Rikochanpornstar: FBB Friday (Saturday Edition)

Rikochan shows off her double biceps pose in Jamaica

What do you think? Big enough to call myself an FBB yet? Click the pics for bigger versions!

Yes, FBB Friday is supposed to be on Fridays, but I am a very slow blogger. You try blogging in your second language! Even if you get a lot of help with the writing (I do) it still takes a very long time. Anyhow here is a small series of pictures I took in my hotel room in Jamaica last week. I think this first shot shows maybe a little bit of progress, but it is really hard for me to judge. I am fatter than in my last progress pictures so my muscles are less well defined. It is funny how your muscles look bigger as you get thinner and actually lose size, right?

FBB Rikochan's front double bi pose progress picture black bikini

Um. wow. Progress on both my shoulders and my beer belly. 🙁

I really wish I had taken these pictures at the beginning of my trip, instead of on the last night, after a solid week of no-limits eating. Welll, ok, I actually ate very clean (except for desert) but portion control just didn’t exist, ha. I had the beginning of a six pack when I got to Jamaica, and it was totally gone by the time I left. Still, I don’t hate how my shoulders look in this picture. I will consider this my new “before” picture when it comes to diet. Note my complete lack of any hour-glass shape to my figure. No matter how skinny I get, that’s always there. That’s why I want giant lats and shoulders and ass: to give me some sort of waist, by contrast…

FBB Rikochan's muscular calf and hamstrings progress picture

Check out my legs. Are they getting more muscular?

I’m usually pretty happy with my calves; what I like about this picture is that (I think) it shows that my thighs are tightening up, too. They have been getting slowly but steadily bigger for a while now, but I think this is the first picture that I could see it in. What do you think? Looking a little bit tight? Again, you could see more a week before these pics…

FBB Rikochan shows off her traps and back progress

Is my back looking a little bit muscular, finally?

If you are friends with me on facebook (and, if you aren’t, why not?) You’ve already seen this picture, as a teaser for this post. I don’t really know if this is a real pose, but I have a lot of trouble flexing my back in ways that will show up for the camera. I really need posing help! But I am sure that my back muscles are growing, because my back is super big now, for a Japanese woman, anyhow. I wonder how big? Hmm, I will have to take a new set of measurements tonight…

Anyhow, that’s my latest progress pics. Not a huge amount of progress I am afraid, and most of it is hidden under my week of bad eating. Still, I am happy enough with the pictures, and I am considering them my new before pictures for 2012. Let’s see how much more progress I can make by the end of the year!

Comments, suggestions, (friendly) criticisms…I’d love to hear what you think!


Rikochan: Post-Coital Legshow in Jamaica

FBB Rikochan shows off her legs and feet

Legshow and feet: Blissed-out Rikochan relaxing after sex in her Jamaican bed (Click to enlarge)

I had a great time in Jamaica! It’s hard to believe I have been back for nearly a week already. Jamaica is so beautiful, and the resort I stayed at was so nice and the people there so friendly that I was able to relax in a way that I rarely can. I did work out most days, but I got super lax on my eating. Well: I mostly still ate like a bodybuilder, but my portion control went out the window and I added deserts-a lot of deserts! And, yes, I am paying for it now with lots of extra cardio, but, really I don’t regret it at all.  Besides, it’s good to go off your diet once in a while and shock your body a little, right? I am finding that the weight is coming off pretty fast right now, as though my metabolism got a little bit of a boost from these several cheat days.

Anyhow, I don’t have a lot of pictures from Jamaica. I brought all sorts of sex toys and bondage gear, including a bunch that I bought specially for the trip and have never shot or talked about. But, somehow, almost none of them ever made it out of the drawers I unpacked them into. Yes, I had some sex in Jamaica. It would have been almost impossible not to. That huge bed with creamy white sheets, the jacuzzi tub in front of the wall of windows overlooking the beach, that gorgeous sun-soaked shower and all beautiful sun, lovely wine and champagne, good food. Yes, it was an aphrodisiacal setting.

So yes, there was sex–just not as much as I expected. It turned out that we were both much more tired than we had realized, and a lot of the time we spent in cuddling and talking and falling asleep in each other’s arms. I can’t recommend falling asleep with your head on Kraka’s shoulder strongly enough!

We did have some sex, however, but it was just spontaneous, fun, relaxed, joyful reconnection sex. There wasn’t any posing, there weren’t any lights. The camera was on the bedside table, but neither of us ever picked it up, by some sort of unspoken mutual consent. It was unselfconscious, unrehearsed, probably unlovely to look at, but glorious in its own way. I haven’t come so strongly in a very long time as when I sat in Kraka’s lap facing him, holding his shoulders and kissing his face, neck and hair as he sucked on my nipples and rocked me until we both came with a wild, shaking orgasm. I don’t know if it was the size his erection, the angle of the fucking, or just my completely abandoned, slightly tipsy enthusiasm, but I have never felt him come so far inside me, and that feeling of complete penetration made me come like I have never come before, in long rolling waves, rising and falling, rising and falling like the sound of the waves below as it came over our balcony and through our open windows on the hot, humid air of the Jamaican night.

