The Pouty Slave Gets a Lesson: A New Video

The Mistress takes good care of her pouty slave

I was feeling pouty when it was time to shoot, so my mistress pinched me, abused my big clit, fucked me with a giant dildo, and reamed my ass until I cheered up–and maybe cried a few tears, too.

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to be able to upload another big chunk of video this month, so soon after When Yuka Dommed Riko—which is crazy popular, so thanks to everyone who bought it! My new video, The Pouty Slave’s Lesson, Part I is not quite as long (but still pretty long, at 16 minutes!), but I think it’s one of my best videos ever, in some ways! Note that this is the first video I’m shooting with a brand new camera and brand new lights. I think you can tell even from these images, which are all screen grabs from the video, that the technical quality of my pouty slave video is better than anything I’ve shot so far.

Rikochan and Lady Clarece touch each other's Nipples

Almost nothing is more exciting to me that playing with a beautiful woman’s nipples while she is playing with mine…

Shooting With Lady Clarece

For one, I got to play with my good friend Lady Clarece, who is an amazing person and a very talented dominatrix. She had been behind the scenes at a few of my shoots (she even did the interview on When Yuka Dommed Riko) and once she even was nice enough to pose her gorgeous feet with my big clit!

Pouty slave sucking nipples

I could have sucked those big brown nipples all night long!

I’ve been hoping for a long time that we could shoot together, because she’s a cool person and a very strict one, and as a very submissive person, I really need a firm mistress to take control of my scenes or they just kind of fall apart. I’m ok at the planning, but once the camera is rolling, someone else needs to take over…

Rikochan licks Lady Clarece's gorgeous nipple

I had such an amazing time playing with pro dominatrix Lady Clarece!

I had another secret reason for wanting to do it, though. Boobs! As some of you know, I love boobs. Pretty much all the porn I watch that isn’t FBB porn lately is big boob porn, but I’ll save writing about my love of boobs for an upcoming post I’ve been working on for a while.

The point here is that for the first time in ages I made a boob-focused video! Yay!

Rikochan Motorboating Lady Clarece's tits cheers up the pouty slave

Motorboating Lady Clarece’s big beautiful breasts was a peak moment for me! So exciting!

The Pouty Slave Is Pouty

As the pouty slave…it should really be called pouty sub and not pouty slave–I may change the title and reupload it: my English is not always good. As the pouty slave in this video I am cranky and pouty and almost noncompliant at the beginning of the video. That’s about the limit of my acting, and it’s only barely acting as I think I may pout a lot.

And, let me tell you, after seeing how ugly I look while pouting I am never doing that again on video. I may have to rethink that face in real life, too!

Nipple torture!

Yeah, all the gasping and moaning in this video is real. Turning the pump that hard and fast hurt!

Anyhow, Lady Clarece knows just how to deal with a sulky sub, by showing me that things could be both better and worse! Since she’s a dominatrix, I get the stick pretty quickly in the form of tight, steel handcuffs, and my arms stretched over my head and pinned behind my back, followed almost immediately by searing nipple pinches without the gentle buildup I am used to!

Pumping Rikochan's Nipples

You can see at the bottom of the shot that my huge clit is peeking out of my crotchless panties!

She alternates that terrible treatment with soothing fingertip caresses all over my breasts and muscular upper body, and even begins to play with my cult through my black panties. Spoiler: My clit is already so erect that it’s straining against the fabric of my lacy black panties.

I don’t want to spoil the whole 16-minute clip, but there’s plenty more play and torture of my nipples in it, including a pump that’s short but so hard and fast that I literally gasp in the clip. (Yeah, all those sounds and faces I make are the real thing…I’m not a good enough actor to fake them.)

Lady Clarece pumping Rikochan's nipple--HARD

OMG, I never had my nipple get so swollen so fast! Hurts so good…

Peak Nipple Play

The best part, however, is that Lady Clarece gives me a reward that I didn’t know I was going to get until it happened: her beautiful tits to play with! It was such a wonderful surprise, I real felt like it was a real reward for enduring my punishment like a good sub!

Rikochanpornstar's fat clit, swollen labia

My fat clit glans is bigger than than Lady Clarece’s fingers! And look how swollen and fat my labia are!

I can’t tell you how eager I was to get my hands and mouth on those big, soft, gorgeous breasts, so different from my hard little ones that are barely there anymore over my pecs, which are getting bigger and tighter all the time. And those big soft brown puffy nipples! Ugh! I’m getting excited just writing about them. So different from my little areolae and hard little pencil eraser nips!

Stroking big clit like cock

My mistress Jerked my clit like a cock. Ugh, just remembering it is making me hard again!

I got to bury my face between her tits, and, I have to tell you, that was a peak moment for me. You might not think it, considering all the freaky porn I’ve made in the 70+ clips and thousands of pictures I’ve been in, but just getting a chance to bury my face in between a big soft pair of tits has been on my porn bucket list forever! (Hmm, I should totally write a post about my porn bucket list…) I took advantage of every second she granted me for worshipping those gorgeous tits, licking, sucking, caressing, squeezing, and just plain nuzzling them.


Pouty slave and big clit pinching

Lady Clarece pinched my clit so hard! It hurt, but I loved it.

