Pumping Rikochan’s Clit Part I: Slutty Nic Learns the Ropes

Pumping Rikochan's Clit

Teaching sub girl Slutty Nic how to pump my big clitty

I’m so excited to be working with lovely, formal pictures again. There’s something very different to editing and posting pictures that were taken during an actual photoshop versus the ones that you take on the fly during actual sex sessions, especially when I get to work with photographers I love. I hope you like this set, Pumping Rikochan’s Clit, with my friend Slutty Nic, which I’ve posted some great shots of in the past.

Pumping Rikochan's Clit

Getting ready to make my big clit really huge!

Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love the gonzo pictures (and videos) that come out of shooting while I’m actually getting fucked or pumped and so on, POV shots that either me or the person doing…things…to me take, as the opportunities come. There’s a real, exciting rawness to shots that come out of shoots like that, and those are by far the largest part of the shots I take and post online. That’s the stuff that feels real, and hardcore and that makes me wet and hot and bothered to look at and edit and post.

Subby girl Slutty Nic

I love Slutty Nic’s pose in this one…perfect subby girl…

But then again, there’s something really satisfying about shoots that are planned out ahead of time, too; shoots with a wardrobe, and a set and a budget–and especially shoots with a costar! You get a different sort of feeling with that kind of shoot, whether it’s video or still, as is the case here with these shots of me and Slutty Nic. No, there aren’t any videos of me and Nic, who has since moved away, which makes me very sad! We just did that one shoot for stills. Maybe someday!

Slutty Nic Pumping Rikochan's Clit

Getting into the real clit pumping action!

Pumping Rikochan’s Clit, Vintage Shots

Yes, these are older clit-pumping shots. I started posting pictures from this set about four years ago, with a post called Rikochan Gets Her Clit Licked by Slutty Nic. I’ve slowwwwwwwly been doling them out ever since. These are some of my most popular pictures ever, and I get amazing feedback every time I post a new group of pictures from this shoot.

Pumping Rikochan's Clit

I love the way clit pumping feels!

I’m going to be really sad when they’re all gone! I do the same thing with my shots of Yuka Ozaki and Mistress Treasure, by the way, sitting on pics for years. So if you’re a fan of my shoots with either of those two, yes, there’s more coming from those shoots too…

Pumping Rikochan's Clit

Slutty Nic has gorgeous boobs, I love playing with them!

Note that I’m a terrible model, it takes shooting hundreds and hundreds of shots just to get a handful of good ones. And, furthermore I’m so subby and submissive that it’s really hard to get a good out of me unless you’re really assertive and in control of the shoot. And, furthermore, I always maintain some anonymity in my shoots, which is an additional challenge for a photographer, I think. For all those reasons, it’s so much better if I can get a costar for a shoot, and a video, too. That’s why, for example, my videos with Yuka, Treasure, and Lady Clarece are so exciting to shoot, and, I think, watch.

Big Clit Oral Sex

This is the real payoff of a clit pumping session: taking a break part way through to get licked as I’m getting nice and swollen!

And that’s why I’m working to set up some shoots with some people that I met via my Twitter, Tumblr, and Fetlife profiles, hopefully as early as May. Keep an eye out for more from this set, soon. I hope to have some news to announce soon! Also, I’m going to be posting lots more picture from this set, Pumping Rikochan’s Clit, over the next few days.





Nipple Pumping Rikochan

Nipple Pumping is Rikochan's favorite sex play!

I love to pump my nipples until they swollen like udders. If only milk would come!

I know, I know, most of you are here for my big clit, and the last post was of how happy I am that my ass is getting thicker, and now here’s a post that’s all nipples and nipple pumping! Sorry, but, you know, not sorry, too! 😉

Nipple Pumping: Best Thing Ever

Nipple pumping is one of the best things in the world. It might be as cool looking or as outrageous and outre as my big clit and big clit pumping, but, honestly, it’s at least as important to me in real life as pumping my big bean. Part of it is that it just feels so. damn. good. In fact, nipple pumping often feels better than clit pumping. I mean, if I had to pick. They are both so good that it’s kind of an academic point, of course…sort of like a how one infinity can be bigger than another infinity. (Yes, I am a math nerd.)

