Big Clit, Little Cock: The Best of Both Worlds



Rikochan's erect clit

What does it make you feel when you see a clit that’s so big it looks like a little cock?

My clit is getting so big these days, don’t you think? I love how it’s sticking out now when I’m so excited that it’s fully erect. It’s becoming like a little cock poking out, a little bit short and stubby like a little boy’s, but fat and hard and hot and so very, very sensitive. Just a touch, just the slightest touch fromyou can make me gasp, and jump, and shudder and moan. If I was a teenage boy, I’d be shooting all over your hand at your first touch, but as it is the come gushing from my pussy, goes sliding, dripping, drooling down my thighs.

Rikochan's long clitoritis

Here I am about to mount you, and you look down and see a clit so big it’s hiding my pussy…

Do you want to suck on my giant clit? Do you want to know what it feels like to have it sliding in and out of your lips like a futanari cock? I mean, I’m all woman–I’ve got the most gorgeous, perfect and tight little pussy, with meaty little labia, and I think my breasts are sweet, too, even if they are a bit on the small side. And my nipples, when they’re hard and pumped look like overripe strawberries. But there’s something about my clit that makes you realize just how similar clits and cocks really are. Does that worry you, or does it make you all the more eager to have me?

Rikochan's swollen clitorus

My clit glans is nearly as big as your soft cock’s. Does that excite you?

Are you imagining taking my she-dick deep into your mouth, and sucking on it, at hard as you can, desperate to get more of it into your mouth, to suck it until it’s even more cocklike in your mouth? Are you imagining my huge clitty getting longer, and fatter, and above all, harder in your mouth? As my girl erection grows between your lips, you can feel the glans clear the hood of my clit until it’s completely exposed, the flared cock-like glans completely exposed to your hungry mouth, your curious tongue. Does that excite you?

Rikochan's enlarged clit

I stroke the shaft of your cock with my clit, which is the biggest it’s ever been…

As I roll you over and straddle your cock, do you look down and think, my god, she’s sliding up and down my shaft lubricating me with her dripping wet labia, yet at the same time stroking my cock with her girl cock? Are you thinking oh my god, this is so freaky and wrong, or are you thinking, my god, this is so freaky and right?

I know which one I’m thinking.

Let me know what you think in the comments…

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Rikochan's muscular legs and sexy feet in black leather high heels

I hope that my leg and foot fetish fans will like this one! I’m thinking about selling these slightly worn shoes. Any takers? 😉 Click on all the picures in this post to see larger versions!

Hi everyone: just a quick update to remind you all: subscribe to Rikochanpornstar to be notified via email whenever I post new big clit, legshow, female muscle, electrostim, clit pumping, and muscle worship posts. I’m sure I left something out, but those are probably my most popular subjects. I had several hundred subscribers at my old blog, and I’ve got…ten now, I think. I’ve got a lot of cool stuff coming, so it’s definitely going to be worth your while to sign up! Of course, I won’t share your emails with anyone else or use them for anything other than telling you about new blog posts. To subscribe, go to the column on the right and scroll almost to the top! Just fill in your email address and you’ll be notified every time I publish a new post.

Big clitter Rikochan shows off her strong legs and fetishy red leather corset

While I like the PG version of this picture, the full shot is pretty fun, too–I think fans of my big clit and red leather corset will agree! 🙂

I also thought I’d let you know that I am still working hard on restoring my Rikochanpornstar, both fixing broken links and uploading photos that got lost when wordpress.com killed my old blog. I’m able to get a couple posts a day fixed–since I’ve posted over 200 times in three years since this blog started, that means I have a long way to go!


FBB Rikochan in red leather with huge erect clit.

I was suppose to be relaxing between shots, but apparently no one told my big clitty! 🙂

I’ve got a lot of the pictures, but, honestly, there are some from the earlier days that I doubt I will be able to find. If anyone out there has any Rikochanpornstar photo collections, I hope you will share them back with me. Thanks very, very much to the few people who have shared their collections already…it’s been a HUGE help. But I’m afraid that there are still some decent-sized gaps in what I have. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you wouldn’t mind zipping up your pics and sending them my way. Send the whole thing…I’ll worry about sorting out what’s what!


Artsy muscle shot, with red leather corset.

Rikochan reclining in red leather

Anyhow, thanks so much for sticking with me, everyone! I promise, there’s lots more good stuff coming very soon!



Rikochan: Muscular Calves, High Heels

If you've got a foot fetish, you'll love Rikochan's strong calves in sexy heels

Love these heels…they’re for indoor wear only! (Click all the pictures for giant-sized versions!)

