Latex Doesn’t Make the Dominatrix

Rikochan and slave in latex

My latex could be shinier, but I really love how these pictures came out.

I love these pictures of me in latex dress on my human chair, but let’s be clear: I’m really not a dominatrix (in latex or leather), a domme, or a mistress. I won’t top you, beat you, or discipline you—despite the dominatrix lessons I have had. I may be tough and capable in my daily life, but that doesn’t mean that I am anything but a subby girl, a bottom, a true submissive in the bedroom. Except…

Except that sometimes it’s fun to not be me. Sometimes there’s a power and excitement and thrill in being someone else altogether. In switching roles, even if it’s just for a photoshoot or video. It’s beyond liberating, because this isn’t a secret piece of me that’s yearning to be free, which is what “liberation” means to me.

Rikochan's latex chair slave

My latex slave is a very comfortable chair!

No, although I’m having an amazing time experimenting on Rikochanpornstar and on my clips4sale studio and in my private life, most of that is about exploring who I am and who I can be, and pushing the boundaries of that person. This is something different. This is being a person who is not me. This is about submerging Rikochan completely and letting some other person, some other Rikochan take over. There aren’t secret pieces of me waiting to be revealed; instead, there are holes in me that new pieces can fit into. There are pieces of me that can be removed temporarily and replaced by new pieces.

Mesmerized in Latex

This is what I imagine it is like to be deeply hypnotized, because most of these transformations are at the hands of someone else. I’m not the kind of performer who creates a character. Instead, I’m the kind of person someone creates a character out of. I’m the kind of person who gets overwritten by a different character, for a little while. It’s such a strange and exciting and sometimes terrifying experience to let someone create a new person out of you, even for a short time. To become a doll for someone else to make new person out of. To change into a different person like that latex dress was an entirely new skin, for a new person.

The first time I ever experienced this incredible doubling in my sex life was when I shot the Gym Bullies series. The character I was playing wasn’t me, but I can’t act…at all. And so instead of me acting the part, the part acted me. I was outside my body, watching it get fucked and get “forced” into oral sex and orgasms and all sorts of things, watched it cooperate—enthusiastically, even. Before you get freaked out reading this, please understand: I knew ahead of time exactly what was going to happen that day, on that shoot. I wrote the script, and we had detailed production meetings the day of the shoot. But knowing the plot and performing the plot are two really different things. The script that I wrote was just a fantasy, not anything I ever imagined I would actually do. I loved that day. But I was also very surprised by it, and by how my brain reacted to my body doing these new things.

Rikochan in latex

I wish I’d taken a picture from behind, so that you could see all the red detail on my dress!

I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On

I have a friend who has depersonalization disorder, and she says this sounds like just a tiny taste of like what she experiences. Except, of course, that in my case it’s a surrender of control, not a loss of control. I choose who to give up control to. I choose when to give it up. I can choose to stop at any time. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself. I’ve never come across a situation where I wanted to stop in the middle of this kind of surrender. I honestly don’t know what would happen if I did. Would I be so deeply submerged my body would ignore my brain? Would I even know that I wanted to stop?

Well. I hope I don’t have to find that out. I’m very picky about my projects and up front about my limits, and I would only ever work with people I felt safe and secure with. Mostly that means Kraka shoots me, or comes to my shoots with other people, to make sure I’m OK. I’m getting to the point in my porn life, though, where I’m getting offers to do more professional shoots that I couldn’t being him to. I’m working out ways to do this and still feel safe. We’ll see. I’m very lucky that I don’t need to do any particular shoot. I’m making porn not because I want to, but because I want to. Because I want to explore exactly this kind of thing. But, to be honest, that desire to explore becomes it own sort of need.

So. We’ll see.

Titty Tuesday in Latex and Gasmasks

Rikochan in gasmask and latex

I love my gasmask…need to shoot with it again soon!

It’s Titty Tuesday, and I thought I’d contribute for a change! I’m usually too busy looking at what other people post on the Twitter and Tumblr and so on to put up my own Titty Tuesday post, but it’s been way to long since I posted anything at all on here, and I thought this would be a nice way to get started again!

Rikochan pinching her nipples

Love pinching my nipples…the harder the better.

