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New Video: Gym Bullies 5 Big Clit Pumping Party

Pro Female bodybuilders Ashlee and Milinda dominate amateur Japanese slave Rikochan

Ashlee, Milinda, and Rikochan pump their big clits even bigger! Click to see the full-size picture, which is the same resolution as the clip.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I posted a new video in my studio! And, really, this isn’t a new video. It’s a video that I’ve had for a couple years now that I never posted! I can’t remember why I never posted this at the time. I think I was just doling the videos out slowly, and never got around to this one. Which is a shame, because it’s crazy hot: Me, Ashlee Chambers, and Darkside Milinda having a big-clit-pumping party!

Japanese dickgirl Rikochan's pumped clitty

Rikochan’s clit is getting nice and big and erect in the pumping tube…ready for some fun!

I’ve had a ton of requests for more videos, lately, and especially more pumping videos, so I think this one should satisfy both of those. I’m hoping to get you some newer stuff soon, so you can see that I’ve put on a little muscle and lost some fat since then. Wow, I look so soft next to these two super-heroes, don’t I?

Rikochan gets ready to eat Ashlee's huge clit

I got to suck Ashlee Chamber’s big clit while Darkside Milinda held back the hood. What a great day for this gym slave!

I was SO excited working on thise video. The scene above, where I get to suck Ashlee’s clit…that day was the first time in my whole life I ever tasted pussy, and what amazing pussy it was. I get to suck on Darkside Milinda’s clitty in this video too, and it’s also really nice!

Two female bodybuilders playing with my clit.

Mmm, Ashlee is holding back my hood and Milinda is about to start flicking my big clitty back and forth…


But it wasn’t just me playing with their pussies: When Ashlee and Milinda started playing with my pumped clit and complimenting me on how big and hard it was, I nearly came right there, I was so happy. Seriously, it usually gets a bit smaller almost immediately after it comes out of the tube, but this time, I swear it actually got bigger and harder and more swollen. I was actually throbbing as they flicked me back and forth. Two amazing FBBs playing with my clitty at the same time? That’s heaven. Bliss. Nirvana.

Who has the biggest clit?

Almost as soon as Ashlee started rubbing her big clit on mine, I started squirting uncontrollably!

I thought that was the best feeling it was possible to have, until Ashlee straddled me and started rubbing her clit glans in little circles against mine. I can’t even describe the sensation, except to say that it was hard and soft and smooth and sexy and electric. I started squirting almost immediately, soaking the wait bench Ashlee and Milinda had chained my dog collar to. I thought I was all squirted out, and then Milinda climbed onto me and it all started again. I honestly thought I might pass out!

After a couple hours of shooting with Ashlee and Milinda, I was completely exhausted, but in a blissful, satisfied way.

Lying in a pool of my own squirt, so exhausted I can’t even get up. So nice.

I had nothing left afterwards. Just nothing. I was lying in a puddle of my own squirt that was getting cold and clammy on the weight bench, and I just didn’t even care, I was so happy and so exhausted. I could have fallen asleep right there and not woken up til the next day.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the last of my DirtyMuscle videos. I had an amazing time shooting them, and I’m sad that I’ve finally posted them all now. Maybe it’s time to get in touch with those guys about doing a new shoot? I hope you will check out the video on my studio, and, if you buy it, let me know what you thought.

Now that these are done, what would you like to see next? What kind of videos would you like to see from me? Who that does muscle porn (or porn of any kind) would you like to see me work with? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!




New Video! Big Clit Rikochan’s Squirting Masturbation

Rikochan's Big, Gushing Orgasm

My latest big-clit squirting video quickie (click to enlarge)

Hi everyone! I’m determined to post a lot more video this year–a clip a week from now on, ideally! That might be a little overenthusiastic, but you have to have a dream, right? And my dream is, apparently, about porn. This latest entry, Big Clit Rikochan’s Squirting Masturbation, now available at Big Clit Rikochan, my clips4sale studio, is just a quickie, but I think it’s a must-see see for big-clit and female ejaculation fans. I try to post a mix of short and long videos, because I get requests for both. Some people don’t want to spend so much or find my big clit so hot that they always come a minute or two into my clips, so they don’t “need” long videos. (I swear, I am not making that up!) Other people like a little more foreplay and leisurely sex and have even requested-shockingly-plot. Although I don’t have any clips with plots yet, I do my best to keep everyone happy (so send in requests!).  So, since it’s been a while since I did a shortie, here you go. It’s a little over 4 minutes long.

