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Rikochan’s Big Clit Vs. the FleshLight

Clit to clit with the Fleshlight

Clit to clit with the Fleshlight

I wrote a while ago about the Fleshlight that my friend Garibaldi sent me (Thanks, G!) and how I’d been inspired by the clips I’d seen on Denise Masino’s members site (which I highly recommend) of Denise’s big clit fucking a Fleshlight. I told you I’d try this new toy out and see if fucking it got me off or not. Well the results are in. And they are hot! The video is available at my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit.

Funny story: the Fleshlight was originally shipped to my home, as a surprise gift. As usual, I had trouble connecting with UPS (they’re awful in my area), so I had the box shipped to my office, without realizing what it was. I was shocked when I opened it and a big grey Fleshlight and two rubbery flesh-colored inserts fell out onto my desk. Luckily, no one noticed, and I jammed it all back into the box and hid it in a drawer. I am not “out” at work, so I was freaked out that someone had sent sex toys to my office. What kind of idiot would do that, I wondered? Then I realized it was the Rikochan kind, which was a relief!

When I got the Fleshlight home where I could take a closer look at, I realized it’s not the most gorgeous design. The flashlight shaped park is ridiculously big and bulky and square and cheap-feeling, and it has lots of seams and sharp edges. If you want a nicer case, look at similar products known as onnaholes (woman-holes)—especially those from the Japanese sex-toy company Tenga, which are now for sale in the U.S., too. I don’t want to sound too proud of Japan, but our sex-toy designs are pretty good!

On the other hand, I love that the Fleshlight’s opening looks like a pussy (there are inserts with mouth and anus openings, too!). The Tengu toys that I’ve seen all just have little holes for the opening; holes that don’t look like anything. That’s way less sexy, to me.

The Fleshlight’s pussy-like opening is exactly what made it so sexy for me, from the first minute I laid eyes on it. I looked at the little pussy lips and little clit and thought, I want my big clit to be rubbing up against that little clit. I want those labia to rub against my labia. I want to feel my clit nosing in between those cute little lips.

I washed the insert thoroughly before started using it, of course. I put it into the Fleshlight tube and ran my fingers over the entrance, entranced. But it struck me that the opening was quite cold—it would be like fucking a zombie pussy. So I ran it through really hot water until it felt warm. I’d only warmed the surface, though. Once I dried it off, if felt like zombie pussy again, only now it was clammy, too. So it tried again, with really, really hot water for a long time. Rinse and repeat, right? This time the Fleshlight was at least lukewarm. All this time washing and drying and testing the toy was a little frustrating. The whole time I was rubbing and caressing the toy’s sexy little pussy, I just wanted to be fucking it.

Penetrating a pussy with my big clit

Lining up my big clit to fuck “Mistress K’s” pussy.

Lukewarm would have to be good enough—that’s enough foreplay, I thought, and then realized that I was totally thinking like a frustrated teenage boy confronted with a hesitant girlfriend. Luckily, Fleshlights don’t complain if they aren’t totally ready for action. That’s what lube is for, right? I thought. Again, what a teenage boy!

I sat down in my chair and Kraka started shooting video as I tore open the packet of oil that came with the Fleshlight and began drizzling it onto the toy’s sweet little pussy. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to be rubbing the lube over the labia, slowly, teasing them with my fingertips, teasingly coming close and then moving away from the clit again, imagining how it excited it would be making me feel to be feeling that, imagining that I was doing it to a real girl, that she was lying back on a bed in front of me, and that the lube was her own natural juices, leaking out as my fingertips excited her.

If you want to know the truth, I was thinking of my friend Mistress K of DeviantDisplay; she’s got such a sweet little pussy, from the pictures I’ve seen; I had no trouble whatsoever imagining that the lips and clit under my fingers belonged to Mistress K and that it was her I was touching and teasing; I was parting her labia, penetrating her, gently, with just the tip of my index finger as I spread the lube. I imagined her lying back, legs spread, knees bent, head resting in her Pet’s lap, pillowed on his gorgeous legs as he teased her nipples, pulling on a chain that linked on either end to clips pinching her nipples punishingly hard, tugging first on one side then the other as he kissed her, pleasure and pain making her moan into his mouth.

As her Pet, he was allowed to serve as her pillow and give attention to her nipples, but, for this session, he wasn’t allowed to touch his magnificent cock. And, I had been told, no matter how Mistress K’s movements on his lap or our fucking excited him, he wasn’t allowed to come, despite having been forbidden from touching himself for the past week. No wonder he has such a fantastic body–all that sublimated energy has to go somewhere. It must go into the gym.

Soon enough, thanks to my inexpert but excited fumblings and Pet’s expert ministrations, K’s pussy was soaked. And then there was nothing else to do but fuck her. So I did. And I loved it.

Back to reality. It’s not as easy as you’d think to fuck your clit. You’ve got to get the angle right or you’re just sort of mashing it with the FleshLight—which also feels good, but just isn’t fucking. And the angle isn’t what you think from watching guys fucking (or women with strapons). That hip-swiveling jackrabbit motion is for a cock that points up more than a clit does (or at least more than mine does). And you’ve got to be as lubed up hard as you possibly can, even with a big clit like mine. It took some adjusting, and pulling back of my clit hood, hard, to get myself pointed in the right direction.

