Rikochan Returns…and So Does Her Giant Clitty!

Rikochan's Clit Pumped until it looks like a FTM cock

I want to pump up my clitty soooooo bad! You can’t imagine how much I’ve missed it…

Hi everyone! So glad to have my home studio and computers back in action after a very long time in which I gave them up to vanilla houseguests. It does happen once in a while, but almost never for this long: almost three weeks! I’ve missed you all sooooo much (although I did see some of you a little bit when I managed to sneak a little online time on Facebook and Fetlife (Have you friended me there yet? If not, you should!)

Anyhow, I’ve been working on some fun stuff in the background, including an Offbeatr project, getting some serious latex gear, and photoshoot with one old FBB dominatrix friend I hope to meet again next month, and one new FBB friend who I’ve never met in person before, but who I’m VERY excited to get to shoot with, maybe this fall. I might even shoot with a whole new studio, like a fairly professional one! I’m even looking into doing a little Japanese porn, if I can work it out…maybe!

Anyhow, I’m sorry to have been gone so long…I really loved getting all your comments here and on facebook and fetlife while I couldn’t come and post for you. So, for all you guys who stayed in touch, I hope you like the picture up above of my enormous Japanese clitty all nice and pumped up! Sadly, this is before my vacation: I haven’t done clit pumping even once in the past three weeks! I plan to get started again soon…maybe Wednesday night!

Anyhow, lots more pictures will be showing here, and I’ll be posting some new videos soon, too: keep an eye out for them on my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium.


Rikochan’s Big Clit to Thank You for All Your Support!

Rikochan's Gros Clito

I know what a lot of you want are extreme closeups of my huge clit, with the pink glans all swollen and glistening… Your wish is my command! Click for a giant-sized version of my giant clitoris!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say how ridiculously happy all of you, my fans and friends, have been making me lately. I thought posting a nice closeup of my big erect clit was a nice way to say just how much I appreciate you guys and girls!

Why am I so happy? Well, I’ve gotten a ton of amazing comments on Rikochanpornstar in the past little while, and a lot of great comments and DMs on Facebook and Fetlife, too, as well as lots and lots of friend requests in both places, too. I’m closing in on 2,000 friends on FL, and getting close to 1,000 on Facebook, which is just crazy! If you aren’t already my friend in both places, send me a request–I’d love to hear from you. I’m on both sites almost everyday. If you want to follow me between blog posts, that’s the place to do it! In fact, sometime I post pictures there first! This post’s photo of my big clitty actually showed up on Fetlife first. I’d love to hit 1,000 and 2,000 soon!

I’m also amazed at how popular my recent videos have been! Yesterday was one of my best days ever on Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium, my Clips4sale studio, and this month is on track for being the best month ever, too! I’ve also gotten some nice emails about the videos, including some requests to shoot more videos, which sound like they might be very exciting!

What’s Next for Rikochan?

It might sound silly, but the comments and encouragement friend requests and requests to shoot and your support of my little video store are all so flattering and so gratifying that they really make me want to make more photos and videos and blog posts. They’re really motivating me to get into better shape, and to go further in my videos, taking more risks, showing a little more of my face, my body, my self. It’s because of you all that I’m going to do more, take the next steps in my amateur porn career!

What does that mean? Well, in addition to more Gym Bullies, more Mistress M video, and my very first ever forced-orgasm video shoot (from a couple of years ago-finally!), I’m really going to branch out and be more daring in the porn I make.

I’m going to start expanding my list of people who I work with. I’m hoping to do some shibari and some foot-fetish shoots. I’m also looking into some harder BDSM shoots, and some shoots with a wider variety of girls–some more mainstream girls, I hope, in addition to the FBBs that I have loved working with. I’m looking into doing some serious forced orgasm shoots. LOVE forced orgasms.

And I’m going to work with some new directors and producers. I’m talking, for example, to a friend about maybe doing some muscle-worship video sessions with an amazing porn girl who is into fitness and a bodybuilder who does porn, as well as maybe a pornier BDSM shoot with mainstream clips4sale girl.  That’s all I’m going to say about that, because it’s just in the talking stages, but I really really hope it works out!