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This video is something new for me: just one long shot. Not cuts, no edits, nothing. A few people had asked to see what one of my real masturbation sessions looked like, so I had Kraka shoot me while I got to work on my clitty with one of my favorite little vibrators. It’s not Hitachi, which is my favorite toy for real masturbation, but the Hitachi is so big it’s sort of hard to see what’s going on when I use it-plus, I tend to convulsively wrap my legs around it, so that makes it harder to see what’s going on. Sure, it can be fun to see me shivering and bouncing around as the Magic Wand makes a delicious assault on my clit and pussy, but it’s not quite the same…

Anyhow for four sexy minutes that show what an actual Rikochan masturbation session looks like, from lube to squirt, check out my new video! This one is so short that I probably won’t be posting a sample of it anywhere, sorry! I will leave you with one last image from the video to entice you to check it out: me squirting a massive jet of girl-cum!

When Rikochan uses a vibrator on her big clit, the result is always squirting!

I love it when I can get a squirting action picture or still! (click to enlarge)

Rikochan Vidcaps: Calf Flexing, Clit Pumping & Squirting Part I

Musclegirl Rikochan flexes her calves

Rikochan flexes her muscular calves

As promised, here are some vidcaps from my latest video, Rikochan, Calf Flexing, Clit Pumping, & Squirting, which is now available at my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. I’m pretty happy with the response so far. Although my Fleshlight Fuck video is going to be hard to beat, this latest video is off to a good start. I know it’s a big long video, and people want to know what they are getting before they buy, so I’ve got two blog posts of screens to share with you guys. Plus, you know, they are some sexy shots, I think! Hopefully people can enjoy them whether that are planning to get the video or not!

The first screen is from the short calf posing and flexing section. Yes, I know, the floor is crazy slanted; Kraka was having trouble getting me in the shot and still keeping the camera level enough. Handholding a camera that low without some kind of rig is kind of tricky! We will have to get the very cool steadicam rig they use at SheMuscle! Maybe if I sell enough copies that’s how I’ll reinvest the money (it all goes back into the site). What do you think? Any progress on my calves? I’m honestly not sure, but I still like the calf posing bits, and so, judging by the response, do most of you!

Rikochan's huge clitoritis

Rikochan’s Big Clit Vs. The Hitachi Magic Wand

I’ve never tried a Sybian, but that’s the only vibe I could imagine feeling better than the Hitachi Magic Wand! It’s my go-to toy, and I use it both to warm up and to finish off. You can see how I have to use carefully, though: I can’t put it directly on my clit most of the time–it’s too much! I have to put it against my labia and sort of edge it up against my giant clit slowly–sort of sneaking up on it, easing it up there… Oh, it’s making me horny writing about it! Anyhow, after the calf flexing and posing, I indulge in a little Hitachi play to get ready for what’s to come. Foreplay is important, even if you’re just masturbating, right?

Is this the biggest clit ever?

Rikochan shows off her giant clit glans

I was pretty shocked when I saw this picture. This is me, immediately post Hitachi. You can see that Kraka is zeroing in on my swollen clitty with the clit-pumping tube (in the upper right-hand corner), but when he saw how huge my clit glans had gotten, he just had to stop for a minute and take in my fat clitty in all its glory. It’s the size of a small penis glans there, right? 🙂

Rikochan's giant pumped clit, POV shot

POV shot of my big pumped clit

Okay, on to the real meat (so to speak) of the movie: Clit Pumping! I learned how to pump watching SuperClit pumping, and ever since I’ve been trying to recreate her amazing feats of clitoral enlargement. I’m still not there, but I am definitely getting bigger and better all the time, I think. I have had a lot of fun shooting the POV parts of my videos, because I get to see it right in the video, from what is actually a slightly different angle than the one that I see when I look down at my little clitty. It’s further forward than my own point of view, and it lets me see just how big my clitoris really is. And it’s big! 🙂


Rikochan's giant pumped clit glans, seen from below.

Futanari, anyone?

Speaking of new angles, this is an perspective I can only get after the fact. But even when Kraka is down between my legs shooting up angle at my pussy and clit, I get really excited, imagining what it will look like. I was super excited when I saw this shot. My clit looks like a she-dick! I mean, it really looks like a Futanari cock, and I have some serious futa fantasies, so…Yay!

Okay, that’s it for today. The second half is coming soon-tomorrow, I hope! I would love to hear what you think so far!


Rikochan’s Big Clit Fleshlight Fuck Teaser Video

Rikochan fucks her fleshlight with her enlarged clitty

For a taste of my 15-minute clit-fucking epic, check out my sample! (click to enlarge this screen!)

