Rikochan: Island Ass and Legshow

Rikochan shows off her muscular ass and legs in Jamaica

I’ve been working my glutes, thighs and calves. You like? Click the pic for the full-sized version!

Hello from Jamaica! I honestly haven’t taken too many pictures here…been too busy relaxing, working out, eating, and lying out on the beach. But I have taken a few, and I thought my fans and friends might like this one. I’ve been working super hard on my legs and glutes, with lots of lifting and cardio lately, and I feel like I’m starting to see some progress beyond just having giant calves (which I’ve had since I was a volleyball player in junior high school!). I’ve hit the gym everyday but one since I got here, and since I’m so much better rested than when I was only getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night for the few weeks leading up to my trip, I’ve been able to kill my workouts, and really enjoy the burn, pain, and sweat more than I have for ages.

I had a lot of fun shooting this picture; it’s part of a series of a lot of shots with my robe at different heights-gradually naughty. I’m leaning out over the balcony of my gorgeous suite looking out at the people on the beach, and they (probably) have no idea that from the waist down I am completely naked—although they may have wondered what all the flashes behind me were, ha! It’s very exciting to be a little bit of an exhibitionist, I have discovered—I even went to a nude beach here for the first time ever in my life! It’s not something that the average Japanese woman will probably do, I think, but, once you take it all off, it turns out not to be such a big deal, and then it feels kind of liberating.

I have a new flash for my camera and have been experimenting with it a lot lately—burning through the batteries as I figure out how it works. I’m especially excited to try the bounch on pumping toys, which never photograph in direct flash-the tubes always reflect right back into the camera and you can’t see how swollen the pumped up clit or nipples inside are. Maybe I will try it tonight! I did bring some pumping toys to Jamaica, but I’ve been too lazy to use them…

Anyhow, hope you like my legs and hopefully you can see a little progress!

~Riko (in Jamaica)

FBB Friday! Rikochan’s Progress Pics for 9/30/2011 & Upcoming Fetish Projects

Rikochan FBB Front Chest Progress 9 26 30

I’ve definitely put on some muscle. Now I just have to take off some fat!

Been working hard at the gym on my wannabe musclegirl self all week after a layoff of three or four days recovering from my holiday. Mostly cardio and legs this week, because I did something to the tendon that goes down from the outside of the thumb along the wrist to the forearm. It hurts when I lift and grip! So I’m taking the time to do lots and lots of cardio to hopefully lean out. Icing and ibuprofen in the meanwhile. Cardio is what I need, anyhow. It can’t all be pumping iron, right. I wish it could.

I have a lot of possible shoots and projects and opportunities coming up in the next month or two, and I am really tired of wishing I were leaner every time I see pictures and videos of myself. And let’s just say that vacation didn’t help, either. I lifted hard and heavy and I ate well, but too much and not often enough. Oh well: vacation, right?

I am excited about these opportunities, but I won’t tell all the details because they aren’t definite yet, but I’m talking seriously to a sexy musclegirl friend I’ve worked with before and really like—that seems pretty firm, like we’ll be shooting with my photographer friend, maybe in a couple weeks. This FBB is great and sexy and fun, and my photographer friend (who is a girl) has a kind of a thing for her—and for FBBs in general. Maybe we can convince her to be in a video with us!

Musclegirl Rikochan shows off her muscles.

What do you think of my chest and shoulders and little traps? Coming along?

And I’m talking to a new friend, too, a bodybuilding domme whose body just…wow. Anyhow, we’ve agreed to work together the next time she’s in town, and she’s promised to make me squirt like I never squirted before! That’s hard to imagine, because I’ve squirted so much in the past, but if anyone can do it, it’s her. I’m going to pitch our idea to a cool big-name photographer I know whose work I love, who we’ve both worked with.

I’m working to set up a shibari shoot, too. I played a little bit with shibari with my friend M, and loved it. She was good at it, but she’s not a full-time shibari pro-she’s a domme of all trades. This  guy is a serious roper who does demonstrations at big shows and so on. He’s also a photographer. I’m hoping we can get some great pictures and maybe a video, too. I’m excited to be tied and totally helpless!

And I’m currently trying to schedule an electroplay date with a serious electro expert I’ve been in touch with for quite a while but never actually met. I don’t know if it’s going to just be for fun or if it might be okay to shoot, too. We’ll see.  I’ve done a lot of electrostim in the past, but I have just basic TENS unit equipment and just experimented with it. This guy has multiple high end electro units, with every attachment known to man or woman. He even has a way to give you a saline enema and electrify the water with long slow waves that are supposed to drive people simply crazy. I’m not sure we’re going to go for electro-enemas right off the bat, but I am really excited to completely surrender to an electro pro.

Finally, a super gorgeous local domme recently got in touch with me on fetlife and after talking for a while we decided to meet and talk about shooting together. We’ve got the gear (and me) and she’s got some sexy ideas—she’s very creative, take-charge type. Well, she is a domme, right? Anyhow, I’m hoping that I can get out of the rut I’ve been in for a while—I can only do so many masturbating videos before I need to try something else to shake myself up a little and try something new. I know that at least some of my fans will be very happy to hear that one idea is to do some wrestling, complete with clothes tearing! I’m pretty strong, but she’s a crazy long-legged jiu jitsu practitioner. I’m a little worried, because I think the loser might get fucked senseless with a strap-on.

Anyhow, as you can see, I’m going to be busy, so I’ve really got to work on leaning out a little and getting ready!

Wish me luck!


PS: Click the pics for larger versions!

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