FBB Rikochan: Ass Wednesday Legshow & Progress picture

FBB Rikochan's latest leg and ass progress pic, plus: a red leather corset!

FBB Rikochan’s latest leg and ass progress pic

Yay, posting for the second day in row. If I can just get it up to three in a row, I think I will qualify as a blogger again. Yes, I have been neglecting you all for a while, it’s true, but I haven’t been neglecting the gym. I’m working out hard fix or six days a week, and I’m starting to see more growth and strength. My diet could have been stricter the past couple of weeks, but considering how crazy life has been for the past few weeks, I think I’ve done a pretty good job. I still think I don’t really qualify as a female bodybuilder, but I am definitely an FBB in training, I think.

I was very happy recently when a new woman trainer at my gym stopped to chat while I was drinking water after my workout and asked me if I was planning to compete someday. She was shocked when I said, no, never. “You’re always here, always training all kinds of crazy stuff—I’m always surprised when someone who isn’t getting on stage can get motivated to train like that.” I think I had been doing some kind of supersets with sled-dragging as one component and I was drenched in sweat. I have to say, it really made my week.

I told her I was just doing it for myself, which is true. I also really wanted to tell her about shooting for my website and porn videos, too, and about wanting to be in better shape the next time I worked with Ashlee Chambers or Darkside Milinda or another top level athlete who makes porn. Those women are my inspiration! Any progress I’ve made lately is at least partly because I met them this spring. But I thought it was better not to fill her in.

I don’t mean to make it sound like she was saying I’m in contest shape, or ripped, or even all that fit looking. She knew enough about bodybuilding to understand that I am off season. And that’s part of why it meant a lot to me. When people who don’t understand compliment me on my progress or some muscle they admire, that can be really flattering and even exciting, but it’s clear that most people only understand the end result, not what it took to get there. In this case, someone who understood was complimenting me on my effort and my dedication and my consistency. That made me very happy.

So, since I’ve been dragging that sled and squatting and doing walking lunges, and kettlebells swings and deadlifts, an since it’s Ass Wednesday, here’s a recent progress picture that shows off my legs, taken by a new woman photographer I’m working with. And, since I’m me, I’m in a corset and high heels. What do you think? I don’t know about the progress, but I really like her style!

FBB Rikochan Legshow: May Progress

FBB Rikochan's Muscle Ass and Legs

Do Rikochan’s muscular legs and ass qualify her as an FBB?

It’s been ages since I posted any progress pictures, and I’ve really been working very hard: I’m in the gym six days a week. Is it enough that I really qualify as an FBB (female bodybuilder)? Well, that’s not for me to decide, but I can tell you I am having a really good time working on it, and I am feeling very proud of my body!

FBB Rikochan's high heels and muscular legs

FBB Rikochan’s high heels and muscular legs

I train before work every morning, Monday to Friday, and I have a two hour buddy training session with Kraka and a great trainer every Saturday. I feel like lately I’ve been making some real progress, and it’s time to start posting pictures again. So I plan to start posting progress pics at least once a week.

FBB Rikochan big calves and quads

Am I making progress on my quads?

These pictures were taken on May 8, and I feel like they show a little bit how my glutes, quads and calves are starting to get a little thicker. I’ll try and take some more pictures tonight to see if there’s been any progress since then. But I can definitely tell you that while my pants’ waists are getting looser, they are getting tighter, if anything, in the ass, thighs, and calves! What do you think? Comments, critiques, and suggestions welcome! And, yes, I know, I need to lean out! Working on it! 🙂

FBB Rikochan's muscular calves and thighs

FBB Rikochan’s muscular calves and thighs

As always, you can click on the pics for much bigger versions!

Rikochan Does SheMuscle: Part II

Rikochan is a shemuscle gym slut

Rikochan is so blissed out from all the bondage, strapon fucking, tribbing, and squirting that she literally can’t stand up. Plus, she’s leashed to the bench.

In Rikochan Does SheMuscle Part I I wrote about what it was like to meet Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda and shoot a bondage oriented scene with them in the SheMuscle gym. That post is full full of squatting, face-sitting, lift and carry, big clits, and bondage goodness. If you haven’t read it, you should! I saved the best for last, however. As I promised in Part I, this time the strapons come out (and so do I).

