Tagnipple pumping

Rikochan’s Breast Implants Poll

Rikochan nipple pumping results

My nipples are getting bigger (thanks to pumping) but my breasts are getting smaller. What should I do?

After yesterday’s Titty Tuesday post, I got to thinking a lot more about just how small my boobs are, and how much I love nice big breasts. After all, if you’ve been reading here for any time, you know that I have a thing for big ones. Most of the porn I watch is of the big boob variety. So, I was imagining what I would look like with nice big, soft boobs.

So I started to think about it, seriously. I mean it’s not anything I would do next week or anything like that, but it’s definitely something that I am thinking about, in the way that I start thinking about big things weeks and months and even years before I do them. I’m starting to do some research, let’s say.

Of course, since I’m not in hurry, I’d be looking for the best person in the world to do them. I’d probably go to Japan; there are a lot of big boob actresses there with amazingly good implants that seem soft and move right. I’d start saving early so that money would be no object, for sure, and while I was saving, I’d be doing lots and lots of searching on the Internet and talking to lots of people, about where to go, and what approach to take, and who have do them.

Part of the research is just talking to other people and getting their opinion on it, too. Friends, family. Even fans! Ultimately, it’s a choice that I would make completely based on my own feeling and desires, but I’d still obsessively be gathering opinions and input right up until I made the choice for myself, the way I always do.

So, here’s my question. What do you think about implants for me? I’ve asked this question before, but I’m a lot more serious about it these days. You can tell, because I made a poll! Polls are serious. Take the poll and let me know! Definitely let me know what you think in more detail in the comments, too.

Thanks! ~Riko

Rikochan Loves Puffy Nipples

Rikochan's Pumping leads to puffy nipples

I love puffies–wish my nipples were puffy. I’m working on it!

I watch porn. I watch a lot of porn. I watch a lot of Japanese porn, and my favorite star recently is name Julia. She’s got amazing, perfect breasts that, as far as I can tell are real. They are soft and swing beautifully, and turn up so sexily, and the shape. It’s just…wow. Best of all, she has puffy nipples. I love puffy nipples.

Ever since I saw Traci Lords videos as a girl (yes, the underage ones that you can’t buy anymore–I was underage then, too), I’ve been fascinated by large, swollen nipples. I just want to touch them, carress them, lick them. When I see them, any lingering, learned shame or reservations I sometimes have about wanting to be with women, wanting to make love with women, wanting to fuck women, just evaporate.  To me, erect nipples are extremely sexy, but puffy nipples, they’re like the whole breast has an erection, like even the areolae are engorged, the hot blood pounding in the chest so hard that the skin stretches until it is hard, and tight and tender…

Rikochan's puffies

I have fantasies that someday after a long pumping session my nipples will just stay like this, all nice and puffy.

If I was the sort to change my body through plastic surgery (and if it were possible) I would definitely go under the knife to have puffy nipples. And so I have started to pump my areolae.  Sure, I’ve got tubes for just the nipples, for making them fatter and longer, and that’s mostly what I’ve shown here, but, in addition to wanting bigger, more sensitive nipples, I would dearly love to have puffies. I pump them for hours sometimes, and I love the way they get huge and round and purple and swollen. The feeling as the skin stretches and stretches is just delicious. I haven’t been doing it all that long, so I haven’t seen any results yet, but even just the idea of it, even just seeing my own nipples swollen up like real puffies in the cup is super exciting to me.

Puffies give Rikochan a clit erection

Fantasizing about my puffies makes my huge clit erect!

In fact, I’ve written before about inducing lactation, something I also fantasize about, and one of the main reason now that that idea has become so exciting for me is that lactating women’s nipples change during nursing, and that their areolae can grow!

These are not the best pictures ever, but they were very exciting for me to see, and I hope you will enjoy them too. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Julia's Perfect Breasts

I can’t get enough of Julia’s breasts and perfect puffy nipples!

