Rikochan Vidcaps: Calf Flexing, Clit Pumping & Squirting Part I

Musclegirl Rikochan flexes her calves

Rikochan flexes her muscular calves

As promised, here are some vidcaps from my latest video, Rikochan, Calf Flexing, Clit Pumping, & Squirting, which is now available at my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. I’m pretty happy with the response so far. Although my Fleshlight Fuck video is going to be hard to beat, this latest video is off to a good start. I know it’s a big long video, and people want to know what they are getting before they buy, so I’ve got two blog posts of screens to share with you guys. Plus, you know, they are some sexy shots, I think! Hopefully people can enjoy them whether that are planning to get the video or not!

The first screen is from the short calf posing and flexing section. Yes, I know, the floor is crazy slanted; Kraka was having trouble getting me in the shot and still keeping the camera level enough. Handholding a camera that low without some kind of rig is kind of tricky! We will have to get the very cool steadicam rig they use at SheMuscle! Maybe if I sell enough copies that’s how I’ll reinvest the money (it all goes back into the site). What do you think? Any progress on my calves? I’m honestly not sure, but I still like the calf posing bits, and so, judging by the response, do most of you!

Rikochan's huge clitoritis

Rikochan’s Big Clit Vs. The Hitachi Magic Wand

I’ve never tried a Sybian, but that’s the only vibe I could imagine feeling better than the Hitachi Magic Wand! It’s my go-to toy, and I use it both to warm up and to finish off. You can see how I have to use carefully, though: I can’t put it directly on my clit most of the time–it’s too much! I have to put it against my labia and sort of edge it up against my giant clit slowly–sort of sneaking up on it, easing it up there… Oh, it’s making me horny writing about it! Anyhow, after the calf flexing and posing, I indulge in a little Hitachi play to get ready for what’s to come. Foreplay is important, even if you’re just masturbating, right?

Is this the biggest clit ever?

Rikochan shows off her giant clit glans

I was pretty shocked when I saw this picture. This is me, immediately post Hitachi. You can see that Kraka is zeroing in on my swollen clitty with the clit-pumping tube (in the upper right-hand corner), but when he saw how huge my clit glans had gotten, he just had to stop for a minute and take in my fat clitty in all its glory. It’s the size of a small penis glans there, right? 🙂

Rikochan's giant pumped clit, POV shot

POV shot of my big pumped clit

Okay, on to the real meat (so to speak) of the movie: Clit Pumping! I learned how to pump watching SuperClit pumping, and ever since I’ve been trying to recreate her amazing feats of clitoral enlargement. I’m still not there, but I am definitely getting bigger and better all the time, I think. I have had a lot of fun shooting the POV parts of my videos, because I get to see it right in the video, from what is actually a slightly different angle than the one that I see when I look down at my little clitty. It’s further forward than my own point of view, and it lets me see just how big my clitoris really is. And it’s big! 🙂


Rikochan's giant pumped clit glans, seen from below.

Futanari, anyone?

Speaking of new angles, this is an perspective I can only get after the fact. But even when Kraka is down between my legs shooting up angle at my pussy and clit, I get really excited, imagining what it will look like. I was super excited when I saw this shot. My clit looks like a she-dick! I mean, it really looks like a Futanari cock, and I have some serious futa fantasies, so…Yay!

Okay, that’s it for today. The second half is coming soon-tomorrow, I hope! I would love to hear what you think so far!


Rikochan Video: Calf Flexing, Clit Pumping & Squirting

Rikochan's clit pumping video!

Check out the vidcaps for my new big clit pumping and squirting video!

Wow, I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted new showing off my big FBB clit. It’s a long stupid story, but basically I haven’t had my editing machine set up since late this summer. I finally got it up and working again last Friday, juuuust when I should have been packing for Jamaica. Instead of packing and getting to bed early like I should have, I, of course, edited a whole big clit extravaganza for you. I didn’t have time to upload it, however, and the bandwidth in Jamaica wasn’t good enough for me to upload it there. But now that I’m home I was finally able to upload it to my video store, Rikochan’s Big Clit.