The strapon scene was the climax of my first video. Another first for me: I’d never been on either end of one before. Saturday I had one in either end of me simultaneously! I knew ahead of time that we’d be using strapons, but I had no idea they’d be so big! When Ashlee and Milinda broke them out and showed them to me before the shoot, I was a little surprised. I wonder what my face looked like! I also thought it was cool when Ashlee told me that her strapon dildo was homemade—in the sense that it was a regular big purple jelly dildo that she had made a hole in with a dremel so that she could attach it to her strapon harness. Sexy and crafty!

Anyhow, big strapons, and two of them, worn by some seriously dominant female bodybuilders. My jaw was still sore the next day, because first Milinda and Ashlee made me suck their huge purple cocks, one after another and then both at the same time, teaching me how to handle two huge cocks at once, back and forth between them; jerking one, sucking the other.

Once I’d gotten their rubbery cocks good and ready, they spitroasted me. They simply lifted me into position on the bench (so strong!) and I could feel them getting their cocks ready at the entrances to my mouth and pussy, stroking them as if to get themselves even harder. Milinda would take my strapon virginity while Ashlee fucked my mouth. I remember Ashlee asking Milinda if their little gym slut needed lube, and feeling Milinda pulling my labia apart to feel and, laughing, “No, I think our slave is actually enjoying herself—she definitely doesn’t need any lube.” And it’s true, I was soaking, dripping wet with excitement.

Milinda’s giant cock just slipped inside me, and she really let me have it, hard and deep and over and over again. It was so exciting to get fucked by one beautiful powerful dominant woman, while another one made me take her cock further and further down my throat. Ashlee kept up a steady stream of dirty talk and instructions, complimenting me, her little gym slave, on my deep-throating technique. Ashlee and Milinda changed positions a few times, making me taste my own pussy juices each time they switched. That was the climax both for me and for the video, getting fucked by two beautiful strong women. It had been an hour of solid bondage, sex, and muscle worship, shot in one continuous take, most it with me wearing a spandex hood. I was shattered. I was ecstatic.

I loved it.

I was never completely in a Zen fucking state the way I sometimes am at home, where I can screw and suck and thrust without any self-consciousness or sometimes hardly even any awareness. It was too strange an experience to lose myself like that. But, at the same time, I can rarely remember being more excited. Losing my porn virginity was a lot like losing my regular virginity. I couldn’t stop thinking “Is this really happening? This is really happening! I can’t believe it’s finally happening! I’m really about to do something that will change my life forever” either time. Both times I was scared out of my mind and deliriously happy, too, both times strangely relieved to have finally done something that seemed to have been hanging over my head for ages.

Fucktoy Rikochan after her lesbian gym rape

After being fucked, pumped, and made to squirt by Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda, Rikochan is dazed and confused. Can you see how wet the bench is from her squirting?

Not only was it my first time doing porn, it was also my first time with girls. I mean, I’d never even kissed one before. Did I like it? I loved it! I mean, I’m not going to give up guys, but I will definitely look for opportunities to play with girls again—soon! I will definitely jump at the change to shoot with the right girl and the right photographer again, but, more important, I really want the chance to play with a girl in non-professional setting. In my very limited experience, porn seems amazingly fun, but it’s not the same as just having sex at home. I want a chance to practice—a lot!—without worrying about a camera (although I will still want to take my own pictures!). I think I might like girls. A lot. But I was so nervous for my first time that I never really got a chance to relax—I was more nervous losing my girl-virginity than I was losing my boy virginity! Both times, I was eager to try again right away, too, convinced I could do a better job. With my girl/porn virginity at least, I got a second chance right away.

I got to pump my big clit in the next video. After a short break, we started a second, shorter video that I was much more comfortable with, because of long practice: a pumping party in the gym! Ashlee had previously only pumped a little, and Milinda had never done it at all—so in some ways I wasn’t the newbie in that clip—I’ve been pumping for years. In that clip, I got to show off the one thing of mine that was a little bigger when “pumped up” than theirs—my clit! After maybe ten minutes of pumping Milinda measured us all, and I edged out Ashlee. You’ll have to watch the video to find out how big I was, though. I will say this, it was so exciting to be sitting there on the bench next to these two gorgeous women, pumping my huge clit as they did the same.

