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Happy Titty Tuesday/Favorite Boobs

Rikochan's boobs and FBB pecs

I finally remembered to post for Titty Tuesday!

With all the big clits, fetish gear, pumping, anal hooks and so on that I post and think about on Rikochanpornstar, it’s a little bit strange to just be posting pictures of my boobs–strange, but fun! It’s funny that I post so few boob pictures, considering that almost all the porn stars I like have big beautiful boobs, and that much of the porn I watch is focused on boobs.

When it comes to porn, what I love is watching women’s breasts. Unless I am watching big clit or muscle porn, I am far more interested in the tits than the pussy. In fact, unless I am super horny, too much focus on the pussy gets boring. I’d far rather be watching breast swaying and swinging and jiggling, or slathered in Japanese-style “lotion” or being rubbed all up and down someone’s body in a soapland-style video. I want to see women rubbing their breasts together or sucking and flicking each other’s nipples. I want to see nipples pumped, clamped, bitten, and tickled.

Because I love boobs.

Here are a few of my favorite adult stars with amazing boobs.

Jelena Jensen

Jelena Jensen

Jelena Jensen is one of my all-time favorite pornstars–to the extent that I sort of Twitter-stalk her, I am ashamed to admit. Honestly, she is so hot and so sexy and has such smouldering charisma that it wouldn’t matter what kind of shape she had, but I do love her full breasts and fit body. I own all her Girlfriends Films movies, and I highly recommend them for fun lesbian sex, especially the ones with my main girl crush, Jelena Jensen.

Hamasaki Rio's gorgeous breasts

Rio Hamasaki’s lovely soft titties

Rio Hamasaki has been one of my favorite big boobs stars from Japan for a couple years. I saw her early movies before she was quite so glammed up and liked them just as much as her newer ones, because they all had one thing in common; her cheerful enthusiasm for all kinds of sex, and her amazing boobs. She’s just a pleasure to watch. Two bonuses: she’s a squirter and she does some girl/girl scenes, including lesbian soap videos.



Julia has no last name–she’s a woman of mystery. We love Julia; she’s probably our most-watched JAV star right now, partly because she’s making a lot of movies right now, and partly because she’s so very sexy. I discovered from watching her that I have a fixation or fetish for puffy nipples. You can’t really see it from this picture, but Julia’s areolas are simply amazing. At times I want to take her home and feed her and give her a nap, because she is skinny and looks tired sometimes, but she performs with exciting gusto. I watched her video Finest Body Soap just this weekend as a warmup for sex. 🙂

Momoka Nishina

Momoka Nishina

Momoka Nishina is the cutest big boob porn start I know of, currently. She’s super genki and perky and really seems to enjoy herself, and, best of all, she does lots and lots of lesbian scenes, including lesbian soap and lotion movies. I watched one of her big boob lotion fuck movies this weekend!

Meguru Kosaka

Meguru Kosaka

Meguru Kosaka I don’t watch so much anymore because she retired and there aren’t as many her movies around that I can buy that I haven’t seen. But, for a while I was watching a new movie by her every week–and loving them! She tended to be mostly laughing and smiling, instead of the typical Japanese squeeling and yada-ing, which I really loved. She unretired after a while, and I think she is still making movies, but the newer ones haven’t been as good. My favorites of hers were an onsen vacation “reality” video she made, and a school bathing suit video.

Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni

Aria Giovanni was my first big boob crush, who I learned about watching Andrew Blake‘s movies–the videos thatmade me realize that I actually might like porn. It was Blake’s videos and Aria’s body that really helped turn me on the world of adult. I don’t see much from her anymore, but anytime she does a scene for Blake, I buy it!

Hitomi Tanaka

Hitomi Tanaka

I’ll add Hitomi Tanaka, mega-boob star my friend Hugh told me about (hi Hugh!) I don’t know her very well (haven’t seen her movies) but her boobs sure are amazing, especially considering that they are natural. I am going to keep an eye out for her.

New Video! Rikochan’s Big Clit: Sucking and Squirting, Part 2

Clit jerking, clit licking, squirting, nipple pincing and sucking with Rikochan

Clit jerking, clit licking, squirting, nipple pincing and sucking with Rikochan

Hi everyone: this is just a quick note to say I finally uploaded the second half of my latest movie, Rikochan’s Big Clit Sucking and Squirting at my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. If you liked the slaveboy oral and squirting in part one of the movie, you’ll love this one.

In addition to sucking and squirting it’s got a lot of me masturbating, too, having a great time with my big little man in the boat. It’s amazing how much more comfortable I am jerking off for the camera than I used to be. In the beginning, even when I had a guilty love of the doing something so naughty, so forbidden as making porn, I didn’t want the camera to catch my hands doing anything to myself.