If you don’t have a big clit that you can pump, I don’t know if you can ever know exactly what that pressure near to bursting, that storm of nerves firing without end, that fierce caress of suction. I don’t think you can ever really understand it. But there is a different pleasure to pumping nipples, and one that I suspect many more women (and maybe men, I don’t know) can experience. It may be a little bit less toe curlingly, tooth grindingly intense, but it’s not the least bit less strong…just different.

Rikochan's pumped nipple

Close up on my fat, stretched, sensitive nipple!

There seems to be a more-direct pathway to the arousal parts of the brain. If I’m only a little bit excited and you touch my clit, it feels like nothing. If I’m even the tiniest bit aroused and you touch my nipples, on the other hand, it’s sort of like you zapped me with the cattle-prod of pleasure. I’m likely to jump, buck, moan, gasp, and otherwise react completely involuntarily. And that’s the best kind of use of the word “involuntary.” If you skip my nipples and head straight for my clit, there’s a decent chance I won’t even ever get aroused. I’ll just get annoyed and uncomfortable and stuck in my head, which is the place that I have to escape to enjoy sex.

My nipples, on the other hand…Well.

The Key to Me

My nipples are the key to everything. Of course, this assumes that I’m happy and excited and into you in some way or other, whether it’s on a comfortable level or on a good-nervous type of anticipation and terror as I try something new. That’s a given. But, if I am into this happening, there’s nothing better that you can do. Kissing is just okay, honestly, and I do like it when you run my fingers through my hair and grab my ass and run your fingers up and and down my thighs and belly, but the real switch that you’ll want to flip eventually is touching my nipples, brushing them gently, almost as if by accident. And then more assertively. And then tweaking them. And then pinching them. And then harder. And the sucking and biting and pinching and pulling and stretching and pinching, again, but HARDER. Honestly, they are so sensitive sometimes that I suspect I’d have this response even if I wasn’t into it, which is something that I’ve had fantasies about, too. (And that’s only for fantasies.)

Rikochanpornstar's pumped nipples

This is how my nipples look after a little pumping!

The thing about nipples is that once they are truly stimulated, it’s almost impossible to pinch them too hard. Yes, clamps can be too hard, but a good pinch, if you work up to it, you can do it as hard as you like, and it’s just going to make me start shaking and groaning.

The same is true, only more so, with nipple pumping. While you have to be very careful not to get blisters while pumping your clit (I’ve done it a couple of times), nipples are obviously for sucking. I’ve never really been able to over-suck mine. The pleasure just keeps increasing as you apply more and more suction and they stretch and grow.  I think the extreme sensitivity to pleasure and the fact that nipples are the gateway to arousal maybe has something to do with the fact that biologically they are made to be sucked, maybe we’ve actually evolved to find being sucked and nursing pleasurable. I don’t know, but I suspect. It would explain that incredibly primitive, instinctive response I get to nipple pumping, anyhow.

The Lacation Expectation

To answer the question I know I’ll get: No, I’ve never been able to bring on the milk. Just a few drops or even, a few times a teaspoon or so of clear fluid over the course of several hours of nipple pumping. I’ve tried the herbs, too. And yes, I know about domperidone/motillium. I’ve seriously considering taking the meds, but I think the side effects are too worrying. But, you never know. If nipple pumping is already this exciting, how much more so would it be with lactation? I dream about it all the time. Any of my fans and friends who’ve ever experienced lactation and made it part of their sex play, I’d love, love, love to hear from you!


PS: More big clits soon!