Ashlee chained my dog collar to the bench and pushed me onto my back. She and Milinda took turns straddling me and rubbing their big, pumped-up clits against mine. I was so excited and stimulated that I pretty much just started squirting all over their pussies right away. I don’t think Milinda had ever even seen anyone squirt in real life before, but Saturday she got to see it—and feel it—for herself as I drenched her pussy and then Ashlee’s and myself the bench and the floor. I just about passed out, I was so far into subspace, and that’s where my bullies left me, alone, and chained to the bench. Kraka took a few pictures after, and I’ve posted them here, just so you can see just how blissed out I was. It actually took me a few minutes to pull myself together enough to get up off the bench.

At the end of the video Kraka stepped out into the locker room to make sure he was out of the shot, and he was waiting in there when Ashlee and Milinda came in, trying not to laugh. He said that when the shooting ended, they burst out laughing, and Milinda said, “Wow, that was her first shoot? That girl is a trooper,” which made me really happy when I heard about it. And a little surprised. Maybe it’s the Japanese in me, or the sub in me, but it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t say “yes” to everything, that I wouldn’t be eager to try everything, to experience everything, to enjoy everything. I’m so glad I did say yes!

I was so exhausted that they recruited Kraka for the last video, which I won’t tell you about because that’s a SheMuscle surprise, but I will say that Kraka got to do his first muscle worship session as a part of it. He’s also going to keep his anonymity, but in a different way than I did. 😉

Big clit gym slut Rikochan after a good FBB fucking

Rikochan is exhausted after a serious training/sex session with fbb gym bullies Ashlee and Milinda.

So that was my first time doing porn. Was it perfect? Yes. And no. Like any first time, the moment was terror and bliss, followed by hours agonizing over my performance (“My god, I can’t believe I was so passive! They must have thought I wasn’t into it, or into them”) my skills (“is that how they wanted me to lick their pussies? Did they like it? Did I use too much teeth on their big clits?”) and, of course, my body (“fat, fat, fat”). It was nice to have Kraka to talk to after, because he basically laughed at me and my fears—in a good way. His answer to pretty much everything was: “I had to jerk off the instant we got home, okay, and then we had to fuck as soon as you woke up from your coma-like nap.” (I was utterly exhausted after.) “It was that hot, so just get over it.” He was polite and well-behaved at the shoot (he always is) but really he just wanted to jerk off the entire time, he tells me.

Of course, he would say that; he loves me, right? But what about Milinda and Ashlee? Did they have as good a time as I did, or did they all laugh at me as soon as I left? Would they ever call again? Yes, I’m that much of a girl. But then over the course of Sunday and Monday I got several nice “let’s shoot together again” tweets from Ashlee. And then a Facebook message or three from Milinda, saying the same thing (as well as “it gets easier!”). That means a lot to me—more than I thought it would, actually, because at it turns out, I really liked both of them a lot, and would love to work with them again.

And, finally I got a really positive e-mail from the people at SheMuscle, who said they thought the shoot went “incredibly well” and that we might try a different take on one of the videos some other time. “Some other time!” And then it turns out I have a lead on someone else who wants to shoot with me for a different kind of non-bodybuilding BDSM stuff, and, well…I’d say that’s a very happy ending to what was already a very happy story. Insecurities and all, I don’t think I could imagine a better first time for my first porn shoot.
I’ll start posting the videos soon. I hope you’ll have as much fun watching them as I had shooting them! I hope they are the first of many to come.

[Thanks again to Mistress K (and Pet, and Ponygurl) at DeviantDisplay, who read an early version of this post. Much appreciated! Also, note that you can get much bigger versions of the pictures if you click on them!]

FBB Rikochan: Progress Picture March 23 2011

FBB Rikochan Before and After Back Bodybuilding

6 months worth of progress--what do you think?

So I’ve been working out more seriously for about six months now, and I thought it would be cool to take a few pics to see if I’ve made any noteworthy progress, and I guess the answer is: some. I think this back view shows the most change.