I know, it’s been ages since I uploaded a new video, and, I’m sorry, everyone who has written asking when my next big clit festish video is coming out–you’ll have to wait a little longer (but not too long). In the meanwhile, I dusted off my video-editing skills and made a teaser for my last video, Rikochan Vs. The Fleshlight, my 15 minute epic, which you buy at my studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. If you want to watch the sample, you can see it at Muscletube.com, a site you should definitely take a look at, if you haven’t before. Click here to go directly to my big clit fleshlight fucking sample!

I’ve written quite a bit about this video–if you want to read the sexy fantasy I was having about my sexy dominatrix friend Mistress K at Deviant Display, or to see some sharper pics taken with my Canon Rebel T2i, check out the links below. While the longer movie is of course, better, I think you will definitely like what you see at muscletube.com, if you like fleshlights, big clits, and super-messy squirting–gushing, really!

Anyhow, now that I’ve gotten back into video editing, I’m psyched to get some new content up! Stay tuned–I promise at least one new video by New Years’ Day!

PS: If you go to Muscletube and watch my videos, please vote for me! It’s not like there’s any real reward for me or anything, but I like to have the top videos! I am very competitive. 😉

Rikochan’s Big Clit Squirting Series

Rikochan's big clit and big gush

First time I ever started squirting while I still had the dildo inside me!

I love to post screen caps of my big clit, squirting, and electrostim videos, but the apps I use to automate the captures don’t always get the good bits–the money shots, so to speak. So sometimes I like to just go into the video editor and grab a few images manually. This was definitely the case with my new clip, Rikochan: Big Clit, Big Dildo, Big Squirt, which is now available in my Clips4Sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. The screens I posted yesterday pretty much missed the squirt, no  matter how many different ways I tuned the settings, which is ridiculous, since that’s what the video is about!

Rikochan's fat clitty and her big dildo

I’m pulling the dildo out now so I can gush all over the floor!

Anyhow, this is a series of 5 shots that start from the moment I start squirting and go until the last spurt. I have to say, although this is a short video that has some lighting issues, it was one of my favorite to shoot. I’d never squirted with a dildo actually inside me, for one, and I also had never stood in that squatting way. Kraka suggested it, saying that it would give a nice view of my clit and my pussy.

Rikochan loves the way squirting feels

I’m squirting all over my fingers as I rub my clit…it’s so warm!

It’s also an awkward way to stand, and requires some leg strength, and that awkwardness was a sort of constraint (and the fact that Kraka was the one directing it) made this  a BDSM-like experience, and made my orgasm all the more intense. From the first moment I started using my new dildo (I’d never seen it before Kraka broke it out for the shoot) until the last kegel-gush, it was a very hot, very sexy experience. I’m going to shoot more like this!

I'm rubbing my big clit and gushing!

I’ve squirted so much by this point that there is a big puddle on the floor!

Hope you enjoy! Note that if you click the images, as always, you can see a much larger version of the image–even the main one.

Rikochan rubs her clit and squirts like crazy

“World’s gushiest orgasm?” Bonus pic to the first person to identify what I’m quoting!

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New Video! Rikochan: Big Clit, Big Dildo, Big Squirt

Big clit, big dildo, big squirt

My little vibrator and big purple dildo make me gush–fast!

Yay, I am finally back on track with my big clit porn picture, blog post, and video production! Suddenly I have a lot going on again, too, when it comes to porn. New hardware (cheap lights and a gorgeous new iMac, which put me in debt!) new software (Final Cut Pro X), new meetings set up with a favorite photographer, invitations to some crazy-sounding real-world events, and (finally!) new videos of my big juicy clit, now available at my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit.

The new video is just a short one, by request. I had a couple people ask if I could mix up, with some shorter and cheaper videos mixed in with the longer ones. The title, Rikochan: Big Clit, Big Dildo, Big Squirt pretty much explains it all. I masturbate standing up squatting (that’s harder than it looks!) with a cute little Japanese vibrator and a big purple jelly dildo. I love the jelly! It’s the kind my friend Ashlee Chambers strapped on and fucked me with in my first girl/girl scene ever (Well: girl/girl/girl, with Darkside Milinda, actually!) so it has some freaky sentimental value.

Crafty porn tip: the dildo doesn’t have a whole for use with a strap on harness—Ashlee told me that she used her Dremel to hollow it out for use with her strap on harness. That way, she could afford to buy new dildos for each shoot (for safety reasons) without going broke buying special strap-on ready dildos. How cool is that? I didn’t even know what a Dremel was until she and Kraka explained it to me!