New Video: Rikochan’s Futanari Practice: Big Clit Pumping

Rikochan's massive pumped clit

I don’t have the biggest clit in the world: I’ve seen many women with bigger clits (I love them all!) but I’ve rarely seen anyone pump their clit to this size. I’m sure some could, but few are as into clit-pumping I am! (Note: click all of these for bigger clit pics!)

Hey everyone! I should have written this post a few days ago, but, if you follow me on facebook (and, if you don’t, why not? Friend me, I’m there a lot!), you know that I’m on vacation in New England right now, and I haven’t really had much chance to get to a computer somewhere private. That’s the bad news for my site. The good news is that I’m killing it in the gym right now. Tomorrow will be my third day in a row of long, heavy and hard sessions. I rarely have time to go as longs as I want and still have time left over for the sauna, but for one more day this week, that’s exactly what I’m going to go. Tomorrow I’m going to be growing my ass with glutes and plyometrics day, again–my favorite day right now! I’ve been eating like crazy but very well for the last couple weeks especially, and I think I’m really starting to see some serious muscle growth, and I’m feeling much, much tighter in certain spots.

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What I haven’t had time to tell you about here on Rikochanpornstar.com is that I uploaded a new video, and it’s my first clit-pumping video in ages. It’s called Rikochan’s Futanari Practice, Big Clit Pumping, and you can get it at my studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium(or you can click the button above!) Some of you are paying even closer attention than I am to the ever-s0-slow progress I’m having in growing my clit, but I think you will agree with me that, if this is not the biggest I’ve ever pumped it, it’s never been bigger, at least. I was amazed specifically at how fat my clitty had become! Much, much bigger around than Kraka’s thumb; really actually as big as a medium-sized cock. There a bunch of nice shots where Kraka compares my clit to his thumb and index finger, both encased in black latex gloves, just to make things a little bit more fun!

I mean I’ve always had a big clit, but I think it’s now looking more like an FTM cock (at least while it’s pumped), or even…a futanari cock! So I was very happy to finally catch a pumping and masturbating session on video for the first time in ages! If you’re into clit pumping, this is the video for you, although the lighting could be a little better, sorry! All three of the clit-torture (the fun kind of torture, where I moan “don’t stop, don’t stop!”) pictures in this post are from the new video, btw. The video is actually in higher res than these pictures, at 1080p.

Kraka in black latex gloves squeezing Rikochan's big fat clitoris

Look at how massively fat my big erect clit is! It’s almost as long as Kraka’s thumb

Anyhow, as some of you know, I’m going to be working on my clit-pumping FAQ soon (maybe this weekend) so make sure to ask me whatever questions you want answered here. Yes, I’ve got lots of questions saved up from other posts, but feel free to ask them again here if you like, just in case. Anything you want to know, as long as it’s related to clit-pumping, though, please!

I really hope you enjoy this video; I priced it especially low for now because I know so many of you want to see me pump; it’s the lowest price the site will allow, and not bad for a video that’s nearly 20 minutes of pure, 100 percent big clit action! There’s a little squirting here and there because, honestly, I have to make a real effort not to squirt these days, but it’s not a “squirting” video, at least not as much as the bed-soaking Big Clit, Black Gloves series was! That said, I do squirt directly onto the camera lens…

Masturbating Rikochan's long hard clit

You really have to see the video to appreciate this, but here Kraka is jerking my clit just like a little cock, sliding the foreskin up and down my long hard shaft. And it is surprisingly hard!

So, I’m making videos again! I plan to make another one again this coming weekend, and I’d love to know what kind you’d most like to see on my store. It’s only a solo video this weekend (sorry, I know, boo!) but I think I could have a lot of fun making something for you guys if you give me a good solo idea. So, let’s hear it! Legs? Feet? Clit? Bondage? Squirting? Flexing? Fleshlight? My “knotty” dildo? More pumping? I have an idea of what I’ll make if I don’t get a consensus, but I’d rather have something fun and unexpected from you guys…

Looking forward to you FAQ questions and to your suggestions for my next video!