This video is a pretty good one, back to the big clit basics of Rikochanpornstar that some of you have been asking me for for a while: me pumping my big swollen clit and masturbating until I squirt. Of course, there’s more to it than just that, though. I start out with a little posing and flexing, showing off my big musclegirl calves, then I sit down and get warmed up with my industrial strength Hitachi Magic wand. As always, I’m right close up on the action, so you can see my huge clitty is already getting nice and hard as My Hitachi gets me good and hot.

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Once my pussy is good and wet and my hard clit is fully erect, I do some serious clit pumping for my fans, stretching and enlarging my clit, until it’s so full of blood that it feels like the skin is going to burst. Such a delicious feeling, to pump my clitoris until it is all distend like that, sticking unit out nearly two inches from my pussy, like a little futanari cock, just begging for some lucky guy or girl to suck on it, to feel it slipping between their lips as they get it ready to slip between their pussy lips or anus…

After a very hot pumping session, I take the tube off and let my clit recover for a little while, treating myself to a little masturbation with some help from my pump slave until I start squirting. Once I get to the squirting stage, I know I’m ready for another pumping session, and it all starts again. You won’t believe how big my clit gets the second time around!

Above is the usual thumbnail of vid apps from the movie; tomorrow I will start posting some full-size screen grabs that I thought we pretty cool, so stay tuned, if you want to see a little more detail before you buy my latest video. But really, you shouldn’t have any doubts; if you have seen any of my other videos, you know what they are like-this one is more of the same, only even better!

Rikochan’s Big Clit Fleshlight Fuck Teaser Video

Rikochan fucks her fleshlight with her enlarged clitty

For a taste of my 15-minute clit-fucking epic, check out my sample! (click to enlarge this screen!)

I know, it’s been ages since I uploaded a new video, and, I’m sorry, everyone who has written asking when my next big clit festish video is coming out–you’ll have to wait a little longer (but not too long). In the meanwhile, I dusted off my video-editing skills and made a teaser for my last video, Rikochan Vs. The Fleshlight, my 15 minute epic, which you buy at my studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. If you want to watch the sample, you can see it at Muscletube.com, a site you should definitely take a look at, if you haven’t before. Click here to go directly to my big clit fleshlight fucking sample!

I’ve written quite a bit about this video–if you want to read the sexy fantasy I was having about my sexy dominatrix friend Mistress K at Deviant Display, or to see some sharper pics taken with my Canon Rebel T2i, check out the links below. While the longer movie is of course, better, I think you will definitely like what you see at muscletube.com, if you like fleshlights, big clits, and super-messy squirting–gushing, really!

Anyhow, now that I’ve gotten back into video editing, I’m psyched to get some new content up! Stay tuned–I promise at least one new video by New Years’ Day!

PS: If you go to Muscletube and watch my videos, please vote for me! It’s not like there’s any real reward for me or anything, but I like to have the top videos! I am very competitive. 😉

Enjoy Squirt!

Enjoy Squirt sounds like female ejaculation, to me.

This sign totally made me laugh. I wonder it passersby knew why I was taking a picture of it?

I had to laugh when I saw this sign in the city. Enjoy squirt! I love the picture of the little cartoon girl blasting off from the force of her squirting. At least, that’s how I see the picture; if you see it some other way, don’t ruin it for me!

Enjoy Squirt? I do. Squirting, female ejaculation, gushing, whatever you want to call it, is the next best thing in the world after an orgasm. After an orgasm, you ask? Doesn’t it happen during a squirter’s orgasm? Well, I can only speak for myself, since I’m the only squirter I know to talk to (I have a deep, personal relationship with some squirting performers, but only in the sense that I am obsessed with watching their movies over and over).

For me, squirting doesn’t usually coincide with an orgasm. It usually happens when I get stimulated enough, feel relaxed enough, and usually (but not always) when I’ve had some quality g-spot stimulation. There’s usually a great pleasure peak and a feeling of release and loss of control, but it’s not the same as the whole-body feeling of release and loss of control that comes with an orgasm. It’s more localized, and the peak isn’t quite as high, I think.

