New Giant Clit Video: Stroke Til You Squirt

Lube on big clit

Getting started! When you have a clit and labia as big as mine, you need a LOT of lube.

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know about my brand new video, Stroke Til You Squirt, which is now available. Anyone who’s a longtime fan is especially going to really love this one I think, because it’s a return to the kind of classic clip that first got me started: a plain old extreme closeup jerk off that is 100 percent focused on my enormous clitty! If you click the link in this paragraph, you can see a HOT little preview…

Big clit in profile

If you’re looking for some big clit closeup action, this is the video for you! Check out the squirt droplets on the lens! I hope I don’t fry my new video camera…

Of course, it’s way better quality than those original clips were, but at the same time it’s still just me, stroking, and moaning and squirting as I rub my clit. I get so excited that my labia get completely engorged, and pussy is actually pulsating at a couple points, I’m so into it. You’ll be amazed at how fast my clitty swells up and how fast too. This is all one long take; no cuts, no pumping!

Rikochan clitoris erection

Do you love big clitoris erections? Of course you do! Are you looking for a quickie clip to jerk off to? This is the one for you!

Did you miss a key moment? Don’t worry, I’ve added a few slo-motion replays so you can see the action in perfect detail one more time. They’re just short little bursts of slo-motion, nothing too cheesy or distracting, and the early feedback has been very positive. If you’re close to coming when you see me squirt or pulsate, you don’t have to rewind to get yourself right up to the edge because there’s one more chance coming in a few key spots to see me “Stroke Til You Squirt!”

girls with big clits means Rikochan

This is one of my favorite ways to masturbate, to run my finger over the groove in the underside of my giant clit glans!

I know some of you like the longer videos with lots more scenes to choose from, but I also know that some of you prefer to buy lots of little clips for quick wanks, too! This clip is just a little bit over 5 minutes long, and it’s very affordable, especially considering just how much hardcore big clit action there is!

Stroke Til You Squirt

You get a realllllly good squirting payoff that you get to see again in slow-motion…pretty good!

I really hope you like Stroke Til You Squirt, and please stay tuned for at least a few more before the end of the year.

Submissive Rikochan’s New Video!

Yuka pinches Rikochan's nipples

I was completel at Yuka’s mercy, and she sucked and pinched my nippled until I thought I was going to lose my mind! My nipples were sooooo sensitive…

Hi everyone! Back to work for me…sex work, that is! After a break for family visits and catastrophes in my vanilla day job, I’m back at it, making big clit porn again! I spent a bunch of time over the past few days editing and uploading my new video, When Yuka Dommed Riko, which is now available on my clips4sale studio! You asked for more submissive Rikochan videos, and I am VERY happy to provide them!

Little Yuka sucks bodybuilder Rikochan's pussy

Yuka sucked my clit so hard and so long, I thought I was going to pass out at one point…

Submissive Rikochan Returns (Finally)

You may remember, I shared pictures from this shoot in the posts Sub Rikochan Has Good News and Bad News and also Yuka Makes Rikochan Squirt. Yeah, this is the shoot I did ages ago, the one that I didn’t think had any usable video. It just turns out that the camera is really old and hardly supported any more. I had to do a lot of work to transcode all the video, and even then some of it really didn’t come out, but, in the end, there was actually a lot of sexy big clit action left over for me to work with.

Yuka Ozaki giving Rikochan a big clit blowjob

It’s especially good to be the bottom, if what your top wants is to give you a clit blowjob until you are dizzy…

When I got it all in a format I could use and cut it all together, it ended up being one of my longest videos ever, at 26 minutes, which is just crazy! Fair warning: the first few minutes aren’t very porny: there’s a little interview where super-special guest Lady Clarece asks Yuka a few questions, which is kind of fun I hope. Don’t worry, I’m there, topless! And acting weird, because I’ve been wearing a blindfold for like 20 minutes already by that point! I discovered that I really, really like making porn with a blindfold on, by the way…really helps me relax.

Yuka made Rikochan's clit swole!

I was so excited, my clit got huuuuuuuge!

So Much Squirting…

After the little interview it really gets going and for the next 20+ minutes it’s pretty much 100 percent sex, with lots and lots of big clit play, but clit oral, and big clit squirting! So much squirting. even though we had already shot a couple of videos together before this, I  think Yuka was shocked at how much I could squirt. It just kept going and going! I didn’t realize how surprised she was at the time, because I had a blindfold on, of course, but I was laughing pretty hard and even blushing a little bit at how shocked she was by all the gushing that was happening in front of her eyes.