I should be honest too, though, and say that I was also looking at these pictures this weekend because I was feeling very out of shape after my porn shoot with serious bodybuilders Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda. I’d blown my diet after a couple weeks of stress eating worrying about my family in Japan, and then I just finished my period right before and was still bloated. How do porn stars deal with having periods? Or are they mostly so thin that they aren’t menstruating anyhow? Little danger of that happening for me lately.

Anyhow, that probably isn’t the sexy talk you came here for, ha! Anyhow, I was very curious to see how my shoulders looked after seeing Milinda’s massive delts. So incredible, so powerful. I loved how hard and sexy her shoulders and Ashlee’s felt in the muscle-worship part of the scenes I did with them.

When I told Kraka I was jealous, he pointed out to me that I had actually made a lot of progress, and that maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself in comparison to these two super-women. Maybe I ought to compare myself now to myself of six months ago, maybe that would make me feel better.

So I did, and, he was right! Discounting the fact that the second picture is taken at a more flattering angle, I still was surprised and pleased at how different my shoulders and arms look. I mean, there aren’t any bulging muscles, especially where the biceps are concerned, but I am so happy at how much better I look. I mean, I kind of look like an old woman in the pics on the left, and I kind of don’t on the right. That’s enough to make me happy! Comments, concerns, critiques, horror, whatever–I’d love to hear what all my readers think!

As always, click to enlarge the picture if you want to see my giant muscles in all their glory. 😉


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Rikochan Does SheMuscle: Part I

Darkside Milinda, Ashlee Chambers, and Rikochan at the SheMuscle Gym

Darkside Milinda, Rikochan, and Ashlee Chambers at the SheMuscle gym

I learned a new English vocabulary word in my shoot at the SheMuscle gym last Saturday: “spitroasted,” as in: “I was spitroasted by female bodybuilders Ashlee Chambers and Darkside Milinda and their giant purple strap-ons.” I learned this new word through first-hand experience and plenty of practice. You could say Ashlee and Milinda drilled me on it pretty thoroughly.

I’d been planning to do a solo shoot for SheMuscle.com when I got nice and lean. Well, that’s not what happened this past weekend. Instead, a couple weeks ago I got an email saying that Ashlee and Milinda were going to be in town to shoot for a couple of days and asking if I wanted to do a g/g/g video for SheMuscle. The short answer: “Yes!” I said I wouldn’t be in great shape (Calling my condition “off-season” would be kind). But I had an idea how that might work in a video—my first real porn video. My first time.

I’d been working on a blog post for a long time about my fantasy of a sexy BDSM training session with Ashlee Chambers, so I sent that along with my reply. The idea is that Ashlee is a personal trainer who trains an average woman (me) in a lot more than just correct squat form (although there are squats in the story—more on this later). After some emailing back and forth, Ashlee and Milinda and they agreed that it could work for a video shoot—except that, instead of trainers, they’d be gym bullies who hijacked my workout for an involuntary femdom training session. They also agreed to let Kraka sit in and watch. I have no idea if that’s completely normal or completely weird, but I’m a porn newbie and I wouldn’t have been able to do it, otherwise, so I was grateful they were OK with him being there.

I was incredibly nervous when I showed up on Saturday, and when I finally saw Milinda and Ashlee I was almost speechless—it’s the first time I’ve ever really seen female bodybuilders in person. I’ve been a subscriber to SheMuscle for a long time, but actually seeing them in real life was really different. They just radiate power and sex. Even with their clothes on, it’s easy to see that Milinda has amazing shoulders and arms and ass and Ashlee has awesome quads and boobs and is really ripped and vascular! Both of them have tiny waists, and amazing flat stomachs. It’s kind of like meeting a superhero. At first it was almost painfully intimidating to think of my soft white body anywhere near their tight, tanned selves in a movie.

