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Futanari Rikochan!

Huge boob, huge cock futanari Rikochan in serious bondage

My first real futanari picture made me incredibly happy and horny. It won’t be my last commission from Lisa M. Hayes! (Click for full-size image)

What is it about futas? It’s hard to quantify, but I can tell you this: of all the Japanese hentai stuff I have ever seen, futanari is to me by far the sexiest, and that is saying something. It even beats tentacle porn! I was thinking a lot about futanari and why it was so appealing last week as the amazing Lisa Hayes, creator of Ultra Fem, was drawing the piece above for me, in one of her regular live-drawing sessions. I highly recommend these sessions, by the way. If you want to catch one, follow Ultra Fem on Twitter; it’s free!

I’ve written about futanari before, and I go back and forth on why I think futa is so exciting; sometimes I think it’s the hot futa girl sex that always seems to happen as they explore their new dick-girl anatomy and all the strange unaccustomed urges that seem to come with it. After all, if you have TESTicles, you’ve got TESTosterone, right? And that means libido!

But sometimes it’s about the transformation. Lately I am thinking a lot about transformations. I am starting a new serious push for physical transformation these days. I didn’t do too badly during the past two months travelling back and forth to Japan and all the jetlag that goes with it. I didn’t make any progress, but I am happy at how well I managed to eat and not completely lose the shape and size I have been trying to build for so long. And, when I met Mistress Treasure, she had great things to say to me that really encouraged me to take my bodybuilding more seriously, and maybe to compete someday! So I am thinking a lot about the idea that your body is something that can change—and drastically, too. Of course, the futa change is a lot different than the bodybuilding change, but I think they are similar in that both kinds of change are really transgressive and shocking to the mainstream world.

Rikochan in bondage, with gag

Rikochan as Futanari in Bondage Detail

Futa Versus Bodybuilding
Futanari has one huge difference (apart from the obvious cosmetic ones) from bodybuilding, however. Bodybuilding is a long, slow process that you have to struggle for. In most futa stories, the dick-girl’s transformation usually takes place overnight, and it’s not usually something she even knows is coming, let alone tries to cause (or even wants).  As a bottom and a sometimes submissive, this loss of control is incredibly sexy; the idea of being transformed into a being of such blatant and outright sexuality is kind of breathtaking. I mean, seriously, look at the drawing of me above. With a cock that big and boobs that big, you wouldn’t be able to hide either one in your daily life; you’d be wearing your completely deviant sexuality on your sleeve. Imagine waking up one day and that’s how you looked? That tends to be how it works in the futa stories. You would be the ultimate sex object, and there’s something incredibly exciting about that idea.

Futanari as Temptress
You’d be the ultimate sex object, with one huge twist: anyone who was into you would also be a seriously transgressive type, too. “Normal” people wouldn’t be into you, except where they had some guilty non-normal urges and desires. I think that’s part of what fascinates me about getting really big and muscular, the idea that I’m attractive to a hardcore fetish group of people, but especially that people who identify as normal are into me in spite of themselves, that in looking at pictures of me, they might find themselves tempted to admit that they feel something more than just vanilla sexuality. After all, neither men nor women can call an attraction to “dickgirls” a straight trait. I think that’s also part of the reason transsexal porn is so damned exciting.

The same is also true of my big clit. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to me when someone writes: “I am a straight guy and I’ve never been into bodybuilders and big clits before, but I can’t help wanting to blow your clit like it was a little cock, while you wrap those big strong legs around me and hold me helpless until you are finished with me.” Of course I love equally the ones that say, “I am a straight woman but I would totally love to give you head…” Those two emails (or ones very like them) represent more than half of the emails and comments I get, by the way!

I think that might be the real reason I love futa; more than incredible art, more than the idea that futa sex is hot; more than the idea that it’s a sexy unwilling transformation story. The fact is that futanari’s massive underground popularity represents an admission by everyone who’s into it that there’s something very far from “normal” vanilla sexuality in their psyche.

So, futa fans: Why do you like futanari? I mean, sure, the art is hot? But what’s behind your love for it? I’d love hear…leave me your thoughts in the comments!