In the meanwhile, here is a picture of my newest JAV girl-crush. I know, she’s not the fitness girl you might expect of me. That’s right, I have broader tastes than you realize! You can see her perfect breasts here, of course, and you can sort of get an idea of how puffy her nipples can be. I’ll keep looking for better pictures and update you on those, too. Maybe I’ll dedicate a whole post to her soon.

What do you think? Do you like puffy nipples? I know some people find them weird and unattractive. How about Julia? Do you like her?

Rikochan: Shibari Day!

Rikochan has her first shibari experience

Rikochan has her first Shibari Experience for old.rikochanpornstar.com

Took the day off yesterday to shoot some video with a friend, who I’ll call M. What a great day: I had my first shibari experience, but that wasn’t the biggest first. Much bigger was how much force my friend (who is a small—though busty—Japanese woman) used on me, and how much I liked it. I’ve never had anyone pinch my nipples or slap my clit or ass that hard before! I guess that’s what happens if you convince a domme friend to work in your video and she decides you aren’t making enough noise. It hurt so much, but I was surprised how much I liked it–first time I’ve ever really felt like that. Bondage I decided I loved a while ago. But this was new to me. I can’t remember ever squirting more, or feeling more exhausted and satisfied at the end of a shoot—not that I’ve done many shoots, but, still…

M said that despite being Japanese (and a domme), she wasn’t a shibari pro. “Shocking, right?” This made me and Kraka laugh. There are funny stereotypes out that there about Japanese women because of all the porn that is most Americans’ only exposure to them—eating shit, soap-fucking, fucking octopuses, etc. A ridiculous number of people assume that Japanese women must be experts at all of them. The even funnier thing is that despite M’s disclaimer, she proceeded to tie me up in a very nice harness. I guess it was pretty simple rope work, but I thought it looked sexy, and it definitely felt sexy to wear. I’ve got a pro-shibari shoot I’ve been trying to schedule for a while now, and this made me super eager to get the details worked out!

Klawdya Latex Over Tits

Klawdya Rothschild: Latex Maven (and my sex-toy expert)

M was using the new shibari ropes that Kraka had picked up for the shoot at Purple Passion/DV8, where he was again helped by the super-cool Klawdya,  who I need to get into the store to meet—partly because I’m going to commission her to make me a latex mask (she’s Purple Passion’s “latex maven”), and partly just because.  Klawdya describes herself as “an independent curator, artist, Alt Sex and Spirituality educator, Kink Rights Advocate, and Occultist,”  among many other things. She recently spoke about her first latex fashion show at Red Umbrella Diaries, which I once again stupidly missed!

Last time Kraka met her, she helped him pick out the anal toys I used in my first anal gape shot. This time she helped him pick out a hot bit gag that I really kind of love. It’s uncomfortable in a very comfortable way, if that makes sense.  I love it—I think it might be my gateway bondage toy. I’m definitely seeing more bondage gear in my future! Kraka had been going to get a big ball gag, but she told him that 1) if it’s for a photoshoot I might not like it because it might make me look like I have a big double chin (and I’m already a little chubby) and 2) that people new to gags probably wouldn’t be able to tolerate a big ball for a whole afternoon of video.


Justine Joli and friend with KinkLab bit gag

This is the exact bit gag I got! I wish mine came with Justine Joli, too!

And it was a whole afternoon of video (and photos, as you can see). We did three little scenes. One has me standing on my corner window sill, hands cuffed to a bar above my head as M plays with my nipples and pussy and the pumps my nipples and my big clit until I’m so excited that the juices just run down my leg and puddle on the window ledge and floor. Dommes pump longer and harder than husbands, it turns out! Yum, and ouch! My poor clitty was still swollen and sensitive six hours later when I fucked Kraka later that night after waking up from a coma-like nap. (And, FYI, post-domme sex is very nice.)

