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Wednesday is Wandsday (the Hitachi Magic Wand, that is!)

Rikochan's big clit Hitachi Masturbation

Can you see my huge clit peeking out under the Hitachi?

I have a ridiculous number of sex toys: everything from butt plugs and bondage gear to clit-pumping and electroplay equipment. I spend far too much money at Purple Passion every month, that’s for sure. But there’s one toy that I always come back to, one toy that I almost always turn to to finish off a sex session—no matter how satisfying the sex has been: my Hitachi Magic Wand.

This Wand is Magic

I’ve only ever once had my Magic Wand fail me once, and that was because of a clit pumping session that had lasted so long—all night, basically—that my whole pussy went beyond sensitive, past oversensitive, and into a weird kind of numbness. Every other time, I’ve found that, if I can be patient, the Wand will bring me out of the lowest ebb of libido and through every kind of bad mood, sickness, or generally antisexiness and coax or—more likely—rip a jumping, bucking, gushing orgasm out of me. You can see a little clip of my Hitachi in action here on MuscleTube.

Muscle girl Rikochan jams her vibrator against her giant clit

Can you see how hard my muscular legs are flexing as my Hitachi Magic Wand makes me come?

No Frills Orgasms

I’m on my second Magic Wand—burned out the first one. I’ve had all sorts of attachments for it, too, all of which I’ve enjoyed. But I always come back to that plain, big white bulb pressed hard against the base of my big clit. I don’t move my Hitachi around a lot; I pretty much just leave it right where you see it in the picture. It tends to work best when I control the wand—it’s so powerful that one wrong move can make me jump all over the bed. I’ve really only come a few times with someone else using a wand on me—most memorably when I had my incredible forced orgasm session with Point Walker Pix.

11, Please

The only toy I’m currently using in connection with my Magic Wand is like an extra extension cord (the Hitachi’s biggest flaw is a short power cord!) that has a little box on it with a dimmer switch, so that you can get much more control over the vibration than just high, low, and off. As I said, I usually control the vibe itself, but usually Kraka uses the knob and bites, sucks and pinches my nipples.

Do you have a Hitachi? How do you use it? Or do you like to have someone else use it on you? Is it your reliably standby, or do you have another go to sex toy?

Fitness chick Rikochan's powerful legs

Rikochan SFW detail for Facebook, with legwarmers!

Rikochan Vs. the Anal Hook for Ass Wednesday

Rikochan's first forced orgasm shoot, complete with anal hook

Mm, there is nothing quite like a steel hook in your ass to keep you in the here and now…

Been ages since I played the Ass Wednesday game, but it seemed worth starting it up again, given that I just happened to be working on a photo set featuring an anal hook. I loved the anal hook: there is nothing in the world I have experienced that was quite like it. I got a very good anal warm up first, with an anal lube shooter and an ass-sortment (ha) of toys to warm up my asshole and stretch it out. Then the hook. Wow, the feeling as it hooked in and slowly rearranged my insides as it snaked its curving relentless way inside. Crazy! I have had a moderate amount of anal experience, both good and bad, but I had never felt anything quite like the anal hook’s relentless progress past my anus and through my rectum at the hands of talented dom (and the producer of this photoshoot) PointWalkerPix.

As if the hook itself wasn’t enough, he threaded a shibari rope through the hook’s eyelet and tied the hook to my slave collar. Every little move my body or head or neck made, or any shift of my hands and knees, and I could feel the motion transferred most deliciously to my ass, the hook surging deeper into me, twisting and rimming my anus, pressing down on my vagina…amazing. And that was while I was doing my best to hold as still as I possibly could to adjust to this anal invasion. Just when I thought I had gotten used to it, PWP broke out the Hitachi Magic Wand. If I thought the tiny movements before had transferred amazing sensations via the hook, that was nothing compared what I experienced with the bucking, jerking, and shivering that a Hitachi at high speed, applied with considerable pressure.

Time to get my own anal hook, I think.

Hope you liked today’s Ass Wednesday post. I especially love this picture because, in addition to the sexy anal hook shot, it shows you just how excited I really got. That swollen clit doesn’t lie! It only gets erect like that when I am crazy stimulated. And I sure was on that day…


PS: if you want to see some nice Japanese anal hook shots, google アナルフック!

Big Clits Return to Rikochanpornstar

Big swollen clits return to old.rikochanpornstar.com!

My big, swollen clit returns to old.rikochanpornstar.com!

A special friend pointed out in a comment a while ago that, while she liked my recent pictures, they have been kind of tame. I looked back over what I have posted lately and realized she was right, and that it was a problem that needed to be fixed immediately. I thought this close-up of my big clit might satisfy her. I kind of love this picture, even though the color is a bit off. It makes my clit look enormous, and I like the way the focus is really sharply on the clit but falls off really fast. What do you think of my latest clitty closeup. Is it hardcore enough for you?

When you see a picture of a clit that big, what do you think? Do you want to suck it? If you are a guy, does it look so much like a little cock that when it makes you hard, you wonder just a little bit if you might be gay? (You aren’t unless you already were, in my opinion, and that would be fine by me, too.) Do you want to rub the head of your cock against it? Do you want to feel it slide up and down your shaft as you fuck me? Do you want to feel it grind against your pelvis crushing it as you thrust as far into me as you can?

If you’re a girl do you want to suck it? Do you wonder what it might be like to rub that swollen clit up against your little clitty—or your big clit, if you have one? Do you wonder what it might be like for me to squirt all over you when our clits start rubbing against each other (that’s what happened the last time I tried clit-on-clit rubbing).

Denise Masino gets ready to fuck her Fleshlight with her big clit (used by kind permission)

                   Denise Masino gets ready to fuck her Fleshlight with her big clit                              (used by kind permission)

Do you wonder what it would be like if I fucked your pussy with my fat clit? Do you wonder what it would be like to see me fuck a Fleshlight? I saw Denise Masino fuck a Fleshlight on her site, and it was one of the sexiest things I ever saw. Her gorgeous clit is already enormous, and when she fucked the Fleshlight she got so excited that it swelled up to the biggest I’ve ever seen it—easily the size of my whole thumb. If you aren’t a member of her site, it’s worth joining up to see that clip. My friend Garibaldi sent her the Fleshlight, and Kraka tells me Gary’s thinking about getting me one for me to shoot with, too! It would be my tribute to Denise, who is my big-clit porn and bodybuilding hero! Would you like to see that?

What does seeing a bit clit like mine do to you? Let me know—I’d love to hear from you.


PS: No, I didn’t make my three-days-in-a-row posting goal, but that’s because I had to get get Denise’s permission to use her picture, which she quickly and kindly granted. Thanks, Denise! 🙂

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