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Two for Titty Tuesday & Site Fixes

Rikochan's Titty Tuesday from 10 23 20122

Look what I found when I was fixing the site: an old pecs progress picture!

Hi everyone! Like I told you yesterday, I finally have more time for Rikochanpornstar again, and I’ve really been enjoying working on it. I had a bunch of back-end things to take care of on my site, including some cool new tools and plugins, and I just went ahead and renewed my domain for another year! So, yay, another 12 months of Rikochan big clit and amateur Japanese muscle porn!

Since I was working behind the scenes, I spent a couple hours last night fixing still more broken posts from the great WordPress.com fuckup (basically, the people at wordpress.com are fuckups). I got an old laptop working again earlier this month, and I’ve found tons of the missing pictures. Last night I fixed all the photos for seven old posts–14 pictures–and made some progress on some others. I think I uploaded about 20 pictures total around the site!

I even found an old progress picture that I’d edited and put my watermark on but never posted (I think). I hope you like it: I kind of like the way my shoulders and traps look in it, and, of course, boobies! They look so little here! But I think they were still big enough to count for Titty Tuesday! This picture was part of the same little shoot from the first two repaired posts, listed below.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working really hard, and dieting, too, and I think my boobs have started to shrink again. They’re always just about the first thing that goes when I lose weight, sadly. First my boobs, then my butt and legs and then, very last, my stomach! So sad! I wish my stomach would go first, then my boobs, then my butt! I can live without boobs, but it’s kind of sad to have no boobs or butt and still have a tummy–the opposite of an hourglass figure. I guess it’s my Japanese genes. Oh well, I get big calves in exchange, I guess. That’s something, at least.

Rikochan's tiny titties and big clit getting electrostim

I love that my shape is changing and I like this androgynous look, but I also sometimes wish I could have bigger boobs! (Click for full-size version!)

And if I ever get thin enough that I’ve lost my boobs altogether, I can always get implants, if I want. It’s definitely something I think about sometimes, as you’ll know if you’ve been reading this blog for a while. Feel free to vote in my Should I Get Implants poll, by the way. I check it every once in a while to see what people think. At the moment, the people who like or don’t mind the idea outweigh the people who don’t like the idea at all or at least for bodybuilders, 52% to 48%.

Why do am I thinking about boob jobs again? Because of the bonus picture above! Wow, I’ve lost a little fat sure, but I’m hardly ripped or even close to thin, and I’ve already lost half my boobs! I know, I’ve got friends who are probably horribly jealous of my ability to so easily get rid of my boobs (yes, Julie, I’m talking about you!), but if you’ve never had really nice big ones, well…I guess we all want what we don’t have. But I’d trade my little B-cup boobs for D-cups in a second–at least for a day or two! Truthfully, I don’t even know what size they are: I just wear silicone stick-on NuBras. My boobs are so small I don’t need much more support than that, and my back is so big and my tits so small that there’s basically no bra that fits me. What do the pro bodybuilder ladies do for bras? I can’t imagine!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed these two pictures, which were taken almost exactly three years apart. Not much progress! Oh well. Most of my friends have gotten fatter and in worse shape over those three years, so even just staying the same is gaining on everyone else!

Thanks for visiting, and let me know what you think of my pictures (and my boobs!) in the comments, and vote in the poll, if you are interested. More pictures tomorrow!



Rikochan Delts Progress Picture / Rededication

FBB Rikochan shows off her delts progress.

I’m pretty happy with the progress I see in my delts here. Biceps, not so much, but I’ll take it!

I’ve been working really hard at the gym lately. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know that I work with a trainer, and that my regular trainer has been out lately. I told the sub (her boss) to work me really hard, and she did–so hard that the next day I had to take a sick day my abs hurt so bad! I was pretty proud to have worked that hard, although I was also shocked at how bad it hurt. I haven’t felt like that since I was on the volleyball team in my high school in Tokyo. Any of you who know anything about Japan know that we take our hobbies and school sports pretty seriously–to the point where people sometimes passed out or got sick in training. So, I’m used to it getting pretty intense, sometimes.

That’s not to say that I’ve been training like that along as an adult. Not at all. I think I train a lot harder than most of the women I know or see at my gym, at least the ones who aren’t training for a competition or something, but if I am honest with myself, I haven’t been training at the level of intensity that I did when I was in high school. I haven’t been giving it the level like I did earlier this week where I just couldn’t get out of bed the next morning. I think this was a really wake up for me. I want to hit it that hard. I want to work ’til there’s nothing left to give. I want to have done my very best at the end of every workout.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to be in the position where I can’t get out of bed very often. Or ever. But I want to come close, and I want to get into such great shape that I can work myself as hard as I did this week and not be completely wiped out. I need to work hard, and I need to spend more thought and effort on my recovery, too. I need to eat better, sleep more, and train harder.