Ashlee and Milinda were so nice and friendly and funny, however, and the SheMuscle studio is so awesome that I quickly got over my shock. Ashlee, who I’ve been corresponding with for a while now, knew how inexperienced I was. She went out of her way to explain how things would work and took the time to find out what my limits were, and to make sure that I knew not to take seriously the bullying me and say mean things they were going to say in the video, which I thought was sweet—she seems like a genuinely nice person, and I really liked her, right away. Milinda, it turns out, hasn’t been doing this as long, and I was happy to learn that while she had some porn experience, at least some of what we’d be doing that day was going to be new to her, too. She has a great, friendly smile, and an infectious laugh. Between the two of them, I soon felt much more at ease.

Ashlee Chambers on SheMuscle (used with permission)

Ashlee Chambers on SheMuscle    (used with permission)

By the time we finished a quick production meeting, I knew I could do the scenes. I’d decided that not only were Ashlee and Milinda sexy and funny and nice, they were also highly fuckable. I gave them both vibrators from Japan to thank them for taking so much time to work with a newbie right in the middle of three or four days of hectic shoots, and they seemed pleased with that, which was a relief—after all, these very strong women would soon be domming me and fucking me. I wanted to be sure that they had good feelings about me, too, before they had me tied helpless to a squat rack.

I shot two SheMuscle videos last Saturday. In the first one, Ashlee and Milinda come into the SheMuscle gym (which is very cool by the way—all real vintage equipment) and find me training with tiny little dumbbells. After showing off for a while, they decide they’re going to have some fun with me, and they put a hood on me and tear off my clothes. Soon enough, I was, in fact, tied helpless to the squat rack, a toy for their amusement.

I’m not going to spoil the whole plot (watch the videos when they come out!) because it was a solid hour of hardcore muscle worship, femdom, and plain old fucking, but I will tell you about my personal highlights.

Even though I enjoyed myself from the start of the shoot I was also really nervous. I was so scared of messing up at first that I forgot to struggle or complain when they began domming me—I remember feeling totally out of body, like I was just a marionette in their hands. After a while I started to feel a little more confident, struggling pitifully against their overpowering strength, but then I got afraid I would start laughing like a crazy hysterical person when I made eye contact with Milinda, who had a mischievous smile on her face the whole time! I actually did start laughing once, standing there tied to the squat rack, but Milinda thought fast and covered it, by first covering my mouth and then by putting my panties in it! I felt a lot more relaxed after that, somehow.

Darkside Milinda on SheMuscle (used with permission)

Darkside Milinda on SheMuscle     (used with permission)

Bondage is a big part of this video, and it was a first for me. Ashlee is a serious pro domme: she brought her own rope and cuffs, so that she and Milinda could me up to all sorts of different gym equipment—including a barbell used as a spreader bar—gym sexy! Listening to Ashlee explain her knots to Milinda before the shooting started, it really began to hit me: Those knots that she’s tying on the legs of bench, those are going to be tying down to the ground, helpless on my back. If I’m spread-eagled in those quick-release cuffs with my hands so far apart, I won’t be able to quick-release them. It really began to strike me just how helpless I would be.

I’d already gotten used to the idea that I was surrendering to their understanding of sex and porn and bodybuilding. But this, this was something different. This was really just surrendering. Not that I wouldn’t have been helpless anyhow, they were both so much stronger than me. But being tied up, I discovered, is a completely different. When the knots and cuffs actually went on, I had such a feeling of helpless, erotic suspense that I felt like I was tingling all over.

There’s a lot of Squatting in the video, too. both Milinda and Ashlee squatted heavy weights over my face until they got low enough that, bound and helpless, I had no choice but to lick their big, juicy clits and smooth pussies. It was the first time I ever tasted another girl’s pussy, and I loved it! Watching those pussies going up and down, up and down getting closer to my mouth each time was an insanely hot tease. I was so excited, and so nervous about licking pussy for the first time that I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest, it was beating so hard. Their pussies were so smooth and soft, much slipperier and softer than I had expected, and wet, with a delicate but powerfully affecting smell of sex. My nipples became almost painfully hard, and, at the first touch of Ashlee’s big sexy clit against my pussy, I could feel the lubricant begin to seep out of my pussy like a lactating woman’s milk leaking when she hears a baby cry—it was that primal, that instinctual a reaction. Which I think means that I like pussy. Milinda and Ashlee took several turns each treating me to pussy tastes at the bottom of their squats. It brought a whole new meaning to the term “box squat.”