But with squirting, I can keep doing it over and over, as long as I’m hydrated. I could squirt on and off for what seems like hours. In fact, I’ve gotten so used to it that now I would have to really concentrate to NOT squirt. If I was going to be with someone who would freak out to exchange fluids that way or if I couldn’t make a mess…I honestly don’t know what would happen. At the very least my juices would be running down my legs, and I would leave a big wet spot. That seems to be the least I can do these days.

Sometimes Kraka makes me squirt dozens of times in a session—sometimes it’s just a lot of little dribbles, but sometimes it’s full-on massive, messy gushing geysers that spray across the room.  We’ve soaked just about every towel in the house before, changed sheets, mattress pads, you name it. I’ve actually ruined a point and shoot camera by soaking it, but Kraka used it to video the squirt that killed it, so we felt like that was a good way for it to go…

Sometimes, rarely, squirting and orgasm come together, but it’s rare. In fact, squirting distracts me from the complete release of orgasm, usually delays it. Sometimes when I’ve squirted a lot in a session, I get so exhausted from the squirting that I’m actually too tired to come. That can be frustrating, but generally I fall asleep instantly after giving up in those cases, so it’s not like the frustration lasts long.

How about you? Can you squirt? Have you ever been with a squirter? Do you know how to make a girl squirt? I’d love to hear your squirting related stories!

Rikochan’s Big Clit Fleshlight Fucking Video

Rikochan Fucks a Fleshlight with her big swollen clit

Rikochan Fucks a Fleshlight with her huge clit until she squirts

I wrote a while ago about filming a video of my first time fucking a Fleshlight with my big clit (inspired by Denise Masino, my big-clit and female-bodybuilding hero!) and it was one of my most popular posts ever, and one of my most requested videos ever, too! Yes, it took me forever to get it edited (moving over to the Mac is hard if you’re used to PCs), but now it’s finally available from Rikochan’s Big Clit, my clips4sale video studio. Finally!

It’s a pretty simple video: I spend about a minute warming up my pussy and big clitty with a Japanese vibrator, and then out comes the Fleshlight. I squeeze some oil onto it and experiment with fucking it with my fingers a little, and then I basically just start screwing it. I was super excited, and even thought at first I didn’t have the angle or rhythm right, the idea of penetrating a pussy with my fat clit was so exciting that it was still making me super hot.

When I finally got my stroke going right and realized that pulling my clit all the way out and plunging it back in was at least as important as just grinding, my clit really started to swell and lengthen until it was as big as I’ve ever seen it without pumping. Just seeing my swollen enlarged clit thrusting in and out of the Fleshlight’s sweet little pussy was at least as exciting as the way it felt, and the combination had me moaning, jerking, and levitating my ass off the chair I was sitting in, until I finally started squirting like crazy, in a big shuddering orgasm that filled up the Fleshlight and soaked my legs, the towel I was sitting on, the chair in front of me, and the bed I had my feet resting on.

The video shows some great squirting shots from a couple angles, up so close that the lens gets all wet. Once I come, I show you just how much liquid there is with a shot of the soaked towel and another shot showing me wiping up the puddle with paper towels. Kraka said it was very Japanese of me to include a shot showing me cleaning up the mess, which is so true.

All together it’s about 15 minute of video! Hope you like it. I’ll probably post a sample on MuscleTube later this week.

If you do get, be sure to let me know what you think of it!


Rikochan: Shibari Day!

