Wrestler Ryoko Yoshida's Sexy Muscles

Wrestler Ryoko Yoshida's Sexy Muscles

I’ve been shopping online for new Japanese porn lately, without much luck. And then I found wrestler, musclegirl, and catfighter Ryoko Yoshida (吉田遼子), who also goes by Mirai Urata (浦田みらい) and a few other aliases.

I’ve been looking online, because while I know nice, clean, inviting shops selling sex toys and fetish gear, none sell porn I want. Some of them carry a few things like Andrew Blake DVDs, but mostly stuff I already own. So I’ve been looking online. If you saw my browser history (and could read Japanese) you’d see that lately, I like a couple specific types of Japanese AV (adult video: porn).

I like the nanpa genre–videos where amateur women get picked up and talked into nudity, blowjobs, even sex–but only if the women are cute and happy and at least somewhat convincingly amateurs. Lesbian nanpa is theoretically even better, mostly more obviously fake–all pornstars. I like professionals and amateurs, but not professionals pretending to be amateurs.

I like the gravure idol (グラビアアイドル) genre–videos of glamour models, or women with hourglass figures. It’s usually as much or more about fetishizing their figures as about sex. Japanese women are more developed than when I lived in Tokyo! I like gravure with at least a little sex–pure gravure genre really is just image play. But I want full nudity and at least masturbation (onanie)!

I like girl/girl porn, especially if it’s got Rio Hamasaki or Meguru Kosaka. Yeah, I guess I like big, soft, sexy boobs. I especially like it when girls squirt, because I’m a squirter too, and I find it sexy to watch other women squirt. Akane Hotaru (紅音ほたる) was a champion squirter…the Japanese Cytherea!

I like some fetish videos. The electrostim genre is very sexy, and there is a lot of it in Japan. I love electroplay! But that’s a whole blog post by itself.

In my recent AV searches, I discovered that Japan has a muscle/bodybuilder/wrestling porn genre. I’m so happy, the usual image of Japanese women is small, thin, and weak–none of which is like me, or like I want to be. I can’t imagine myself in their places, and I can’t imagine myself having sex with them either. Isn’t that what porn is for?

Japan’s wrestling/muscle genre’s most beautiful, hottest star that I have found is Ryoko Yoshida 吉田遼子, also called Mirai Urata 浦田みらい, and maybe one or two other names (Kimura, maybe?). Ryoko Yoshida seems to be a former pro wrestler who’s started to make porn. She’s a more hardcore than what I like best, but, wow, she is so beautiful, and her body is to die for.

Below (and above) are some links to Ryoko/Mirai’s video covers. Seems like her Mirai Urata stuff is more her dominating guys (she does a lot of actual wrestling) and her Yoshida Ryoko stuff is mostly the reverse, from what I can tell. I’ve ordered some, and I’ll let you know when I get them! Reviews will follow.

Here she is, in a very hardcore role:

Ryoko Yoshida Hardcore

Ryoko Yoshida Hardcore

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