Rikochan Clit Pumping in Vegas: 巨大クリトリス / More Fixed Links

Rikochan has a 巨大クリトリス

Pumping my clit feels soooo good; two stage pumping feels twice as good!

巨大クリトリス,  if you don’t read Japanese, means huge clitoris. The first two characters mean huge, and the rest spells clitoris phonetically. I thought it seemed like a good title for a post that shows me trying my very hardest to make my clit as big as possible for you–and for me. I really do love how big it is! It’s feels so good, and it’s so much fun to play with.

This is the first a three-part mini series from my recent trip to Vegas. I know, you can’t tell it’s from Vegas, except maybe from crisp which sheets. Which, by the way, ended up in a soaking pile at the foot of the bed most nights! I squirted so much I had to have the bedding changed every day! I was really starting to get a bit worried that I might get a complaint, but it was one of the top hotels, and I saw lot of high-priced prostitutes discreetly coming and going, so I decided that there were probably actually lots of things as bad or worse going on every night!

This is something I haven’t done in a while: double-pumping. I love the way it feels–it lets me keep the glans pulled out erect beyond the hood of my big clitty, so that it looks (and feels) more like a little penis. If I don’t use a second stage like this, my clit ends up expanding to pack the tube, instead, and instead of being longer and pointier, it gets short and very fat. That’s also very cool and feels very nice, but most of the time when I do it that way, the glans is almost completely hidden in the folds of my swollen labia.

Tomorrow I’ll show you what it looked like with the bigger tube off.

In the meanwhile here are some links to five posts that I fixed yesterday, by reuploading 14 pictures and resizing some small ones. Longtime fans may want to revisit them, and new readers can go check them out for the first time.


Rikochan’s New Posing and (Big Clit) Pumping Video!

FBB Rikochan's big clit is pumped up to nearly two inches long

Rikochan’s clit is getting HUGE! (If you click, you can see the full-sized version of the image)

Finally, a blog post about a new enlarged clit fetish video from me! This is actually the third new video I have posted since the last time I posted about videos on Rikochanpornstar. If you are Rikochan completist, you should go to my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit and check out the other videos. One is a short titty torture/nipple pumping video, and the other is me enjoying a dildo so fetishy I hesitate to describe it! You’ll just have to see for yourself.

FBB Rikochan shows off her thick legs

I think this is one of my favorite progress pictures in ages. Wheels! 🙂

Today’s clip, however, is a return to the classics: big calves and big clits. I spend the first couple minutes of this short clip showing off my calves (in my sexy Chuck Taylors!). Let’s be honest: I am not so good at posing and my performance is almost absurdly amateurish, so don’t be surprised. but I get more requests for female muscle/legshow stuff than I do for clit stuff, lately, so, I’m doing my best to keep you guys (and girls!) happy. In any case, if you are into big legs, you get to see them here.

The real “meat” of the video, however, is my big meaty clit! I spend the rest of the video on my couch pumping and pumping and pumping my fat clitty until it is truly huge! I really think I’m pumping it bigger than ever these days, which makes me soooo excited. I love to look down and see my clit grow from just big to crazy futanari cock big. The only thing that makes me more excited about watching it grow is watching someone go down on it like it was a cock. I love to get clitjob oral!

Rikochan's meaty calf muscles

Rikochan’s shows off her thick, muscular calves.

Kraka, my live-in cameraman, (you can friend him here on FetLife)  has been telling me lately that I am finally starting to loosen up a little on screen, and when I listened to the soundtrack of this session, I understood what he meant! When I was watching the whole session on video, I got really excited listening to myself get excited—just hearing it made me wet.

This clip is only about 5 minutes out of what I think might be about 20 to 25 minutes of good video from the session. So, if you like this video, keep an eye for the next part, which I hope to produce soon!