Rikochan has her first shibari experience

Rikochan has her first Shibari Experience for old.rikochanpornstar.com

Took the day off yesterday to shoot some video with a friend, who I’ll call M. What a great day: I had my first shibari experience, but that wasn’t the biggest first. Much bigger was how much force my friend (who is a small—though busty—Japanese woman) used on me, and how much I liked it. I’ve never had anyone pinch my nipples or slap my clit or ass that hard before! I guess that’s what happens if you convince a domme friend to work in your video and she decides you aren’t making enough noise. It hurt so much, but I was surprised how much I liked it–first time I’ve ever really felt like that. Bondage I decided I loved a while ago. But this was new to me. I can’t remember ever squirting more, or feeling more exhausted and satisfied at the end of a shoot—not that I’ve done many shoots, but, still…

M said that despite being Japanese (and a domme), she wasn’t a shibari pro. “Shocking, right?” This made me and Kraka laugh. There are funny stereotypes out that there about Japanese women because of all the porn that is most Americans’ only exposure to them—eating shit, soap-fucking, fucking octopuses, etc. A ridiculous number of people assume that Japanese women must be experts at all of them. The even funnier thing is that despite M’s disclaimer, she proceeded to tie me up in a very nice harness. I guess it was pretty simple rope work, but I thought it looked sexy, and it definitely felt sexy to wear. I’ve got a pro-shibari shoot I’ve been trying to schedule for a while now, and this made me super eager to get the details worked out!

Klawdya Latex Over Tits

Klawdya Rothschild: Latex Maven (and my sex-toy expert)

M was using the new shibari ropes that Kraka had picked up for the shoot at Purple Passion/DV8, where he was again helped by the super-cool Klawdya,  who I need to get into the store to meet—partly because I’m going to commission her to make me a latex mask (she’s Purple Passion’s “latex maven”), and partly just because.  Klawdya describes herself as “an independent curator, artist, Alt Sex and Spirituality educator, Kink Rights Advocate, and Occultist,”  among many other things. She recently spoke about her first latex fashion show at Red Umbrella Diaries, which I once again stupidly missed!

Last time Kraka met her, she helped him pick out the anal toys I used in my first anal gape shot. This time she helped him pick out a hot bit gag that I really kind of love. It’s uncomfortable in a very comfortable way, if that makes sense.  I love it—I think it might be my gateway bondage toy. I’m definitely seeing more bondage gear in my future! Kraka had been going to get a big ball gag, but she told him that 1) if it’s for a photoshoot I might not like it because it might make me look like I have a big double chin (and I’m already a little chubby) and 2) that people new to gags probably wouldn’t be able to tolerate a big ball for a whole afternoon of video.


Justine Joli and friend with KinkLab bit gag

This is the exact bit gag I got! I wish mine came with Justine Joli, too!

And it was a whole afternoon of video (and photos, as you can see). We did three little scenes. One has me standing on my corner window sill, hands cuffed to a bar above my head as M plays with my nipples and pussy and the pumps my nipples and my big clit until I’m so excited that the juices just run down my leg and puddle on the window ledge and floor. Dommes pump longer and harder than husbands, it turns out! Yum, and ouch! My poor clitty was still swollen and sensitive six hours later when I fucked Kraka later that night after waking up from a coma-like nap. (And, FYI, post-domme sex is very nice.)

In the next scene, I’m sitting in a chair as M plays with my nipples. That was the shot where she felt like I was being a little too passive, and she mistreated my nipples and breasts most deliciously.  I haven’t seen the video yet, but Kraka (who was shooting) tells me that was the hottest part of the shoot. I’m a little worried about the camera work, as Kraka started fingering me our of the shot, but I guess I won’t complain if it looks a little shaky.

In the final scene, we were in the kitchen, with me bent over a chair as M fucked me good and hard with my purple jelly dildo and various other toys. I’m not sure what all she was doing to me,  but at one point she wanted to bring the intensity up again, so she started whacking my thighs with the dildo like it was a flogger or something. She hit my clit so hard that I either squealed or screamed (I’ll have to watch the video to decide which) and, again it led to tremendous messy gushing. She caught my squirting into a glass measuring cup, which she poured out into two wine glasses for us… That’s part of why I want to work with lots of people–that’s an idea I never would have had, on my own.

Rikochan shibari virgin

See how swollen my poor clitty is? M pumped it ridiculously hard. Which I love.