My Titty Tuesday Offering

I personally have little tiny, flat, and muscle-y boobs, so of course I love great big soft ones best of all. They can’t be too big for me. And nipples, I love big nipples with huge areolae–even better if they are big and puffy like Traci Lords or Julia Boin. Ugh, I get excited just thinking about it.

Rikochan's Titty for Titty Tuesday

Happy Titty Tuesday!

I love to play with women…almost all my fantasies these days are about playing with women (although I have been getting kind of interested in doing a hotwife/BBC/blowjob/bukkake scene for a while now) and of those fantasies, the best part is almost always the parts where I get boob smothered (like I did in The Pouty Slave’s Lesson, Part I) or otherwise get a change to lick, bite, and suck big beautiful boobs.

Let Me Play With Your Titties

I don’t know if there’s anyone out there who’s excited by my little ones, but I’m happy to share them anyhow, just in case, and just as an excuse to write about how much I love to play with boobs. If you live or can travel to the the NYC area and have big boobs that you want to be featured in a video where I worship them, let me know in the comments or email me at rikochanpornstar [at] gmail.com.

Latex Rubber Fetish Detail

Safe-for facebook detail



New Video: Rikochan’s Futanari Practice: Big Clit Pumping

Rikochan's massive pumped clit

I don’t have the biggest clit in the world: I’ve seen many women with bigger clits (I love them all!) but I’ve rarely seen anyone pump their clit to this size. I’m sure some could, but few are as into clit-pumping I am! (Note: click all of these for bigger clit pics!)

Hey everyone! I should have written this post a few days ago, but, if you follow me on facebook (and, if you don’t, why not? Friend me, I’m there a lot!), you know that I’m on vacation in New England right now, and I haven’t really had much chance to get to a computer somewhere private. That’s the bad news for my site. The good news is that I’m killing it in the gym right now. Tomorrow will be my third day in a row of long, heavy and hard sessions. I rarely have time to go as longs as I want and still have time left over for the sauna, but for one more day this week, that’s exactly what I’m going to go. Tomorrow I’m going to be growing my ass with glutes and plyometrics day, again–my favorite day right now! I’ve been eating like crazy but very well for the last couple weeks especially, and I think I’m really starting to see some serious muscle growth, and I’m feeling much, much tighter in certain spots.

Buy Now

What I haven’t had time to tell you about here on Rikochanpornstar.com is that I uploaded a new video, and it’s my first clit-pumping video in ages. It’s called Rikochan’s Futanari Practice, Big Clit Pumping, and you can get it at my studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium(or you can click the button above!) Some of you are paying even closer attention than I am to the ever-s0-slow progress I’m having in growing my clit, but I think you will agree with me that, if this is not the biggest I’ve ever pumped it, it’s never been bigger, at least. I was amazed specifically at how fat my clitty had become! Much, much bigger around than Kraka’s thumb; really actually as big as a medium-sized cock. There a bunch of nice shots where Kraka compares my clit to his thumb and index finger, both encased in black latex gloves, just to make things a little bit more fun!

I mean I’ve always had a big clit, but I think it’s now looking more like an FTM cock (at least while it’s pumped), or even…a futanari cock! So I was very happy to finally catch a pumping and masturbating session on video for the first time in ages! If you’re into clit pumping, this is the video for you, although the lighting could be a little better, sorry! All three of the clit-torture (the fun kind of torture, where I moan “don’t stop, don’t stop!”) pictures in this post are from the new video, btw. The video is actually in higher res than these pictures, at 1080p.

Kraka in black latex gloves squeezing Rikochan's big fat clitoris

Look at how massively fat my big erect clit is! It’s almost as long as Kraka’s thumb

Anyhow, as some of you know, I’m going to be working on my clit-pumping FAQ soon (maybe this weekend) so make sure to ask me whatever questions you want answered here. Yes, I’ve got lots of questions saved up from other posts, but feel free to ask them again here if you like, just in case. Anything you want to know, as long as it’s related to clit-pumping, though, please!