As it turns out, however, once you get the angle right and you’re starting to slide in and out of your partner’s lips with enough lube, your clitty erection pretty much takes care of itself. And that’s when it starts to feel really good.

I can’t remember the last time I was so excited, the last time I felt my heart beat in my neck so hard that I felt like my head was shaking and in my fingers, til they throbbed. Not since I had my first photoshoot at SheMuscle with Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda, probably. That was losing my photoshoot virginity. This was (sort of) losing my girl-fucking virginity—at least, in my imagination. When that insane adrenaline rush took over, I started to really penetrate the Fleshlight, fucking it deeper and harder and faster.

Fucking the Fleshlight

My big clit is buried to the hilt in the fleshlight’s pussy!

I don’t know what sort of angle my pelvis would have to be at in relation to another woman to fuck the hell out of her the way I fucked that Fleshlight; I don’t even know if it’s anatomically possible for two women to line up like that. But I didn’t worry so much about that, once I found my groove. I really stopped thinking about anything else: Kraka shooting, the hardness of the chair I was sitting in, the bright video lights, and the Fleshlight itself all sort of faded away and there was nothing but me and the pussy—Mistress K’s pussy—I was fucking.

I understand now why boys without much experience forget about kissing, and boobs, and caresses, once they get to really screwing. And I get why they come so fast, too. Because just a few minutes after I finally started to really fuck the thing penetrating in a fast, hard rhythm, I flooded the Fleshlight, and my squirt went all over my hand and wrist, and poured down onto the chair I was sitting on, and puddled on the floor.

In my fantasy, as I gushed and gushed out over and into Mistress K, our cunts coming together started to make a wet, slapping sound so sexy and naughty that I came all the harder as my clit, grown to a size and hardness I had never seen before flashed in and out of her, desperate to join Mistress K in what was clearly a powerful orgasm, a long, rolling wave. Poor Mistress K, coming now, hard, was soaked as I squirted and squirted into and onto her pussy. When my orgasm finally hit me in its full, wrenching contraction, I pulled out and grabbed my clit and pushed it up against my pussy mound and squeezed with my fingers, my belly, my pussy in a tremendous, shaking kegel that spurted my juices out of my almost painfully swollen pussy in an continual stream that showered over Mistress K’s writhing body.

The orgasmic rush passed as suddenly as it had some and left me completely limp, slumped onto the bed next to her, one arm thrown across her perfect tits. She turned her panting face to mine and kissed me, her lips and teeth red with a bloody sheen from where she’d bitten Pet, or he’d bitten her. I can never tell with them. But, either way, it was somehow the perfect end. Nothing that good comes without at least a little pain, to someone, I thought, brushing my arm against Mistress K’s nipples, still tightly clamped. She jerked, convulsively, like I’d brushed her nips with a naked wire, and her perfect ass slapped wetly against the bed.

Wetly, because her ass was in a warm puddle. In fact, she was soaked, her belly and breasts and neck drenched with droplets of my come—her navel was filled with it. I wasn’t too worried about the mess, though. Mistress K’s Pet is a good pet, and I was pretty sure he’d volunteer to clean her up, with his tongue. If he did a good job, maybe she’d let him lick my come out of her pussy, too. Maybe he could clean up mine, too. Kraka was left out of this plan, because someone had to shoot this little orgy. Not that he was complaining, cock in hand…

Anyhow. The Fleshlight isn’t the hottest looking toy around, and it’s not all that aesthetically pleasing to look at or to hold in the hand. But it really gets the job done in an exciting way that I’ve never experienced with another toy. I thought maybe part of it was the fact that it was a “first time” for me. So, of course I’ve experimented since. Nope; what I thought was first time excitement still hasn’t worn off, several tries later.

I’m going to try the Tenga toys, too—when I’ve given a “head-to-head” evaluation, I’ll report back. But whichever one wins the crown, I can tell you right now, the FleshLight is an amazing sex toy for women with big clits. I don’t know what it would be like for regular-sized women. I suspect if they had the right attitude and fantasy, it could still be a lot of fun. Because even when I was only rubbing up against it, before I got the fucking down right, it felt great, and I’m sure I would have come that way, too—if maybe not as hard and messily.

Anybody else boy or girl, big clit or small, tried the Fleshlight (or a similar product)? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

As always, click the pics for bigger versions. And, if you liked the pictures, you can get the video of my first time clit-fucking a Fleshlight, on Rikochan’s Big Clit, my Clips4sale studio! My clit gets MUCH more swollen in the video than it does in these pictures, which are taken right at the beginning of my first Fleshlight session. Click the link earlier in this paragraph to go to the page and see the sample video, or just click the button below to put it straight into your shopping cart. You know you want it!

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Jane’s Guide Reviews Rikochanpornstar!

Jane's guide loved Rikochan

Jane’s Guide liked Rikochanpornstar!