For the record, some Japanese stereotypes may have a basis in truth. In that scene, the toughest part wasn’t being smacked on the thighs or clit, wearing a very tight bit gag, being tied bent over to a chair in an awkward position (which is a great leg workout, by the way), or being harshly fucked with a dildo (ok, that part isn’t tough at all). It was being forced to stand in my own mess! We cut a couple times to fix the lights, and I pleaded with M to clean up the puddle I was standing in. She just laughed! Standing in my mess was the hardest part. Her telling me no was maybe the sexiest.

Anyhow, it was great—my first time with a little bit of shibari, my first time having a domme show me just a little (a very little, I’m sure) of what she can do, and my second time working with girls. It was also our first time actually “producing” a video. It was probably a disaster in terms of quality, but that’s ok: it was a learning experiment and it was super fun. Plus, my fans don’t seem to mind that my stuff is super amateur looking, luckily. Overall it was a great experience. I’ll be working on the video soon!

In the meanwhile, I’m looking forward to setting up another shoot, maybe in October. This time I think I’m going to see if I can find a woman to really fuck me and get fucked. I’ve loved my few sessions with women and toys, but for my next video I want actual sex: pussy-licking, clit-sucking, 69ing, finger-stroking-gspot, mouth-on-nipple sex with a girl.

Any takers for my first time? 🙂

PS: Click on my pics for bigger versions. And stay tuned for some bit-gag pics!

Rikochan’s Big Clit Vs. the FleshLight

Clit to clit with the Fleshlight

Clit to clit with the Fleshlight

I wrote a while ago about the Fleshlight that my friend Garibaldi sent me (Thanks, G!) and how I’d been inspired by the clips I’d seen on Denise Masino’s members site (which I highly recommend) of Denise’s big clit fucking a Fleshlight. I told you I’d try this new toy out and see if fucking it got me off or not. Well the results are in. And they are hot! The video is available at my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit.

Funny story: the Fleshlight was originally shipped to my home, as a surprise gift. As usual, I had trouble connecting with UPS (they’re awful in my area), so I had the box shipped to my office, without realizing what it was. I was shocked when I opened it and a big grey Fleshlight and two rubbery flesh-colored inserts fell out onto my desk. Luckily, no one noticed, and I jammed it all back into the box and hid it in a drawer. I am not “out” at work, so I was freaked out that someone had sent sex toys to my office. What kind of idiot would do that, I wondered? Then I realized it was the Rikochan kind, which was a relief!

When I got the Fleshlight home where I could take a closer look at, I realized it’s not the most gorgeous design. The flashlight shaped park is ridiculously big and bulky and square and cheap-feeling, and it has lots of seams and sharp edges. If you want a nicer case, look at similar products known as onnaholes (woman-holes)—especially those from the Japanese sex-toy company Tenga, which are now for sale in the U.S., too. I don’t want to sound too proud of Japan, but our sex-toy designs are pretty good!

On the other hand, I love that the Fleshlight’s opening looks like a pussy (there are inserts with mouth and anus openings, too!). The Tengu toys that I’ve seen all just have little holes for the opening; holes that don’t look like anything. That’s way less sexy, to me.

The Fleshlight’s pussy-like opening is exactly what made it so sexy for me, from the first minute I laid eyes on it. I looked at the little pussy lips and little clit and thought, I want my big clit to be rubbing up against that little clit. I want those labia to rub against my labia. I want to feel my clit nosing in between those cute little lips.

I washed the insert thoroughly before started using it, of course. I put it into the Fleshlight tube and ran my fingers over the entrance, entranced. But it struck me that the opening was quite cold—it would be like fucking a zombie pussy. So I ran it through really hot water until it felt warm. I’d only warmed the surface, though. Once I dried it off, if felt like zombie pussy again, only now it was clammy, too. So it tried again, with really, really hot water for a long time. Rinse and repeat, right? This time the Fleshlight was at least lukewarm. All this time washing and drying and testing the toy was a little frustrating. The whole time I was rubbing and caressing the toy’s sexy little pussy, I just wanted to be fucking it.