The most shocking thing that happened to me, however, had nothing to do with regular old sex-it was more an FBB fetish thing. Both of them used me as a weight for squatting! Seriously: both of them could squat me like I weighed nothing. I was shocked, because I definitely don’t weigh nothing—and I’m even a couple inches taller than Ashlee! I’d watched a little bit of lift and carry stuff on the Internet, but I never imagined anyone would be lifting and carrying—and squatting—me. Certainly not so easily.  On an amazingly surreal day, this was probably one of the strangest things to happen, since I’d never imagined it. But it was very, very fun—half like being a little kid getting a piggy back ride, half like being a being nude and completely helpless in the hands of another, much stronger, nude woman.

Read Part II: The Strap-ons Come out (and So Do I)

Special thanks to Mistress K at DeviantDisplay for feedback that made this piece so much better (how could I have forgetten the pussy licking details?)! Now you know I’m going to make you read all my long posts! Or at least ask, politely. Mistress.

Fetish Fantasy: Ashlee Chambers

Domme Ashlee Chambers

Ashlee Chambers, my fantasy dominatrix

I’ve had a fantasy about Ashlee Chambers for a while. She’s a fitness model, dominatrix, and pornstar, and (importantly for this story) a trainer. I met her on FetLife, which I joined on the advice of SheMuscle’s Brian Moss. You can find Ashlee on ashleechambers.com, her blog, and Shemuscle and DirtyMuscle, among other places. She’s also done a Bodybuilders in Heat video (which I own). I think about her a lot lately when I’m watching porn, because it’s often her porn. I also think when I think about girls—which is often, lately. My friend Mistress K has encouraged me to write this post with her sexy post about her first time with a girl. My first time is still in the future, and, in one of my favorite fantasies it’s with Ashlee.

[Thanks to Mistress K at Deviant Display for beta reading this story. I probably never would have finished it if I hadn’t promised it to her! It’s good to have a domme as your reader. 😉 ]

I’m standing. Barely. I’m stretching as I wait for my new trainer, Ashlee. Her methods are…different from what I’m used to. For one, I’m not wearing my running shoes, or even the Chuck Taylors I wear for lifting. Instead, I’m stretching in heels I can barely balance in. I can feel a burn all the way up the backs of my legs, because I’m bent so far forward. My calves are getting a workout, too, as I struggle to stay standing, quivering against the spreader bar that keeps my legs splayed wide. I’ve been bent forward for some time, now. I’ve got no choice. My arms are pinioned behind my back in a single leather sleeve that reaches from the tips of my fingers almost to my shoulders. My hands are attached to something above my head, so I have no choice but to maintain my bent position.

I’m waiting for Ashlee. I can’t tell where she is, because I’m wearing an antique gas mask whose lenses are blacked out. I can’t ask if she’s there, because I’ve also got a bit between my teeth, and I’m helpless to do anything about the saliva slowly sliding out of my wet mouth. I imagine it slithering down the hose of the mask, which sways as I move my head from side to side trying to catch a sound over breathing in the mask.

How did I get here? I wonder. I mean, I remember—I just don’t quite understand. Kraka said he’d found me a new trainer, one who specialized in getting clients ready for porn shoots and videos. I’ve been working to get in shooting shape to shoot for months without getting where I want to be, and Kraka said this woman, Ashlee, could help me. I’d imagined it would be a pole dancing class—you know: one of those empower-your-inner-vixen things. It wasn’t.

Ashlee had met me at the door and whisked me down to the basement gym. She was blond, cute, and extremely fit looking in her no-nonsense business clothes. She was also tiny—shorter than me, and I’m only 5′ 6.” But there was nothing shy or retiring about this woman, whose presence seemed to fill the room.

“You’re the client who wants to get in shape for…entertaining? The one who needs help…disciplining herself?” she’d asked, with the hint of a smile, her eyes boring into mine.

No one makes eye contact like that, I’d thought—it’s like being in a staredown with John Lydon. I’d looked down, stammering some kind of answer.

