New Video: Rikochan’s Dominatrix Lesson with Mistress Treasure

Mistress Treasure forces slave Kraka to lick Rikochan's swollen clit

Kraka is helpless to do anything but lick my huge clit, trapped between Mistress Riko and Mistress Treasure…

Hi everyone: just wanted to let you know that I’ve posted a new muscle domination and big clit video to my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium. After our last video, in which the amazing female bodybuilder and dominatrix Mistress Treasure had her way with me, Mistress Treasure decided that I should get a taste of what it was like to be on the other end of the riding crop. She recruited Kraka to be our sub, lucky guy, for a new FBB femdom video!

The video is about 11 minutes long and there’s a nice long section of Mistress Treasure jamming her amazing ass into Kraka’s face forcing him to sniff her while he eats her gorgeous pussy. Then it’s my turn and she talks me through it all the while.

In the next section, she instructs me and Kraka in the art of Domme/sub pussy eating and Kraka licks and sucks my pussy–and my huge clitty which is swollen almost to bursting with excitement–until finally I came, squiting all over his masked face. You can’t see the squirting so well in this video, I should tell you, but there is a wet mark on the carpet under us after that you can see if you look.

It felt so good to be making Kraka lick my pussy, although, I confess, it was equally exciting to be following Mistress Treasure’s instructions, grinding and coming strictly to her schedule instead of my own. I guess that is just the sub in me! It didn’t hurt that I could look down and see her sucking on and biting my tender nipples as she held Kraka’s masked head in her strong, vascular hands, controlling the speed of the blowjob he was giving to my long, erect clit…

Good news: I was recently in touch with Mistress Treasure, and she said she’d like to work together again. Would you guys like to see more of us together?

New Video Sample: Rikochan Big Clit Pumping Supersquirter II

Rikochan measures her big clit against Kraka's finger

My big clit is more than two inches long!

Hi again everyone! Just a quick update—I’ve been a little sick and I need to get caught up at work. But I thought you might like to know that the sample of my latest big clit video is now online at MuscleTube. Yes, the ~1 minute sample of the very poorly named Rikochan Big Clit Pumping SuperSquirter II is up and viewable. Get it while it’s hot. That’s a joke: it will always be hot!

I’m pretty happy with this video. It’s got a no-mask blow job, first of all. Yes, my face is hidden by my hair, but it feels much more risqué than the videos where I’m wearing a mask. Then there’s some pumped nipple play: when the video starts, my nipples have been pumped for so long and pumped so hard they are purple and very, very tender—in a good way! When the tubes come off I practically come just from having them touched. Then it’s on to the pumping and squirting. I get more pumped up than in part I, which only makes sense, since it’s the same night. I love the shot where Kraka holds his finger up to compare against my double pumped clit (yes, that’s a suppnips cup on the glans), shown above. Finally, there’s some pretty juicy squirting shot closeup from my spread pussy. Not quite as much squirting volume as the full-on geyser in the last video, but still very wet and messy.

Hope you enjoyed the two Supersquirter videos! If you like the sample of Supersquirter II, you can get it on my big clit and squirting studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium. Stay Tuned, I will have more squirting/big clit pictures either later today or tomorrow!

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