PS: as always, feedback, comments, suggestions and fantasies are welcome. Be as nasty and dirty and graphic and even critical as you want to be, as long as you are nice, too!

Rikochan Video: Calf Flexing, Clit Pumping & Squirting

Rikochan's clit pumping video!

Check out the vidcaps for my new big clit pumping and squirting video!

Wow, I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted new showing off my big FBB clit. It’s a long stupid story, but basically I haven’t had my editing machine set up since late this summer. I finally got it up and working again last Friday, juuuust when I should have been packing for Jamaica. Instead of packing and getting to bed early like I should have, I, of course, edited a whole big clit extravaganza for you. I didn’t have time to upload it, however, and the bandwidth in Jamaica wasn’t good enough for me to upload it there. But now that I’m home I was finally able to upload it to my video store, Rikochan’s Big Clit.

This video is a pretty good one, back to the big clit basics of Rikochanpornstar that some of you have been asking me for for a while: me pumping my big swollen clit and masturbating until I squirt. Of course, there’s more to it than just that, though. I start out with a little posing and flexing, showing off my big musclegirl calves, then I sit down and get warmed up with my industrial strength Hitachi Magic wand. As always, I’m right close up on the action, so you can see my huge clitty is already getting nice and hard as My Hitachi gets me good and hot.

Buy Now

Once my pussy is good and wet and my hard clit is fully erect, I do some serious clit pumping for my fans, stretching and enlarging my clit, until it’s so full of blood that it feels like the skin is going to burst. Such a delicious feeling, to pump my clitoris until it is all distend like that, sticking unit out nearly two inches from my pussy, like a little futanari cock, just begging for some lucky guy or girl to suck on it, to feel it slipping between their lips as they get it ready to slip between their pussy lips or anus…

After a very hot pumping session, I take the tube off and let my clit recover for a little while, treating myself to a little masturbation with some help from my pump slave until I start squirting. Once I get to the squirting stage, I know I’m ready for another pumping session, and it all starts again. You won’t believe how big my clit gets the second time around!

Above is the usual thumbnail of vid apps from the movie; tomorrow I will start posting some full-size screen grabs that I thought we pretty cool, so stay tuned, if you want to see a little more detail before you buy my latest video. But really, you shouldn’t have any doubts; if you have seen any of my other videos, you know what they are like-this one is more of the same, only even better!

Rikochan Loves Puffy Nipples

Rikochan's Pumping leads to puffy nipples

I love puffies–wish my nipples were puffy. I’m working on it!

I watch porn. I watch a lot of porn. I watch a lot of Japanese porn, and my favorite star recently is name Julia. She’s got amazing, perfect breasts that, as far as I can tell are real. They are soft and swing beautifully, and turn up so sexily, and the shape. It’s just…wow. Best of all, she has puffy nipples. I love puffy nipples.

Ever since I saw Traci Lords videos as a girl (yes, the underage ones that you can’t buy anymore–I was underage then, too), I’ve been fascinated by large, swollen nipples. I just want to touch them, carress them, lick them. When I see them, any lingering, learned shame or reservations I sometimes have about wanting to be with women, wanting to make love with women, wanting to fuck women, just evaporate.  To me, erect nipples are extremely sexy, but puffy nipples, they’re like the whole breast has an erection, like even the areolae are engorged, the hot blood pounding in the chest so hard that the skin stretches until it is hard, and tight and tender…

Rikochan's puffies

I have fantasies that someday after a long pumping session my nipples will just stay like this, all nice and puffy.

If I was the sort to change my body through plastic surgery (and if it were possible) I would definitely go under the knife to have puffy nipples. And so I have started to pump my areolae.  Sure, I’ve got tubes for just the nipples, for making them fatter and longer, and that’s mostly what I’ve shown here, but, in addition to wanting bigger, more sensitive nipples, I would dearly love to have puffies. I pump them for hours sometimes, and I love the way they get huge and round and purple and swollen. The feeling as the skin stretches and stretches is just delicious. I haven’t been doing it all that long, so I haven’t seen any results yet, but even just the idea of it, even just seeing my own nipples swollen up like real puffies in the cup is super exciting to me.

