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My Big Clit, Squirting and Other Things I’m not Ashamed of

Rikochan's big clitoris and dripping pussy

I used to be very embarrassed by how wet I got; whenever my pussy dripped like this, I’d be horrified and try to clean it up with towels. These days I’m at my happiest when I am outright squirting and soaking the mattress.


I used to be embarrassed and ashamed about a lot of things…

  • Body hair
  • Overlubrication
  • Squirting
  • Smell
  • Size (tall and fat and big)
  • Big thighs
  • Big calves
  • Big feet
  • Flat ass

The list goes on and on. But I got over most of it.

Well, not body hair. I mean, I’m not embarrassed anymore, because I mostly don’t have any, because I got rid of it all with laser hair removal.

But the rest I’ve mostly learned to deal with, or, at least, I’m making progress. I think being exposed to the non-vanilla world of kink is a big part of what changed my way of thinking.

Sure, having a supportive partner makes a big difference, but, when you are insecure having a single partner who not only likes you in spite of your flaws but actually might like some of things you think are flaws can help. But, if you are really insecure, you might just think “Oh, he’s just saying that…he has to say that, because I’m his girlfriend.” Or maybe you believe it, but secretly you think that there might be something wrong with someone who likes the bad things about you. Or maybe you might think you got lucky and feel desperately obliged to that person, because he’s the only one who could ever feel that way about you. All those ways of thinking can poison a relationship, take it from me.

Big clitorous Rikochan squirting on Kraka's soft cock.

Speaking of squirting… Although it isn’t the sharpest, I love this shot because it shows my squirting all over Kraka’s cock!

Putting my pictures and myself and my thoughts out there for the kinky people of the world, here and on FetLife and on my Clips4sale studio is what really changed my thinking about myself and the things that I was ashamed of. Not only are people not grossed out by these things I that used to worry me, many of them they actually love them. And it’s that chorus of pervy voices that has made me see these things in a different way.

It’s not that I’ve been converted to loving or even accepting the things about myself that used to bother me so much. But it means a lot to me that there are actually people who are desperately in love with these same things. I know, I know, everyone tells me I should love or at least accept these things, regardless of what other people think, not because of it.

Rikochan's 勃起くりとりす!

One thing I’ve never really been all that embarrassed about is my big clit. Of course, back in the days when I was more likely to be embarrassed, it wasn’t as big as it is now…

But, in a way, knowing that not everyone would judge me negatively for these things is freeing. Not because the opinions of the kinky people change any facts—in fact, precisely because their opinions don’t change any facts, because they are just opinions. It’s that realization that these minority opinions are just opinions that let me finally truly internalize something that I’ve known all along but never really been able to believe applied to me and my hideous self. All negative judgments are just opinions. They’re just subjective thoughts, no matter who is thinking them, or how many people are thinking them.

I still don’t love or accept certain things about myself. There are things that, while I’m glad people don’t judge me for them, I am determined to change. I think it’s good to have some aspirations and goals for self-betterment, even if the “better” is just a matter of opinion. I think if you simply accept everything about yourself, you’ll never be motivated to be a better you.

But understanding that these ideas of “better” and “worse” are just opinions and ideas and not absolutes is incredibly empowering. It lifts a huge burden of guilt and judgment, if you let it.

For example, I’ll never love my feet, but knowing that there are people out there who do, people who, in fact regularly beg me to let them pay me to photograph them… Well, that’s a pretty good reminder that I shouldn’t worry about them too much.

Anyhow, thanks for listening. Is there anything you used to be ashamed of or embarrassed by that you got over? Anything that you are trying to get over? I’d love to hear about it in the comments…

Legs, Legs, Legs

Rikochan's muscular legs in high heels

Loved shooting with Mayumi again…she always makes me (and my legs!) look great.

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to have some new pictures to share with you! For the first time in ages, I’ve got some pictures taken by an actual pro photographer: my very dear friend Mayumi. I was modeling for her for one of her fine art projects, so the style of these pictures isn’t as hardcore as what you might be used to here on Rikochanpornstar.com, but there’s no doubt that Mayumi’s talented eye can always find the sexy and the erotic without having to be explicitly graphic. Not that there’s anything wrong with graphic, of course! We love graphic porn here, too, but there’s something to be said for erotica, as well, and that’s where Mayumi excels.