“Yes,” she laughed, softly. “You’re in the right place. Now, let’s see what we’ve got to work with.” And then she began to help me out of my clothes right there in the gym. No dressing room. No privacy. No choice.

When I tried to cover my hairless nudity as I changed, she’d simply pushed my hands away, gently but firmly. “You’re not here to cover up, are you, Riko?” When I’d reached into my gym bag, she took it from my hands, placing it to one side. She’d pointed instead at a very small amount of clothing folded on a weight bench. Ashlee’s training gear is…different from what I’m used to. Instead of a weight belt, I put on a waist nipper cinched tighter than any corset I’ve ever worn. My breasts were exposed. Instead of yoga pants and sneakers, I’d got sheer black silk mesh panties and thigh-high stockings. For my feet, heels so high that I’m afraid I will fall. It’s strange to feel such smooth, luxurious clothes for a workout.

As if sensing my confusion, Ashlee said “Your body, your muscles aren’t just for throwing weights around. You’ve got to learn balance and composure and endurance—mental and physical—too.” And then she began to pull the waist nipper tight, far tighter than I would have ever thought to do on my own. Under the care of her powerful hands, I felt like a child being dressed—but not by her mother.

There was a gallon jug of ice cold water by my side. Ashlee has told me that she expects me to drink all of it by the time we’re through. Hydration, she said, with a twinkle in her eye that I do not understand, is everything. I drank as she watched. She gestures, “Again.” And again. And again.

I struggled to find a comfortable way to hold myself erect in the unfamiliar heels as Ashley stared into my eyes again. I sensed that to look away now would be wrong, so I held her gaze. “The safe word is ‘quit,'” she said. “Do you understand?”

“Safe word? I don’t think…”

“‘Quit.’ I need to hear you say it.”


“I don’t expect to hear it again today. If you’re in trouble, you won’t hesitate to say it. But, because you trust me, and because I am in complete control of what happens in my gym, I don’t expect you to need say it. Do you understand?”


And, just like that, she’d begun to bind me. First the bit. Then the spreader bar. Then the mask. Then the arm binding. She was so calm and efficient, so matter of fact as she bound me, that I didn’t even think complain about any of it, until she began to slowly bend me slowly forward by lifting my arms behind me. Then I began to moan and shake my head, struggling with the bit.

She’d pulled the mask up, then. Her eyes searched mine, coolly assessing. “Did you say ‘I quit,’ Riko?”

I stared back. This was the moment, and we both knew it. If I said no, she’d let me go, I was sure of that. There’d be no fuss, no argument, no recriminations. But, also, no risk, no adventure, no surrender. I was, I knew at the very edge of a whole new category of experience. But which: fetish nirvana or nightmare? I knew there was a decent chance I’d regret holding my tongue, but there was no chance at all that I’d ever be able to forgive myself for backing out now. Besides, I felt a strange kind of trust, a bond I didn’t understand with Ashlee, that she would take care of me. Strange to feel for someone who’s putting a bit into your mouth, but…

I shook my head: No. I don’t quit. Do it. I’m in your hands. And that’s how I got here.

Much later, I’m blinking in the light. The gasmask is gone—now I’m wearing a full head mask with holes only for my eyes and mouth. My arms are free, and I’m barefoot now. My breasts are exposed, and my nipples are almost painfully erect, partly because it’s cold in this basement gym, but mostly because Ashlee is looking me up and down, assessing my body, seeing what she has to work with.

She has me point my toes to show off my huge calves, which please her. I’m happy, because I often think they might be too big. My weak arms clearly dismay her. I’m ashamed. She cups my ass when I flex my glutes, which clearly need more work from the expression on her face. Her hands linger there, however, and I begin to imagine that maybe she feels something of what I feel when I look at her.