It’s not all her doing stuff to me, however. After all, you asked for submissive Rikochan, and we’re happy to deliver. Toward the end Yuka gets horny and assertive and does some facesitting on my! There’s even a bit of Yuka sitting on my face and my tongue getting a serious workout in her pussy. I’ve still only done that a few times now, but I am really enjoying it, and I think I am getting better at it!

Rikochan squirting

Even though we played before, Yuka STILL couldn’t believe how much I can squirt…

I left in some little bloopers and silly bits that I hope you like. I don’t know, I usually spend hours and hours getting rid of all that stuff, but a couple people I showed the first cut of this video to thought it was fun, so I left it in for a change. Makes a little friendlier video, maybe?

Yuka Ozaki has gorgeous puffy nipples.

Yuka looking so pretty while she’s sitting on my face…

It also makes it really long though. Not sure how people feel about that. Right now I’ve made it super cheap, for the first week or two, just to say sorry for taking so long to get you all something else to watch! When I put it up to its full price later, I’ll probably break the video down into smaller chapters that are more about the sex, and only the sex! Some people seem to like just little clips that are the good for a quick jerkoff session, I guess! So look forward to that, Maybe this weekend!

I hope you like it! More pictures and videos sooooon.

Help Me Pick What Porn to Shoot!

And, speaking of new pics and vids, here’s your chance to vote on what I shoot in the next little while!


New Video: Gym Bullies 5 Big Clit Pumping Party

Pro Female bodybuilders Ashlee and Milinda dominate amateur Japanese slave Rikochan

Ashlee, Milinda, and Rikochan pump their big clits even bigger! Click to see the full-size picture, which is the same resolution as the clip.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I posted a new video in my studio! And, really, this isn’t a new video. It’s a video that I’ve had for a couple years now that I never posted! I can’t remember why I never posted this at the time. I think I was just doling the videos out slowly, and never got around to this one. Which is a shame, because it’s crazy hot: Me, Ashlee Chambers, and Darkside Milinda having a big-clit-pumping party!

Japanese dickgirl Rikochan's pumped clitty

Rikochan’s clit is getting nice and big and erect in the pumping tube…ready for some fun!

I’ve had a ton of requests for more videos, lately, and especially more pumping videos, so I think this one should satisfy both of those. I’m hoping to get you some newer stuff soon, so you can see that I’ve put on a little muscle and lost some fat since then. Wow, I look so soft next to these two super-heroes, don’t I?

Rikochan gets ready to eat Ashlee's huge clit

I got to suck Ashlee Chamber’s big clit while Darkside Milinda held back the hood. What a great day for this gym slave!

I was SO excited working on thise video. The scene above, where I get to suck Ashlee’s clit…that day was the first time in my whole life I ever tasted pussy, and what amazing pussy it was. I get to suck on Darkside Milinda’s clitty in this video too, and it’s also really nice!

Two female bodybuilders playing with my clit.

Mmm, Ashlee is holding back my hood and Milinda is about to start flicking my big clitty back and forth…


But it wasn’t just me playing with their pussies: When Ashlee and Milinda started playing with my pumped clit and complimenting me on how big and hard it was, I nearly came right there, I was so happy. Seriously, it usually gets a bit smaller almost immediately after it comes out of the tube, but this time, I swear it actually got bigger and harder and more swollen. I was actually throbbing as they flicked me back and forth. Two amazing FBBs playing with my clitty at the same time? That’s heaven. Bliss. Nirvana.

Who has the biggest clit?

Almost as soon as Ashlee started rubbing her big clit on mine, I started squirting uncontrollably!

I thought that was the best feeling it was possible to have, until Ashlee straddled me and started rubbing her clit glans in little circles against mine. I can’t even describe the sensation, except to say that it was hard and soft and smooth and sexy and electric. I started squirting almost immediately, soaking the wait bench Ashlee and Milinda had chained my dog collar to. I thought I was all squirted out, and then Milinda climbed onto me and it all started again. I honestly thought I might pass out!

After a couple hours of shooting with Ashlee and Milinda, I was completely exhausted, but in a blissful, satisfied way.

Lying in a pool of my own squirt, so exhausted I can’t even get up. So nice.

I had nothing left afterwards. Just nothing. I was lying in a puddle of my own squirt that was getting cold and clammy on the weight bench, and I just didn’t even care, I was so happy and so exhausted. I could have fallen asleep right there and not woken up til the next day.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the last of my DirtyMuscle videos. I had an amazing time shooting them, and I’m sad that I’ve finally posted them all now. Maybe it’s time to get in touch with those guys about doing a new shoot? I hope you will check out the video on my studio, and, if you buy it, let me know what you thought.