In the next scene, I’m sitting in a chair as M plays with my nipples. That was the shot where she felt like I was being a little too passive, and she mistreated my nipples and breasts most deliciously.  I haven’t seen the video yet, but Kraka (who was shooting) tells me that was the hottest part of the shoot. I’m a little worried about the camera work, as Kraka started fingering me our of the shot, but I guess I won’t complain if it looks a little shaky.

In the final scene, we were in the kitchen, with me bent over a chair as M fucked me good and hard with my purple jelly dildo and various other toys. I’m not sure what all she was doing to me,  but at one point she wanted to bring the intensity up again, so she started whacking my thighs with the dildo like it was a flogger or something. She hit my clit so hard that I either squealed or screamed (I’ll have to watch the video to decide which) and, again it led to tremendous messy gushing. She caught my squirting into a glass measuring cup, which she poured out into two wine glasses for us… That’s part of why I want to work with lots of people–that’s an idea I never would have had, on my own.

Rikochan shibari virgin

See how swollen my poor clitty is? M pumped it ridiculously hard. Which I love.

For the record, some Japanese stereotypes may have a basis in truth. In that scene, the toughest part wasn’t being smacked on the thighs or clit, wearing a very tight bit gag, being tied bent over to a chair in an awkward position (which is a great leg workout, by the way), or being harshly fucked with a dildo (ok, that part isn’t tough at all). It was being forced to stand in my own mess! We cut a couple times to fix the lights, and I pleaded with M to clean up the puddle I was standing in. She just laughed! Standing in my mess was the hardest part. Her telling me no was maybe the sexiest.

Anyhow, it was great—my first time with a little bit of shibari, my first time having a domme show me just a little (a very little, I’m sure) of what she can do, and my second time working with girls. It was also our first time actually “producing” a video. It was probably a disaster in terms of quality, but that’s ok: it was a learning experiment and it was super fun. Plus, my fans don’t seem to mind that my stuff is super amateur looking, luckily. Overall it was a great experience. I’ll be working on the video soon!

In the meanwhile, I’m looking forward to setting up another shoot, maybe in October. This time I think I’m going to see if I can find a woman to really fuck me and get fucked. I’ve loved my few sessions with women and toys, but for my next video I want actual sex: pussy-licking, clit-sucking, 69ing, finger-stroking-gspot, mouth-on-nipple sex with a girl.

Any takers for my first time? 🙂

PS: Click on my pics for bigger versions. And stay tuned for some bit-gag pics!

Rikochan’s Nipple Pumping for Titty Tuesday

Rikochan nipple pumping!

There’s nothing better than pumping your nipples as hard as you can!

Titty Tuesday is one of my favorite Twittermemes, because it’s sexy and because anyone can play–anyone with titties, that is! I spend way too much time every Tuesday looking at boobs and thinking about the next time I get to play with some other than mine. Yeah, I’m seriously starting to want to play with another woman again. The only other time I ever did was when I shot for DirtyMuscle with Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda (both of whom have awesome boobs). Apparently I talk about playing with girls a lot when I molest my guy Kraka after I take ambien.

More nipple pumping

The bigger I pump my nipples, the more sensitive they get!

Yes, I take ambien, and, yes, I end up having a lot of crazy sex after I take it. Kraka joked that it’s reverse roofies for me–I take ambien, get loopy and then force sex on him. Not that he doesn’t want to have sex, all the the time. But he’s often asleep by the time I take ambien and get all hot and bothered. Not that he’s complaining: the sex is amazing, though the memories are a little hazy. I do know that it makes me completely uninhibited and wild (even more than usual) and it can go on for hours and hours. I can’t always come when I’m on ambien, but it doesn’t really matter–it’s all about the raw sensation and the fucking with complete abandon. I sometimes feel a little weird about just how strong an effect ambien has on me. To be quite honest, if I hadn’t already discovered just how much I loved sex and just how much I wanted to explore its borders and limits before I started taking ambien, I would be completely freaked out. If me in my repressed, locked down days had taken ambien and found myself in the middle of an all-night anal toy and squirting session with the camera flashing and the video camera running, I think I might have completely lost my shit. As it is, I simply love it.