Boy/Girl and Sessions?

So many of you have asked, that I’ll just say it here: no boy-girl stuff (unless it’s Kraka, shibari riggers, or maybe forced orgasm masters) and no actual sessions… For now! I have to confess, all the many, many requests I get for both are terribly flattering and exciting, enough that I have actually given both b/g porn and muscle worship sessions some serious thought. And I’m very, very curious about both of them, I have to say!

Kraka is open to me doing either boy/girl or sessions, if the circumstances are right, so I’m definitely getting the support I’d need to make that leap. I think I’d be more likely to dip my toe into sessions, first, probably. I’m not in a hurry, but I am definitely thinking about it. So, feel free to keep asking. It makes me super horny when you ask, and, as long as you don’t mind me saying no for now, I don’t mind you asking. Maybe you’ll convince me eventually! 😉

Anyhow, thanks for motivating me to make more and better porn and erotica. It’s all for you and all because of you. If you love my porn and want me to make more and go further, it’s the wonderful, lovely support that you’ve been giving me lately (and all along!) here, on my social networks and at my clips4sale studio that will make it happen.

~Love, Riko

Thanks a Million!

Rikochan in leather corset and high heels showing off her muscular quads, glutes, and calves

Do these heels make my legs look thick? (photography by Mayumism.com)

While I was away, Rikochanpornstar hit an unbelievably huge landmark: one million page views.

One million!

I can’t even begin to tell you just how happy that makes me, and just how unreal it seems. When I checked up on Rikochanpornstar from Japan, I burst out laughing—it didn’t seem possible that my homemade porn and random erotica writings could possibly have brought in so many visitors. To make it even stranger, I checked the traffic while I was sitting in a coffee shop hanging out with friends who I hadn’t seen since well before I started this journey of sex with you all, friends who couldn’t possibly understand what this blog—and all you readers—mean to me. I couldn’t say anything to them, so I just handed the phone to Kraka, who also burst out laughing. I can’t even remember the excuse Kraka gave them!

I have to tell you, I started to freak out, sitting there with my strait-laced friends, thinking of a million hits on pictures of me nude, videos of me having sex, my bodybuilding progress pictures, and especially all my raw thoughts about sex and being a woman and opening up to the possibility of a bigger world of sexuality. The thought of so many of you perverts (I say that with all love) out there might be looking at my pictures and reading my posts and (hopefully) getting as excited as I was when I made them for you…it made me excited and happy and grateful—even a little bit scared. I felt exposed and vulnerable in a way that I really hadn’t felt since I first started this blog, really. But back then, the novelty was that anyone would see me and read my confessions. The idea that so many people would do so was never something that just never occurred to me when I started.

When he could see that I was starting to get overwhelmed, Kraka calmed me down by taking me to order more coffee and pointing out (in English—handy!) that any site that basically gives away porn in the amateur, Japanese, big clit, and bodybuilding niches is bound to get a certain amount of traffic just by virtue of existing. Fair enough. I do get a lot of people just showing up via searches for all of those things (and a lot of other really, deeply strange searches, too, but that’s another story).

Still, the more I thought about it later, the more I realized that I have built up a surprising number of regular followers who come back again and again, leaving me comments, suggestions, ideas, and encouragement, either here in the comments, via email, or on my facebook, twitter, or Fetlife accounts. It’s you guys who keep coming back for more that have made this blog such a big success, as far as I am concerned.

So, to all of you out there—whether you’re a hardcore fan or just an occasional visitor to Rikochanpornstar—from the bottom of my heart, thanks so much for making me feel so excited, so alive, and so humbled. Stick around; I promise to make it worth your while!


Female bodybuilder Rikochan in high heels

High heels and big calves: an SFW version to link to on Facebook!

PS: Hope you like the picture of my legs and ass! Another shot from my session with the amazing Mistress Treasure! More More coming soon!

New Video: Rikochan’s Shocking Sensation 新しいビデオとフェチコンプレックス

Rikochan fetish play with TENS device

The opening credits of my new little electrostim and squirting video.