Now that these are done, what would you like to see next? What kind of videos would you like to see from me? Who that does muscle porn (or porn of any kind) would you like to see me work with? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!




Rikochan as Krakette: Big Clit Squirting!

Rikochan's large clitoris is pumped and ready for action

Hehe, I was a little bit chubbier and softer in 2008, before I started bodybuilding, but I still had a nice big erect clit to play with.

Hi there: I thought I’d share some old squirting pictures with you guys today. This is a series from way back in the days when I used to go by the name Krakette, as you can see from the copyright dates on the pictures: 2008! Wow, so long ago! Not the highest quality picture: those were my amateur days posting on internet forums like newart. But I think this is a pretty great series of picture of my already quite large erect clit and one of my first ever squirting action shots. I remember being super excited when I saw the picture with my squirting captured in mid gush. Hope you like it.

I wish I had been writing a blog back then so I could pinpoint the exact date that I first learned to squirt, but I’m pretty sure that it was around this time. I remember how freaked out it was when it first started happening, but, luckily, Kraka was very excited and happy, so I never really had to go through any sort of shame or guilt or worry about it. Honestly, as soon as we figured out that I could squirt, he was completely fixated on it, and just kept making me squirt over and over and over again, until I was completely exhausted, drained and parched! I never drank so much water as I did in those days, ha! When I say he made me do it, I don’t mean against my will, by the way: that was before I figured out how to make myself squirt; I had to rely on his talented fingers. But I was making him make me squirt as much as he was. I couldn’t get enough of it!

Rikochanpornstar is soaking wet from squirting as she plays with her enlarged FBB clit.

sliding the hood of my big pumped clit back and forth like a foreskin is one of my favorite ways of jerking off. You can see how wet I already am, covered with droplets from squirting only seconds before!

For me, squirting doesn’t have to result in an orgasm, exactly. It feels really, really good and it can be a very powerful release, but it’s a different kind of thing, like rolling breakers that just go on and on, whereas coming is like a massive tsunami that smashes through everything and then rushes back out to sea. If I don’t time it right (which I usually don’t) the squirting leaves me exhausted and temporarily unable to come. But it’s not frustrating, like a ruined orgasm (which I learned about from my friends Mistress K and Pet!). It’s more like I’m drained, both literally (from all the gushing) and mentally. It’s actually quite mentally draining for some reason to get to that state of release.

Japanese amateur FBB Rikochan squirts after playing with her giant clit

There she blows! Hehe, look at how much I am squirting and how fat my big clitty has gotten! My clit glans looks just like a little cock head, it’s so swollen and hard!

Of course, the most amazing thing is when the two coincide, when I squirt as I come. I’m not usually a very loud person in sex, but sometimes a squirting orgasm can take me so far outside of myself that Kraka has to put his hand over my mouth, because he’s afraid someone will call the cops and report that he’s murdering me. Yeah, it can be that loud.  Because it feels that good. I’m pretty convinced anyone can learn to squirt, and the prospect having an orgasm so powerful that a quiet girl like me can get the neighbors to pound on the ceiling because they can’t take the incoherent animal sounds coming from our room…well, it’s worth learning.

Rikochan’s Big Clit Squirting and Masturbation Pictures of the Day

Extreme close up of Rikochan's big clit squirting

I love to look at closeup pictures of myself squirting, since I can’t actually see it coming out when I gush. (Click to see the full-size version of all the pictures in this post, as usual.)

Back again! I had hoped to post another Big Clit of the Day photoset here on Rikochanpornstar yesterday, but it was date night/cheat night for me, and the one glass of wine I had with dinner was just enough to knock me out. I deserved it, though, I think. I’ve been really good in the past week, and my weight is moving in the right direction again: I’m down five pounds this week–hoping to get in better shape for a couple possible shoots again soonish. Anyhow, I think you guys don’t mind waiting, if there’s a payoff like this, right?

Rikochan's futagirl dickgirl clit

I love playing with my futanari-sized clitty for the camera!

Although the last picture in this post is the real squirty payoff, I kind of love the first one, too, because my clit looks so much like a little cocklet. I’m sure I’ll get the question again that I have gotten several times recently: Are you sure you aren’t a hermaphrodite? Well,the answer is, yes, I’m sure. But I’m not offended by the question, as many of the people who ask it are afraid I will be…or, sometimes, are hoping I will be. The way people phrase it almost always makes me laugh: they are either very apologetic, or very aggressive, both of which I find pretty funny.

