Two for Titty Tuesday & Site Fixes

Rikochan's Titty Tuesday from 10 23 20122

Look what I found when I was fixing the site: an old pecs progress picture!

Hi everyone! Like I told you yesterday, I finally have more time for Rikochanpornstar again, and I’ve really been enjoying working on it. I had a bunch of back-end things to take care of on my site, including some cool new tools and plugins, and I just went ahead and renewed my domain for another year! So, yay, another 12 months of Rikochan big clit and amateur Japanese muscle porn!

Since I was working behind the scenes, I spent a couple hours last night fixing still more broken posts from the great WordPress.com fuckup (basically, the people at wordpress.com are fuckups). I got an old laptop working again earlier this month, and I’ve found tons of the missing pictures. Last night I fixed all the photos for seven old posts–14 pictures–and made some progress on some others. I think I uploaded about 20 pictures total around the site!

I even found an old progress picture that I’d edited and put my watermark on but never posted (I think). I hope you like it: I kind of like the way my shoulders and traps look in it, and, of course, boobies! They look so little here! But I think they were still big enough to count for Titty Tuesday! This picture was part of the same little shoot from the first two repaired posts, listed below.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working really hard, and dieting, too, and I think my boobs have started to shrink again. They’re always just about the first thing that goes when I lose weight, sadly. First my boobs, then my butt and legs and then, very last, my stomach! So sad! I wish my stomach would go first, then my boobs, then my butt! I can live without boobs, but it’s kind of sad to have no boobs or butt and still have a tummy–the opposite of an hourglass figure. I guess it’s my Japanese genes. Oh well, I get big calves in exchange, I guess. That’s something, at least.

Rikochan's tiny titties and big clit getting electrostim

I love that my shape is changing and I like this androgynous look, but I also sometimes wish I could have bigger boobs! (Click for full-size version!)

And if I ever get thin enough that I’ve lost my boobs altogether, I can always get implants, if I want. It’s definitely something I think about sometimes, as you’ll know if you’ve been reading this blog for a while. Feel free to vote in my Should I Get Implants poll, by the way. I check it every once in a while to see what people think. At the moment, the people who like or don’t mind the idea outweigh the people who don’t like the idea at all or at least for bodybuilders, 52% to 48%.

Why do am I thinking about boob jobs again? Because of the bonus picture above! Wow, I’ve lost a little fat sure, but I’m hardly ripped or even close to thin, and I’ve already lost half my boobs! I know, I’ve got friends who are probably horribly jealous of my ability to so easily get rid of my boobs (yes, Julie, I’m talking about you!), but if you’ve never had really nice big ones, well…I guess we all want what we don’t have. But I’d trade my little B-cup boobs for D-cups in a second–at least for a day or two! Truthfully, I don’t even know what size they are: I just wear silicone stick-on NuBras. My boobs are so small I don’t need much more support than that, and my back is so big and my tits so small that there’s basically no bra that fits me. What do the pro bodybuilder ladies do for bras? I can’t imagine!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed these two pictures, which were taken almost exactly three years apart. Not much progress! Oh well. Most of my friends have gotten fatter and in worse shape over those three years, so even just staying the same is gaining on everyone else!

Thanks for visiting, and let me know what you think of my pictures (and my boobs!) in the comments, and vote in the poll, if you are interested. More pictures tomorrow!



My Favorite Fetishes Photoset: Clit Pumping and Electrostim

Rikochan pumps her big clitty and zaps it with electrostim at the same time.

Combining my two favorite fetishes: clit pumping and electrostim!

Hi everyone, thanks for being so patient while I get my site back up and running. I’ve got a ton of my missing pictures together to start putting back online thanks to some great friends.Seriously, thanks! If you want a shout-out, let me know, otherwise I’ll keep your IDs secret. In the meanwhile, I thought you’d like to see some more of what most of you come here for: brand new big clit fetish pics.

Rikochan's big clit and large labia enjoying some electrostim

I’m turning up the current in this picture, making my big clit throb with electrostim!