Hi everyone! This is just a quick note to let you all know that I finally posted another new video, a big clit, electrostim, and squirting video, which you can buy on my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. It’s definitely not my highest quality video in terms of lighting and so on, but I hope it’s still pretty good in terms of delivering the kind of clitty action my fans have come to expect. I also wanted to say hi to all the people who are visiting me from フェチコンプレックス(the Fetish Complex) blog today. Hi there! Leave me a comment or two–I’d love to  hear from some Japanese fans! I’d love to hear what you think and any requests you might have for content! Add me on facebook, too!


ちょっと宣伝です。巨クリ、エレクトロスティム、潮吹きのビデオを新しくポストしましたっ。今までで最高の画質とはいえませんが、皆様のご期待に沿える内容であると思います。clips4sale studioのRikochan’s Big Clitから購入できますので、ぜひのぞいてみてくださいませ~。よろしくお願いします。


Kraka jerks Krakette's clit like it was a little cock

My clitty looks like a cock, doesn’t it?

I love the way Kraka jerks my clit like it was a little shemale cock. I’ve got friends on Fetlife who claim that my clit is bigger than their cocks! Someday I’ll have to do a comparison video. Would you guys like to see that? I’m guessing the answer is yes! By the way, if you don’t already follow me on Fetlife, you should!

Rikochan fat clit electrostim video

My clit is bigger than my finger!

Love this shot, which shows that my clitoris is fatter than my finger. I think I must qualify as a futanari now, don’t you? You can’t tell from the image, but it’s actually bigger than my thumb! You can see that I’ve started to squirt a little already from the stains on the sheet.

Electrostim makes me squirt!

Electrostim makes me squirt!

Here it is, the gushing orgasm! I pretty much always squirt, but for some reason, after I’ve been zapping my pussy with electrostim for a while, the orgasms are so much stronger, and the gushing is also that much more uncontrolled. Sometimes I am afraid that I will squirt so much that I’ll get a shock from my electro devices!

Buy Now

I Hope you liked the pics, and I encourage you to check out my videos, too!


Rikochan's Electrostim TENS unit

I love my beginner TENS electrostim unit, but I’m ready to get a better one!

Rikochan’s Bodybuilding Progress Pics for April 4, 2012

Rikochan Front Double Biceps Posing

I think like how my shoulders and tiny pecs are starting to look in this picture. By the way, that’s a shadow behind my head from the bounce flash: I don’t have a mullet! (Click to enlarge.)

I get a lot of requests for bodybuilding progress pics (both nude and non-nude) which I think is kind of funny, given how little progress I have actually made, but, that said I am proud of where I have gotten so far, and humbled to be asked so regularly for updates. So I’m going to try and post a little more regularly. Also, I have a thread going in FetLife (Hi Fetlifers! Drop me a comment here!) where my FL friends and I are tracking our progress throughout the year, and these will be my accountability posts for that thread.

I posted the clothed front double biceps pose first because it’s my favorite picture of the current  batch. I have seen plenty of evidence of how working out makes me look better naked; it’s fun to see progress slowly getting to the point where I can see the difference with clothes on. I will try and get a shot of my legs and ass in jeans, because I think that’s where it’s most visible, however.

Oiled up muscular legs in high heels!

Heh, I think I used a little too much oil for this legshow shot. (click for full-sized version)

I’ve been playing around with shots lately. New shoes and oiled up muscles are one thing I iam experimenting with; I think this is just a little bit too shiny. What kind of oil do female bodybuilders use when they oil up for shoots? The only time I actually worked with FBBs, they used baby oil, but I think that is really bad for your skin. I used sesame oil, which seemed somehow perfect for a Japanese muscle-girl but was kind of too oily and shiny and very strong smelling, ha! Any suggestions? Anyhow, I thought the legshow and foot fetish fans might still like this high-heel posing picture…

Rikochan's right biceps

My arms are so slow to grow, but I like the way they look in this picture. (click for full-size picture.)