Rikochan’s Muscle Worship Session with Mistress Treasure

Rikochan's muscle worship session with FBB Mistress Treasure

Kissing Mistress Treasure’s rock-hard biceps (photography by Mayumism.com)

Muscle worship is something that I’d only experienced once, before I met Mistress Treasure. Yes, I worship muscle every day—but only with my eyes. Female bodybuilding videos and pictures, blogs and sites… I can’t imagine living without these things, but they are not the same thing. Not even close. I only ever got feel the rock hard, raw power of a female bodybuilder’s muscles once before, when I shot for SheMuscle with Darkside Milinda and Ashlee Chambers. That shoot is one of my most treasured fetish moments ever.  I can now add to that list my session with my newest dominatrix, Mistress Treasure.

Mistress Treasure is, quite simply, gorgeous. Her body is fantastic. As she strutted back and forth in front of me, disciplining me where I sat, breasts and pussy utterly exposed and vulnerable to her riding crop, I drank her in with my eyes, the punishment only occasionally reaching a level that could distract me from her perfect physique. She’s not very tall, but she projects such power and strength and vitality that she seems much larger than her actual size. Every bit of her is amazing, but that ass… I have never seen anything like it in real life; so perfect and high and tight and round. Regular readers know that one of the main reasons I got into bodybuilding in the first place was because I wanted an ass like that. To see Mistress Treasure’s thick, muscular booty was like seeing my ideal made flesh—tight, delicious flesh!

Of course, while I was most closely focused on her glutes, there’s not one part of Mistress Treasure that isn’t beautifully sculpted. I gladly endured her domination of me, and the sting of her riding crop on my nipples, my thighs, my pussy, even my almost painfully swollen clit, because I knew that my reward would be to touch her smoothness, to run my fingers over her hardness, kiss her silky black skin…

More thoughts on my session to come!


Edited to add: you can buy the 21-minute video Rikochan and Mistress Treasure’s Muscle Worship Session on my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium. There’s a little preview there, too. Or, you can just click the button below:

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Thanks a Million!

Rikochan in leather corset and high heels showing off her muscular quads, glutes, and calves

Do these heels make my legs look thick? (photography by Mayumism.com)

While I was away, Rikochanpornstar hit an unbelievably huge landmark: one million page views.

One million!

I can’t even begin to tell you just how happy that makes me, and just how unreal it seems. When I checked up on Rikochanpornstar from Japan, I burst out laughing—it didn’t seem possible that my homemade porn and random erotica writings could possibly have brought in so many visitors. To make it even stranger, I checked the traffic while I was sitting in a coffee shop hanging out with friends who I hadn’t seen since well before I started this journey of sex with you all, friends who couldn’t possibly understand what this blog—and all you readers—mean to me. I couldn’t say anything to them, so I just handed the phone to Kraka, who also burst out laughing. I can’t even remember the excuse Kraka gave them!

I have to tell you, I started to freak out, sitting there with my strait-laced friends, thinking of a million hits on pictures of me nude, videos of me having sex, my bodybuilding progress pictures, and especially all my raw thoughts about sex and being a woman and opening up to the possibility of a bigger world of sexuality. The thought of so many of you perverts (I say that with all love) out there might be looking at my pictures and reading my posts and (hopefully) getting as excited as I was when I made them for you…it made me excited and happy and grateful—even a little bit scared. I felt exposed and vulnerable in a way that I really hadn’t felt since I first started this blog, really. But back then, the novelty was that anyone would see me and read my confessions. The idea that so many people would do so was never something that just never occurred to me when I started.

When he could see that I was starting to get overwhelmed, Kraka calmed me down by taking me to order more coffee and pointing out (in English—handy!) that any site that basically gives away porn in the amateur, Japanese, big clit, and bodybuilding niches is bound to get a certain amount of traffic just by virtue of existing. Fair enough. I do get a lot of people just showing up via searches for all of those things (and a lot of other really, deeply strange searches, too, but that’s another story).

Still, the more I thought about it later, the more I realized that I have built up a surprising number of regular followers who come back again and again, leaving me comments, suggestions, ideas, and encouragement, either here in the comments, via email, or on my facebook, twitter, or Fetlife accounts. It’s you guys who keep coming back for more that have made this blog such a big success, as far as I am concerned.

So, to all of you out there—whether you’re a hardcore fan or just an occasional visitor to Rikochanpornstar—from the bottom of my heart, thanks so much for making me feel so excited, so alive, and so humbled. Stick around; I promise to make it worth your while!