This past Sunday I tried out some new electrostim hardware that I got at my favorite adult shop in the world, Purple Passion DV8 in NYC. I was orginally just planning to test it out for a few minutes, but, I sort of lost control of the situation, and soon I found myself in a crochless catsuit stimming the hell out of my pussy and pumping up my clitty. There might even have been a little video shot!

Rikochan's electroshock pussy self-torture!

More of me enjoying clit and pussy stimulation with my TENS pads.

It’s been so long since I got to combine these two favorite fetishes…my old TENS device stopped working a while ago, and, honestly, I’ve been so busy that I’ve hardly had time to pump at all anyhow! Sunday I remembered again why these two fetishes are among my favorites, and especially of the fact that when you do them both at the same time, it’s not like adding the two sensations together, it’s like multiplying them!

Giant clit, powerful electrostim

You can see that my clitty is more swollen here, thanks to current surging through it…

The stretching, pulling, tightening, filling with blood and all-around growing feeling of pumping, combined with the throbbing, pulsating waves of electrostim causing your entire pussy to involuntarily contract as though in the throes of an orgasm, performing a kegel that is completely beyond you conscious control … those two sets of sensations combine into something that’s so much more than either one alone. If you haven’t tried pumping and electrostim together, you can’t know exactly what I mean, I think. But you should! You should definitely try it! Today!

Rikochan's big FTM clit sticking out...

I love big clit profile shots: doesn’t it look all nice and suckable?


Rikochan Meets the Gym Bullies: Part III Facesitting Squats, Big Clit Electostim & More!

Rikochan tag-teamed by two beautiful muscle dominatrixes

Can you imagine how great it felt to have Darkside Milinda jacking my huge clit while Ashlee sat on my face and made me suck her big clit?

It may be April Fool’s day, but my new muscle porn video Gym Bullies III, now available on Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium, is no joke! It’s taken me ages to get this video up, but I think it was worth the wait. If you’ve been following along forever on Rikochanpornstar.com, you might remember I talked about this in my Rikochan Does Shemuscle Part I and Rikochan Does Shemuscle Part II posts. I had an AMAZING time doing my very first ever muscle worship session. It was also my first time being with a woman, my first threesome, and my first time getting to be on the giving end of big clit oral sex. That day with Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda at the Shemuscle gym was one of my best experiences ever!

Darkside Milinda jerking off Rikochan's big clit

Closeup of Rikochan’s big clit getting some loving attention from Darkside Milinda!

I love the picture above: I think my clit had never been more engorged than it was that day: it was so swollen it was nearly painful. I can remember the sensation of Milinda pulling back my clit hood as she masturbated me with that black vibrator: as she jerked the hood back and forth, Ashlee’s clit was thrusting in and out of my mouth–such an amazing feeling!

Muscle Ashlee combines squats and oral sex!

FBB Ashlee Chambers dips her big clit into Rikochan’s eager mouth with each ass-to-grass squat.

Long-term readers might also remember that this whole photoshoot came about partly because of a post I wrote a long time ago called Fetish Fantasy: Ashlee Chambers. The basic idea was that Ashlee was my new trainer, but that in addition to training my muscles, she was also training me how to be good sub. While there’s a lot more than just Ashlee forcing me to give her oral sex by squatting nude above my mouth. The fantasy was fun, but the reality of having Ashlee stop at the bottom of each squat and grind her meaty pussy and fantastic huge clit into my mouth, filling me to overflowing flesh and juices was just incredible!

An eager mouth and a big clit make for excellent squatting motivation.

Darkside Milinda takes a turn squatting her big clitty into slave Rikochan’s waiting mouth.

Darkside Milinda wasn’t in the original fantasy post, so her being there was an incredible bonus. Her pussy was so sexy and wet, so delicious! She’s so tall and physically imposing (but very pretty and feminine, too!) that was very exciting to have her there to complement Ashlee, who is so petite. Such a sexy contrast.

Darkside Milinda's huge clitty

Look at that big clit about to plunge into Rikochan’s mouth!