Mayumi is great to work with. She’s funny and smart and strong and such a talented photographer. She knows just how to make a completely amateur model like me feel at ease, and she helped me work through my shyness and gave me some pointers on how to pose, too. I am the worst possible model when it comes to posing–I’m happy to do just about anything the photographer wants, but I’m no good at coming up with the stuff myself, and I’m awkward and stiff, too. Honestly, that’s a big part of the reason why almost all the work I do is is BDSM: I need some to tell me what to do in front of the camera. My preferred situation is when I have someone I trust who takes all those choices out of my hands…

Mayumi’s project was just fine art posing, so nothing like that happened, but, honestly, working as a model with a strong-minded artist who has a vision has a lot in common with the kind of BDSM I like.

That said, I learned a lot, and I hope that the next time we work together, I will have more to contribute to the shoot as a model, instead of being more like a mannequin! Because, yes, I definitely hope we work together again.

I’ll post a picture a week or so from the images Mayumi has shared with me for the next couple months. I think you’ll like them…I know I was very happy when she started to send me shots from our shoot. Please let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy the different feel that Mayumi’s work will provide for the mix of pictures here at Rikochanpornstar.com.

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Rikochan's muscular legs and sexy feet in black leather high heels

I hope that my leg and foot fetish fans will like this one! I’m thinking about selling these slightly worn shoes. Any takers? 😉 Click on all the picures in this post to see larger versions!

Hi everyone: just a quick update to remind you all: subscribe to Rikochanpornstar to be notified via email whenever I post new big clit, legshow, female muscle, electrostim, clit pumping, and muscle worship posts. I’m sure I left something out, but those are probably my most popular subjects. I had several hundred subscribers at my old blog, and I’ve got…ten now, I think. I’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming, so it’s definitely going to be worth your while to sign up! Of course, I won’t share your emails with anyone else or use them for anything other than telling you about new blog posts. To subscribe, go to the column on the right and scroll almost to the top! Just fill in your email address and you’ll be notified every time I publish a new post.

Big clitter Rikochan shows off her strong legs and fetishy red leather corset

While I like the PG version of this picture, the full shot is pretty fun, too–I think fans of my big clit and red leather corset will agree! 🙂

I also thought I’d let you know that I am still working hard on restoring my Rikochanpornstar, both fixing broken links and uploading photos that got lost when wordpress.com killed my old blog. I’m able to get a couple posts a day fixed–since I’ve posted over 200 times in three years since this blog started, that means I have a long way to go!


FBB Rikochan in red leather with huge erect clit.

I was suppose to be relaxing between shots, but apparently no one told my big clitty! 🙂

I’ve got a lot of the pictures, but, honestly, there are some from the earlier days that I doubt I will be able to find. If anyone out there has any Rikochanpornstar photo collections, I hope you will share them back with me. Thanks very, very much to the few people who have shared their collections already…it’s been a HUGE help. But I’m afraid that there are still some decent-sized gaps in what I have. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you wouldn’t mind zipping up your pics and sending them my way. Send the whole thing…I’ll worry about sorting out what’s what!


Artsy muscle shot, with red leather corset.

Rikochan reclining in red leather

Anyhow, thanks so much for sticking with me, everyone! I promise, there’s lots more good stuff coming very soon!



Lady Clarece and her Gorgeous Feet

Fishnet Foot Fetish!

The gorgeous feet of my very special friend, Lady Clarece!

Many of you love my big muscular calves, and it’s a fetish that seems to go hand in hand with foot fetishes. I get requests for all kinds of foot shots. I have fans who beg me not to crop my feet out of leg shots, fans who want to buy my used smelly shoes, and fans who want to send tribute pictures where they’ve come all over my foot shots. I’ve got fans who desperately want to shoot my feet, and I’ve even got fans who want me to post foot-job videos on my clips4sale studio!

But I’ll tell you a secret. I don’t have gorgeous, perfectly pampered feet, and I don’t foot-fetish sessions. But I know some one who does!