Rikochan's megaclit gets more swollen

I can feel the gusher building up inside me as I jerk my fat clitty bone.

As someone who takes the most revealing possible photos of my unusual anatomy, I’m not offended by questions or confusion about it. And, honestly, if you can’t laugh at it, you shouldn’t be doing this sort of tell-all, show-all thing at all. And the people who hope to shock and offend me? I laugh at them too, wasting their time trying to hurt my feelings. That doesn’t me that I agree with the “it’s the Internet, relax” philosophy by which people justify being assholes. Nope: I laugh, and then I ban or delete them. I don’t have time for mean people or people who are too stupid or lazy to use a little tact.

Dickgirl Rikochan rubs her huge clitorus until she squirts a huge gusher

So happy this big clit jerking and squirting picture actually came out!

I love, love, love when I manage to catch a picture of myself squirting. I catch myself squirting on video quite a bit, but it’s much harder with a DSLR–not only to take the picture at the right moment, but also to get it all in focus and light right and all that. I’m actually planning to upgrade my camera to one that has less shutter lag and can shoot faster bursts, just so  I can catch these “action” shots more reliably. All my money from my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium, is being saved up for a really good DSLR at the moment, so, if you want to see better pictures here on the Rikochanpornstar, please think about buying a clip or two over at my store! Every penny I’ve ever made there has gone into something that shows up in my porn, whether it’s a new toy, new lingerie, or a new camera or video camera.

I hope are enjoying my Big Clit of the Day series. I’ve got some more really great pictures to post from this same night’s session later this week, so check back soon!



New Video Sample: Rikochan Big Clit Pumping Supersquirter II

Rikochan measures her big clit against Kraka's finger

My big clit is more than two inches long!

Hi again everyone! Just a quick update—I’ve been a little sick and I need to get caught up at work. But I thought you might like to know that the sample of my latest big clit video is now online at MuscleTube. Yes, the ~1 minute sample of the very poorly named Rikochan Big Clit Pumping SuperSquirter II is up and viewable. Get it while it’s hot. That’s a joke: it will always be hot!

I’m pretty happy with this video. It’s got a no-mask blow job, first of all. Yes, my face is hidden by my hair, but it feels much more risqué than the videos where I’m wearing a mask. Then there’s some pumped nipple play: when the video starts, my nipples have been pumped for so long and pumped so hard they are purple and very, very tender—in a good way! When the tubes come off I practically come just from having them touched. Then it’s on to the pumping and squirting. I get more pumped up than in part I, which only makes sense, since it’s the same night. I love the shot where Kraka holds his finger up to compare against my double pumped clit (yes, that’s a suppnips cup on the glans), shown above. Finally, there’s some pretty juicy squirting shot closeup from my spread pussy. Not quite as much squirting volume as the full-on geyser in the last video, but still very wet and messy.

Hope you enjoyed the two Supersquirter videos! If you like the sample of Supersquirter II, you can get it on my big clit and squirting studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium. Stay Tuned, I will have more squirting/big clit pictures either later today or tomorrow!

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Rikochan’s Latest Big Clit Pumping Sample and Other News

Rikochan measures her big clit against Kraka's finger

My big clit is more than two inches long!

Hi everyone! I have a bunch of things to tell you about today, and not enough time to give each one its own entry. So, here’s a little Rikochan Roundup!

New Big Clit Sample Video!
Most importantly, I wanted to let you know that I uploaded a new sample of the last movie I told you about, Rikochan Big Clit Pumping Supersquirter to the excellent MuscleTube. Click on the picture above to go straight to the little clip! Once you’re convinced of how amazing the movie must be by the sample, you can find the full squirt-tastic clip on my Clips4sale Studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium. It’s one of my more popular clips in the past little while.

Rikochan’s First Lift and Carry Video
Also, there are actually two other new clips that I never got around to telling you about, too! The first one is a few days older than Supersquirter Part I. Remember how I told you a long time ago about The Day I Shot for SheMuscle? Well, I’ve finally started putting up the video! You can get Rikochan Meets the Gym Bullies Part I on Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium. Part I is mostly muscle worship and lift and carry, if you’re into that. Later parts will have more fucking and Rikochan’s first time giving other big clits oral. There’s also a Gym Bullies sample on MuscleTube! It’s not my best sample editing; the video looks much better–it’s one 16-minute take!