I love this look at Darkside Milinda’s big clitoris about to plunge into my mouth. So amazing, it was like a little cock thrusting back and forth between my lips. I think she was as excited as I was, because her clit was long and hard, and her glans was rock-hard! Feeling her arousal made me even more excited!


Ashlee Chambers, Darkside Milinda, and Rikochan lesbian gym threesome!

Sexy fitness pornstar Ashlee Chambers takes a turn masturbating Rikochan’s big clit

Love looking at Ashlee’s tight, hard, strong body. She’s sooooo hot; a perfect female bodybuilding pornstar. Ashlee was one of my earliest inspirations when it comes to doing muscle porn, and I really hope I get to work with her again someday. We were actually talking about hooking up again late last year, but I had to travel to Japan. I hope we get around to it again this year! And, while Milinda was new to me at this shoot, I would LOVE the chance to work with her again, too. I mean, just look at that ass! 🙂

Rikochan smothered by FBB boobs!

Mmm, Ioved being smothered by Darkside Milinda’s gorgeous titties–and getting electrostim at the same time!

There’s even little electrostim in this video. OK, that part didn’t work as well as it could have, since neither Milinda nor Ashlee had ever used electrostim before, but, wow, did I love when they took turns smothering me with their amazing titties! Sometimes I think about getting mine done, maybe to Milinda’s size.

So, that’s Gym Bullies part III; <-click the title to got straight to the download on my clips4sale store, and don’t forget Gym Bullies Parts I and Gym Bullies Part II, too! If you’re a member of the excellent site Dirtymuscle.com, you’ve seen some of this stuff, but I think my cut might be a little different. And, of course, if you want to support Rikochanpornstar.com, this is the best way to do it! Stay tuned for more Gym Bullies later this week, and then lots more other sexy muscle porn.


New Video: Rikochan’s Shocking Sensation 新しいビデオとフェチコンプレックス

Rikochan fetish play with TENS device

The opening credits of my new little electrostim and squirting video.

Hi everyone! This is just a quick note to let you all know that I finally posted another new video, a big clit, electrostim, and squirting video, which you can buy on my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. It’s definitely not my highest quality video in terms of lighting and so on, but I hope it’s still pretty good in terms of delivering the kind of clitty action my fans have come to expect. I also wanted to say hi to all the people who are visiting me from フェチコンプレックス(the Fetish Complex) blog today. Hi there! Leave me a comment or two–I’d love to  hear from some Japanese fans! I’d love to hear what you think and any requests you might have for content! Add me on facebook, too!


ちょっと宣伝です。巨クリ、エレクトロスティム、潮吹きのビデオを新しくポストしましたっ。今までで最高の画質とはいえませんが、皆様のご期待に沿える内容であると思います。clips4sale studioのRikochan’s Big Clitから購入できますので、ぜひのぞいてみてくださいませ~。よろしくお願いします。


Kraka jerks Krakette's clit like it was a little cock

My clitty looks like a cock, doesn’t it?

I love the way Kraka jerks my clit like it was a little shemale cock. I’ve got friends on Fetlife who claim that my clit is bigger than their cocks! Someday I’ll have to do a comparison video. Would you guys like to see that? I’m guessing the answer is yes! By the way, if you don’t already follow me on Fetlife, you should!

Rikochan fat clit electrostim video

My clit is bigger than my finger!

Love this shot, which shows that my clitoris is fatter than my finger. I think I must qualify as a futanari now, don’t you? You can’t tell from the image, but it’s actually bigger than my thumb! You can see that I’ve started to squirt a little already from the stains on the sheet.

Electrostim makes me squirt!

Electrostim makes me squirt!

Here it is, the gushing orgasm! I pretty much always squirt, but for some reason, after I’ve been zapping my pussy with electrostim for a while, the orgasms are so much stronger, and the gushing is also that much more uncontrolled. Sometimes I am afraid that I will squirt so much that I’ll get a shock from my electro devices!

Buy Now

I Hope you liked the pics, and I encourage you to check out my videos, too!


Rikochan's Electrostim TENS unit

I love my beginner TENS electrostim unit, but I’m ready to get a better one!