Excellent foot fetish shot: smooth, soft, and perfectly painted blood-red toenails,

I hope my feet can someday be as pretty, smooth, and and perfect as Lady Clarece’s!

I have a very sexy Japanese friend here in New York who has exquisite feet. Her name is Lady Clarece, and she’s got lovely feet. I mean, fucking gorgeous feet–perfect, soft, lovely milky-skinned feet. Best of all, man of my my friends will definitely be excited to hear that she is a foot model, an accomplished professional dominatrix, and a provider of foot worship sessions–among many, many other things!

The first time I met Lady Clarece in a setting conducive to chatting, I asked her what her specialty was. She told me all about her feet, and all I could think was: forget the feet, look at those gorgeous boobies! But the more she told me about her work as a foot domme, the more I couldn’t help but get excited by the idea. It was like there was some mysterious new erogenous zone inside her shoes that I couldn’t understand: a secret that I very badly wanted to be let in on.

Finally, I broke down and asked her to show them to me. She smirked: she’d been waiting for me to ask! Even though were sitting in a brunch restaurant in NYC, she did it slowly, sensuously. I’m sure no one but me noticed, but there was a little foot-strip tease going on at my table! I started to get a bit hot and bothered…

It was like that scene in  Haruki Murakami’s book, The Wild Sheep Chase, where the Rat’s girlfriend reveals her mysteriously sexy ears. Even though the narrator didn’t have a fascination with ears, he couldn’t help but become aroused, they were so perfect. That’s how I felt when I saw Lady Clarece’s feet; when I saw them, I realized feet could be crazy sexy, and they really opened up a whole new world for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the boobies, but this was something new!

Now, I’ve always had a thing for shoes (and boots!) but I’d never really considered feet before. But, since I met Lady Clarece and saw her lovely feet, I’ve been thinking about them a lot more as erogenous zones, both for giving and receiving pleasure. I had my toes thoroughly sucked recently, and I enjoyed it much more than I had suspected. I have to admit it wasn’t a complete success, because I was so nervous. The problem is, I am extremely ticklish, especially my feet, and I was worried that I might accidentally kick out with my strong legs, knocking out some teeth! Next time I try foot play, I think I’ll need to be restrained first! Actually, that sounds pretty good…

Lady Clarece demonstrates a footjob in stockings

Pro domme/foot fetish provider Lady Clarece demonstrates a footjob! Imagine it’s not a glass tube…

The first time I ever saw feet used to give pleasure was actually a video of Lady Clarece giving a foot job. I can’t tell you how hot I found it. It’s amazing how sexy [insert body part here] jobs can be. I’ve always loved what we call paizuri scenes in Japan: titty fucking! And then in the past few years I’ve seen some amazing BrandiMae bicep job videos, some sexy quad job videos, but foot job videos were new to me. I mean, I knew they existed, but I had never seen one. Now that I know, I’m interested in trying to give one, someday, but my feet need a lot more pampering first. Right now it would more S&M than fetish, if you know what I mean. Someday they’ll be all smooth and soft, like Lady Clarece’s.

Until then, it’s Lady Clarece’s feet that I recommend you check out! And, if you’re a foot fetishist and you’re planning on passing through the city, I can’t recommend strongly enough that you contact Lady Clarece!

Check out Lady Clarece’s site!

Rikochan: Muscular Calves, High Heels

If you've got a foot fetish, you'll love Rikochan's strong calves in sexy heels

Love these heels…they’re for indoor wear only! (Click all the pictures for giant-sized versions!)

I’ve been neglecting my leg lovers and foot fetishists for way too long. I hope this post will make up for it–a handful of new pictures from last night. It’s been so long since I did a real “shoot,” as opposed to just grabbing the camera during a sex session, and that’s when I take these kinds of legshow pictures. Last night was fun; I only shot for a little while, and the results were mostly unusable, but I was trying out a new camera that I borrowed from a friend; the Canon EOS 6D. It’s gorgeous! The pictures are 10 times better than what I get out of my old t2i, which feels junky and old by now.


