Rikochan clitoris closeup in B&W

Something about black and white just really makes even hardcore big clit shots feel a little more elegant somehow. Or am I just fooling myself?

Back again. Sorry to keep disappearing…family drama. I’m behind in all my correspondence and owe some people emails that I really shouldn’t have fallen behind on. I’m catching up on everything this week, though! Of course, I also owe you guys posts and pictures here and videos on Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium, too, and I’m going to catch up quite a bit in the next few days!

I haven’t been totally out of touch though: I posted several pictures of me working out on my facebook page. Some full body shots that those of you who want to see me working out might like! If you don’t follow me on facebook, you should friend me! I’m there every day, several times a day—more than I am here, because I can go there more safely from work!

As far as getting caught up here goes, I thought you might like this shot of my big clitty; you’ve seen a pretty similar shot before, but this one is a little different, plus, you know, it’s black and white.  I love how fat and cock-like my clit looks here. I do love playing with black and white. I’m always inspired by the work of my friend Mayumi, who does a lot of black and white. Not that I’m anywhere close to her league, but it’s fun to have a real artist to look up to and be inspired by! Despite the title of this post, what I make is really porn; what she makes is real art, real erotica…

I also posted a new video to my clips4sale, Rikochan Meets the Gym Bullies Part II. In this clip you get to see me get my first-ever taste of pussy, when Darkside Milinda and Ashlee Chambers tie me to the floor in the squat rack and do nude squats over my mouth. Ashlee especially grinds her HUGE clit into my mouth…it was so much fun! You can read about the shooting of this series in my posts on Rikochan Does SheMuscle, Part I and Part II. I shot this video ages ago, so my body looks a bit different…fair warning!

Anyhow, that’s it for today…just a quickie. I plan to update a lot this week. And I hope to have a few bits of news for you soon, too! J