Rikochan: Big Clit Electrostim and Other Shocking Realizations

Another Rikochan Large Clit Panty Peek

I was so mad that the battery in this toy died almost immediately after starting this session. Luckily, I have plenty of backups. Also, for those who’ve asked, this is what my clit looks like before it gets all big and hard. Still pretty big, right? (Click for full-size image)

I broke out my electrostim gear for the first time in months on Saturday for some play and to shoot a video (look for it later this week), and I can’t imagine why I’ve been neglecting the electricity! The feel of the stim coursing across my pussy is just so amazing; there’s nothing quite like the squirting, shivering orgasms it causes. I really got into it, turning up the power on my little unit to the max after only a little bit of acclimation. It used to take me a while to get to that point, edging my way up gradually.

I don’t know what’s different these days, but I find myself wanting to experience more; more extreme things, more extreme acts, and more extreme sensations. I’m on the verge of something…of several something, actually, all of which I hope to be writing about soon, but the short version is that I want more. More than I’ve had, more than I’ve wanted. More than I’ve imagined. Have you ever felt that way? I’m  filled with a sense that there’s something more out there, out on the edges, past barriers and borders and walls and inhibitions, waiting for me…

Electricstim BDSM torture on RIkochan's pussy

I’m always surprised at how many people ask me for panty peek shots. I’m happy to oblige! (again, click for full size pic)

I’m not a reckless person by nature. I know that’s a statement that some of you will find hard to square with what you know about me, but please recall that it took me many, many years to come as far as I have. I’m not a 20-year-old kid jumping head first into porn. I started this journey long after most people seem to lose that sense of daring and invulnerability that I never had to begin with, and I’ve spent years learning how to risk, how to dare, how to let go of fear.

Of course, part of the reason I am feeling this way is that it’s the spring. In the spring time, I always feel a little more brave, and little more bold, a little more…well, crazy. In a good way, I hope. Certainly, when the feeling leads me to go rediscover toys I’ve neglected during the winter and give my pussy shock treatment and grind it with my Hitachi Magic wand on high until I have an gushing orgasm that leaves me  jerking and convulsing long after the toys are all powered down.

Electrostim makes Rikochan's clit hard

Here’s my swollen clit after just a few minutes of electrostim. Quite a bit different, right? Like a little cock… (click for full-sized image)

Whether some of the other boldnesses to which I am inspired this spring is crazy or not will have be decided later. Some of them are pretty big steps, for me, and I’m really excited and a little bit scared to take them. It’s going to be a big bold spring and summer, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Getting to the Bottom of BDSM

Mistress K fucked hard by Pet's big cock!

Mistress K and Pet (used with kind permission).

“I want to be violently fucked. I find it mildly disturbing, and yet it seems so natural to our already crazy interactions. I want to be slammed into the bed, bitten harder, and choked amongst other things…This is not switching, because I am always in control of the aggression being exerted onto me. I demand whatever I want and he obeys.”

~Mistress K

I’d never really thought about my sex in terms of violence, aggression, pain, or domination and submission until recently. All those words were negatives, all associated with abuse and never to be joined in any desirable way with sex. I had a typical mainstream idea of BDSM, I think, probably traceable to a few unappealing old European S&M movies I’d seen long before I opened my mind to new erotic possibilities. The idea that the submissive women in BDSM (it was always women in my mind) were anything but unwilling victims forced into the very bottom level of porn out of desperation or some awful degradation never crossed my mind. Even once I started my blog and started selling my own clips, it had never really occurred to me how much I needed to update my perception of bondage, discipline, S&M, and dominance and submission. I’d seen some very slick BDSM stuff that I actually liked—Andrew Blake stuff—but while it was very sexy, it seemed to me like to be a cosplay version of what I thought was the real unsavory thing.