Penetrating a pussy with my big clit

Lining up my big clit to fuck “Mistress K’s” pussy.

Lukewarm would have to be good enough—that’s enough foreplay, I thought, and then realized that I was totally thinking like a frustrated teenage boy confronted with a hesitant girlfriend. Luckily, Fleshlights don’t complain if they aren’t totally ready for action. That’s what lube is for, right? I thought. Again, what a teenage boy!

I sat down in my chair and Kraka started shooting video as I tore open the packet of oil that came with the Fleshlight and began drizzling it onto the toy’s sweet little pussy. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to be rubbing the lube over the labia, slowly, teasing them with my fingertips, teasingly coming close and then moving away from the clit again, imagining how it excited it would be making me feel to be feeling that, imagining that I was doing it to a real girl, that she was lying back on a bed in front of me, and that the lube was her own natural juices, leaking out as my fingertips excited her.

If you want to know the truth, I was thinking of my friend Mistress K of DeviantDisplay; she’s got such a sweet little pussy, from the pictures I’ve seen; I had no trouble whatsoever imagining that the lips and clit under my fingers belonged to Mistress K and that it was her I was touching and teasing; I was parting her labia, penetrating her, gently, with just the tip of my index finger as I spread the lube. I imagined her lying back, legs spread, knees bent, head resting in her Pet’s lap, pillowed on his gorgeous legs as he teased her nipples, pulling on a chain that linked on either end to clips pinching her nipples punishingly hard, tugging first on one side then the other as he kissed her, pleasure and pain making her moan into his mouth.

As her Pet, he was allowed to serve as her pillow and give attention to her nipples, but, for this session, he wasn’t allowed to touch his magnificent cock. And, I had been told, no matter how Mistress K’s movements on his lap or our fucking excited him, he wasn’t allowed to come, despite having been forbidden from touching himself for the past week. No wonder he has such a fantastic body–all that sublimated energy has to go somewhere. It must go into the gym.

Soon enough, thanks to my inexpert but excited fumblings and Pet’s expert ministrations, K’s pussy was soaked. And then there was nothing else to do but fuck her. So I did. And I loved it.

Back to reality. It’s not as easy as you’d think to fuck your clit. You’ve got to get the angle right or you’re just sort of mashing it with the FleshLight—which also feels good, but just isn’t fucking. And the angle isn’t what you think from watching guys fucking (or women with strapons). That hip-swiveling jackrabbit motion is for a cock that points up more than a clit does (or at least more than mine does). And you’ve got to be as lubed up hard as you possibly can, even with a big clit like mine. It took some adjusting, and pulling back of my clit hood, hard, to get myself pointed in the right direction.

As it turns out, however, once you get the angle right and you’re starting to slide in and out of your partner’s lips with enough lube, your clitty erection pretty much takes care of itself. And that’s when it starts to feel really good.

I can’t remember the last time I was so excited, the last time I felt my heart beat in my neck so hard that I felt like my head was shaking and in my fingers, til they throbbed. Not since I had my first photoshoot at SheMuscle with Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda, probably. That was losing my photoshoot virginity. This was (sort of) losing my girl-fucking virginity—at least, in my imagination. When that insane adrenaline rush took over, I started to really penetrate the Fleshlight, fucking it deeper and harder and faster.

Fucking the Fleshlight

My big clit is buried to the hilt in the fleshlight’s pussy!

I don’t know what sort of angle my pelvis would have to be at in relation to another woman to fuck the hell out of her the way I fucked that Fleshlight; I don’t even know if it’s anatomically possible for two women to line up like that. But I didn’t worry so much about that, once I found my groove. I really stopped thinking about anything else: Kraka shooting, the hardness of the chair I was sitting in, the bright video lights, and the Fleshlight itself all sort of faded away and there was nothing but me and the pussy—Mistress K’s pussy—I was fucking.