Last is the obligatory topless shot. Muscle titty! Yay! Actually, that’s sort of wishful thinking: I look pretty small in this picture, but, still, I thought I would share it. Kind of wanted to get a picture of my new KLAWTEX latex mask in, if nothing else!

topless flexing picture with my Klawtex latex mask

Topless front double biceps picture with my latex mask (click for full size version).

Let me know what you thought of the pics, what kind of oil I should use, what poses you want to see, what you think of my shape…any and all comments welcome, as long as they are at least contructive!


Bodybuilding, Roleplaying, Latex, and Other Transformations: Part I

Dominatrix Mistress K and her sexy sub Pet show off their lovely latex.

Mistress K and Pet show off some latex hotness (photo used by permission)

Mistress K and Pet at Deviant Display have inspired me to do something I think I’ve sort of always wanted to do: Play dress up. It sounds like something simple, but, for me it’s a little bit of a revelation, and it’s changing the way I think about sex, porn, body image, and what I do here on my blog.

I’ve always played with my looks. I’ve been fat. Pretty damned fat. I’ve been thin…like fashion-model thin. I’ve had huge, curly perms, and I’ve had short butch hair and everything in between. I wear glasses, but I also wear contacts. My clothes are always changing; my style never solidifies for long. And, of course, now there’s bodybuilding. I love to change the way I look. Sometimes it’s playful, but too often it’s been anything but.


I’ve written before about my ambivalence toward my body. I know, it’s an old story; but it’s my story, too. I was tall for a Japanese girl, taller than all the men in my family.  I had big shoulders and long arms and powerful legs and absurd square cheekbones and a lantern jaw. In Tokyo, women were supposed to be petite and soft. I was never either; thin was the best I could hope for. I could tell myself that if only I were a little thinner, I would feel right. And I got there. A little thinner. A lot thinner. Exceedingly thin.

It's amazing how one clear glimpse can change your life forever.

It’s amazing how one clear glimpse can change your body image forever…

The journey felt good. The discipline. But the results were never enough. Being thinner didn’t…fix things. My face was still big and square. I was still too tall. But now I felt like Aeon Flux, and not in a good way—that is, without the boobs. All big bony shoulders and angles and brittle and awkward. I was smaller, but I had no shape. Nothing identified me to myself as a woman. Guys didn’t seem to mind, so I was almost OK with it. Almost. Then one day my reflection in a mirror caught me off guard: all I could see were enormous cheekbones over hollowed-out cheeks and I thought, my god, I look like one of those South American mummies. A horror show. Was that what the guys who liked me were into?


If I hadn’t met Kraka around that time, I suspect I’d be quite ill now; anorexic with osteoporosis, probably.  But the timing was right, and I liked that he wanted to feed me up. Meeting an American and moving to America, however, meant I went the all the way the other way for a while: from being obsessed with diet I became obsessed with food. I became a total foodie, even traveled to Italy on an eating and drinking tour. I learned to cook—very well—and ate and ate and ate. From anorexia, I was moving toward diabetes. I’d traded denial for indulgence. I could eat a pound of gnocchi, a pint of haagen-daz and drink a couple of bottles of wine, all in one night.

Jayne Mansfield was one of the original bombshells!

Jayne Mansfield is what curvy means to me.

I never got as fat as I should have, but, still, my body was…lush. I was rounded and soft and I had tits. Serious tits, for me. I loved them. Kraka loved them. We loved them together. Often.  And I loved that complete rejection of the discipline of starvation. Yet I didn’t truly feel at ease that way, either. Abandoning the structure of my diet felt like giving up. I looked sexier, but I didn’t feel good, and I was starting to gain size in a way that didn’t feel or look sexy to me. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions about their own ideal or actual size or shape, but, to me, in my own personal skin, feeling Jayne Mansfield is what it means to be curvy. When I get beyond that, I just feel fat. Obese. Unwell. Sad.  That’s where I was headed. There and beyond.


