Big Clit Rikochan’s Facesitting Fun: More Screencaps

Big clit Rikochan sits on slave Kraka's face

Big Clit Rikochan’s Facesitting Fun Vidcaps

Screencaps of my big clit fetish videos are apparently pretty popular among my readers–they’re some of the most-clicked on things on my site. So here are the screencaps from the latest videos on my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. This time it’s all about oral sex, as you can see. Kraka sucks my big clit as I sits on his face, and then I return the favor, squirting several time right into his mouth. You can hear the squirting sounds!

Click the picture for a bigger version of the screencaps, click the buy now button to just go ahead and get it (it’s worth it!) and click on the link below the button for a little bit more description and one more image from earlier this week.

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New Video! Big Clit Rikochan’s Facesitting Fun

Fetish mask-wearing Kraka licks Rikochan's huge clit as she sits on his face.

Fetish mask-wearing Kraka licks Rikochans huge clit as she sits on his face.

As a few of you have pointed out, I haven’t posted a new porn video in about a month, and, also, for a site about the adventures of a big-clitted woman dipping her toes in the world of amateur porn, there really haven’t been many pictures of my huge clitty lately. So, I thought I would go back to basics tonight with this post. First of all, I posted a new clip on my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. It’s called Big Clit Rikochan: Facesitting Fun. There’s a nice little sample of the video there, too, showing Kraka licking my huge clip–from my POV! Yes, I held the camera for some of these parts.

And the picture above speaks for itself, as far as a nice giant clits go.  It’s also a screen grab from the video clip, and, if you click it, you can enlarge it–the video, not my clit: that’s already enlarged. 😉

I’m an impartial judge, but Big Clit Rikochan: Facesitting Fun is pretty hot in my opinion. First there’s a nice chunk of video of me sitting on the face of my slaveboy (played by Kraka, of course) until I squirt all over his fetish-masked face. Then, because he was such a good slavey, I give him a blowjob until he comes. In the interest of making a sexy video, I didn’t swallow. I have to say that, although I know guys like it when you swallow, there is something unspeakably dirty and deviant about spitting and letting it slide down the shaft of the cock–especially if you know you’re only doing it for the video you’re making! It makes it seem way more nasty, in a very good, very fun way.

After all that cock-sucking, I was horny again, so Kraka finished me off with a bendy Japanese vibrator. I was so hot and horny that I basically started squirting right away. That part is only a couple minutes long, but there’s a LOT of squirting. Finally, Kraka measures my clit. It’s not at it’s biggest, but I know guys want to see measurements–it’s one of the most common requests I get. Plus, since guys ask about it so much, I have to admit, it makes me curious, too.

Anyhow, I’ll post the usual vidcaps of the video soon, but I just loved that frame of my big clitty getting licked so much that I thought I’d share it with my fans. Imagine it was you, there, licking my juicy clit, about to have you mouth filled with my squirt!

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