Female bodybuilder Rikochan in high heels

High heels and big calves: an SFW version to link to on Facebook!

PS: Hope you like the picture of my legs and ass! Another shot from my session with the amazing Mistress Treasure! More More coming soon!

FBB Friday for August 12, 2011: Mistress Treasure Fantasy

Mistress Treasure on Rikochanpornstar.com

The gorgeous Mistress Treasure (used by kind permission)

[Updated 8/15/2011 to add this sexy image of Mistress Treasure, who let me know it was okay to use one of her gorgeous pictures! Love to see sexy FBB and pro dominatrix Mistress Treasure in a corset.]

I’m hard at work in the gym, because I want to do a muscle fetish photoshoot/videoshoot soon. I’d love to shoot in a nice hotel room. I’d love to do a girl-girl shoot, if I can find a girl–preferably an FBB who would domme/top me. I’ve had a little bit of experience with muscle girls, doing sexy gym shoots for DirtyMuscle. Which were amazing. A revelation. An incredible first time, caught on film (well, video). For my next time, I want to try a full-on sex scene, with a bed and everything.

I want to do a scene that is one marathon sex session where I get to really fuck, and be thoroughly fucked by, a female bodybuilder.  I want to shoot a whole feature-length session of another strong woman dominating me. In my dream, it’s Mistress Treasure, who I recently friended on FetLife. She’s so incredibly sexy, with her glowing, silky ebony skin, and her tight, hard, perfectly proportioned body…and that ass.

Rikochan FBB Progress Calves

My one pretty good feature is my calves, I think. (Click to see full-sized picture)

That ass, that amazing, shapely, outrageous, juicy double ass. The whole reason I ever got into going to the gym at all, and eventually into bodybuilding, was so that I could build a nice high, round ass that stuck out and made people look twice. I don’t want a Japanese ass; I want a black ass. I want junk in my trunk, I want the kind of ass you can balance a shot glass on. I want a Jessica Biel ass. I want an athlete’s ass. I want a track-star ass. I want Mistress Treasure’s ass. Well, I’m making progress, but I don’t have that ass yet. In the meanwhile, I’d like to get my hands (and lips, and tongue) on it.

Mistress Treasure is huge these days–she trained to compete in bodybuilding this summer. She’s so much stronger than I am that, in my fantasy, I really have no choice but to do whatever she says, whether it’s oiling and worshipping her tight, strong body, getting fucked by her giant strapon, getting DP’d by her dildos, or (best of all) eating her sweet pussy. And, if she wanted to suck my big clitty at the same time, that would be ok too. But only if she wanted to…

I want the scene to go on and on and on, in a frenzy of toys, tongues, pussies, titties, and asses, until both of us are shaking and laughing and soaked with sweat from the bright lights and the sex and the juices of our pussies and the copious volume of my squirting, which will gush out over and over and over again over the course of the night. The front desk won’t be able to understand why we need to keep calling for champagne and towels, the one to keep me hydrated (and tipsy), the other to mop up my repeated, messy orgasms.

Amateur female bodybuilder Rikochan shows off her muscular back

I am terrible at posing, but I think you can see my traps a little bit in this pic. No? (Click to see the full-sized version)

I want us to have to take a shower just so that we can cool down, only to find that the water rushing over our tits and asses and pussies just re-energizes us to go for one more slippery, soapy, sexy, shuddering session, until I’m so wrecked that my muscular domme has to literally carry me back to the bed, where we both collapse, exhausted, into each other’s arms and pass out, dreaming of sex and muscles until check out time the next day.

Amateur Rikochan's FBB biceps

I can finally see some changes in my biceps! (Click to see the full-sized version)

I’ve been bulking again (I think that is my default state, haha) for a while, but now it is time to cut, cut, cut. To tell the truth, I’ve gained a lot of weight–like 10 pounds. The weird thing is that my measurements are not too different. I guess that means that I am denser than I was, which means that I’ve put on some muscle, right? I mean, I think so.  I need to ask some of my female bodybuilder friends if that’s right, but I think it must be. My shoulders are definitely bigger, at any rate.

I thought I would post some pictures again today, to continue my FBB Friday tradition. Does it count as a tradition if you only did it once? Hmm…

I hope my friends who are female muscle fans enjoy my modest muscle progress pictures!

As always, click for a bigger version of the pics!

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