Deviant’s Domme

Then I made friends with a Mistress K and Pet, the hot domme and hard-bodied sub whose home on the Web is DeviantDisplay, the source of the sexy quote above. They opened my eyes to how “pain and degradation can be an honest expression of love.” My assumptions suddenly seemed shallow. I’d never before considered the idea that bottom might be in control, that there might not be any victim in the BDSM equation. When I started reading their posts, however, it was immediately clear to me that, at the bottom, these were two people in love (and lust) who were having an unfair amount of fun, a level of erotic excitement that I also wanted to experience. Kraka and I had been having great sex, but nothing that seemed to match their raw, uninhibited abandon.

I wanted to get there, but I couldn’t see exactly how this BDSM way of thinking applied to me, yet. It just didn’t fit in with my view of myself, as a woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone, yet lacked the confidence to be sexually aggressive. Until I shot a BDSM video for SheMuscle. I was a slave in that video, dommed by two other new friends, Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda. It made a lot of sense for me to be the sub, since I was completely inexperienced—I didn’t have to do anything—things were done to me. But it was also surprisingly rewarding. I was afraid it would feel weird or wrong or frightening, but, actually, except for some stage fright, the experience was very positive. I surrendered to the experience and to Ashlee and Milinda, and they more than repaid my submission with squirting shuddering orgasms.

Something had begun to click for me.

Bottom in the Bedroom

Since then, I’ve been emailing with my new friend Aya, a sexy TPE (total power exchange) sub who’s explaining to me in a long and fascinating email exchange what subbing means to her. After some patient and generously detailed explanations, I’ve come to think my role is somewhere between bottom and bedroom submissive, a term I learned from Aya, which means about what it sounds like–submitting, but only in the bedroom. I never truly surrender control, but I am the one acted upon, and I’m not usually the one who chooses what’s being done to me. I could say that we choose together, but it’s really more the case that I’m approving of the suggestions of another (usually Kraka).

Pumping and Electrostim

Seen through this filter, I’m beginning to realize that most of my favorite kinds of sex play could be considered BDSM. One is pumping. We do lots of pumping, to the point where I don’t even think of it as unusual, but there is a certain element of mild, delicious pain in the stretching and repeatedly increased and released pressure, and part of me is still connected enough to the vanilla world to know that it is, in fact, pretty freaky. I handle the pump as much as he does, but, honestly, even when I’m pumping it’s at his direction, though subject to my feelings of pleasure or pain.

Electrostim could easily be considered BDSM, too, I realized. It also involves kind of pain at the higher power levels. Certainly if you went right up to the highest levels, it would be unbearable. We tend to turn the dial up so gradually to allow for acclimation, but there is definitely some kind of enjoyably excruciating pain there at its most extreme. Think of a hot spring bath, or if you’ve never taken one, the hottest hot bath you’ve ever taken—one that would scald you if you jumped right in, but that feels somehow burningly pleasurable if you take your time easing in. Again, it’s Kraka who chooses the settings for the stim systems.


The one kind of outright pain that I enjoy—and actually beg for or demand, depending on my mood—is rough treatment of my nipples. When I am excited, Kraka can’t squeeze them hard enough. Sometimes I’ll grab his fingers in mine and squeeze as hard as I possibly can, to the point where I’m hurting his fingers, and it’s still not enough sensation for my nipples. My vision will go white, and I’ll feel like lightning just hit my tits, and I’m still gasping, moaning for more.

This only works if I’m really, really excited, for some reason—it’s like there’s some sort of confusion or overlap of what the nerve impulses are telling me, once I’m well and truly aroused: a confusion between pleasure and pain. Once in a while, Kraka misjudges and there’s shrieking and swearing and even a few tears, on a couple occasions. But, even then, the fucking doesn’t stop—it might even speed up a little.

Exploring BDSM

So, yes…I guess there is a part of me that gets BDSM on some level. I don’t know exactly what it all means, yet, however. I don’t truly know where I fall on the D/s spectrum, or where exploring the BDSM world will lead me. But my eyes are open to it now, I’m not afraid to think about myself and my sex in those terms. It’s exciting to me in the same way that making that first step into making my own porn was: exhilarating, terrifying, and seductive.