I really hope you enjoy this video; I priced it especially low for now because I know so many of you want to see me pump; it’s the lowest price the site will allow, and not bad for a video that’s nearly 20 minutes of pure, 100 percent big clit action! There’s a little squirting here and there because, honestly, I have to make a real effort not to squirt these days, but it’s not a “squirting” video, at least not as much as the bed-soaking Big Clit, Black Gloves series was! That said, I do squirt directly onto the camera lens…

Masturbating Rikochan's long hard clit

You really have to see the video to appreciate this, but here Kraka is jerking my clit just like a little cock, sliding the foreskin up and down my long hard shaft. And it is surprisingly hard!

So, I’m making videos again! I plan to make another one again this coming weekend, and I’d love to know what kind you’d most like to see on my store. It’s only a solo video this weekend (sorry, I know, boo!) but I think I could have a lot of fun making something for you guys if you give me a good solo idea. So, let’s hear it! Legs? Feet? Clit? Bondage? Squirting? Flexing? Fleshlight? My “knotty” dildo? More pumping? I have an idea of what I’ll make if I don’t get a consensus, but I’d rather have something fun and unexpected from you guys…

Looking forward to you FAQ questions and to your suggestions for my next video!

Jessica Biel Latex & Breast Expansion/Technical Difficulties

Jessica Biel in her sexy latex catwoman suit, as drawn by the excellent Ultrafem

In my dreams, Jessica Biel has a latex fetish

Hi everyone! I’m sure you’re all wondering what big-boobed Jessica Biel in a latex catwoman suit is doing on Rikochanpornstar? Well the truth is, I’ve had this particular piece of art for a while, and have just been waiting for the right time to post it. And it turns out that the right time to publish it is now, when I’m having technical difficulties with my image-editing software.

I think Jessica Biel is very sexy–of course, I thought she was at the peak of her sexiness when she was in Blade 2 and totally buffed up. There were all sorts of pictures of her on the Web working out, and, predictably, lots of criticism that she was “a linebacker” or “too manly” to which I say, bullshit…that’s the sort of comment I expect from insecure little men with tiny penises–either literally or mentally.

Jessica Biel buff babe

Loved how tight Jessica Biel was for Blade Trinity. Maybe now that Wesley Snipes is out of jail, they can make a sequel?

I really like Jessica Biel, but Kraka loves her…he’s a little bit obsessed, and she’s on his “list,” which I find not even a little bit threatening because 1, he’ll never meet her and 2, if he does and he can get her into bed…good for him, especially if he brings me along! Anyhow, for his birthday last year, I commissioned the amazing artist Lisa Hayes, AKA Ultrafem, to draw Jessica Biel in her Catsuit from I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. And, because she’s Ultrafem, she gave her a bonus extra endowment, HUGE BOOBS! If you’ve ever wanted to get some sexy art commissioned, I can’t recommend Lisa strongly enough. She works really hard to give you what you want, and you get to watch her drawing it live! Such a fun, sexy experience from a very talented artists with a unique, sexy vision.

Jessica Biel Catwoman

In case you haven’t seen the movie…

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this little diversion! I’ve got another Ultrafem picture or two to post, if people like this one. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more (it won’t displace my normal pictures, don’t worry!)…


Bodybuilding, Roleplaying, Latex, and Other Transformations: Part I

Dominatrix Mistress K and her sexy sub Pet show off their lovely latex.

Mistress K and Pet show off some latex hotness (photo used by permission)

Mistress K and Pet at Deviant Display have inspired me to do something I think I’ve sort of always wanted to do: Play dress up. It sounds like something simple, but, for me it’s a little bit of a revelation, and it’s changing the way I think about sex, porn, body image, and what I do here on my blog.

I’ve always played with my looks. I’ve been fat. Pretty damned fat. I’ve been thin…like fashion-model thin. I’ve had huge, curly perms, and I’ve had short butch hair and everything in between. I wear glasses, but I also wear contacts. My clothes are always changing; my style never solidifies for long. And, of course, now there’s bodybuilding. I love to change the way I look. Sometimes it’s playful, but too often it’s been anything but.