I’ve been neglecting my leg lovers and foot fetishists for way too long. I hope this post will make up for it–a handful of new pictures from last night. It’s been so long since I did a real “shoot,” as opposed to just grabbing the camera during a sex session, and that’s when I take these kinds of legshow pictures. Last night was fun; I only shot for a little while, and the results were mostly unusable, but I was trying out a new camera that I borrowed from a friend; the Canon EOS 6D. It’s gorgeous! The pictures are 10 times better than what I get out of my old t2i, which feels junky and old by now.


FBB calves in high heels

Be good, or I’ll trample you…

It was so much fun to show off all the work I’ve done on my calves at the gym lately. Lots of sitting and standing calf raises, and I think the jumping rope has done a lot for me, too. I don’t know if you can really see it in these pictures, which are all very low angle shots that make my legs look so long and thin (relatively speaking), but my calves are actually pretty huge these days. I didn’t get any straight on shots that came out, or any measurement shots; I’ll be sure to get some next time, however.

Rikochan sexy big calves

Rock-hard calves in soft focus

My calves and quads have both gotten tighter and bigger; I think you can see a little bit of quad in the picture above, if not too much of the calves. My latest bodybuilding program is really focused on size, and I think I’m starting to see some progress. Of course, that means eating and eating and eating. It’s hard to balance muscle gain with not losing control of your weight. I am working really hard, but let’s say that I’m definitely pretty happy to wear a corset when I shoot these days… 🙁

Rikochan Strong Calves in B&W

There’s something about a leg-show and foot fetish shoot that just begs for black and white…

That last shot is a little something for the big clit fans, who might otherwise feel neglected by this post. Don’t worry, big clit fans, there’s more coming soon. I the meanwhile, however, there’s more from this set, including a couple pretty sexy nipple pumping shots. I’m back into nipple pumping in a big way these days, and I’m determined to get some serious size and some good pictures this time around.

Hope you leg and foot fetishists liked this post! I’m genetically blessed with calves, so I might as well embrace and share them, right? Let me tell you, though: Asian girls, who tend to have thick calves tend to hate them! When I was a kid, they were a constant source of stress for me. I’ve even read stories about Korean calf-reduction surgery! Thoughts?


The Art of Muscle Worship: Rikochan and Mistress Treasure

Domme Mistress Treasure and Slave Rikochan

The feeling of Mistress Treasure’s strong arms cradling my head against her muscular chest… Undescribable.

Been thinking a lot about doing some more sexy female muscle and BDSM shoots and looking back over some of my adventures as I decide what’s next. One of the most exciting experiences I’ve had in ages was my shoot with pro dominatrix and female bodybuilder Mistress Treasure. Our muscle worship session is captured in a sexy post at Mayumism (where there are several more pics from this series!). I can’t tell you how hot it was to feel those gorgeous muscles, sliding, bunching, relaxing under Mistress Treasure’s silky chocolate skin. It was kind of a peak experience for me–a new word I just learned.

Despite what you might think of me and my anything goes blog, I’ve only ever been with a few women. It’s always new and scary and crazy exciting for me. In fact, I get so nervous I have a lot of trouble not running and hiding at the last minute. What I am going to say? What am I going to do? What if she doesn’t think I am sexy? Who will make the first move? It’s really all the sort of things you felt the first few you ever had sex–or at least, the first few times I ever had sex!

I’ve been lucky enough to only work with very dominant women; it’s hard for me to imagine what would happen if I had to be the one in charge. But, guess what, I’ve been talking about doing some videos just like that, to push my comfort zone a little. I shot a little clip with Mistress Treasure where she tells me how to dominate Kraka. It was so hot, but since I was just following orders, it wasn’t quite me being in charge. Still, I was dominant to Him, even if she was dominating me, right? It’s a spectrum, I think. I never pictured myself not being at the bottom of it, til then.

You can see in all of my fetish videos with other women just how far down the spectrum I usually am, just nervous I am–especially at the beginning, I think. I swear, my heart is beating so hard at the start from pure nerves that you must be able to see it pounding in my throat. I can’t act at all, but maybe that’s OK; what you see in any video is pure me. If I look terrified, I’m really terrified; if I’m eagerly kissing erect black nipples, that’s what I really want to be doing; if I’m moaning or shuddering, that’s real, too. My time with Treasure had a little bit of all that. By the end, I had completely forgotten the camera and was somewhere else, and I hope that shows up in my videos, too…

Anyhow, if you like this picture, there’s a handful more from that shoot at the always-excellent Mayumism, with a lovely sexy poem by NY poet/musician Xristina, too. Stay tuned for the video, which should post (finally!) this week.