I don’t know how far I’ll go in pursuit of this new idea, but I can tell you this: the next shoot that I’m working on setting up is a full-on bondage photo and video shoot, with spreader bars, cuffs, blindfolds and a whole session of device-based forced orgasms—working with a guy for the first time, no less. I’m nervous, but I’m also almost unbearably excited. I think that says a lot about my future explorations. I’m excited to see where they take me next.

[Note: thanks as always to Mistress K for reading this, and for inspiring me. Thanks, too, to Aya (and her Master, Alain, for putting us in touch) for educating me. Any misinterpretations or errors on the facts of BDSM are mine, however. These are just my thoughts on the subject, not an authoritative introduction to BDSM. If that’s what you’re looking for, I’d recommend the excellent Kink Academy.]

New Big Clit Squirting and Electrostim Video

Rikochans Big Clit Electroplay Squirting VidCaps

Electrostim feels so good on my big clit that I squirt and squirt.

Back again from yet another break from blogging. I guess this time I have a good excuse, however; I’ve been glued to my computer for other reasons, watching the terrible events in Japan. Thanks to all my friends and fan who wrote or DM’d me or asked me on Facebook: my family is fine. I realized recently that I needed to stop obsessing over it and start doing the things I love again, or I would go crazy. So, here I am, making and sharing more of my nichey porn and sharing it with you on Rikochan’s Big Clit, my clips4sale studio, because that’s one of the things that makes me happy.

This video is about electrostim. There’s a lot of electricity running through my pussy and my big clit on this one, and they are pulsating with the current, and my pussy is crazy wet. If you haven’t tried electrostim on your pussy, you can’t really know what it feels like for the current to stimulate you to the point where the lubricant is just continually dripping, oozing, and, eventually gushing out of you. I can pretty much always squirt now, but before it became second nature to me, I could always, always do it with electrostim. Now that I’m pretty much always squirting, when I add electrostim, I’m like a geyser. If I don’t hit something (like Kraka, or his cock, or, more likely–and best of all–his open mouth and tongue), I can squirt the length of the bed. I have to be careful of what’s in my cunt crosshairs, because there’s a decent chance that it’s going to get soaked with my hot, clear, slippery squirt.

Just writing about this stuff makes me crazy excited, and the fact that maybe someone out there will find reading it exciting enough that they’ll get excited, and maybe get hard or wet themselves, well that’s enough to make my whole day. Thanks for being there for me, dear readers, so I can fantasize about you, fantasizing about me, fantasizing about you… It’s a big feedback loop of squirt, come and excitement! My face is getting red writing this!

Anyhow, this post was supposed to be about my new video, but I totally got distracted. Oh well. You don’t mind, do you? Check out my new video, Rikochan’s Big Clit: New Electrostim and Squirting; it’s a short one, and pretty cheap–not a bad introduction, If you’ve never watched one of my videos before. Thanks for sticking around, and stay tuned, there’s a lot more coming over the next few days. Great big posts that I’ve been working on for forever. Exciting stuff. I promise!



Rikochan’s Reviews: She-Stim Slim Love Pads

Rikochan Big Clit Electrostim with She-Stim Slim Love Pads

Rikochan Big Clit Electrostim with She-Stim Slim Love Pads

Do you like big clits and electrostim? If so, this is the post for you! Last weekend we tried out some great new electrostim pads from She-Stim and we experimented with our new camera, too. These are a few of the pictures that came out of that night’s shoot. In my opinion, both experiments were a success.

The camera is a Canon EOS Rebel t2i, which I only got a week or two ago and am slowly learning how to use. It takes enormous 18MP pictures and it can shoot in RAW which I am excited about. I’ve got Photoshop and am just learning how to use it. Not that I want to do a lot of Photoshopping of pics, but I do like the idea of shooting in RAW and apply my own processing to the images, instead of what’s built into the camera firmware. These pictures aren’t great, but that’s because I’m still learning how to use the camera. I’m confident the pictures will get better.