I hope you like this recent picture. I decided I’m going to start posting more progress pictures, to keep myself honest, and because you guys and girls seem to like them. Oh, for those who asked, the woman on the TV set in front of me is Japanese pornstar Momoka Nishina. Yes, I was watching porn here. 🙂

Thanks for listening.



Rikochan’s Pecs Progress Pics, With Diamond-hard Nipples

Rikochan shows off her pecs, boobs, and swollen nipples in this female bodybuilding progress picture

My latest progress picture. I don’t know how much progress you can see, though!

Hi everyone! Just a quick update today—wanted to let you know I am still alive and working hard at the gym and some new content for you guys, too. I thought you might like these couple quick bodybuilding progress pictures as just a little proof that I’m still alive and that I’m working hard!

I mostly get requests for leg progress pictures (apart from show me your face mails and XXX requests, like more big clits, squirting, me fucking a girl with my clit, and so on), but I do occasionally get the surprising and pleasing request for other parts, too. Not that I don’t like the hardcore requests—I do, I love them all! Even the ones that are totally not my style or are just plain impossible. (I don’t have a sister, so no chance of girl-girl incest, for example!)

Rikochanpornstar nude muscle girl progress picture

First time I have had the appearance of cleavage since I was pretty fat–this time it’s muscle! And I think I see a little bit of muscle in that one delt…

I’m always interested in hearing what you all are interested in, and what kinds of situations you imagine me getting myself into as I have my very slow and gradual sexual adventures here at Rikochanpornstar. I love them all, from the erotic to the pornographic to the fetishistic the outright underground perversions. I love to hear all of them, even if some of them aren’t things I’ll ever do.

Lately, I’ve gotten a trickle of requests for upper body shots, as well as some erect nipple shots, too. I’m happy that these couple shots can maybe make both groups happy! These pictures were taken this past weekend. I’m not sure if they really show all that much progress, but I was happy at the way my delts looked, and in one of the pictures, at least you can see that I’ve got some visible chest muscle where I’d have cleavage if I didn’t have little, tiny boobs. And I’m pretty happy how swollen and hard my nipples look here. Just looking at the picture is making me get a little THO!

Hope you liked the pictures. Please keep the requests coming, and look out for a few more updates this week!

Rikochan’s Back is Back

Amateur FBB Rikochan's muscular back in black and white

I love how my back looks in this picture by Mayumi: I even have a little bit of a waist!

It’s been a while since I posted one of my pictures from my shoot with Mayumi. I thought, since I’m hoping to set the date for our next project together next week that I ought to share another picture or two from our last set this week.

I’m really excited to be back in front of Mayumi’s lens again; I love her eye and the way she makes me look, sexy but also classy and tasteful. There aren’t too many of the pictures I’ve ever posted here that I would consider erotica, but all the shots from Mayumi qualify, I think.

I especially love black and white shots, and so few of my pictures look good as b&w images. Obviously, we both shoot digital, and I can certainly change the settings on my software to make my pictures look black and white, but there’s clearly a lot more to it than just that, if you compare all of my monochrome pictures with Mayumi’s.

Thought I’d share this back picture today; I think I look a little bit strong in it, which I like, and I like the fact that I have a little bit of a waist in it (I’m Asian and not so thin: we don’t tend to hour-glass figures!), and I like the hint of my glutes that it shows, too.

I”m definitely also excited to be working with Mayumi again because I have been hitting the gym pretty hard since the last time we shot, working with a training and training in lots of new and fun (and really hard!) ways. I hope I’ll look even better than last time. I’m sure I’ll still be a terribly awkward model, but at least the shape might be better!

I hope you like this picture as much as I do.

Got suggestions or ideas for my next photo sets? Please leave them in the comments!


Rikochan Rising

nude FBB Rikochan bicep looking strong in this erotic shot by Mayumi

One of my favorite pictures of me: Rise, by Mayumi.

I just had the best legs workout this evening, and I had some extra time so I killed my abs, too. I’m going to have trouble sitting up in bed OR standing up OR sitting down tomorrow, I bet. It’s Sunday night, but I’m writing this up for Monday morning–how weird, I never do that. But I realized that if I want them to succeed, I’m going to have to treat my site and my porn life the same way I treat my gym life. I can’t wait for them to happen when I have time, I have to make the time to make them happen!