Hope you’ve all been well. Missed you guys!

New Video: Rikochan Big Clit Pumping Supersquirter

Futanari Rikochan shows off her giant clitoritis and squirting ability

Having my big clit pumped so hard makes me so excited that, when I squirt, it’s like an explosion! (Click for the full-size image in all these pictures)

Hi everyone! Sorry, I’ve been pretty bad about uploading new videos and worse about telling you about them! The second new video I’ve uploaded in the past week is definitely worth a mention, I think, because it’s got the three things my fans seem to love the most: my big clit, clit pumping, and high-volume squirting! You can get it at my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium. If you go there to take a peek, I think you’ll find that’s not the only new clip I have posted lately.

Rikochan's huge clit pumped up, POV shot

When I see POV shots like this, all I can think is, I wish I was flexible enough to suck my own big clitty!

The video is about five minutes long, but it’s packed with closeups you pervs should really get off on, I think. First I play with my enormous clitoris for a minute or two, showing you how I like to masturbate, then I add some oil, then, the pumping starts! And after the pumping comes and amazing amount of squirting! Like, I was afraid the mattress would never dry out, even though I used several towels. I especially like that we remembered to shoot the aftermath of the squirting, so that you can see how my sheets are completely drenched out to a distance of several feet. Also, you get to see one of my feet with a rare pedicure, something a lot of you seem interested to see.

FBB Rikochan squirting with pumped clit

My squirting is like a geyser!

A couple people have already asked: the pumping isn’t one cut—like I start pumping and then 30 seconds later I start squirting. No, it takes a little while. So this video is a couple little clips linked together over the course of a longer session. But not too much longer. I just cut out some of the bits where nothing much happened. Otherwise you’d have a 20-minute video that only had about…five minutes of good stuff.

Rikochan's pumped futanari clit

My clit looks like a little futanari cock in this picture!

Anyhow, I hope you are enjoying the holiday season! And I hope you enjoy my latest video! There’s lots more to come! I’m planning to shoot lots and lots of videos and pictures over the next few months, so please, please, please, let me know what you guys would most like to see…I make this stuff for you! I can’t guarantee I’ll get to it all (and no face shots!) but I will do my best.


Rikochan pumps her giant clitty

I love to pump my big juicy clit!

Rikochan’s Muscle Worship Session with Mistress Treasure

Rikochan's muscle worship session with FBB Mistress Treasure

Kissing Mistress Treasure’s rock-hard biceps (photography by Mayumism.com)

Muscle worship is something that I’d only experienced once, before I met Mistress Treasure. Yes, I worship muscle every day—but only with my eyes. Female bodybuilding videos and pictures, blogs and sites… I can’t imagine living without these things, but they are not the same thing. Not even close. I only ever got feel the rock hard, raw power of a female bodybuilder’s muscles once before, when I shot for SheMuscle with Darkside Milinda and Ashlee Chambers. That shoot is one of my most treasured fetish moments ever.  I can now add to that list my session with my newest dominatrix, Mistress Treasure.

Mistress Treasure is, quite simply, gorgeous. Her body is fantastic. As she strutted back and forth in front of me, disciplining me where I sat, breasts and pussy utterly exposed and vulnerable to her riding crop, I drank her in with my eyes, the punishment only occasionally reaching a level that could distract me from her perfect physique. She’s not very tall, but she projects such power and strength and vitality that she seems much larger than her actual size. Every bit of her is amazing, but that ass… I have never seen anything like it in real life; so perfect and high and tight and round. Regular readers know that one of the main reasons I got into bodybuilding in the first place was because I wanted an ass like that. To see Mistress Treasure’s thick, muscular booty was like seeing my ideal made flesh—tight, delicious flesh!

Of course, while I was most closely focused on her glutes, there’s not one part of Mistress Treasure that isn’t beautifully sculpted. I gladly endured her domination of me, and the sting of her riding crop on my nipples, my thighs, my pussy, even my almost painfully swollen clit, because I knew that my reward would be to touch her smoothness, to run my fingers over her hardness, kiss her silky black skin…

More thoughts on my session to come!


Edited to add: you can buy the 21-minute video Rikochan and Mistress Treasure’s Muscle Worship Session on my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium. There’s a little preview there, too. Or, you can just click the button below:

Buy Now

Thanks a Million!

