Yellow Panties Photoset: Part II Pumped Nipples

erect nipples pumped up

Today it’s all about the nipple pumping! Ugh, this felt so good. As always, click the pictures for full-sized versions!

Here are some pumped nipples to say Happy April, everyone! I feel like the long horrible winter is just about over (although there is snow coming here again tomorrow, WTF!), and I’m feeling creative and sexy and horny again for the first time in a long time. Yay! You know that that means lots of porn and sexy stories to share here and clips for my store, right? The first bit is to finish off this photoset, which gets serious now with one of my favorite kinds of sex play ever, nipple pumping!

milky pumped nipples

Look at the drop of milk on the tips of my pumped nipples!

I spent longer than usual with pumped nipples for this little photoshoot–completely unplanned. I pumped the hell out of my nipples thinking that was what I was going to shoot a little bit of, and then I noticed that these panties were good for a  clit bulge shoot and spent forever trying to get good shots of that. (It turns out they were too tightly elastic to really let my clit extend to its full magnificence.)

Pumped nipples dripping milk

Ugh, I want to to pump until I start lactating!

By the time I got back to paying attention to my poor nipples, they had begun to leak little droplets of milk! I can’t tell you how exciting that is for me…like, it’s actually a sex dream I have had, that I take a special drug, or am forced to take a special drug, or am milked like a cow so often and so forcefully, or am under a spell…all so that my breasts swell, and swell, and swell, and I begin lactating.

Pumped nipples hard as diamonds

My pumped nipples are so sensitive I can barely stand to have them touched.

As you can see, my pumped nipples got so big and hard and swollen they looked like hentai anime nipples! When I got the tubes off, they were so hard they didn’t even feel like flesh, they were as hard as rocks! And yet, so much, much more sensitive than normal, despite not feeling real. I couldn’t stand to touch them with anything but the lightest, most feathery of touches, just barely brushing them with what would have been a ticklish caress was like shooting electricity right into them (I know, because I used to be really into electrostim!)

giant clit erection

Getting my nipples pumped makes my clit rock-hard!

Even a mouth on my nipples was too much to bear unless it was just the lightest of butterfly kissing and the very softest of sucking, barely a hint of suction, and light mouthing of my poor, aching, bursting pumped nipples with the lips. As you can see, my clit got amazingly swollen, just as a result of having my nipples pumped. In the picture above, that’s my clit with absolutely no stimulation, pumping or even fingering. I just pulled aside the yellow panties, and, boing!, there she was…

Rikochan's pokies!

These things can definitely poke your eyes out!

Anyhow, that’s my latest photoset! I think there’ll be more again soon. I know I’ve been neglecting all my various porn outlets for a while, but at least when I deliver it’s something pretty good, right? Well, I’ve got some pretty good things planned for the next little while, too, so please don’t give up on me!

Pumped nipple closeup!

One last pumped nipple picture to say goodbye…for now!



Rikochan’s Pumped-Up Nipples for Titty Tuesday

Pumping makes Rikochan's nipples big and sensitive!

Happy Titty Tuesday! Do you like my big pumped nipples? Pumping makes them super sensitive!

Yes, it’s been a while. When you live in a small space, it’s tough to keep a porn blog going when you have house guests who don’t know the shocking truth about your double life. But that’s all over now, and Rikochanpornstar is gearing up for a really big push of sexy content. You’ll see more fbb pics, more clit pumping, and more movies and photosets. We’ve got a lot of great stuff that’s been piling up, and you’ll see a flood of it in July (if not sooner). In the meanwhile, we’ve got some nice daily pics to post, and what better way to get started than with Titty Tuesday? I’ve been a nipple pumping fan for many years, and my nipples get really big and hard and fat.

I pump them for hours—sometimes I wonder if I’m going to start lactating, I pump so much. I’ve pumped them so long that a little fluid has actually leaked out of the ducts, and that was HOT! Since then I’ve had fantasies about lactating, actually. I don’t know if it would be convenient in daily life, but I’ve started to read about how to induce lactation on Fetlife (visit me on Fetlife!). Just reading about it makes me very excited, imagining my breasts getting bigger, and my nipples stretching and growing. I imagine that lactating would stretch out my nipples, and especially my areolas, which I really wish were bigger. I love big areolas—one of the biggest things I would change about myself would be to have nice big ones—puffy ones, especially, I think are super-hot! If I did try to induce lactaction, that would be why!

When my big Japanese nipples are pumped up, the areolas may not get puffy, but my nipples do get much thicker, and harder, and feel almost rubbery to the touch. And I like it when you touch them. I want them pinched—hard—and sucked on, and bitten and twisted. My nips are very delicate and must be handled with care when we start playing, but once they get excited, my nipples want it rough! Are you the man or woman to give them what they need?

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