So here I am, working and planning ahead for Rikochanpornstar! Today is the second of my weekly pictures taken by my talented photographer friend Mayumi! In case you missed it, last week’s was a killer calfs and high heels picture. This week is a picture Mayumi calls Rise. I love this one–I like that it’s of something other than my legs and my clit and yet it still looks pretty fabulous! If you like it, Mayumi is selling prints of it at Fine Art America. If you like the photo (or, of course, the model) I strongly suggest you at least click through the link, and, better yet, buy even a little card version of it! The more she sells, the more likely she is to shoot me again!

I found a little time to work ahead this week on some other future stuff for Rikochanpornstar too, though. I tentatively planned my first shoot in 2014! I’m going to work again with Mayumi, which is really exciting to me! I love her work, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what she do with me. I’m also secretly looking forward to seeing if I can get her to shoot some stuff that crosses the line between erotica (which is what she normally shoots) and porn (which is what I normally post here). We’ll see: but I’m sure that either way, whatever she shoots, she is going to make me look great. To do my part I’m going back to two-a-days starting Monday to get ready. Lucky for you, that means progress photos!

See you again soon,


Rikochan’s Booty for Ass Wednesday

FBB Rikochan's ass is getting bigger, thanks to squats!

I have been squatting a lot. Can you tell by looking at my ass?

Just a quick hello and a quick update. First, the fun stuff: it’s Ass Wednesday! I’ve said many times that the whole reason I got into bodybuilding and fitness in the first place was because I was tired of having the dread Asian flat-ass. I wanted a big, round ass. I wanted a ghetto booty. I wanted to be able to balance a shot glass on my ass. I wanted to have back. I wanted junk in my trunk, and not the wibbly-wobbly cellulite kind. I wanted people to say: are you sure you’re Japanese? Are you part Latina? Is there a little bit of sistah in yah? I wanted junk in my trunk, and not the wibbly-wobbly cellulite kind. For a long time, almost all I did was ass and leg stuff, to the point where my upper body is still way behind my lower body, even thought I have been doing balanced workouts for a long time now.

Anyhow, Kraka took the picture above of me crashing after a long night of play (the source of the last couple days’ posts, if you are curious), and the flash woke me up. I was trying to be irritated that he shot me in bed, but I couldn’t help get distracted by wanting to see how my butt looked. When I saw it in the camera LCD, I shouted “It’s huge!” I was both shocked and excited. “Can it really be that big? Is that OK? Am I just fat? No wonder none of my pants fit right anymore! It’s as big as Brandi Mae‘s ass!”

Now THAT is an awesome ass. Love you, Brandi Mae!

Kraka calmed me down and made me look at some pictures of Brandi Mae’s beautiful bodacious booty to remind me that hers is in another league far, far beyond what a Japanese girl like me can ever hope to achieve. She is, after all, my Ass Idol. But, still, mine is big. Really BIG! I’m so excited and yet also a little bit nervous at how big it is! I have to go back to Japan again this fall, and my friends are going to FREAK OUT when they see it. Well, it will be smaller by then, as I am dieting–because, yes, I am way way way offseason, to put it politely. But, still. It’s not going to be that much smaller…

OK, now for the boring stuff: I’m still working on fixing Rikochanpornstar 2.0, but it’s a very slow process. I last night I spent several hours just trying to get the images for this post showing Slave Kraka going down on my big clit til I squirt. It was slow and buggy, so I started saving a lot, which apparently caused GoDaddy to think I was actually a malicious attacker and blocking my IP address! So, it’s going to take a while to get all the updates done.

Hope you’re all having a good hump day!



Rikochan: Muscular Calves, High Heels

If you've got a foot fetish, you'll love Rikochan's strong calves in sexy heels

Love these heels…they’re for indoor wear only! (Click all the pictures for giant-sized versions!)

I’ve been neglecting my leg lovers and foot fetishists for way too long. I hope this post will make up for it–a handful of new pictures from last night. It’s been so long since I did a real “shoot,” as opposed to just grabbing the camera during a sex session, and that’s when I take these kinds of legshow pictures. Last night was fun; I only shot for a little while, and the results were mostly unusable, but I was trying out a new camera that I borrowed from a friend; the Canon EOS 6D. It’s gorgeous! The pictures are 10 times better than what I get out of my old t2i, which feels junky and old by now.