And Now, the Clit

If the video shoot had ended there, I would already have been satisfied, but it didn’t…not even close. My Mistress decided that her pouty slave still needed instruction, and that her clit needed some attention, too. She spent the next several minutes deliciously tormenting it, and me! She used her fingers, clamps and even ice on my girl erection, and I started to get my chair very wet, as you can see at the end of the video in a little post-credits treat. That’s how wet I get, even when I’m not squirting!

After a few minutes of big clit play, we end the video. Not because she didn’t keep using my clit for our mutual enjoyment, but so that we could move onto the bed.

BDSM clit torture

I loved the nipple clamp on my enlarged clit!

Pouty Slave Parts II and III: Clit Torture, Pussy Stretching, and Anal Invasion

The editing isn’t done yet, but I think that in Part II, you’ll see me as the pouty slave on my back getting a ton of clit pinching and jerking and fingerbanging. In Part III, you see me squirming and moaning as Lady Clarece does her best to get a 7-inch diameter black rubber dildo into my poor pussy and some anal toys, too! It all ends with an prolonged Hitachi Magic Wand session that Lady Clarece wouldn’t stop until I actually collapsed! Look for the second video in a week or so!

Rikochan's big clit and dripping pussy

You can see I’m starting to stain the cloth, my pussy is so wet…

Happy Titty Tuesday/Favorite Boobs

Rikochan's boobs and FBB pecs

I finally remembered to post for Titty Tuesday!

With all the big clits, fetish gear, pumping, anal hooks and so on that I post and think about on Rikochanpornstar, it’s a little bit strange to just be posting pictures of my boobs–strange, but fun! It’s funny that I post so few boob pictures, considering that almost all the porn stars I like have big beautiful boobs, and that much of the porn I watch is focused on boobs.

When it comes to porn, what I love is watching women’s breasts. Unless I am watching big clit or muscle porn, I am far more interested in the tits than the pussy. In fact, unless I am super horny, too much focus on the pussy gets boring. I’d far rather be watching breast swaying and swinging and jiggling, or slathered in Japanese-style “lotion” or being rubbed all up and down someone’s body in a soapland-style video. I want to see women rubbing their breasts together or sucking and flicking each other’s nipples. I want to see nipples pumped, clamped, bitten, and tickled.

Because I love boobs.

Here are a few of my favorite adult stars with amazing boobs.

Jelena Jensen

Jelena Jensen

Jelena Jensen is one of my all-time favorite pornstars–to the extent that I sort of Twitter-stalk her, I am ashamed to admit. Honestly, she is so hot and so sexy and has such smouldering charisma that it wouldn’t matter what kind of shape she had, but I do love her full breasts and fit body. I own all her Girlfriends Films movies, and I highly recommend them for fun lesbian sex, especially the ones with my main girl crush, Jelena Jensen.

Hamasaki Rio's gorgeous breasts

Rio Hamasaki’s lovely soft titties

Rio Hamasaki has been one of my favorite big boobs stars from Japan for a couple years. I saw her early movies before she was quite so glammed up and liked them just as much as her newer ones, because they all had one thing in common; her cheerful enthusiasm for all kinds of sex, and her amazing boobs. She’s just a pleasure to watch. Two bonuses: she’s a squirter and she does some girl/girl scenes, including lesbian soap videos.



Julia has no last name–she’s a woman of mystery. We love Julia; she’s probably our most-watched JAV star right now, partly because she’s making a lot of movies right now, and partly because she’s so very sexy. I discovered from watching her that I have a fixation or fetish for puffy nipples. You can’t really see it from this picture, but Julia’s areolas are simply amazing. At times I want to take her home and feed her and give her a nap, because she is skinny and looks tired sometimes, but she performs with exciting gusto. I watched her video Finest Body Soap just this weekend as a warmup for sex. 🙂

Momoka Nishina

Momoka Nishina

Momoka Nishina is the cutest big boob porn start I know of, currently. She’s super genki and perky and really seems to enjoy herself, and, best of all, she does lots and lots of lesbian scenes, including lesbian soap and lotion movies. I watched one of her big boob lotion fuck movies this weekend!

Meguru Kosaka

Meguru Kosaka

Meguru Kosaka I don’t watch so much anymore because she retired and there aren’t as many her movies around that I can buy that I haven’t seen. But, for a while I was watching a new movie by her every week–and loving them! She tended to be mostly laughing and smiling, instead of the typical Japanese squeeling and yada-ing, which I really loved. She unretired after a while, and I think she is still making movies, but the newer ones haven’t been as good. My favorites of hers were an onsen vacation “reality” video she made, and a school bathing suit video.

Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni was my first big boob crush, who I learned about watching Andrew Blake‘s movies–the videos thatmade me realize that I actually might like porn. It was Blake’s videos and Aria’s body that really helped turn me on the world of adult. I don’t see much from her anymore, but anytime she does a scene for Blake, I buy it!

Hitomi Tanaka

Hitomi Tanaka

I’ll add Hitomi Tanaka, mega-boob star my friend Hugh told me about (hi Hugh!) I don’t know her very well (haven’t seen her movies) but her boobs sure are amazing, especially considering that they are natural. I am going to keep an eye out for her.

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