So, no there really aren’t any sex pictures or videos. But there are a few shots that Kraka took here and there that night and other nights. This one, taken as I slept off the sweet bliss of that perfect orgasm, is probably my favorite. I hope you like it.

Rikochan: Island Ass and Legshow

Rikochan shows off her muscular ass and legs in Jamaica

I’ve been working my glutes, thighs and calves. You like? Click the pic for the full-sized version!

Hello from Jamaica! I honestly haven’t taken too many pictures here…been too busy relaxing, working out, eating, and lying out on the beach. But I have taken a few, and I thought my fans and friends might like this one. I’ve been working super hard on my legs and glutes, with lots of lifting and cardio lately, and I feel like I’m starting to see some progress beyond just having giant calves (which I’ve had since I was a volleyball player in junior high school!). I’ve hit the gym everyday but one since I got here, and since I’m so much better rested than when I was only getting 3-4 hours of sleep a night for the few weeks leading up to my trip, I’ve been able to kill my workouts, and really enjoy the burn, pain, and sweat more than I have for ages.

I had a lot of fun shooting this picture; it’s part of a series of a lot of shots with my robe at different heights-gradually naughty. I’m leaning out over the balcony of my gorgeous suite looking out at the people on the beach, and they (probably) have no idea that from the waist down I am completely naked—although they may have wondered what all the flashes behind me were, ha! It’s very exciting to be a little bit of an exhibitionist, I have discovered—I even went to a nude beach here for the first time ever in my life! It’s not something that the average Japanese woman will probably do, I think, but, once you take it all off, it turns out not to be such a big deal, and then it feels kind of liberating.

I have a new flash for my camera and have been experimenting with it a lot lately—burning through the batteries as I figure out how it works. I’m especially excited to try the bounch on pumping toys, which never photograph in direct flash-the tubes always reflect right back into the camera and you can’t see how swollen the pumped up clit or nipples inside are. Maybe I will try it tonight! I did bring some pumping toys to Jamaica, but I’ve been too lazy to use them…

Anyhow, hope you like my legs and hopefully you can see a little progress!

~Riko (in Jamaica)

Clit of the Day: Rikochan’s Clit Hood Pulled Back!

My big erect clit, with the hood pulled back

Lots of you asked me for a pic like this…voila!

Hi all! It’s been a while since I posted a clit of the day, sorry! In fact, it’s been a while since I posted much of anything. Part of the reason is the day job eating all my time, but a more fun reason is that I am getting ready for a trip to Jamaica next week. Yay! It’s been ages since my last real, get-away-from-it-all vacation. Family vacations don’t count (in the same way).

So I have been working like crazy to get everything in order so that I can go and not worry about anything here. Better still, I’ve been hitting the gym very, very hard (for me, at least). This week I’m doing two workouts, morning and night, with at least one of them being cardio every day (I’ve got a spinning bike, so that’s pretty much what I’m doing). I’m not sure I’ve gotten great results in terms of weight loss, but I definitely feel much tighter, and I can see my legs changing shape before my eyes, so at least I’m getting some changes! I’ve got time for five more workouts before my flight, so there’s still some time for me to see some additional small changes. I planned this trip at the last moment (like 2 weeks ago) so my diet wasn’t at all targeted for this vacation, sadly!

I bought a bunch of bikinis, and I plan to take tons of pics to share with you guys—hoping for good weather and nice secluded spots to shoot in. Not sure how much nudity I’ll be able to shoot outside at this resort (no, it’s not Hedo, lol), but I will try to get some. It’s kind of exciting to think about shooting nude outside. I even got a new, much better lens that should help me shoot some good stuff. I am pretty sure I will able to be shoot topless, but whether I can shoot fully nude and show my clitty is another question.

I even have a Wicked Weasel bikini, but I really don’t know if I will have the nerve to wear it! It’s funny that I can pose nude, but that I’m nervous about wearing a too-skimpy bikini, right?

Also, regardless of the outdoor shots I can get, I plan to shoot a bunch of pics and videos in my hotel room. I’m going to bring a fun assortment of my toys, including some new BDSM stuff that I bought at my favorite adult toystore, Purple Passion/DV8. I might stop by one more time and get a little bit more. Buying this stuff is addictive!

Not sure how much internet access I will have in Jamaica; it’s possible I might need to wait til I get back to post much of it! In case I can’t access my site, I will try and post some of the tamer pics on Facebook, so be sure to follow me, if you want to follow my adventure.

In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy my latest big clit picture, with the clit hood pulled back, as requested by many of you!


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