FBB calves in high heels

Be good, or I’ll trample you…

It was so much fun to show off all the work I’ve done on my calves at the gym lately. Lots of sitting and standing calf raises, and I think the jumping rope has done a lot for me, too. I don’t know if you can really see it in these pictures, which are all very low angle shots that make my legs look so long and thin (relatively speaking), but my calves are actually pretty huge these days. I didn’t get any straight on shots that came out, or any measurement shots; I’ll be sure to get some next time, however.

Rikochan sexy big calves

Rock-hard calves in soft focus

My calves and quads have both gotten tighter and bigger; I think you can see a little bit of quad in the picture above, if not too much of the calves. My latest bodybuilding program is really focused on size, and I think I’m starting to see some progress. Of course, that means eating and eating and eating. It’s hard to balance muscle gain with not losing control of your weight. I am working really hard, but let’s say that I’m definitely pretty happy to wear a corset when I shoot these days… 🙁

Rikochan Strong Calves in B&W

There’s something about a leg-show and foot fetish shoot that just begs for black and white…

That last shot is a little something for the big clit fans, who might otherwise feel neglected by this post. Don’t worry, big clit fans, there’s more coming soon. I the meanwhile, however, there’s more from this set, including a couple pretty sexy nipple pumping shots. I’m back into nipple pumping in a big way these days, and I’m determined to get some serious size and some good pictures this time around.

Hope you leg and foot fetishists liked this post! I’m genetically blessed with calves, so I might as well embrace and share them, right? Let me tell you, though: Asian girls, who tend to have thick calves tend to hate them! When I was a kid, they were a constant source of stress for me. I’ve even read stories about Korean calf-reduction surgery! Thoughts?


Rikochan’s Mask Fetish

FBB Rikochan poses with fetiishy gas mask

Love that I could get two of my fetishes–muscle and masks–into one picture! (Click for larger version!)

I’ve wanted to own a gasmask for a long time—ever since I first saw one in the SheMuscle studio. So I was thrilled when Kraka brought one home for me, one that our friend the amazing Klawdya Rothschild of Klawtex helped him choose at our favorite NYC fetish store, Purple Passion/DV8. I finally got a chance to play in it last night, and it was crazy exciting. I was worried that the full face mask was going to make me feel claustrophobic, or make it hard to breathe, but, instead, I immediately felt, “this is right. This is sexy. This is me.”

That incredibly strong, visceral reaction got me thinking about masks: why do I love them so much, why do I wear them so often? It’s a hard thing to put into words. The easiest part to answer is: why do I wear a mask in any shot that might show my face? It’s because I’m only an amateur. The “pornstar” part of my site name was just an old joke that I sort of regret now, after having met some real pornstars. I worry they might think I am disrespecting them by using the title, that they might not get that it’s an aspirational thing, like calling myself an female bodybuilder, when I’m clearly years away from really looking like one. But, amateur or not, I do make porn. So masks are important to me, because they help me remain anonymous. But that’s not the only reason I wear them. I wear masks because I love them. The truth is, I have a mask fetish.

There’s something very freeing, very sexy in being masked. It gives you the feeling that you’re not yourself; that you can do anything you want, and there will be no consequences from your adventures. I don’t mean in terms of safety of course, but in terms of social repercussions. I can get fucked on camera with a strapon by my friend Ashlee Chambers and there’s no chance anyone will ever know. Shibari, femdom, bondage, forced orgasms, and more—I can try and record and share them all, without worrying too much.

But it’s not just about making porn to share. I love masks for themselves, and I often wear them when there’s no “need” to do so, anonymity-wise. Of course, there is the obvious reason: sometimes I want to be someone else, someone mysterious and hidden and sexy. But that’s only the outermost layer of the feelings I have for masks. Often, I think I wear them because I want to try new things in private; things I don’t know how to feel about. Things that the old, repressed me might be conflicted about, or feel guilty about or be ashamed to try.

The innermost layer is that sometimes I want to be outside myself. I don’t want to be me…or anyone in particular. I want to be able to have sex with my partner without being—or giving—anything that is Riko, except for her body. It’s not that I don’t want to exist, it’s more that I want to transcend (or maybe dig beneath?) worries, inhibitions, personality, thought, existence. I can be sex with no strings, for either me or my partner, a depersonalized body fucking without inhibition or thought other than “more,” and “harder.” Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a total power thing. I might actually be the one grabbing, biting, and climbing atop. While I am definitely more bottom than top, this whole thing is about surrender to sex and sensation than it is about submission.