Supersquirter, Part II Now Available!
I’d rather announce this one with its own post, but it’s going to be a crazy couple days and I’m excited enough by this clip that I think you guys will really enjoy it. Lots of the same kind of squirting and pumping you saw in the first video, with the addition of some seriously pumped nipples and a no-mask blowjob! OK, you can’t really see my face, because my hair is mostly in the way, but it’s the most I’ve ever shown. I’ll be posting samples and screens from this one soon, but, in the meanwhile, there’s a Supersquirter II sample on Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium.

Minka! Now those are some big boobs.

Breast Implant News
I just checked my poll, and 127 of you voted. So cool! Thanks. I also got tons of comments, here and on my Fetlife and Facebook pages. The split is interesting. 42.52 percent of you were dead-set again implants. 5.51 percent of you don’t mind implants but think that they’re not suitable for bodybuilding. 33.07 of you apparently aren’t morally opposed to implants but don’t like freaky big ones, agreeing that it’s ok to get them, as long they look natural. And, finally, 18.09 percent of you voted for “Hell yeah, the bigger the better!” which makes me laugh. I honestly don’t think I’d look right with mega-implants. Some people can carry them off, though! Thanks for the input! It’s not something I am going to decide right away but some of the answers I got were extremely helpful!

Special Limited Edition Holiday Picture(s) Update
So, a few of you have started asking where the special pictures I gave you a chance to sign up is. Well, don’t worry; they are going to be New Year’s pics. And, yes: they are going to be plural—a small set. It’s not too late to sign up for them, as long as you follow the instructions in the original post. The cutoff is Saturday at midnight.

I guess that’s it! I’m running out now to a show in Manhattan. If it’s as fun as I think it’s going to be, I’ll write about it later, maybe tomorrow!

New Video: Rikochan Big Clit Pumping Supersquirter

Futanari Rikochan shows off her giant clitoritis and squirting ability

Having my big clit pumped so hard makes me so excited that, when I squirt, it’s like an explosion! (Click for the full-size image in all these pictures)

Hi everyone! Sorry, I’ve been pretty bad about uploading new videos and worse about telling you about them! The second new video I’ve uploaded in the past week is definitely worth a mention, I think, because it’s got the three things my fans seem to love the most: my big clit, clit pumping, and high-volume squirting! You can get it at my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium. If you go there to take a peek, I think you’ll find that’s not the only new clip I have posted lately.

Rikochan's huge clit pumped up, POV shot

When I see POV shots like this, all I can think is, I wish I was flexible enough to suck my own big clitty!

The video is about five minutes long, but it’s packed with closeups you pervs should really get off on, I think. First I play with my enormous clitoris for a minute or two, showing you how I like to masturbate, then I add some oil, then, the pumping starts! And after the pumping comes and amazing amount of squirting! Like, I was afraid the mattress would never dry out, even though I used several towels. I especially like that we remembered to shoot the aftermath of the squirting, so that you can see how my sheets are completely drenched out to a distance of several feet. Also, you get to see one of my feet with a rare pedicure, something a lot of you seem interested to see.

FBB Rikochan squirting with pumped clit

My squirting is like a geyser!

A couple people have already asked: the pumping isn’t one cut—like I start pumping and then 30 seconds later I start squirting. No, it takes a little while. So this video is a couple little clips linked together over the course of a longer session. But not too much longer. I just cut out some of the bits where nothing much happened. Otherwise you’d have a 20-minute video that only had about…five minutes of good stuff.

Rikochan's pumped futanari clit

My clit looks like a little futanari cock in this picture!

Anyhow, I hope you are enjoying the holiday season! And I hope you enjoy my latest video! There’s lots more to come! I’m planning to shoot lots and lots of videos and pictures over the next few months, so please, please, please, let me know what you guys would most like to see…I make this stuff for you! I can’t guarantee I’ll get to it all (and no face shots!) but I will do my best.


Rikochan pumps her giant clitty

I love to pump my big juicy clit!