Rikochan's longest nipples ever!

My nipples get so sensitive after I pump that just touching them can make me squirt.

Anyhow, Kraka tells me that I talk a lot about tits and wanting to play with another woman’s tits and feel them against mine, nipples to nipples, and to suck another woman’s nipples as she sucks mine. I also talk a lot about fucking another woman with my big clitty, but that’s another story! Anyhow, I sometimes get a little shy when Kraka reminds me some of the sexier things I’ve said, but I have to admit that it’s very very hot to hear your own secret thoughts repeated back to you, secret things you barely admit to yourself, sometimes.

That’s not the case with wanting to fuck another woman however; I want that. I’ve wanted that for some time. I just don’t think I realized how much. It’s  not clear when this will happen, but I am determined that it will. And that I’ll share it with you!

In the meanwhile, I’ve only got one set of titties to show you for Titty Tuesday, but I think they’re not bad, right? Especially if you like nipple pumping!


PS: Click the pics to see much, much bigger versions of all three of today’s Titty Tuesday pictures.

Rikochan’s Pumped Nipples

Rikochan's pumped nipples are huge!

Would you like to my pumped nipples? They are crazy sensitive!

I’m surprised there isn’t more porn about pumping women. It’s one of the sexiest looking kinds of foreplay I can think of—we’re almost all interested in the size of the sexy parts, and pumping makes them all bigger, at least temporarily. It can also satisfy the body-modification urge without actually requiring any permanent changes like piercing, splitting, inking, etc. If you pump someone else (or submit to someone else pumping you), it can also be fun, light BDSM play. Forced erections of the cock, nipples, or clit and forced engorgement of the labia is just a crazy sexy idea. Just like forced orgasms, this is a kind of D/s play I can really get behind. In both cases, I love the idea that there’s submission, but that it’s submission to pleasure, not pain.

Tiny tits, big pumped nipples

Combining two of my favorite fetishes: nipple pumping and corsets!

The best thing of all about pumping, however, is that it feels amazing. As whatever it is you’re pumping—in my case my clit and nipples—becomes more swollen, it also becomes more sensitive, to the point where it can almost be agony to touch it, once it’s pumped to the maximum. But you want to touch it, oh my, yes. Because when you do, the sensation is so much more powerful than you can imagine if you haven’t tried it. Imagine your nipple, say, has tripled in size: the skin is pulled so taut, stretched so far that it feels like your nerves are three times as sensitive.

Rikochan's amazingly fat nipples

My forced double nipple erection

When Kraka touches, licks, sucks, or even blows on my nipples when the tube comes off after a good long hard pumping, I can instantly feel my vagina spasming, my clit throbbing. Sometimes I actually squirt, even though he’s not touching my pussy at all. I’ve never quite had a full-on orgasm solely from stimulation of my pumped nipples.

[Note: as always, click on the pictures for much bigger versions.]

Rikochan’s Contest (and Big Clit Prize)

勃起 クリトリス Rikochan gets fucked hard

Rikochan gets fucked–hard!

Hey all: i’m hard at work on several posts on some of my friends, including, but not limited to Ashlee Chambers, deviantdisplay.com, and Surfoo, but, in the meanwhile I’ve had a crazy traffic explosion here today, and I can’t figure out where some of it is coming from–the wordpress analystics only tell me so much. And I want to know, because I’m totally obsessive about this stuff. I always want to know where people heard about me and my big clit! I visit every site that mentions me, and try to at least say hi on most of them.

So, here’s my contest. For today and tomorrow, everyone who comments or sends me an email (at Rikochanpornstar [at] gmail.com) and is the first person to tell me about a place that links to me or mentions me in any way, I’ll send that person a huge picture that never gets posted anywhere else. I mean, you’ll all get the same image, but no one else ever will.

Interested? Let the comments begin. I promise: it’s a really good picture!


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