Rikochan in leather corset and high heels showing off her muscular quads, glutes, and calves

Do these heels make my legs look thick? (photography by Mayumism.com)

While I was away, Rikochanpornstar hit an unbelievably huge landmark: one million page views.

One million!

I can’t even begin to tell you just how happy that makes me, and just how unreal it seems. When I checked up on Rikochanpornstar from Japan, I burst out laughing—it didn’t seem possible that my homemade porn and random erotica writings could possibly have brought in so many visitors. To make it even stranger, I checked the traffic while I was sitting in a coffee shop hanging out with friends who I hadn’t seen since well before I started this journey of sex with you all, friends who couldn’t possibly understand what this blog—and all you readers—mean to me. I couldn’t say anything to them, so I just handed the phone to Kraka, who also burst out laughing. I can’t even remember the excuse Kraka gave them!

I have to tell you, I started to freak out, sitting there with my strait-laced friends, thinking of a million hits on pictures of me nude, videos of me having sex, my bodybuilding progress pictures, and especially all my raw thoughts about sex and being a woman and opening up to the possibility of a bigger world of sexuality. The thought of so many of you perverts (I say that with all love) out there might be looking at my pictures and reading my posts and (hopefully) getting as excited as I was when I made them for you…it made me excited and happy and grateful—even a little bit scared. I felt exposed and vulnerable in a way that I really hadn’t felt since I first started this blog, really. But back then, the novelty was that anyone would see me and read my confessions. The idea that so many people would do so was never something that just never occurred to me when I started.

When he could see that I was starting to get overwhelmed, Kraka calmed me down by taking me to order more coffee and pointing out (in English—handy!) that any site that basically gives away porn in the amateur, Japanese, big clit, and bodybuilding niches is bound to get a certain amount of traffic just by virtue of existing. Fair enough. I do get a lot of people just showing up via searches for all of those things (and a lot of other really, deeply strange searches, too, but that’s another story).

Still, the more I thought about it later, the more I realized that I have built up a surprising number of regular followers who come back again and again, leaving me comments, suggestions, ideas, and encouragement, either here in the comments, via email, or on my facebook, twitter, or Fetlife accounts. It’s you guys who keep coming back for more that have made this blog such a big success, as far as I am concerned.

So, to all of you out there—whether you’re a hardcore fan or just an occasional visitor to Rikochanpornstar—from the bottom of my heart, thanks so much for making me feel so excited, so alive, and so humbled. Stick around; I promise to make it worth your while!


Female bodybuilder Rikochan in high heels

High heels and big calves: an SFW version to link to on Facebook!

PS: Hope you like the picture of my legs and ass! Another shot from my session with the amazing Mistress Treasure! More More coming soon!

Rikochan’s Return/Legshow/你好台湾!

Topless Rikochan Shows off her legs in a corset

This was the start of very sexy afternoon with my friend Mistress Treasure! Hope you like my thick legs! (photography by Mayumism.com)

Hello everyone! So glad to be able to sit down and write you all. I’ve been gone so long, I know…I bet you all thought I wasn’t coming back. It’s true, people tend to do this kind of thing for a while and then lose interest, or hook up with someone who makes them quit, or get religion, or get turned off by trolls, or driven away by stalkers, or thieves whatever. But I’ve been very lucky–none of that applies to me!

I could never lose interest, and my guy is my biggest fan (caught him jerking off to one of my movies recently, ha!). Religion? Um, no. And I’ve been very, very lucky with my fans and friends here. You’ve all been far nicer and more patient than I could possibly deserve! No, I had some drama going on (it’s ok now) that caused me to travel to Japan several time since the last time I posted here. And, let me tell you, that is some killer jet lag, and if you have to make the trip again before you recover, well, it just gets worse. But I’m recovering now, thanks to great support in the real world, and a lot of sleep. I’m back and ready to start having some fun online again!

So…I thought I’d ease back into the pictures. You can’t just jump right back into posting spread wide pussy and big clit and hardcore fetish pics, right? No, you need a little foreplay first! So, here’s a picture from a super fun session I had recently with the crazy crazy crazy hot Mistress Treasure in her hotel room (pics and video coming soonish!). This one is just me, because you have to tease a little, right? Plus, I get tons and tons of requests for more full-body shots and leg shots, so here’s a little something that should please fans of both, I hope. I’m beyond smooth here, but I guess you can see some muscle…maybe? I see a little bit of triceps, maybe? Anyhow, I hope you like this one, and I hope you are still out there reading! I missed you guys, and I’m so happy to back posting for you.

Also: a big hello to all my friends in Taiwan! I got a crazy spike in traffic from Taiwan over the past day or so, and I wanted to say hello to you guys. Say hi, even in Chinese! I can read it using Google translate.