I understand now why boys without much experience forget about kissing, and boobs, and caresses, once they get to really screwing. And I get why they come so fast, too. Because just a few minutes after I finally started to really fuck the thing penetrating in a fast, hard rhythm, I flooded the Fleshlight, and my squirt went all over my hand and wrist, and poured down onto the chair I was sitting on, and puddled on the floor.

In my fantasy, as I gushed and gushed out over and into Mistress K, our cunts coming together started to make a wet, slapping sound so sexy and naughty that I came all the harder as my clit, grown to a size and hardness I had never seen before flashed in and out of her, desperate to join Mistress K in what was clearly a powerful orgasm, a long, rolling wave. Poor Mistress K, coming now, hard, was soaked as I squirted and squirted into and onto her pussy. When my orgasm finally hit me in its full, wrenching contraction, I pulled out and grabbed my clit and pushed it up against my pussy mound and squeezed with my fingers, my belly, my pussy in a tremendous, shaking kegel that spurted my juices out of my almost painfully swollen pussy in an continual stream that showered over Mistress K’s writhing body.

The orgasmic rush passed as suddenly as it had some and left me completely limp, slumped onto the bed next to her, one arm thrown across her perfect tits. She turned her panting face to mine and kissed me, her lips and teeth red with a bloody sheen from where she’d bitten Pet, or he’d bitten her. I can never tell with them. But, either way, it was somehow the perfect end. Nothing that good comes without at least a little pain, to someone, I thought, brushing my arm against Mistress K’s nipples, still tightly clamped. She jerked, convulsively, like I’d brushed her nips with a naked wire, and her perfect ass slapped wetly against the bed.

Wetly, because her ass was in a warm puddle. In fact, she was soaked, her belly and breasts and neck drenched with droplets of my come—her navel was filled with it. I wasn’t too worried about the mess, though. Mistress K’s Pet is a good pet, and I was pretty sure he’d volunteer to clean her up, with his tongue. If he did a good job, maybe she’d let him lick my come out of her pussy, too. Maybe he could clean up mine, too. Kraka was left out of this plan, because someone had to shoot this little orgy. Not that he was complaining, cock in hand…

Anyhow. The Fleshlight isn’t the hottest looking toy around, and it’s not all that aesthetically pleasing to look at or to hold in the hand. But it really gets the job done in an exciting way that I’ve never experienced with another toy. I thought maybe part of it was the fact that it was a “first time” for me. So, of course I’ve experimented since. Nope; what I thought was first time excitement still hasn’t worn off, several tries later.

I’m going to try the Tenga toys, too—when I’ve given a “head-to-head” evaluation, I’ll report back. But whichever one wins the crown, I can tell you right now, the FleshLight is an amazing sex toy for women with big clits. I don’t know what it would be like for regular-sized women. I suspect if they had the right attitude and fantasy, it could still be a lot of fun. Because even when I was only rubbing up against it, before I got the fucking down right, it felt great, and I’m sure I would have come that way, too—if maybe not as hard and messily.

Anybody else boy or girl, big clit or small, tried the Fleshlight (or a similar product)? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

As always, click the pics for bigger versions. And, if you liked the pictures, you can get the video of my first time clit-fucking a Fleshlight, on Rikochan’s Big Clit, my Clips4sale studio! My clit gets MUCH more swollen in the video than it does in these pictures, which are taken right at the beginning of my first Fleshlight session. Click the link earlier in this paragraph to go to the page and see the sample video, or just click the button below to put it straight into your shopping cart. You know you want it!

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New Rikochan Big Clit Sample Video on MuscleTube!

Rikochan big clit sample video

Lisa Cross, Ashlee Chambers…I’m in great company at MuscleTube.com!

The cool new muscle and porn tube site muscletube.com has posted (with my permission!) a 1-minute clip from my latest video, Rikochan: Big Boots, Big Calves, Big Clit, which is now available at my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. It’s a pretty sexy sample, I think. I don’t just tease you with the flexing–there’s some of the good stuff in there, too. Masturbating, toys, squirting…it’s all there. But there’s enough of the big calf flexing and muscle oiling that that you can get an idea what that’s like, too! While I think the clip is pretty hot, the full 15 minute video is, of course, way hotter!