FBB calves in high heels

Be good, or I’ll trample you…

It was so much fun to show off all the work I’ve done on my calves at the gym lately. Lots of sitting and standing calf raises, and I think the jumping rope has done a lot for me, too. I don’t know if you can really see it in these pictures, which are all very low angle shots that make my legs look so long and thin (relatively speaking), but my calves are actually pretty huge these days. I didn’t get any straight on shots that came out, or any measurement shots; I’ll be sure to get some next time, however.

Rikochan sexy big calves

Rock-hard calves in soft focus

My calves and quads have both gotten tighter and bigger; I think you can see a little bit of quad in the picture above, if not too much of the calves. My latest bodybuilding program is really focused on size, and I think I’m starting to see some progress. Of course, that means eating and eating and eating. It’s hard to balance muscle gain with not losing control of your weight. I am working really hard, but let’s say that I’m definitely pretty happy to wear a corset when I shoot these days… 🙁

Rikochan Strong Calves in B&W

There’s something about a leg-show and foot fetish shoot that just begs for black and white…

That last shot is a little something for the big clit fans, who might otherwise feel neglected by this post. Don’t worry, big clit fans, there’s more coming soon. I the meanwhile, however, there’s more from this set, including a couple pretty sexy nipple pumping shots. I’m back into nipple pumping in a big way these days, and I’m determined to get some serious size and some good pictures this time around.

Hope you leg and foot fetishists liked this post! I’m genetically blessed with calves, so I might as well embrace and share them, right? Let me tell you, though: Asian girls, who tend to have thick calves tend to hate them! When I was a kid, they were a constant source of stress for me. I’ve even read stories about Korean calf-reduction surgery! Thoughts?


Rikochan’s Muscular Calves

Rikochan shows off her meaty calves

I got a lot of requests for pics of me flexing my big, muscular calves. Request fulfilled! (Click for the full-size version)

I’ve had a lot of requests for more leg shots. After more full body pictures, that’s my most frequently requested type of picture lately (except for face pictures, which isn’t going to happen right now, sorry!). Posing and flexing leg pictures are even more requested than big clit shots, which I find shocking but flattering. I guess a lot of you out there really love Japanese girls with big, meaty, muscular calves!

I certainly don’t mind showing them off a little bit, because I’ve been working really hard on my legs lately. Lots of squats, deadlifts, calf raises, curls, extensions, and some new plyometrics stuff I am working on adding to my workouts. I love to try new things–one of my biggests challenges is getting bored. So I’ve been reading lots of great workouts from figure and physiqe competitors like Erin Stern and incorporating some really fun new exercises–lots of jumps and sprints, for example–into my workouts, and I think I’m starting to see some results.

I’m also doing a fair amount more upper body stuff than I used to; my new workouts are probably more balanced than what I had been doing for the past few months. Those figure girls do a LOT more upper body work than I ever realized. I had sort of been avoiding their workouts since my dream has been bodybuilding, but, as Kraka pointed out, since all of them are bigger and in better shape than me, it’s not like I am going to be downgrading my efforts by following an Erin Stern workout, ha! And I am having a ton of fun in the gym again, and, for me, that is everything!

Rikochan flexes her strong, thick legs

Here’s something for all you foot-fetish fans out there! (Click for the full-size version)

So, what do you think of my latest leg shots? And, if legs aren’t your thing, what would you like to see next? I’m going to shoot over the holiday, and I’d love to hear what you all want!


フィーメールマッスル・ジャパン | Japanese FemaleMuscle

Muscle pornstar Rikochan shows off her her huge calves.

How’s that for Japanese FemaleMuscle? [Click for even bigger version!]

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve just started to post in another blog, too; this one is going to be called フィーメールマッスル・ジャパン | Japanese FemaleMuscle and I’ll be posting a lot of the same kind of thing that I post here, only in Japanese. If you are only here for the articles, it will be a lot of the same content: female bodybuilders, femdom fantasies, big clits, and so on. But there will definitely be some pictures and stories that only show up on JMF, too.

Midori Takase nude japanese bodybuilder

Midori Takase is a rare example of a Japanese bodybuilder who does porn…I’m hoping to find more!