Puffies give Rikochan a clit erection

Fantasizing about my puffies makes my huge clit erect!

In fact, I’ve written before about inducing lactation, something I also fantasize about, and one of the main reason now that that idea has become so exciting for me is that lactating women’s nipples change during nursing, and that their areolae can grow!

These are not the best pictures ever, but they were very exciting for me to see, and I hope you will enjoy them too. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Julia's Perfect Breasts

I can’t get enough of Julia’s breasts and perfect puffy nipples!

In the meanwhile, here is a picture of my newest JAV girl-crush. I know, she’s not the fitness girl you might expect of me. That’s right, I have broader tastes than you realize! You can see her perfect breasts here, of course, and you can sort of get an idea of how puffy her nipples can be. I’ll keep looking for better pictures and update you on those, too. Maybe I’ll dedicate a whole post to her soon.

What do you think? Do you like puffy nipples? I know some people find them weird and unattractive. How about Julia? Do you like her?

Rikochan: Shibari Day!

Rikochan has her first shibari experience

Rikochan has her first Shibari Experience for old.rikochanpornstar.com

Took the day off yesterday to shoot some video with a friend, who I’ll call M. What a great day: I had my first shibari experience, but that wasn’t the biggest first. Much bigger was how much force my friend (who is a small—though busty—Japanese woman) used on me, and how much I liked it. I’ve never had anyone pinch my nipples or slap my clit or ass that hard before! I guess that’s what happens if you convince a domme friend to work in your video and she decides you aren’t making enough noise. It hurt so much, but I was surprised how much I liked it–first time I’ve ever really felt like that. Bondage I decided I loved a while ago. But this was new to me. I can’t remember ever squirting more, or feeling more exhausted and satisfied at the end of a shoot—not that I’ve done many shoots, but, still…

M said that despite being Japanese (and a domme), she wasn’t a shibari pro. “Shocking, right?” This made me and Kraka laugh. There are funny stereotypes out that there about Japanese women because of all the porn that is most Americans’ only exposure to them—eating shit, soap-fucking, fucking octopuses, etc. A ridiculous number of people assume that Japanese women must be experts at all of them. The even funnier thing is that despite M’s disclaimer, she proceeded to tie me up in a very nice harness. I guess it was pretty simple rope work, but I thought it looked sexy, and it definitely felt sexy to wear. I’ve got a pro-shibari shoot I’ve been trying to schedule for a while now, and this made me super eager to get the details worked out!

Klawdya Latex Over Tits

Klawdya Rothschild: Latex Maven (and my sex-toy expert)

M was using the new shibari ropes that Kraka had picked up for the shoot at Purple Passion/DV8, where he was again helped by the super-cool Klawdya,  who I need to get into the store to meet—partly because I’m going to commission her to make me a latex mask (she’s Purple Passion’s “latex maven”), and partly just because.  Klawdya describes herself as “an independent curator, artist, Alt Sex and Spirituality educator, Kink Rights Advocate, and Occultist,”  among many other things. She recently spoke about her first latex fashion show at Red Umbrella Diaries, which I once again stupidly missed!

Last time Kraka met her, she helped him pick out the anal toys I used in my first anal gape shot. This time she helped him pick out a hot bit gag that I really kind of love. It’s uncomfortable in a very comfortable way, if that makes sense.  I love it—I think it might be my gateway bondage toy. I’m definitely seeing more bondage gear in my future! Kraka had been going to get a big ball gag, but she told him that 1) if it’s for a photoshoot I might not like it because it might make me look like I have a big double chin (and I’m already a little chubby) and 2) that people new to gags probably wouldn’t be able to tolerate a big ball for a whole afternoon of video.


