The Art of Muscle Worship: Rikochan and Mistress Treasure

Domme Mistress Treasure and Slave Rikochan

The feeling of Mistress Treasure’s strong arms cradling my head against her muscular chest… Undescribable.

Been thinking a lot about doing some more sexy female muscle and BDSM shoots and looking back over some of my adventures as I decide what’s next. One of the most exciting experiences I’ve had in ages was my shoot with pro dominatrix and female bodybuilder Mistress Treasure. Our muscle worship session is captured in a sexy post at Mayumism (where there are several more pics from this series!). I can’t tell you how hot it was to feel those gorgeous muscles, sliding, bunching, relaxing under Mistress Treasure’s silky chocolate skin. It was kind of a peak experience for me–a new word I just learned.

Despite what you might think of me and my anything goes blog, I’ve only ever been with a few women. It’s always new and scary and crazy exciting for me. In fact, I get so nervous I have a lot of trouble not running and hiding at the last minute. What I am going to say? What am I going to do? What if she doesn’t think I am sexy? Who will make the first move? It’s really all the sort of things you felt the first few you ever had sex–or at least, the first few times I ever had sex!

I’ve been lucky enough to only work with very dominant women; it’s hard for me to imagine what would happen if I had to be the one in charge. But, guess what, I’ve been talking about doing some videos just like that, to push my comfort zone a little. I shot a little clip with Mistress Treasure where she tells me how to dominate Kraka. It was so hot, but since I was just following orders, it wasn’t quite me being in charge. Still, I was dominant to Him, even if she was dominating me, right? It’s a spectrum, I think. I never pictured myself not being at the bottom of it, til then.

You can see in all of my fetish videos with other women just how far down the spectrum I usually am, just nervous I am–especially at the beginning, I think. I swear, my heart is beating so hard at the start from pure nerves that you must be able to see it pounding in my throat. I can’t act at all, but maybe that’s OK; what you see in any video is pure me. If I look terrified, I’m really terrified; if I’m eagerly kissing erect black nipples, that’s what I really want to be doing; if I’m moaning or shuddering, that’s real, too. My time with Treasure had a little bit of all that. By the end, I had completely forgotten the camera and was somewhere else, and I hope that shows up in my videos, too…

Anyhow, if you like this picture, there’s a handful more from that shoot at the always-excellent Mayumism, with a lovely sexy poem by NY poet/musician Xristina, too. Stay tuned for the video, which should post (finally!) this week.

Hope you’ve all been well. Missed you guys!

Thanks a Million!

Rikochan in leather corset and high heels showing off her muscular quads, glutes, and calves

Do these heels make my legs look thick? (photography by Mayumism.com)

While I was away, Rikochanpornstar hit an unbelievably huge landmark: one million page views.

One million!

I can’t even begin to tell you just how happy that makes me, and just how unreal it seems. When I checked up on Rikochanpornstar from Japan, I burst out laughing—it didn’t seem possible that my homemade porn and random erotica writings could possibly have brought in so many visitors. To make it even stranger, I checked the traffic while I was sitting in a coffee shop hanging out with friends who I hadn’t seen since well before I started this journey of sex with you all, friends who couldn’t possibly understand what this blog—and all you readers—mean to me. I couldn’t say anything to them, so I just handed the phone to Kraka, who also burst out laughing. I can’t even remember the excuse Kraka gave them!

I have to tell you, I started to freak out, sitting there with my strait-laced friends, thinking of a million hits on pictures of me nude, videos of me having sex, my bodybuilding progress pictures, and especially all my raw thoughts about sex and being a woman and opening up to the possibility of a bigger world of sexuality. The thought of so many of you perverts (I say that with all love) out there might be looking at my pictures and reading my posts and (hopefully) getting as excited as I was when I made them for you…it made me excited and happy and grateful—even a little bit scared. I felt exposed and vulnerable in a way that I really hadn’t felt since I first started this blog, really. But back then, the novelty was that anyone would see me and read my confessions. The idea that so many people would do so was never something that just never occurred to me when I started.

When he could see that I was starting to get overwhelmed, Kraka calmed me down by taking me to order more coffee and pointing out (in English—handy!) that any site that basically gives away porn in the amateur, Japanese, big clit, and bodybuilding niches is bound to get a certain amount of traffic just by virtue of existing. Fair enough. I do get a lot of people just showing up via searches for all of those things (and a lot of other really, deeply strange searches, too, but that’s another story).

Still, the more I thought about it later, the more I realized that I have built up a surprising number of regular followers who come back again and again, leaving me comments, suggestions, ideas, and encouragement, either here in the comments, via email, or on my facebook, twitter, or Fetlife accounts. It’s you guys who keep coming back for more that have made this blog such a big success, as far as I am concerned.

So, to all of you out there—whether you’re a hardcore fan or just an occasional visitor to Rikochanpornstar—from the bottom of my heart, thanks so much for making me feel so excited, so alive, and so humbled. Stick around; I promise to make it worth your while!


Female bodybuilder Rikochan in high heels

High heels and big calves: an SFW version to link to on Facebook!

PS: Hope you like the picture of my legs and ass! Another shot from my session with the amazing Mistress Treasure! More More coming soon!

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