Anyhow, I only had to masturbate for a bit before things started happening. We had been fooling around with toys and test shots for a while, and within a minute or two of vibrating my clit and penetrating my pussy with that big purple dildo, I could feel the delicious pressure to squirt start building up, so I pulled out my jelly cock and squirted all over the floor. It made a huge puddle! The video could look better—I’m still working out the kinks with the new hardware, but if you like big clits and squirting, you should probably take a quick look at Rikochan: Big Clit, Big Dildo, Big Squirt!

Note: As always on my site, click on the image for a much bigger version. Also, tomorrow I will capture some screens that show just how gushy the actual squirting was and post them as an extra treat, so stay tuned! 🙂

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New Video! Big Clit Rikochan’s Facesitting Fun

Fetish mask-wearing Kraka licks Rikochan's huge clit as she sits on his face.

Fetish mask-wearing Kraka licks Rikochans huge clit as she sits on his face.

As a few of you have pointed out, I haven’t posted a new porn video in about a month, and, also, for a site about the adventures of a big-clitted woman dipping her toes in the world of amateur porn, there really haven’t been many pictures of my huge clitty lately. So, I thought I would go back to basics tonight with this post. First of all, I posted a new clip on my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. It’s called Big Clit Rikochan: Facesitting Fun. There’s a nice little sample of the video there, too, showing Kraka licking my huge clip–from my POV! Yes, I held the camera for some of these parts.

And the picture above speaks for itself, as far as a nice giant clits go.  It’s also a screen grab from the video clip, and, if you click it, you can enlarge it–the video, not my clit: that’s already enlarged. 😉

I’m an impartial judge, but Big Clit Rikochan: Facesitting Fun is pretty hot in my opinion. First there’s a nice chunk of video of me sitting on the face of my slaveboy (played by Kraka, of course) until I squirt all over his fetish-masked face. Then, because he was such a good slavey, I give him a blowjob until he comes. In the interest of making a sexy video, I didn’t swallow. I have to say that, although I know guys like it when you swallow, there is something unspeakably dirty and deviant about spitting and letting it slide down the shaft of the cock–especially if you know you’re only doing it for the video you’re making! It makes it seem way more nasty, in a very good, very fun way.

After all that cock-sucking, I was horny again, so Kraka finished me off with a bendy Japanese vibrator. I was so hot and horny that I basically started squirting right away. That part is only a couple minutes long, but there’s a LOT of squirting. Finally, Kraka measures my clit. It’s not at it’s biggest, but I know guys want to see measurements–it’s one of the most common requests I get. Plus, since guys ask about it so much, I have to admit, it makes me curious, too.

Anyhow, I’ll post the usual vidcaps of the video soon, but I just loved that frame of my big clitty getting licked so much that I thought I’d share it with my fans. Imagine it was you, there, licking my juicy clit, about to have you mouth filled with my squirt!

New Video! Rikochan’s Big Clit: Sucking and Squirting, Part 2

Clit jerking, clit licking, squirting, nipple pincing and sucking with Rikochan

Clit jerking, clit licking, squirting, nipple pincing and sucking with Rikochan

Hi everyone: this is just a quick note to say I finally uploaded the second half of my latest movie, Rikochan’s Big Clit Sucking and Squirting at my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. If you liked the slaveboy oral and squirting in part one of the movie, you’ll love this one.

In addition to sucking and squirting it’s got a lot of me masturbating, too, having a great time with my big little man in the boat. It’s amazing how much more comfortable I am jerking off for the camera than I used to be. In the beginning, even when I had a guilty love of the doing something so naughty, so forbidden as making porn, I didn’t want the camera to catch my hands doing anything to myself.

It seems so ridiculous to me now, but apparently in some way it was ok for me to masturbate like crazy off camera in between scenes, and it was ok for Kraka to do all sorts of transgressive things to me on, camera, but it was somehow much dirtier–in maybe a bad way–if I did those things to myself on camera. In our early videos, I actually made Kraka cut out any video that showed me touching myself! I can’t exactly put it into words why, but I think I was still stuck somewhere between wanting to experience new sexy things and wanting to not be seen as too eager to be experience these things.

Which is ridiculous; I wanted to feel those things, all those fetishistic, crazy, raw, sexy were the things I wanted to see, and therefore were exactly the kind of porn I wanted to make. But, somehow, I couldn’t quite also see myself as the person who showed other people that I wanted it.