I love masks because they allow my partners to see me in all the ways I’ve mentioned. I love to perform for them, in my masks. Kraka loves it because he knows that under the mask it’s me, fucking for video for all you pervs to jack off too, over and over and over again. And, when we are together without cameras, I know he gets off on the fetishy mystery of the mask, too. And, of course, he loves it if the mask makes me brave enough to try new things. Best of all, though is the last unspoken idea, that, for a little while, I’m not me, and he can treat me as not me—as not anyone in particular. He takes things just that little bit farther. He doesn’t ask if something is ok, he just fucking does it, then adjusts based on my reactions. He lets go of the idea of me, and him, and us, just a bit. Sometimes that’s a very, very good thing.

Rikochan’s Muscular Calves

Rikochan shows off her meaty calves

I got a lot of requests for pics of me flexing my big, muscular calves. Request fulfilled! (Click for the full-size version)

I’ve had a lot of requests for more leg shots. After more full body pictures, that’s my most frequently requested type of picture lately (except for face pictures, which isn’t going to happen right now, sorry!). Posing and flexing leg pictures are even more requested than big clit shots, which I find shocking but flattering. I guess a lot of you out there really love Japanese girls with big, meaty, muscular calves!

I certainly don’t mind showing them off a little bit, because I’ve been working really hard on my legs lately. Lots of squats, deadlifts, calf raises, curls, extensions, and some new plyometrics stuff I am working on adding to my workouts. I love to try new things–one of my biggests challenges is getting bored. So I’ve been reading lots of great workouts from figure and physiqe competitors like Erin Stern and incorporating some really fun new exercises–lots of jumps and sprints, for example–into my workouts, and I think I’m starting to see some results.

I’m also doing a fair amount more upper body stuff than I used to; my new workouts are probably more balanced than what I had been doing for the past few months. Those figure girls do a LOT more upper body work than I ever realized. I had sort of been avoiding their workouts since my dream has been bodybuilding, but, as Kraka pointed out, since all of them are bigger and in better shape than me, it’s not like I am going to be downgrading my efforts by following an Erin Stern workout, ha! And I am having a ton of fun in the gym again, and, for me, that is everything!

Rikochan flexes her strong, thick legs

Here’s something for all you foot-fetish fans out there! (Click for the full-size version)

So, what do you think of my latest leg shots? And, if legs aren’t your thing, what would you like to see next? I’m going to shoot over the holiday, and I’d love to hear what you all want!


Pretty Tranny Rikochan?

Rikochan shows off her arms

Is this what causes the confusion and uneasiness…

It’s not surprising, given my big clit and my bodybuilding, that I get plenty of traffic from boards about transsexuals, fans who are into transsexuals, and the occasional email along the lines of “r u a hermaphrodite?” and photo comments that say (about my clit): “It’s a cock! Shemale! Tranny!” People sometimes ask me if that bothers me. The answer is no. Not a bit.

In fact, I only recently found out that the word “tranny” is an insult to many trans people. It’s confusing to a non-native speaker, because it seems like a lot of trans people use the word themselves. There’s even a Tranny of the Year award given out by AVN, but more on that later. Are trans people using it ironically somehow? Is it a reclaimed word (like the n-word) that only some people can get away with? Or is it just the porn industry that uses the term, regardless of how trans people feel? Whatever the case, it’s clear that some people (trolls) are trying to be mean when they use it. But even when I am annoyed at the trolls, it’s just at their stupidity, not at the content of their messages.

Does my huge clit make me a tranny?

…or is it this? (Click for full-size version of this and the pic above.)

Why doesn’t it bother me? A better question might be: Why would it bother me? I don’t claim to know the minds of transsexuals, or what they experience or suffer or enjoy on their paths of transformation. But I do support them, and, in whatever small way I can, empathize with their desire for control over their bodies, their drive to create an outward self they can love. At the risk of hideously over-generalizing, I think that’s brave and inspiring. Not to mention the fact there are some incredibly sexy trans people out there, too! How could I be anything but flattered?

I’ve never been concerned with looking like anyone else, or like anyone else’s idea of how I should look. Sure, I’ve written about struggling with body-image issues (like most women—and more men than anyone talks about, I think), but even at my most obsessive, I never wanted to be like everyone else, exactly; it was always about control. I always had my own weird style and look and ideas about who I wanted to be and look like. And that’s even more the case now. It’s still about control, but at least it’s a healthier kind of control. I could only hope that my little store of dedication might be even a tiny fraction of the determination that trans people dedicate to their own journeys.