About then (perhaps not coincidentally) Kraka went on a mild fitness kick. I, of course, am the one who’s now consumed by the idea. Are you sensing my personality type here? Yes. Addictive. Bodybuilding is the perfect medium for me to express my body issues. It’s got the discipline I need in order to feel like I am punishing my weird, uncooperative body—mastering it, reshaping it. And yet I eat, like crazy; but very differently. I’m relearning how to cook and getting damned good at it, too. Again. I’m on a path again, a new path, one that I think can only lead to better and better places, for a change. Even what I saw as my defects—my size, my strength, my height—these things are advantages, now. I’m learning to embrace them.

Rikochan's gunshow. Small Caliber!

Bodybuilding, for me, is about balancing two self-destructive impulses in such a way that I can play them off against each other and be both healthy and happy.

But it’s a damned long path. Sometimes I feel like I’ll never get there. Sometimes I want to just sit give up and gorge until I am soft and curvy and relaxed. Sometimes I want to starve myself back to skinniness even at the cost of my hard-earned muscle. Those are both goals I know I could reach. Sometimes I need a shortcut. Sometimes I need to feel sexy now, feel different now, feel transformed now. But I never knew how to do that without completely losing myself in some new quest, with some new kind of mortification of the flesh.


And that’s where Mistress K and Pet (and alter-ego Pony Gurl) come in. The best discovery I’ve made since I discovered Asian women bodybuilders on the old Steel Butterflies website is finding K and Pet and their amazing, sexy blog. The pictures are hot and the stories are hot. But there are endless sites full of hot pictures and stories. What makes Deviant Display so special to me, so much hotter than any pro site I’ve ever been to? The fact that Mistress K and Pet (and PG) are real people with real jobs who live in the real world and who go home at the end of the each day and take off the everyday and put on fucking hot clothes and fucking hot roles and fuck the living shit out of each other in a hundred different and creative ways.

Sure, they have their preferred roles. Mistress K really is a domme, and Pet really is a sub. But they are not trapped in those roles. Mistress K can also submit, Mistress K can top from the bottom, Mistress K can be whatever the hell she wants to be and yet never surrender who she is for one minute. Pet is, if anything, is even more chameleon-like for me, oscillating between obedience and bratty wild girl as it pleases him.

Mistress K and Pet seem able to effortlessly surrender to the roles they choose for themselves and each other and embrace them and enjoy them, but only for as long as it suits them, for as long it’s enjoyable, for as long as the feeling strikes them. It finally occurred to me what that is. That’s fun. That’s playing. I have never in my life viewed sex a game. A journey: sure; a lifestyle: yes. But not games. Not fun. I read so many of their stories, though, that I finally started to get it. When Kraka buys me cuffs and collars, he’s not trying to make me his slave, he’s giving me a chance to try out a role, for as long as it suits me—whether that’s forever or just until we’re both tired and sweaty and happy.


Rikochan's first anal hook and first forced orgasm shoot, complete with anal hook

Why did it take me a year to start publishing pictures from my first forced orgasm session shoot? Because I spent too much time worrying about what it meant. (photo, introduction to the ass hook, and orgasms courtesy the excellent PointWalkerPix. Click for the full-size version)

I’m looking at things in a different way lately. Secret Magazine and Skin Two and my collected Bizarre? Maybe they’re not just the anthropological texts I used to try and decode; maybe they’re a source of ideas. I could try that. I could wear that. That might be fun—or not. But I could find out! Anyone who’s read this blog knows that I’ve tried a lot of things, but only after great deliberation and consideration of what this new thing would mean to me, what I would become if I did it, if it was something that I could throw myself into with the same obsessiveness as bodybuilding, as complete gluttony, as starvation.

I’ve loved making porn, but I’ve struggled on and off with what it means to me to be “in porn,” analyzing it endlessly, until I had a sort of porn meltdown. But as I read more of Deviant Display and explored FetLife, I realized, maybe I’m just taking it too seriously. Maybe I should just relax a little. Maybe it just means that I want to play dress up for the day, that I want to roleplay, and that the role of the day just happens to be porn star. After all, the title of my blog was always supposed to be a bit tongue in cheek, right? Maybe whatever new things I try (within reason) are all just transitory sensations without any more meaning than I want them to have. Maybe I could just experiment and enjoy. Maybe I could play.

Next: I shop for a latex mask and end up buying a lifestyle.

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