Rikochan Groß Kitzler Elektrostimulation mit She-Stim Love Pads

Rikochan Groß Kitzler Elektrostimulation mit She-Stim Love Pads

The electrostim experiment wasn’t just encouraging, it was an unqualified, toe-curling, wake-the-neighbors-moaning success. Why? Because I treated my big clit to a heavy course of electrostim, using my excellent new She-Stim Slim Love Pads. It seems to me that a lot of electrostim stuff is designed for guys and just adopted by and adapted for women—not surprising—but She-Stim clearly makes stuff just for women. Their site’s subtitle is “The Amazing Electro Sex Adventure,” and, after I tested these pads, I can tell you that’s spot-on.

These TENS pads are amazing: they’re the perfect width for fitting on either side of the labia, and they’re super sticky. Other TENS pads I’ve tried have been squares that didn’t fit well in the available space between the vagina and the crease of the thigh. The pads are so wide that if you move your legs around (which tends to happen when you’re having wild squirting orgams), they tend to get dislodged, and that problem is made worse by the fact that those pads aren’t as sticky translates into pads partially or complete coming off, which translates into shocks and shrieking. I’m into a little bit of what might be considered S&M, but nothing like that!

Yes, you can trim square pads down, but that’s work, and I’m not particularly crafty. Plus, trimming a pad down won’t lead to a long narrow pad that’s can cover your entire pussy—it just yields a short narrow pad—not the same thing at all.

Rikochan Big Clit Electrostim With She-Stim Slim Love Pads

Rikochan Big Clit Electrostim With She-Stim Slim Love Pads

She-Stim’s pads are perfectly shaped for women and they stick on tight, and that means, yum, a serious buildup of delicious pulsating current flowing through my pussy, extreme lubrication, contractions, convulsions, my swollen clit bobbing up and down like an erect cock when a guy clenches his PC muscles, and crazy, mattress soaking squirting. I think one possible use of the pads is to stick them directly to the labia. That I haven’t tried—the pads are sticky, and I’m a little bit afraid of it hurting like a motherfucker (as Kraka would say) when I tried to peel them off. I may get brave enough though, and, if I do, you can be sure I’ll tell you all about it.

She-Stim Slim Love Pads

She-Stim Slim Love Pads

Even without having tested that, however, I can tell you that She-Stim Slim Love Pads are a great buy—the best TENS pads I’ve ever used. Highly recommended. I’m seriously considering getting some more of their stuff to try out, and I’ll tell you how that works out for me, too!

Rikochan’s First Hands Free Orgasm!

Rikochans Big Clit Squirting and Electrostim

Rikochan has her first HFO (hands free orgasm)

Hi everyone: here’s a quickie post for you, to let you know I posted a new 4-minute video in my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. It’s called Rikochan’s Big Clit: Squirting and Electrostim Part 2. Just like in Part 1, I’m still using my SlightestTouch electrostim system, and the delicious feeling of the electricity is making my already big clit huge. I spend most of this video jerking off my clit like a little cock. Finally, I use a much more powerful TENS unit for direct pussy stimulation that makes my clit jerk like I’m doing kegels while Kraka sucks my nipples. The combined feeling is so intense that I squirt despite the fact that neither of us are touching my clit. It’s my first HFO (hands free orgasm) video!

I just posted the 720P version. The DVD quality version should be up later tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Big Clit Electroplay

Fat Clit, Nipple Jewelry, Corset & Electrostim

Fat Clit, Nipple Jewelry, Corset & Electrostim

I’m hard at work editing clit fetish porn for my fans! Got the DVD quality version of Rikochan’s Big Clit: Squirting and Electrostim Part 1 posted on Rikochan’s Big Clit, my clips4sale studio. I also have parts two and three mostly done, too. I have to add titles and render them, but they’re basically done. Lots of shots of my big Japanese clit throbbing from the electricity, and lots of great closeups of me masturbating with a different vibrators coming to you starting tomorrow night!

In the meanwhile, here’s another picture of me With my TENS unit pads on either side of my pussy. It feels sooo good. If you haven’t tried electrostim, you should!

Okay, that’s all for tonight…I have a big day tomorrow, and I’m up early to hit the gym. Plus, I need to rest so that I can recover from today’s training. It was ass day (which I love) and I want to make sure my glutes grow, and than means rest, so, goodnight!

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