Riko is an extremely hot Japanese woman with a wonderfully muscular body, and a clit that is so large that I actually made yummy noises out loud when I saw it! This blog discusses her interest in getting into porn, and how she is trying to establish herself as a healthy and happy sex worker.

That’s how the very cute (click to check her out!) Vamp Ire‘s review of Rikochanpornstar on the excellent Jane’s Guide starts, and it concludes: “I was absolutely captivated!” I couldn’t ask for a better review. I get Vamp’s Pick seal, and the Original and Quality icons, too! So cool! I might have guessed maybe I’d get original, since my blog is a little bit unusual, but I was really shocked at the quality rating. I mean, I do my best, but it’s still such an amateur effort, I think. I really don’t know what I’m doing most of the time, honestly!

I’m so very pleased that a site that’s been reviewing sex sites in such a positive way, for so long (since 1997!), liked what I have to show and say. It’s so encouraging. I feel like tomorrow I’m going to have to jump out of bed and get right to work on bigger and better stuff. And, actually, I am doing something really exciting for the blog tomorrow, but I’ll save that news for another post. 😉

I’m sort of delirously happy–and more than a little drunk: I took time out from my own dinner party to write this entry, I was so excited. (If it’s totally mixed up and all, don’t worry, I’ll come back and fix it tomorrow when I’m a little less tipsy). Anyhow, enough about me–go check out my review: It’s a short and sweet and exactly summarizes what I’m trying to do, and it shows up in the Asian, blogs/journals, sex, and bodybuilders categories. If you’ve got a minute, you should go and read Jane’s Guide’s review of Rikochanpornstar.

Thanks for the great review, Vamp; thanks for the great Guide, Jane!



Rikochan’s Reviews: She-Stim Slim Love Pads

Rikochan Big Clit Electrostim with She-Stim Slim Love Pads

Rikochan Big Clit Electrostim with She-Stim Slim Love Pads

Do you like big clits and electrostim? If so, this is the post for you! Last weekend we tried out some great new electrostim pads from She-Stim and we experimented with our new camera, too. These are a few of the pictures that came out of that night’s shoot. In my opinion, both experiments were a success.

The camera is a Canon EOS Rebel t2i, which I only got a week or two ago and am slowly learning how to use. It takes enormous 18MP pictures and it can shoot in RAW which I am excited about. I’ve got Photoshop and am just learning how to use it. Not that I want to do a lot of Photoshopping of pics, but I do like the idea of shooting in RAW and apply my own processing to the images, instead of what’s built into the camera firmware. These pictures aren’t great, but that’s because I’m still learning how to use the camera. I’m confident the pictures will get better.

Rikochan Groß Kitzler Elektrostimulation mit She-Stim Love Pads

Rikochan Groß Kitzler Elektrostimulation mit She-Stim Love Pads

The electrostim experiment wasn’t just encouraging, it was an unqualified, toe-curling, wake-the-neighbors-moaning success. Why? Because I treated my big clit to a heavy course of electrostim, using my excellent new She-Stim Slim Love Pads. It seems to me that a lot of electrostim stuff is designed for guys and just adopted by and adapted for women—not surprising—but She-Stim clearly makes stuff just for women. Their site’s subtitle is “The Amazing Electro Sex Adventure,” and, after I tested these pads, I can tell you that’s spot-on.

These TENS pads are amazing: they’re the perfect width for fitting on either side of the labia, and they’re super sticky. Other TENS pads I’ve tried have been squares that didn’t fit well in the available space between the vagina and the crease of the thigh. The pads are so wide that if you move your legs around (which tends to happen when you’re having wild squirting orgams), they tend to get dislodged, and that problem is made worse by the fact that those pads aren’t as sticky translates into pads partially or complete coming off, which translates into shocks and shrieking. I’m into a little bit of what might be considered S&M, but nothing like that!

Yes, you can trim square pads down, but that’s work, and I’m not particularly crafty. Plus, trimming a pad down won’t lead to a long narrow pad that’s can cover your entire pussy—it just yields a short narrow pad—not the same thing at all.

Rikochan Big Clit Electrostim With She-Stim Slim Love Pads

Rikochan Big Clit Electrostim With She-Stim Slim Love Pads

She-Stim’s pads are perfectly shaped for women and they stick on tight, and that means, yum, a serious buildup of delicious pulsating current flowing through my pussy, extreme lubrication, contractions, convulsions, my swollen clit bobbing up and down like an erect cock when a guy clenches his PC muscles, and crazy, mattress soaking squirting. I think one possible use of the pads is to stick them directly to the labia. That I haven’t tried—the pads are sticky, and I’m a little bit afraid of it hurting like a motherfucker (as Kraka would say) when I tried to peel them off. I may get brave enough though, and, if I do, you can be sure I’ll tell you all about it.

She-Stim Slim Love Pads

She-Stim Slim Love Pads

Even without having tested that, however, I can tell you that She-Stim Slim Love Pads are a great buy—the best TENS pads I’ve ever used. Highly recommended. I’m seriously considering getting some more of their stuff to try out, and I’ll tell you how that works out for me, too!

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