I’ll probably be posting the same clip here in higher resolution (the clips for sale on my store are much higher res) and some more screen grabs, too. But, in the meanwhile, definitely go and check out my new big clit fetish video on MuscleTube, and please make sure to vote for me! My other video on muscletube has a 5-star rating, and I’m hoping this one will too! Let me know what you think, please: I always want feedback so that I can make the videos that  my friends want!

Click here to go directly to my new sample big clit video.

[[Edited on 8/12/11: fixed the link above. Sorry about that! Guys, please tell me when links don’t work!]]

New Video! Rikochan: Big Boots, Big Calves, Big Clit

Rikochan big boots big calves big clit

Rikochan shows off her muscular calves, her big clit, her sex toy collection and her squirting ability, all in one video!

Been waiting for a new big clit video from old.rikochanpornstar.com? The wait’s over! My last video was on the short side—I decided to go in the opposite direction this time: it’s almost 15 minutes long, and you can find it on my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit!

Rikochan: Big Boots, Big Calves, Big Clit starts out with me in a new pair of high-heeled platform Doc Martens walking, posing and flexing my big, muscular Japanese calves a little. Then I sit down and oil up my bodybuilder calves for your enjoyment.

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Once my legs are nice and shiny, it’s time to slip off my panties and get to work! I use a bunch of different toys on my huge clit and my soaking wet Japanese pussy. I use a couple different vibrators, a glass dildo, and my favorite, my big purple jelly dildo. There are some fun shots of me with my legs locked together, jerking and spasming as I get closer and closer to coming—nice shots of my whole legs flexing and shining.

Finally, the dildo pops out onto the floor and I grab my fat clitty and squirt and squirt and squirt. You can see the gushing squirt literally running off the chair I’m sitting in. If you like messy, wet, gushy squirting videos, you’ll probably enjoy this one.

More vidcaps tomorrow, and probably a sample video soon, too!


Rikochan’s Big Clit Squirting Series

Rikochan's big clit and big gush

First time I ever started squirting while I still had the dildo inside me!

I love to post screen caps of my big clit, squirting, and electrostim videos, but the apps I use to automate the captures don’t always get the good bits–the money shots, so to speak. So sometimes I like to just go into the video editor and grab a few images manually. This was definitely the case with my new clip, Rikochan: Big Clit, Big Dildo, Big Squirt, which is now available in my Clips4Sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. The screens I posted yesterday pretty much missed the squirt, no  matter how many different ways I tuned the settings, which is ridiculous, since that’s what the video is about!

Rikochan's fat clitty and her big dildo

I’m pulling the dildo out now so I can gush all over the floor!

Anyhow, this is a series of 5 shots that start from the moment I start squirting and go until the last spurt. I have to say, although this is a short video that has some lighting issues, it was one of my favorite to shoot. I’d never squirted with a dildo actually inside me, for one, and I also had never stood in that squatting way. Kraka suggested it, saying that it would give a nice view of my clit and my pussy.

Rikochan loves the way squirting feels

I’m squirting all over my fingers as I rub my clit…it’s so warm!

It’s also an awkward way to stand, and requires some leg strength, and that awkwardness was a sort of constraint (and the fact that Kraka was the one directing it) made this  a BDSM-like experience, and made my orgasm all the more intense. From the first moment I started using my new dildo (I’d never seen it before Kraka broke it out for the shoot) until the last kegel-gush, it was a very hot, very sexy experience. I’m going to shoot more like this!

I'm rubbing my big clit and gushing!

I’ve squirted so much by this point that there is a big puddle on the floor!

Hope you enjoy! Note that if you click the images, as always, you can see a much larger version of the image–even the main one.

Rikochan rubs her clit and squirts like crazy

“World’s gushiest orgasm?” Bonus pic to the first person to identify what I’m quoting!

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