Justine Joli and friend with KinkLab bit gag

This is the exact bit gag I got! I wish mine came with Justine Joli, too!

And it was a whole afternoon of video (and photos, as you can see). We did three little scenes. One has me standing on my corner window sill, hands cuffed to a bar above my head as M plays with my nipples and pussy and the pumps my nipples and my big clit until I’m so excited that the juices just run down my leg and puddle on the window ledge and floor. Dommes pump longer and harder than husbands, it turns out! Yum, and ouch! My poor clitty was still swollen and sensitive six hours later when I fucked Kraka later that night after waking up from a coma-like nap. (And, FYI, post-domme sex is very nice.)

In the next scene, I’m sitting in a chair as M plays with my nipples. That was the shot where she felt like I was being a little too passive, and she mistreated my nipples and breasts most deliciously.  I haven’t seen the video yet, but Kraka (who was shooting) tells me that was the hottest part of the shoot. I’m a little worried about the camera work, as Kraka started fingering me our of the shot, but I guess I won’t complain if it looks a little shaky.

In the final scene, we were in the kitchen, with me bent over a chair as M fucked me good and hard with my purple jelly dildo and various other toys. I’m not sure what all she was doing to me,  but at one point she wanted to bring the intensity up again, so she started whacking my thighs with the dildo like it was a flogger or something. She hit my clit so hard that I either squealed or screamed (I’ll have to watch the video to decide which) and, again it led to tremendous messy gushing. She caught my squirting into a glass measuring cup, which she poured out into two wine glasses for us… That’s part of why I want to work with lots of people–that’s an idea I never would have had, on my own.

Rikochan shibari virgin

See how swollen my poor clitty is? M pumped it ridiculously hard. Which I love.

For the record, some Japanese stereotypes may have a basis in truth. In that scene, the toughest part wasn’t being smacked on the thighs or clit, wearing a very tight bit gag, being tied bent over to a chair in an awkward position (which is a great leg workout, by the way), or being harshly fucked with a dildo (ok, that part isn’t tough at all). It was being forced to stand in my own mess! We cut a couple times to fix the lights, and I pleaded with M to clean up the puddle I was standing in. She just laughed! Standing in my mess was the hardest part. Her telling me no was maybe the sexiest.

Anyhow, it was great—my first time with a little bit of shibari, my first time having a domme show me just a little (a very little, I’m sure) of what she can do, and my second time working with girls. It was also our first time actually “producing” a video. It was probably a disaster in terms of quality, but that’s ok: it was a learning experiment and it was super fun. Plus, my fans don’t seem to mind that my stuff is super amateur looking, luckily. Overall it was a great experience. I’ll be working on the video soon!

In the meanwhile, I’m looking forward to setting up another shoot, maybe in October. This time I think I’m going to see if I can find a woman to really fuck me and get fucked. I’ve loved my few sessions with women and toys, but for my next video I want actual sex: pussy-licking, clit-sucking, 69ing, finger-stroking-gspot, mouth-on-nipple sex with a girl.

Any takers for my first time? 🙂

PS: Click on my pics for bigger versions. And stay tuned for some bit-gag pics!

Rikochan’s Pumped-Up Nipples for Titty Tuesday

Pumping makes Rikochan's nipples big and sensitive!

Happy Titty Tuesday! Do you like my big pumped nipples? Pumping makes them super sensitive!

Yes, it’s been a while. When you live in a small space, it’s tough to keep a porn blog going when you have house guests who don’t know the shocking truth about your double life. But that’s all over now, and Rikochanpornstar is gearing up for a really big push of sexy content. You’ll see more fbb pics, more clit pumping, and more movies and photosets. We’ve got a lot of great stuff that’s been piling up, and you’ll see a flood of it in July (if not sooner). In the meanwhile, we’ve got some nice daily pics to post, and what better way to get started than with Titty Tuesday? I’ve been a nipple pumping fan for many years, and my nipples get really big and hard and fat.