I’ve written before about my ambivalence toward my body. I know, it’s an old story; but it’s my story, too. I was tall for a Japanese girl, taller than all the men in my family.  I had big shoulders and long arms and powerful legs and absurd square cheekbones and a lantern jaw. In Tokyo, women were supposed to be petite and soft. I was never either; thin was the best I could hope for. I could tell myself that if only I were a little thinner, I would feel right. And I got there. A little thinner. A lot thinner. Exceedingly thin.

It's amazing how one clear glimpse can change your life forever.

It’s amazing how one clear glimpse can change your body image forever…

The journey felt good. The discipline. But the results were never enough. Being thinner didn’t…fix things. My face was still big and square. I was still too tall. But now I felt like Aeon Flux, and not in a good way—that is, without the boobs. All big bony shoulders and angles and brittle and awkward. I was smaller, but I had no shape. Nothing identified me to myself as a woman. Guys didn’t seem to mind, so I was almost OK with it. Almost. Then one day my reflection in a mirror caught me off guard: all I could see were enormous cheekbones over hollowed-out cheeks and I thought, my god, I look like one of those South American mummies. A horror show. Was that what the guys who liked me were into?


If I hadn’t met Kraka around that time, I suspect I’d be quite ill now; anorexic with osteoporosis, probably.  But the timing was right, and I liked that he wanted to feed me up. Meeting an American and moving to America, however, meant I went the all the way the other way for a while: from being obsessed with diet I became obsessed with food. I became a total foodie, even traveled to Italy on an eating and drinking tour. I learned to cook—very well—and ate and ate and ate. From anorexia, I was moving toward diabetes. I’d traded denial for indulgence. I could eat a pound of gnocchi, a pint of haagen-daz and drink a couple of bottles of wine, all in one night.

Jayne Mansfield was one of the original bombshells!

Jayne Mansfield is what curvy means to me.

I never got as fat as I should have, but, still, my body was…lush. I was rounded and soft and I had tits. Serious tits, for me. I loved them. Kraka loved them. We loved them together. Often.  And I loved that complete rejection of the discipline of starvation. Yet I didn’t truly feel at ease that way, either. Abandoning the structure of my diet felt like giving up. I looked sexier, but I didn’t feel good, and I was starting to gain size in a way that didn’t feel or look sexy to me. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions about their own ideal or actual size or shape, but, to me, in my own personal skin, feeling Jayne Mansfield is what it means to be curvy. When I get beyond that, I just feel fat. Obese. Unwell. Sad.  That’s where I was headed. There and beyond.


About then (perhaps not coincidentally) Kraka went on a mild fitness kick. I, of course, am the one who’s now consumed by the idea. Are you sensing my personality type here? Yes. Addictive. Bodybuilding is the perfect medium for me to express my body issues. It’s got the discipline I need in order to feel like I am punishing my weird, uncooperative body—mastering it, reshaping it. And yet I eat, like crazy; but very differently. I’m relearning how to cook and getting damned good at it, too. Again. I’m on a path again, a new path, one that I think can only lead to better and better places, for a change. Even what I saw as my defects—my size, my strength, my height—these things are advantages, now. I’m learning to embrace them.

Rikochan's gunshow. Small Caliber!

Bodybuilding, for me, is about balancing two self-destructive impulses in such a way that I can play them off against each other and be both healthy and happy.

But it’s a damned long path. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never get there. Sometimes I want to just sit give up and gorge until I am soft and curvy and relaxed. Sometimes I want to starve myself back to skinniness even at the cost of my hard-earned muscle. Those are both goals I know I could reach. Sometimes I need a shortcut. Sometimes I need to feel sexy now, feel different now, feel transformed now. But I never knew how to do that without completely losing myself in some new quest, with some new kind of mortification of the flesh.


And that’s where Mistress K and Pet (and alter-ego Pony Gurl) come in. The best discovery I’ve made since I discovered Asian women bodybuilders on the old Steel Butterflies website is finding K and Pet and their amazing, sexy blog. The pictures are hot and the stories are hot. But there are endless sites full of hot pictures and stories. What makes Deviant Display so special to me, so much hotter than any pro site I’ve ever been to? The fact that Mistress K and Pet (and PG) are real people with real jobs who live in the real world and who go home at the end of the each day and take off the everyday and put on fucking hot clothes and fucking hot roles and fuck the living shit out of each other in a hundred different and creative ways.