It seems so ridiculous to me now, but apparently in some way it was ok for me to masturbate like crazy off camera in between scenes, and it was ok for Kraka to do all sorts of transgressive things to me on, camera, but it was somehow much dirtier–in maybe a bad way–if I did those things to myself on camera. In our early videos, I actually made Kraka cut out any video that showed me touching myself! I can’t exactly put it into words why, but I think I was still stuck somewhere between wanting to experience new sexy things and wanting to not be seen as too eager to be experience these things.

Which is ridiculous; I wanted to feel those things, all those fetishistic, crazy, raw, sexy were the things I wanted to see, and therefore were exactly the kind of porn I wanted to make. But, somehow, I couldn’t quite also see myself as the person who showed other people that I wanted it.

It would have been fine if it had been a submissive thing, and I’m sure that’s how many people who saw my videos saw me–as a nice little submissive enjoying the ministrations of her master, who well and truly worked over her little slave girl pussy, clit and nips. But that wasn’t it at all. I was just being she, and, so, passive. I think I was worried my fans and viewers would somehow look down on me if I was too eager, too greedy.

I could be sad looking back on that, but I’m not. I love the way things have changed for me in the short time since I started this blog. And especially since I started following people like Jelena Jensen, Andy San Dimas, Justine Joli Audacia Ray and my friend Mistress K on their own blogs and twitter accounts and seeing how much fun they are having with sex. I’ve learned so much, become so much more relaxed. Sure, feeling that what you’re doing is secret and shameful and perverse can be fun. Believe me, I still get to feel every bit of much of that as I like. Having a whole life that’s secret from almost all my friends and family gives me that daily dirty jolt that I love so much.

But I don’t worry so much what anybody else thinks. The people watching my porn? I get it now–they want to see me have a good time–being submissive is in no way the same thing as being passive. And, besides, this kind of submissive thing is just one part of me–there’s going to be a lot more to come, as I get braver and looser and more confident. I seriously don’t know what comes next, but I’m looking forward to finding out.


PS: As always click on the picture for a bigger version.

Happy Lady Porn Day From Rikochanpornstar

Big Clit Worship with Rikochan

Slave Kraka licks Rikochan’s enormous clit

As my friend Mistress K pointed out to me, it’s Lady Porn Day. Lady Porn Day is apparently the brainchild of sex blogger Rachel Rabbit Write, and the idea is to celebrate porn and masturbation and to think a little bit about what the “female gaze” means for porn.

Big clitty worship with Rikochan

Kraka’s tongue is deep inside Rikochan’s juicy pussy

Well, for me, lately, the female gaze is literally my own POV porn shoots! I think the sexiest thing I’ve experienced in ages has been looking through the lens (well at the LCD) of my camera at my pussy and big clit and nipples as I get licked, sucked, electrostimmed, pumped, jilled til I squirt, and fucked. (That and watching super hot videos of super-sexy Jelena Jensen and waiting impatiently for more pics at Deviant Display. Jelena Jensen is my new pornstar crush–such amazing titties and soooo pretty–and Mistress K is my sexiest penpal ever!)

Worshipping an enlarged clit

Kraka sucks Rikochan’s enlarged clit

Here’s my contribution to Lady Porn Day: a vidcap of me (a lady) and taken by me (again, a lady) for a big clit worship porn clip (about me, aforementioned lady) having her lady parts worshipped by a slave (not a lady). I hope to have some pics of my swollen clit getting the attention it deserves that are lady-on-lady style soon. Big news on that soon, though! I mean, really, really big news! Stay tuned!


Worshipping Krakette's fat FBB clit

Slave Kraka flicks Rikochan’s big hard clit with his tongue

For Kraka and me, making our own porn has really added a new element to our sex life. We take tons of pictures I know we’ll never use–literally thousands and thousands. Most will never see the light of day, but the taking of them somehow makes the act different. It adds a feeling of performance which is sometimes fun, and a feeling of naughtiness that is always fun.

Big clit worship and squirting

Big clit Rikochan squirts on Slave Kraka’s face

When I’m in a certain mood, the sexiest thing Kraka can say to me is, “show us your clit” or “your fans are going to be jerking off to this like crazy.” It makes me so etchi (horny)! Even if it’s a full-face picture of me giving him a blowjob that I know we won’t share, there’s just something so decadent about the idea of it that I pretty much always feel like suddenly there’s an element of performance, even if the audience is just the camera. It’s very hot, and I love it. Porn has made my sex life a hundred times better, even if it’s porn that only he and I will watch. Of course, the idea that you will someday be watching it also, cock or clit in hand, well, that’s just fucking amazing, too.

Big clit Rikochan is soaked after squirting

After squirting, big clit Rikochan is soaking wet, and her slave is pleased at having served her well.

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