It would have been fine if it had been a submissive thing, and I’m sure that’s how many people who saw my videos saw me–as a nice little submissive enjoying the ministrations of her master, who well and truly worked over her little slave girl pussy, clit and nips. But that wasn’t it at all. I was just being she, and, so, passive. I think I was worried my fans and viewers would somehow look down on me if I was too eager, too greedy.

I could be sad looking back on that, but I’m not. I love the way things have changed for me in the short time since I started this blog. And especially since I started following people like Jelena Jensen, Andy San Dimas, Justine Joli Audacia Ray and my friend Mistress K on their own blogs and twitter accounts and seeing how much fun they are having with sex. I’ve learned so much, become so much more relaxed. Sure, feeling that what you’re doing is secret and shameful and perverse can be fun. Believe me, I still get to feel every bit of much of that as I like. Having a whole life that’s secret from almost all my friends and family gives me that daily dirty jolt that I love so much.

But I don’t worry so much what anybody else thinks. The people watching my porn? I get it now–they want to see me have a good time–being submissive is in no way the same thing as being passive. And, besides, this kind of submissive thing is just one part of me–there’s going to be a lot more to come, as I get braver and looser and more confident. I seriously don’t know what comes next, but I’m looking forward to finding out.


PS: As always click on the picture for a bigger version.

My New Video: Big Clit Sucking and Squirting, Part 1

Sucking Rikochan's enlarged clit

Can oral sex cause clitoral hypertrophy?

It’s been ages since I posted a new video at Rikochan’s Big Clit, my clips4sale studio, but the wait is finally over. I think this latest video, Rikochan’s Big Clit: Sucking and Squirting, is probably one of the hottest clips I’ve ever made. I know it was one of the hottest porn shooting sessions I’ve ever had (and they’re all hot, because I only shoot when I’m actually having sex). And the editing was delayed several times because my editor kept getting…distracted. I thought I was going to follow the example of my domme friend Mistress K and forbid Kraka to touch himself until he had finished his job! (Her and her Pet’s fetish blog Deviant Display is very sexy, by the way: if you haven’t read it, you should!)

This video is the first of two parts shot on Valentine’s Day. For my present, Kraka submitted to me in a leather hood and worshipped at the altar of my giant clit. The excitement of having my own slave to give my clitty the attention it deserves for Valentine’s Day made me so excited, my clit was maybe the most swollen I’ve ever seen it without pumping. In addition to slavey Kraka, the thing that really got me hot was the fact that I was controlling the camera. So, instead of the usual closing my eyes and slipping into a semiconscious dream state when the squirting started, I watched it—every last second of it.

So hot!

Seeing it is very different than just feeling it! I imagine all my friends and fans watching over my shoulder, and I do my best to keep the camera steady as my man’s mouth covers my erect clit, going down on it like it was a little cock. He flicks it from side to side with his tongue, and I imagine that I am slapping him with my girl dick, the way he slaps me with his cock—the thought and the sensation causes my clit to harden—you’ve got wood, he tells me.

His lips slide down the entire length of my enlarged clit, slicking my shining, stretched-tight clitoral hood. His tongue slides along the long, grooved underside of my clitty shaft and into my gushing pussy. As his lips suck and slurp, his teeth gently scrape my glans, which is now so prominent that no part of its bright pink head is hidden by the foreskin of my clit hood. And then I start squirting, into his mouth, all over his face, soaking his mask…

That’s when my camerawork gets a little shakey, as I’m sure you’ll understand! Today I posted the first of two parts of this video. Today’s is about 8 minutes long, and I think next part is a bit longer (maybe 10, 11 minutes?). The screen grab above is from Part 1—I’ll post another one when Part 2 goes up.

Let me know what you think also be sure to tell me what you like to see in future videos. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll definitely try for you!



PS: Click the thumbnails above to see the image full size.

Rikochan’s First Hands Free Orgasm!

Rikochans Big Clit Squirting and Electrostim

Rikochan has her first HFO (hands free orgasm)

Hi everyone: here’s a quickie post for you, to let you know I posted a new 4-minute video in my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. It’s called Rikochan’s Big Clit: Squirting and Electrostim Part 2. Just like in Part 1, I’m still using my SlightestTouch electrostim system, and the delicious feeling of the electricity is making my already big clit huge. I spend most of this video jerking off my clit like a little cock. Finally, I use a much more powerful TENS unit for direct pussy stimulation that makes my clit jerk like I’m doing kegels while Kraka sucks my nipples. The combined feeling is so intense that I squirt despite the fact that neither of us are touching my clit. It’s my first HFO (hands free orgasm) video!

I just posted the 720P version. The DVD quality version should be up later tonight or maybe tomorrow.

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