Sure, they have their preferred roles. Mistress K really is a domme, and Pet really is a sub. But they are not trapped in those roles. Mistress K can also submit, Mistress K can top from the bottom, Mistress K can be whatever the hell she wants to be and yet never surrender who she is for one minute. Pet is, if anything, is even more chameleon-like for me, oscillating between obedience and bratty wild girl as it pleases him.

Mistress K and Pet seem able to effortlessly surrender to the roles they choose for themselves and each other and embrace them and enjoy them, but only for as long as it suits them, for as long it’s enjoyable, for as long as the feeling strikes them. It finally occurred to me what that is. That’s fun. That’s playing. I have never in my life viewed sex a game. A journey: sure; a lifestyle: yes. But not games. Not fun. I read so many of their stories, though, that I finally started to get it. When Kraka buys me cuffs and collars, he’s not trying to make me his slave, he’s giving me a chance to try out a role, for as long as it suits me—whether that’s forever or just until we’re both tired and sweaty and happy.


Rikochan's first anal hook and first forced orgasm shoot, complete with anal hook

Why did it take me a year to start publishing pictures from my first forced orgasm session shoot? Because I spent too much time worrying about what it meant. (photo, introduction to the ass hook, and orgasms courtesy the excellent PointWalkerPix. Click for the full-size version)

I’m looking at things in a different way lately. Secret Magazine and Skin Two and my collected Bizarre? Maybe they’re not just the anthropological texts I used to try and decode; maybe they’re a source of ideas. I could try that. I could wear that. That might be fun—or not. But I could find out! Anyone who’s read this blog knows that I’ve tried a lot of things, but only after great deliberation and consideration of what this new thing would mean to me, what I would become if I did it, if it was something that I could throw myself into with the same obsessiveness as bodybuilding, as complete gluttony, as starvation.

I’ve loved making porn, but I’ve struggled on and off with what it means to me to be “in porn,” analyzing it endlessly, until I had a sort of porn meltdown. But as I read more of Deviant Display and explored FetLife, I realized, maybe I’m just taking it too seriously. Maybe I should just relax a little. Maybe it just means that I want to play dress up for the day, that I want to roleplay, and that the role of the day just happens to be porn star. After all, the title of my blog was always supposed to be a bit tongue in cheek, right? Maybe whatever new things I try (within reason) are all just transitory sensations without any more meaning than I want them to have. Maybe I could just experiment and enjoy. Maybe I could play.

Next: I shop for a latex mask and end up buying a lifestyle.

Why Hello There, Big Clitty; Long Time No See

Rikochan's Erect Clit

My clitty is so hard and erect I could fuck your pussy with it!

Hi everyone! Been a while, I know. Things have been…interesting. I wish I could say sexy, but I’ve been so busy with non-porn stuff that I’ve practically been celibate for weeks! Boo! But things are stabilizing again so that I can draw an unscheduled breath, and the weather is gorgeous, and I’m listening to my Rancid station on Pandora, and, suddenly, I’m feeling great and happy and sexy. Ever have one of the those days where suddenly the clouds part and there’s ska and the sun is shining on you and everything is ok again after a long time in twilight? Well… If so, then you are probably as crazy as I am, but at least you get some good days like I do, too!

Anyhow, I am well. Mostly been living on facebook. Follow me on facebook: I changed my account so that anyone can see it because I have been so absent from here. As long as I don’t get too many jerks commenting there, I will leave it open. We’ll see!

Things are good. I’ve been really good about lifting and am finally taking diet seriously, since I am planning to finally go to some local NY events. I have a custom-made rubber dress being made by Klawtex, and I’m seriously thinking about going to the Next York Rubber Ball this year. Any of my fans or friends going? I’ve been thinking a lot about latex–got a post about it going up later this week that I have been thinking about for ages…

Anyhow, things are good, I’m happy, and I hope you are happy, too. Spring is coming and there’s nothing better than that! More soon!

PS: No brand new pics, sorry: this one is from last December-one of my last real shoots! But, still, I thought you all might enjoy a nice big clit pic! Nothing better than a big clit erection with the hood pulled back, right?


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