I pump them for hours—sometimes I wonder if I’m going to start lactating, I pump so much. I’ve pumped them so long that a little fluid has actually leaked out of the ducts, and that was HOT! Since then I’ve had fantasies about lactating, actually. I don’t know if it would be convenient in daily life, but I’ve started to read about how to induce lactation on Fetlife (visit me on Fetlife!). Just reading about it makes me very excited, imagining my breasts getting bigger, and my nipples stretching and growing. I imagine that lactating would stretch out my nipples, and especially my areolas, which I really wish were bigger. I love big areolas—one of the biggest things I would change about myself would be to have nice big ones—puffy ones, especially, I think are super-hot! If I did try to induce lactaction, that would be why!

When my big Japanese nipples are pumped up, the areolas may not get puffy, but my nipples do get much thicker, and harder, and feel almost rubbery to the touch. And I like it when you touch them. I want them pinched—hard—and sucked on, and bitten and twisted. My nips are very delicate and must be handled with care when we start playing, but once they get excited, my nipples want it rough! Are you the man or woman to give them what they need?

Rikochan’s Nipple Pumping for Titty Tuesday

Rikochan nipple pumping!

There’s nothing better than pumping your nipples as hard as you can!

Titty Tuesday is one of my favorite Twittermemes, because it’s sexy and because anyone can play–anyone with titties, that is! I spend way too much time every Tuesday looking at boobs and thinking about the next time I get to play with some other than mine. Yeah, I’m seriously starting to want to play with another woman again. The only other time I ever did was when I shot for DirtyMuscle with Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda (both of whom have awesome boobs). Apparently I talk about playing with girls a lot when I molest my guy Kraka after I take ambien.

More nipple pumping

The bigger I pump my nipples, the more sensitive they get!

Yes, I take ambien, and, yes, I end up having a lot of crazy sex after I take it. Kraka joked that it’s reverse roofies for me–I take ambien, get loopy and then force sex on him. Not that he doesn’t want to have sex, all the the time. But he’s often asleep by the time I take ambien and get all hot and bothered. Not that he’s complaining: the sex is amazing, though the memories are a little hazy. I do know that it makes me completely uninhibited and wild (even more than usual) and it can go on for hours and hours. I can’t always come when I’m on ambien, but it doesn’t really matter–it’s all about the raw sensation and the fucking with complete abandon. I sometimes feel a little weird about just how strong an effect ambien has on me. To be quite honest, if I hadn’t already discovered just how much I loved sex and just how much I wanted to explore its borders and limits before I started taking ambien, I would be completely freaked out. If me in my repressed, locked down days had taken ambien and found myself in the middle of an all-night anal toy and squirting session with the camera flashing and the video camera running, I think I might have completely lost my shit. As it is, I simply love it.

Rikochan's longest nipples ever!

My nipples get so sensitive after I pump that just touching them can make me squirt.

Anyhow, Kraka tells me that I talk a lot about tits and wanting to play with another woman’s tits and feel them against mine, nipples to nipples, and to suck another woman’s nipples as she sucks mine. I also talk a lot about fucking another woman with my big clitty, but that’s another story! Anyhow, I sometimes get a little shy when Kraka reminds me some of the sexier things I’ve said, but I have to admit that it’s very very hot to hear your own secret thoughts repeated back to you, secret things you barely admit to yourself, sometimes.

That’s not the case with wanting to fuck another woman however; I want that. I’ve wanted that for some time. I just don’t think I realized how much. It’s  not clear when this will happen, but I am determined that it will. And that I’ll share it with you!

In the meanwhile, I’ve only got one set of titties to show you for Titty Tuesday, but I think they’re not bad, right? Especially if you like nipple pumping!


PS: Click the pics to see much, much bigger versions of all three of today’s Titty Tuesday pictures.

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