While there are some good sites and blogs about bodybuilding and even women’s bodybuilding in Japanese, and, of course, an amazing variety of porn sites, from gorgeous softcore glamour to crazy gonzo stuff, there’s not as much content that combines the two that’s actually written in Japanese. There just isn’t much home-grown Japanese FBB porn, nor all that much good writing in Japanese about western FBB porn. So my idea was to write about the two together, along with all my other periodic obsessions, too of course. I’m not an expert in bodybuilding or anything, but I’m working on it, and I know some people who certainly are.

Speaking of people I know who are experts, I’ll be posting a lot of stuff from my friends at SheMuscle and Dirty Muscle and Femalemusclepornstars, too, and interviewing some of their models, too. I’ll post the English versions of the interviews here, and the Japanese versions will go on JMF. I know that a lot of this stuff just doesn’t exist in Japanese, and I hope that, even in English, it will be pretty cool.

Muscular JAV star Ryoko Yoshida

Ryoko Yoshida 吉田遼子 also called Mirai Urata 浦田みらい is retired, but surely there are other fit Japanese AV stars out there…

My real secret hope is that by starting this blog, I’ll get to interview and meet some of Japan’s bodybuilders and fit AV stars and maybe get to help arrange them shooting with SheMuscle, maybe even get to do some shoots or scenes with them myself. I guess Ryoko Yoshida 吉田遼子, also called Mirai Urata 浦田みらい, is retired, but I’m sure there must be some gorgeous new fit AV star who’s taken her place…

Rikochan: Post-Coital Legshow in Jamaica

FBB Rikochan shows off her legs and feet

Legshow and feet: Blissed-out Rikochan relaxing after sex in her Jamaican bed (Click to enlarge)

I had a great time in Jamaica! It’s hard to believe I have been back for nearly a week already. Jamaica is so beautiful, and the resort I stayed at was so nice and the people there so friendly that I was able to relax in a way that I rarely can. I did work out most days, but I got super lax on my eating. Well: I mostly still ate like a bodybuilder, but my portion control went out the window and I added deserts-a lot of deserts! And, yes, I am paying for it now with lots of extra cardio, but, really I don’t regret it at all.  Besides, it’s good to go off your diet once in a while and shock your body a little, right? I am finding that the weight is coming off pretty fast right now, as though my metabolism got a little bit of a boost from these several cheat days.

Anyhow, I don’t have a lot of pictures from Jamaica. I brought all sorts of sex toys and bondage gear, including a bunch that I bought specially for the trip and have never shot or talked about. But, somehow, almost none of them ever made it out of the drawers I unpacked them into. Yes, I had some sex in Jamaica. It would have been almost impossible not to. That huge bed with creamy white sheets, the jacuzzi tub in front of the wall of windows overlooking the beach, that gorgeous sun-soaked shower and all beautiful sun, lovely wine and champagne, good food. Yes, it was an aphrodisiacal setting.

So yes, there was sex–just not as much as I expected. It turned out that we were both much more tired than we had realized, and a lot of the time we spent in cuddling and talking and falling asleep in each other’s arms. I can’t recommend falling asleep with your head on Kraka’s shoulder strongly enough!

We did have some sex, however, but it was just spontaneous, fun, relaxed, joyful reconnection sex. There wasn’t any posing, there weren’t any lights. The camera was on the bedside table, but neither of us ever picked it up, by some sort of unspoken mutual consent. It was unselfconscious, unrehearsed, probably unlovely to look at, but glorious in its own way. I haven’t come so strongly in a very long time as when I sat in Kraka’s lap facing him, holding his shoulders and kissing his face, neck and hair as he sucked on my nipples and rocked me until we both came with a wild, shaking orgasm. I don’t know if it was the size his erection, the angle of the fucking, or just my completely abandoned, slightly tipsy enthusiasm, but I have never felt him come so far inside me, and that feeling of complete penetration made me come like I have never come before, in long rolling waves, rising and falling, rising and falling like the sound of the waves below as it came over our balcony and through our open windows on the hot, humid air of the Jamaican night.

So, no there really aren’t any sex pictures or videos. But there are a few shots that Kraka took here and there that night and other nights. This one, taken as I slept off the sweet bliss of that perfect orgasm, is probably my favorite. I hope you like it.

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