course, we’d both been drinking, so that’s probably how we explained it to ourselves, but I think the real truth is that were both very excited.

Rikochan pumps her nipples until the lactaction starts

I love pumping my nipples so hard and so long that they begin to weep little tears of milk from the ducts. Click on picture for the full-size version to see the little droplets.

A had always been interested in boobs, mainly because she didn’t have any: her chest was like a little boy’s except for her gorgeous nipples. I can remember her complaining about them many times, making a sort of running joke about them, telling us stories about a boy who drunkly fumbling at her, was rubbing at the bottom of her ribcage (which stuck out as she was so thin), until she moved his hand up to her nipples.

I saw her nipples many times; I can remember one time at an onsen (hot spring) we were bathing together, and she made a joke about people thinking she was a boy in the girl’s section. I pointed out that her large pink areolae and prominently erect nipples had nothing boyish looking about them at all, and that I wished mine were as pretty as hers. Any boy would be happy to have her lovely nipples to play with. (I was drunk again.) It was one of those awkward moments where maybe you’ve said too much, and there was a little pause before she made it all ok again by laughing and shouting, “Rikochan, yarashii!” Which roughly translates as a sort of playful version of “Rikochan, that’s nasty!”

It’s funny; I couldn’t have put it into words then, back before I’d ever realized just how much I love breast, and pussies, and, well, girls, but the feeling that was running through my head was “I’ve said too much, I’ve blown my cover!” It wasn’t for many years that I finally realized that I had a secret to blow, of course, so all I really felt then was confusion and the vague sense of shame you get when you realize that you’re the drunkest person at the party and that you’ve reached the “No, seriously, I love you all!” stage of intoxication and no one else has. Never occurred to me that I might have said it for another reason, to my beloved friend, to whom I was absolutely devoted.

I wonder now, when I look back on this story, if I knew how I felt about girls, or her in particular, long before I did. She doesn’t know about my secret life as Rikochan; we fell out of touch when she got married and started having kids and I moved away to America. But we’ve recently reconnected. I think I could tell her at least a partial version of my current life as Rikochan. She’s told me so many of the secrets of her married life and her many affairs; I think in addition to our old closeness, I’m a safe confessor, since I live 3,000 miles away from her life. I’ll have to return the favor and ask her about those days, and ask her if she knew that maybe I loved her, and if she’s surprised that I have started to act on my feelings toward women, that I am, I guess, bisexual.

Anyhow, I was supposed to be writing about nipple pumping. I guess the point was that I’ve always had a fascination with nipples, and I’ve always wanted mine to be bigger, longer, fatter, more prominent, more erect. I’ve even considered piercing them, although I haven’t quite had the nerve, yet. In the meanwhile, pumping them lets me change the way they look, and feel, even if only temporarily. I haven’t pumped my nipples nearly as much as I have pumped my big clitty, so I can’t say how the results will compare, but I’m going to start pumping my nipples more faithfully, to see if I can really change them–and because it feels amazing.

Anyhow, more thoughts on nipple pumping to come. Sorry for rambling: next time I’ll try to stay on topic, I promise!


Rikochan Loves Puffy Nipples

Rikochan's Pumping leads to puffy nipples

I love puffies–wish my nipples were puffy. I’m working on it!

I watch porn. I watch a lot of porn. I watch a lot of Japanese porn, and my favorite star recently is name Julia. She’s got amazing, perfect breasts that, as far as I can tell are real. They are soft and swing beautifully, and turn up so sexily, and the shape. It’s just…wow. Best of all, she has puffy nipples. I love puffy nipples.

Ever since I saw Traci Lords videos as a girl (yes, the underage ones that you can’t buy anymore–I was underage then, too), I’ve been fascinated by large, swollen nipples. I just want to touch them, carress them, lick them. When I see them, any lingering, learned shame or reservations I sometimes have about wanting to be with women, wanting to make love with women, wanting to fuck women, just evaporate.  To me, erect nipples are extremely sexy, but puffy nipples, they’re like the whole breast has an erection, like even the areolae are engorged, the hot blood pounding in the chest so hard that the skin stretches until it is hard, and tight and tender…

Rikochan's puffies

I have fantasies that someday after a long pumping session my nipples will just stay like this, all nice and puffy.

If I was the sort to change my body through plastic surgery (and if it were possible) I would definitely go under the knife to have puffy nipples. And so I have started to pump my areolae.  Sure, I’ve got tubes for just the nipples, for making them fatter and longer, and that’s mostly what I’ve shown here, but, in addition to wanting bigger, more sensitive nipples, I would dearly love to have puffies. I pump them for hours sometimes, and I love the way they get huge and round and purple and swollen. The feeling as the skin stretches and stretches is just delicious. I haven’t been doing it all that long, so I haven’t seen any results yet, but even just the idea of it, even just seeing my own nipples swollen up like real puffies in the cup is super exciting to me.

Puffies give Rikochan a clit erection

Fantasizing about my puffies makes my huge clit erect!

In fact, I’ve written before about inducing lactation, something I also fantasize about, and one of the main reason now that that idea has become so exciting for me is that lactating women’s nipples change during nursing, and that their areolae can grow!

These are not the best pictures ever, but they were very exciting for me to see, and I hope you will enjoy them too. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Julia's Perfect Breasts

I can’t get enough of Julia’s breasts and perfect puffy nipples!

In the meanwhile, here is a picture of my newest JAV girl-crush. I know, she’s not the fitness girl you might expect of me. That’s right, I have broader tastes than you realize! You can see her perfect breasts here, of course, and you can sort of get an idea of how puffy her nipples can be. I’ll keep looking for better pictures and update you on those, too. Maybe I’ll dedicate a whole post to her soon.

What do you think? Do you like puffy nipples? I know some people find them weird and unattractive. How about Julia? Do you like her?

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