您好我所有的朋友和来自台湾的球迷!我很高兴见到你。请给我留下了评论。你可以写在中国!我可以阅读使用谷歌翻译。我希望你喜欢我所有的女性健美和大阴蒂的图片!(I hope that made sense!)


Rikochan's feet in gorgeous high heels

Detail for posting on Facebook (can’t show titty pinching on FB!)

FBB Friday: Muscles in Bondage Edition

Female bodybuilder Rikochan topless in leather bondage

I don’t think I’ve gained much size lately, but I look more powerful somehow… (click for full-size)

So, I thought I would try something different this FBB Friday, and use these Rikochan in Bondage shots, because 1) I thought it would be fun to get a little BDSM on Rikochanpornstar.com, and 2) they are the best new progress pictures I have of my physique! These pictures are about a week old, I think, so: pretty new! They’re the latest chapter in my quest to actually deserve the title “female bodybuilder.” I don’t know about you, but I feel like they show a little of muscle-growth progress. I especially love the first picture. I’m in cuffs, but I still look sort of big and powerful in the picture, like maybe I might be able to escape!


FBB Rikochan topless trap flexing in bondage

This is sort of a topless trap-flexing leather bondage progress picture–with corset and ball gag. It sort of has everything! 🙂 (click for full-size)

Why the muscles in bondage theme? Well, why not? I haven’t done much bondage play, yet, but I have done a little, shooting for SheMuscle and with my friend M—you might remember she tied me up and did all sorts of things to me on my first Shibari Day. Well, I’m about to edit the video from that session, and I’ve been thinking a lot about bondage, both as a fashion statement and a way of life (or, at least, sex). I’ve written a little bit about my slowly developing understanding of the whole thing in an earlier post, Getting to the Bottom of BDSM. It’s still something I am slowly investigating, and something that I am enjoying reading about quite a bit. I have been reading a bunch of books in Japanese on the subject, and maybe I will write a post about what I’ve learned recently.

FBB Rikochan leather bondage progress pic, back view

Not the best pose, maybe, but I like the way this shot shows a little bit of back development (maybe?) (click for full-size version)

I feel like these pictures show off a new degree of muscle that I haven’t seen in my pictures before. I’m not really sure how or why, since I don’t think I have put on any real new size, nor have I really lost much fat, but somehow it looks like the muscles are starting to pop a little bit more. What do you think? I would love to hear your objective, honest, and (hopefully) contructive opinions!

Rikochan’s Big Clit Fleshlight Fucking Video

Rikochan Fucks a Fleshlight with her big swollen clit

Rikochan Fucks a Fleshlight with her huge clit until she squirts

I wrote a while ago about filming a video of my first time fucking a Fleshlight with my big clit (inspired by Denise Masino, my big-clit and female-bodybuilding hero!) and it was one of my most popular posts ever, and one of my most requested videos ever, too! Yes, it took me forever to get it edited (moving over to the Mac is hard if you’re used to PCs), but now it’s finally available from Rikochan’s Big Clit, my clips4sale video studio. Finally!

It’s a pretty simple video: I spend about a minute warming up my pussy and big clitty with a Japanese vibrator, and then out comes the Fleshlight. I squeeze some oil onto it and experiment with fucking it with my fingers a little, and then I basically just start screwing it. I was super excited, and even thought at first I didn’t have the angle or rhythm right, the idea of penetrating a pussy with my fat clit was so exciting that it was still making me super hot.

When I finally got my stroke going right and realized that pulling my clit all the way out and plunging it back in was at least as important as just grinding, my clit really started to swell and lengthen until it was as big as I’ve ever seen it without pumping. Just seeing my swollen enlarged clit thrusting in and out of the Fleshlight’s sweet little pussy was at least as exciting as the way it felt, and the combination had me moaning, jerking, and levitating my ass off the chair I was sitting in, until I finally started squirting like crazy, in a big shuddering orgasm that filled up the Fleshlight and soaked my legs, the towel I was sitting on, the chair in front of me, and the bed I had my feet resting on.

The video shows some great squirting shots from a couple angles, up so close that the lens gets all wet. Once I come, I show you just how much liquid there is with a shot of the soaked towel and another shot showing me wiping up the puddle with paper towels. Kraka said it was very Japanese of me to include a shot showing me cleaning up the mess, which is so true.

All together it’s about 15 minute of video! Hope you like it. I’ll probably post a sample on MuscleTube later this week.

If you do get, be sure to let me know what you think of it!


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