Lady Clarece and her Gorgeous Feet

Fishnet Foot Fetish!

The gorgeous feet of my very special friend, Lady Clarece!

Many of you love my big muscular calves, and it’s a fetish that seems to go hand in hand with foot fetishes. I get requests for all kinds of foot shots. I have fans who beg me not to crop my feet out of leg shots, fans who want to buy my used smelly shoes, and fans who want to send tribute pictures where they’ve come all over my foot shots. I’ve got fans who desperately want to shoot my feet, and I’ve even got fans who want me to post foot-job videos on my clips4sale studio!

But I’ll tell you a secret. I don’t have gorgeous, perfectly pampered feet, and I don’t foot-fetish sessions. But I know some one who does!

Excellent foot fetish shot: smooth, soft, and perfectly painted blood-red toenails,

I hope my feet can someday be as pretty, smooth, and and perfect as Lady Clarece’s!

I have a very sexy Japanese friend here in New York who has exquisite feet. Her name is Lady Clarece, and she’s got lovely feet. I mean, fucking gorgeous feet–perfect, soft, lovely milky-skinned feet. Best of all, man of my my friends will definitely be excited to hear that she is a foot model, an accomplished professional dominatrix, and a provider of foot worship sessions–among many, many other things!

The first time I met Lady Clarece in a setting conducive to chatting, I asked her what her specialty was. She told me all about her feet, and all I could think was: forget the feet, look at those gorgeous boobies! But the more she told me about her work as a foot domme, the more I couldn’t help but get excited by the idea. It was like there was some mysterious new erogenous zone inside her shoes that I couldn’t understand: a secret that I very badly wanted to be let in on.

Finally, I broke down and asked her to show them to me. She smirked: she’d been waiting for me to ask! Even though were sitting in a brunch restaurant in NYC, she did it slowly, sensuously. I’m sure no one but me noticed, but there was a little foot-strip tease going on at my table! I started to get a bit hot and bothered…

It was like that scene in  Haruki Murakami’s book, The Wild Sheep Chase, where the Rat’s girlfriend reveals her mysteriously sexy ears. Even though the narrator didn’t have a fascination with ears, he couldn’t help but become aroused, they were so perfect. That’s how I felt when I saw Lady Clarece’s feet; when I saw them, I realized feet could be crazy sexy, and they really opened up a whole new world for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the boobies, but this was something new!

Now, I’ve always had a thing for shoes (and boots!) but I’d never really considered feet before. But, since I met Lady Clarece and saw her lovely feet, I’ve been thinking about them a lot more as erogenous zones, both for giving and receiving pleasure. I had my toes thoroughly sucked recently, and I enjoyed it much more than I had suspected. I have to admit it wasn’t a complete success, because I was so nervous. The problem is, I am extremely ticklish, especially my feet, and I was worried that I might accidentally kick out with my strong legs, knocking out some teeth! Next time I try foot play, I think I’ll need to be restrained first! Actually, that sounds pretty good…

Lady Clarece demonstrates a footjob in stockings

Pro domme/foot fetish provider Lady Clarece demonstrates a footjob! Imagine it’s not a glass tube…

The first time I ever saw feet used to give pleasure was actually a video of Lady Clarece giving a foot job. I can’t tell you how hot I found it. It’s amazing how sexy [insert body part here] jobs can be. I’ve always loved what we call paizuri scenes in Japan: titty fucking! And then in the past few years I’ve seen some amazing BrandiMae bicep job videos, some sexy quad job videos, but foot job videos were new to me. I mean, I knew they existed, but I had never seen one. Now that I know, I’m interested in trying to give one, someday, but my feet need a lot more pampering first. Right now it would more S&M than fetish, if you know what I mean. Someday they’ll be all smooth and soft, like Lady Clarece’s.

Until then, it’s Lady Clarece’s feet that I recommend you check out! And, if you’re a foot fetishist and you’re planning on passing through the city, I can’t recommend strongly enough that you contact Lady Clarece!

Check out Lady Clarece’s site!

Rikochan: Post-Coital Legshow in Jamaica

FBB Rikochan shows off her legs and feet

Legshow and feet: Blissed-out Rikochan relaxing after sex in her Jamaican bed (Click to enlarge)

I had a great time in Jamaica! It’s hard to believe I have been back for nearly a week already. Jamaica is so beautiful, and the resort I stayed at was so nice and the people there so friendly that I was able to relax in a way that I rarely can. I did work out most days, but I got super lax on my eating. Well: I mostly still ate like a bodybuilder, but my portion control went out the window and I added deserts-a lot of deserts! And, yes, I am paying for it now with lots of extra cardio, but, really I don’t regret it at all.  Besides, it’s good to go off your diet once in a while and shock your body a little, right? I am finding that the weight is coming off pretty fast right now, as though my metabolism got a little bit of a boost from these several cheat days.

Anyhow, I don’t have a lot of pictures from Jamaica. I brought all sorts of sex toys and bondage gear, including a bunch that I bought specially for the trip and have never shot or talked about. But, somehow, almost none of them ever made it out of the drawers I unpacked them into. Yes, I had some sex in Jamaica. It would have been almost impossible not to. That huge bed with creamy white sheets, the jacuzzi tub in front of the wall of windows overlooking the beach, that gorgeous sun-soaked shower and all beautiful sun, lovely wine and champagne, good food. Yes, it was an aphrodisiacal setting.

So yes, there was sex–just not as much as I expected. It turned out that we were both much more tired than we had realized, and a lot of the time we spent in cuddling and talking and falling asleep in each other’s arms. I can’t recommend falling asleep with your head on Kraka’s shoulder strongly enough!

We did have some sex, however, but it was just spontaneous, fun, relaxed, joyful reconnection sex. There wasn’t any posing, there weren’t any lights. The camera was on the bedside table, but neither of us ever picked it up, by some sort of unspoken mutual consent. It was unselfconscious, unrehearsed, probably unlovely to look at, but glorious in its own way. I haven’t come so strongly in a very long time as when I sat in Kraka’s lap facing him, holding his shoulders and kissing his face, neck and hair as he sucked on my nipples and rocked me until we both came with a wild, shaking orgasm. I don’t know if it was the size his erection, the angle of the fucking, or just my completely abandoned, slightly tipsy enthusiasm, but I have never felt him come so far inside me, and that feeling of complete penetration made me come like I have never come before, in long rolling waves, rising and falling, rising and falling like the sound of the waves below as it came over our balcony and through our open windows on the hot, humid air of the Jamaican night.

So, no there really aren’t any sex pictures or videos. But there are a few shots that Kraka took here and there that night and other nights. This one, taken as I slept off the sweet bliss of that perfect orgasm, is probably my favorite. I hope you like it.

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