New Video! Big Clit Rikochan’s Squirting Masturbation

Rikochan's Big, Gushing Orgasm

My latest big-clit squirting video quickie (click to enlarge)

Hi everyone! I’m determined to post a lot more video this year–a clip a week from now on, ideally! That might be a little overenthusiastic, but you have to have a dream, right? And my dream is, apparently, about porn. This latest entry, Big Clit Rikochan’s Squirting Masturbation, now available at Big Clit Rikochan, my clips4sale studio, is just a quickie, but I think it’s a must-see see for big-clit and female ejaculation fans. I try to post a mix of short and long videos, because I get requests for both. Some people don’t want to spend so much or find my big clit so hot that they always come a minute or two into my clips, so they don’t “need” long videos. (I swear, I am not making that up!) Other people like a little more foreplay and leisurely sex and have even requested-shockingly-plot. Although I don’t have any clips with plots yet, I do my best to keep everyone happy (so send in requests!).  So, since it’s been a while since I did a shortie, here you go. It’s a little over 4 minutes long.

Buy Now

This video is something new for me: just one long shot. Not cuts, no edits, nothing. A few people had asked to see what one of my real masturbation sessions looked like, so I had Kraka shoot me while I got to work on my clitty with one of my favorite little vibrators. It’s not Hitachi, which is my favorite toy for real masturbation, but the Hitachi is so big it’s sort of hard to see what’s going on when I use it-plus, I tend to convulsively wrap my legs around it, so that makes it harder to see what’s going on. Sure, it can be fun to see me shivering and bouncing around as the Magic Wand makes a delicious assault on my clit and pussy, but it’s not quite the same…

Anyhow for four sexy minutes that show what an actual Rikochan masturbation session looks like, from lube to squirt, check out my new video! This one is so short that I probably won’t be posting a sample of it anywhere, sorry! I will leave you with one last image from the video to entice you to check it out: me squirting a massive jet of girl-cum!

When Rikochan uses a vibrator on her big clit, the result is always squirting!

I love it when I can get a squirting action picture or still! (click to enlarge)

Rikochan Vidcaps: Calf Flexing, Clit Pumping & Squirting Part II

FBB Rikochan pumps her clit in this video clip

Do you like my pumped up she-dick?

Back again with part two! But first, let me just say hello to all the people visiting my site from FetLife! This panty peek picture blew up on the Kinky & Popular feed there, and I have to say I have never had such a huge surge of email before in my life! So many nice comments, friend requests, and emails… I’m having trouble reading them all. But it made me think, I should tell people to make sure and friend me on FetLife, and especially friend me Facebook-that’s where I spend the most time online.

So, back to the video! Again, this is Rikochan: Calf Flexing, Clit Pumping & Squirting, now up at my Clips4Sale video studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit I love this next shot–I was really surprised at how much like a cock my little clit looks, all pumped up and hard. I’ve been working at it…long, and…hard. Ha! Doesn’t that look like it could penetrate someone? Someday…

POV shot of musclegirl Rikochan pumping up her enlarged clit

Rikochan’s Clit Pumping POV shot

I kind of love this shot, too! Not only is it a fun POV shot, but I like the fact that it shows that it’s me pumping my clit. Most of the time I’m the one in control of the pump; I’m the one in charge of enlarging my clit, it’s me who decides, me who applies the pressure, me who is changing my own body. Not, of course, that I am against being the bottom, or that I look down on other people who are! In fact, in most of my sex life I am the bottom, I would say-though whether I am the sub or topping from the bottom is an open question…  But in the case of pumping, I love the feeling of power it gives me, knowing that I’m the one modifying my own body.

Rikochan and her clitoral enlargement

Rikochan’s giant clit after pumping

I get a lot of request for “after pumping” clit shots, and, while I can understand why people want to see them, it’s hard to get them! Kraka and I get too excited once the tube comes off for there to be much camera/posing action. But since this is from a video, I could take a still, anyhow! That’s pretty big, right? To tell you the truth, since it’s my clit and I look at A LOT of pictures of it since I started this blog, I don’t really see it as big any more. Sometimes I forget and don’t remember until I get another shocked email or comment, ha!

Rikochan pulls back her clit hood as she begins to squirt!

And the squirting begins!

I love the way this shot catches the beginning of my squirt gushing onto Kraka’s thumb and bouncing off in another direction! That’s how sensitive my clitty is after pumping. I pull back the hood and Kraka just lightly, ever so lightly traces the rim of my big glans clitoris and…squirt!

Pinching Rikochan's big clit makes her squirt!

Pinching Rikochan’s big clit makes her squirt!

Mmm, Kraka pinches my big clitty and starts to jerk it back and forth like a little cock. As you can see the result just starting to gush out of my pussy!

Big clit Rikochan squirts

Yessssss! Squirting feels so delicious!

And that’s the result-a squirting geyser that soaks my floor!

And that’s also the last image of this little series. Hope you enjoyed it!


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