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Rikochan's powerful glutes and legs covered with butterflies

I love this picture…Mayumi is so much fun to work with!

I hope you all had a happy and safe New Year’s! Mine was very sweet–quiet, spent with friends eating lots of good Japanese food and drinking a few bottles of nice champagne. Lots of good conversation, lots of laughing, we all got a little bit tipsy but nothing that we had to regret the next day. Very nice. I hope you all got to spend your New Year’s in the way you wanted to!

I’m not going to write up a bunch of resolutions for Rikochanpornstar this year; I had so much trouble last year that it’s just a little bit depressing to look back on how little of what I said I was going to do that I actually finished. I will say this, it is going to be a better year, and I am going to work really hard to keep you all happy and horny! I’m going to do more, and I’m going to try some new things this year. I’m going to be brave, and I’m going to make the most of this year. We only have so many, and I don’t want to regret wasting any more of mine.

The one personal thing I can tell you is that I’m rededicating myself to the gym. In addition to hitting the gym six mornings a week, I’m going to do at least a couple two-a-days a week, too. I did one yesterday! And, wow, am I tired today, ha!

Anyway, I thought I would open the year with more of the kind of pro photography that I hope to be sharing a lot more of with you in next twelve months. This is, of course, more from my shoot with Mayumi: one of my favorite pictures yet that she’s sent me. I love her butterfly series! I’m so very proud to be a part of it. I hope you like it!

That’s it for now, but I am hard at work behind the scenes, I promise. Here’s some of what I’ve been working on: fixing even more of my backlog of broken posts. For some of you newer readers,  I’m sure this will be the first time you’ve seen some of these pictures. The list is below!



Rikochan’s Anal Training Update for Ass Wednesday


Rikochan gets a buttplug up her ass and her big clit pumped at the same time.

Enjoying a butt-plug and a pumped clit; that’s a lot of sensations at once!

I’ve been bad about keeping up on my anal training. I really need to work on it more regularly. It’s something that I only dabble with every once in a while, and that means that every time I get back to it, I’m basically starting over. Not that there’s anything wrong with it feeling new and strange and wrong (in a good way) every time I start again, but I think anal is one of those things that you need to really get used to–and get your body used to–for it to be a reliably enjoyable part of sex.

I want it to someday be one of those things that I can enjoy without a big production and a serious slowdown of sex play. Right now, since each time I do it it’s sort of like starting over, like the first time, it takes a lot of work and cautious stop and go experimentation. Which is a lot of fun when the mood is right. But it’s not something that I’m comfortable enough with yet to just incorporate into all the rest of my fucking. I can’t just on a whim, in the middle of fucking demand that he switch to my ass. Or, better yet, have him decide that that’s where it’s going next. I mean, both of these things can happen, but the result is pretty much the opposite of the “zipless fuck.” It’s still a lot of work.

So, for 2013, one of my resolutions is going to be to get more comfortable with ass-play, and that means more anal training for me, and more Ass Wednesday pictures for Rikochanpornstar.com. I assume you guys won’t mind?

Hope you like this picture. I love how long my pumped clit looks in it!

Thanks a Million!

Rikochan in leather corset and high heels showing off her muscular quads, glutes, and calves

Do these heels make my legs look thick? (photography by Mayumism.com)

While I was away, Rikochanpornstar hit an unbelievably huge landmark: one million page views.

One million!

I can’t even begin to tell you just how happy that makes me, and just how unreal it seems. When I checked up on Rikochanpornstar from Japan, I burst out laughing—it didn’t seem possible that my homemade porn and random erotica writings could possibly have brought in so many visitors. To make it even stranger, I checked the traffic while I was sitting in a coffee shop hanging out with friends who I hadn’t seen since well before I started this journey of sex with you all, friends who couldn’t possibly understand what this blog—and all you readers—mean to me. I couldn’t say anything to them, so I just handed the phone to Kraka, who also burst out laughing. I can’t even remember the excuse Kraka gave them!

I have to tell you, I started to freak out, sitting there with my strait-laced friends, thinking of a million hits on pictures of me nude, videos of me having sex, my bodybuilding progress pictures, and especially all my raw thoughts about sex and being a woman and opening up to the possibility of a bigger world of sexuality. The thought of so many of you perverts (I say that with all love) out there might be looking at my pictures and reading my posts and (hopefully) getting as excited as I was when I made them for you…it made me excited and happy and grateful—even a little bit scared. I felt exposed and vulnerable in a way that I really hadn’t felt since I first started this blog, really. But back then, the novelty was that anyone would see me and read my confessions. The idea that so many people would do so was never something that just never occurred to me when I started.