Rikochan big clit squirt AV with mosaic

Fetchi Complex posted my first Japanese-style mosaic picture; I was so excited!

Fetchi Complex

The result of my work on myself, and the source of the title of this post, is that I’ve started showing up in some blogs and sites about transsexuals—trans women, specifically. The biggest one is getting written up on Fetchi Complex (フェチコンプレックス– a slangy Japanese way to say “Fetish Complex”), a very cool Japanese site, which I’ve written about before.

My latest find (and the source of the title of this post), however, and the one that got me thinking about all this, is a tumblr called Pretty Tranny. Pretty Tranny recently reblogged a post that I submitted to another tumblr account (Big Clits) a while ago. When the post briefly caused rikochanpornstar’s traffic to spike, I went to explore the site. What struck me was how excited I was by the hot company my picure was in. These women were simply gorgeous! The fact that they had cocks (the site’s all about pre ops transwomen, it seems) was just a bonus for me. I started to feel myself get more and more excited the more I browsed these very sexy, girly girls with their lovely cocks. It started to get to me, deep down in whatever part of my brain it is that regularly serves up my futanari fantasies. Let’s just say I put Pretty Tranny to the use that its author had intended, until I was shaky and wet and my wrist hurt.

Delia DeLions

The fact is, there are some extraordinarily beautiful transwomen out there. One perfect example I have followed on Twitter for ages is in the picture above: Delia DeLionsDelia has won multiple Tranny Awards for Best Independent Site, and she is smart, clever and beautiful, and I’m always happy to see a new post on Delia’s Blog, DeliaTS. How could I be anything but flattered to be equated in even a tiny way with a woman like Delia?

Gorgeous Delia Delion with her lovely cock encased in shiny stockings

My gorgeous friend Delia DeLions shows off her lovely big cock encased in shiny stockings. (Image used with Delia’s kind permission)

But I’d never really investigated trans porn before, apart from a little dabbling. I love Delia’s site and tweets, but I’d never really gone out of my way to pursue transsexual porn as a genre, as a fetish to consciously perv. Delia is just Delia, to me, and I’d never reduce her down to anything beyond that. That said, my brain is very fetish oriented and prone to porn jags. When I home in on a specific kink, I want to know ALL about it. So, after my Pretty Tranny epiphany, I decided to do some “research” on the subject, to see if I couldn’t find other sexy transwoman porn to enjoy.

Bailey Jay

My best find so far is Bailey Jay. My friends Mistress K and Pet (hi guys!) of Deviant Display originally recommended me to her (is that right, K?) a while ago. I finally took Mistress K’s advice, and, wow, Bailey Jay is so cute! I immediately sent Kraka out to buy a DVD for us to watch. He picked up Shemale Idol 2 Auditions, and I can tell you: Bailey has got “It.” Of course, I’m probably not telling most of you who follow transsexual porn anything you don’t know, since Bailey Jay has won AVN’s Best Transsexual Performer of the Year for the last two years. It’s easy to see why. Next up on Kraka’s shopping list is the actual Shemale idol 2 competition DVD! I’m also following Bailey Jay on Twitter, and I recommend that you check it out, too.

Bailey Jay shows off her excellent boobs!

Bailey Jay is fucking hot! I’m definitely going to by more of her dvds! (Image used with kind permission from Bailey)

What is it About Transgirls?

Although I’m an instant big fan of Bailey Jay, I’m new to all this, and very curious about why I find her so appealing, why I find the idea of trans porn in general so hot. I’m curious, and I hope you can help me think about this: For all my fans who are into transsexual porn so exciting (I now include myself in that group), what is it that makes it so appealing? Why do you like it, what do you like about it, and how do you think about it? Do you imagine yourself having sex with the transwomen (or transmen) in the movies? If so, is it just a fantasy, or is it a fantasy you might act on someday, or maybe even one that you have acted on? Please, please, please let me know in the comments: I’d love to hear what you think!

Anyhow, I’m not really sure what the point of this post is, other than to say, labels don’t worry me and insults don’t phase me; I’m immune to attempts to reduce or categorize me. They simply point me down new avenues to explore, and, as you know if you’re a regular reader, there’s nothing I like better! My fetish, fantasy, and sex life is all the richer for it.


Bailey Jay Headshot

The lovely Bailey Jay

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