When he could see that I was starting to get overwhelmed, Kraka calmed me down by taking me to order more coffee and pointing out (in English—handy!) that any site that basically gives away porn in the amateur, Japanese, big clit, and bodybuilding niches is bound to get a certain amount of traffic just by virtue of existing. Fair enough. I do get a lot of people just showing up via searches for all of those things (and a lot of other really, deeply strange searches, too, but that’s another story).

Still, the more I thought about it later, the more I realized that I have built up a surprising number of regular followers who come back again and again, leaving me comments, suggestions, ideas, and encouragement, either here in the comments, via email, or on my facebook, twitter, or Fetlife accounts. It’s you guys who keep coming back for more that have made this blog such a big success, as far as I am concerned.

So, to all of you out there—whether you’re a hardcore fan or just an occasional visitor to Rikochanpornstar—from the bottom of my heart, thanks so much for making me feel so excited, so alive, and so humbled. Stick around; I promise to make it worth your while!


Female bodybuilder Rikochan in high heels

High heels and big calves: an SFW version to link to on Facebook!

PS: Hope you like the picture of my legs and ass! Another shot from my session with the amazing Mistress Treasure! More More coming soon!

FBB Rikochan: Ass Wednesday Legshow & Progress picture

FBB Rikochan's latest leg and ass progress pic, plus: a red leather corset!

FBB Rikochan’s latest leg and ass progress pic

Yay, posting for the second day in row. If I can just get it up to three in a row, I think I will qualify as a blogger again. Yes, I have been neglecting you all for a while, it’s true, but I haven’t been neglecting the gym. I’m working out hard fix or six days a week, and I’m starting to see more growth and strength. My diet could have been stricter the past couple of weeks, but considering how crazy life has been for the past few weeks, I think I’ve done a pretty good job. I still think I don’t really qualify as a female bodybuilder, but I am definitely an FBB in training, I think.

I was very happy recently when a new woman trainer at my gym stopped to chat while I was drinking water after my workout and asked me if I was planning to compete someday. She was shocked when I said, no, never. “You’re always here, always training all kinds of crazy stuff—I’m always surprised when someone who isn’t getting on stage can get motivated to train like that.” I think I had been doing some kind of supersets with sled-dragging as one component and I was drenched in sweat. I have to say, it really made my week.

I told her I was just doing it for myself, which is true. I also really wanted to tell her about shooting for my website and porn videos, too, and about wanting to be in better shape the next time I worked with Ashlee Chambers or Darkside Milinda or another top level athlete who makes porn. Those women are my inspiration! Any progress I’ve made lately is at least partly because I met them this spring. But I thought it was better not to fill her in.

I don’t mean to make it sound like she was saying I’m in contest shape, or ripped, or even all that fit looking. She knew enough about bodybuilding to understand that I am off season. And that’s part of why it meant a lot to me. When people who don’t understand compliment me on my progress or some muscle they admire, that can be really flattering and even exciting, but it’s clear that most people only understand the end result, not what it took to get there. In this case, someone who understood was complimenting me on my effort and my dedication and my consistency. That made me very happy.

So, since I’ve been dragging that sled and squatting and doing walking lunges, and kettlebells swings and deadlifts, an since it’s Ass Wednesday, here’s a recent progress picture that shows off my legs, taken by a new woman photographer I’m working with. And, since I’m me, I’m in a corset and high heels. What do you think? I don’t know about the progress, but I really like her style!

FBB Rikochan Legshow: May Progress

FBB Rikochan's Muscle Ass and Legs

Do Rikochan’s muscular legs and ass qualify her as an FBB?

It’s been ages since I posted any progress pictures, and I’ve really been working very hard: I’m in the gym six days a week. Is it enough that I really qualify as an FBB (female bodybuilder)? Well, that’s not for me to decide, but I can tell you I am having a really good time working on it, and I am feeling very proud of my body!

FBB Rikochan's high heels and muscular legs

FBB Rikochan’s high heels and muscular legs

I train before work every morning, Monday to Friday, and I have a two hour buddy training session with Kraka and a great trainer every Saturday. I feel like lately I’ve been making some real progress, and it’s time to start posting pictures again. So I plan to start posting progress pics at least once a week.

FBB Rikochan big calves and quads

Am I making progress on my quads?

These pictures were taken on May 8, and I feel like they show a little bit how my glutes, quads and calves are starting to get a little thicker. I’ll try and take some more pictures tonight to see if there’s been any progress since then. But I can definitely tell you that while my pants’ waists are getting looser, they are getting tighter, if anything, in the ass, thighs, and calves! What do you think? Comments, critiques, and suggestions welcome! And, yes, I know, I need to lean out! Working on it! 🙂

FBB Rikochan's muscular calves and thighs

FBB Rikochan’s muscular calves and thighs

As always, you can click on the pics for much bigger versions!

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