Because I am looking at her, sneaking peeks as she inspects me head to toe, walking around me, bending to raise my foot (as though I were a horse) to inspect my pedicure, tsking at the fat I still have to lose along my waistline. I’m devouring her with my eyes. I’m eating her alive. I’m consuming her. She’s perfect, powerful, dangerous, intimidating. Her body is hard, sculpted, cut, and shredded. I would kill for her biceps, her shoulders, her ass, her pecs—her incredible breasts, pushed up by her corset, her nipples also exposed, engorged. Is she excited by me, or is it just the coolness of the room and her enthusiasm for training? I let myself hope that it’s at least a little bit for me. She’s intimidating in her physicality, even though she’s so small. She’s not nearly as big as the big girls, the huge FBBs (who I also love). But it’s her presence, her posture, the way she carries herself that is truly riveting, almost terrifying. You can’t look away from her. You want to please her. You can’t disobey her.

Inspection over, the workout begins. She takes me through a serious of exercises, fast and hard: first it’s burpees to warm up, then pushups to planks, then walking lunges, always drinking more water between each set. I’ve never worked harder for a trainer. I want to please her. I want to be the person she thinks she can make me. I begin to sweat, despite the coolness of the gym. I’m so full of water, it’s leaking out through my pores. The exercise is hard, fast, and rigorous, but, truth be told, I’m in pretty good shape—much of the perspiration comes from having such a sexy trainer looking at me, touching me, even occasionally complimenting me.

Ashlee’s voice as she commands, corrects, and exhorts, is always sharp and firm, but never loud—like a dog trainer on Animal Planet, I think, smiling to myself as work through my fifth set of straight leg deadlifts. Ashlee can see that my focus is wavering, and I get the crop, after my last rep is finished. That’s something you don’t see on TV; I can’t turn to look, but I know it’s left an angry red welt on my ass. “Focus, Riko, or I’ll have to punish you! Is that what you want?”

I don’t know the answer to that. I suspect it might be “Yes.” Fortunately she doesn’t require an answer.

Next it’s squats. Deep, deep squats. I can’t get far enough down to please her, so she makes me squat without the bar, holding the pose at the bottom. She stands behind me and positions my legs, roughly spreading my knees further apart.

“Imagine you’re fucking your man—you’re squatting above him, and you want to get as much of him inside you as you can. Come on,” she says, cupping my pussy. “You want him in here, don’t you?”

My clit is instantly swollen and hard against her palm, and my pussy is so wet that juices actually start to trickle down my leg. I’ve never been so wet.

“Well,” she says, “I can see that you do, you dirty girl.” Her hot hand remains on my pussy, and my legs begin to shake, both from the agony of holding the position so long and from the delicious sensation of Ashlee’s firm touch on my pussy. I begin to stand up, afraid I will fall. “What are you doing? Hold still! She says. “Did I say to move? Are you getting distracted again, by this?” She squeezes my pussy so hard that I see a white light in front of my eyes. “You can’t be distracted by anything! This is bodybuilding, but that doesn’t mean it’s just physical! It’s just as much mental, maybe more! You have to keep your mind focused.” She begins to rub my pussy, her palm caressing my labia and her fingers rubbing and pinching gently at my clit, which feels huge, hard, swollen. “You can’t let anything distract you. No matter how sweet or how painful.”

I begin to moan. I’m embarrassed, but I can’t help myself. My panties are soaked and so are the insides of my thighs. I’m close to coming, closer still to squirting. I’ve drunk so much water, and it’s all about to come spraying out. My legs begin to shake, and I know that I’m going to fall. Ashlee senses this and talkes some of my weight off my legs with the hand that’s on my pussy. The pressure pushes me over the edge, and I come, gushing all over Ashlee’s hands as I struggle to stay standing, mortified that I am flooding the gym floor with my juices, which just keep on coming. There’s a confusion as the orgasm causes my senses to go haywire, and I’m not sure if I’m squirting or pissing anymore. I’ve squirted before, but never like this. The sounds I make…it’s a good thing this gym is underground. Ashlee is strong—she holds me up until the orgasm mostly subsides, then lets me sink to the rubberized floor, jerking and twitching right there in my own puddle.

“Your endurance needs work, Riko,” she tells me, as I gasp to catch my breath. Your Vo2 must be awful. I think it’s time for some cardio breathplay. Lie back,” she commands.

As I watch from my back, Ashlee, standing above me, steps out of her panties, folds them, and sets them aside on a weight bench. I’m staring at the rippling, bunching, flexing muscles of her beautiful calves, quads, and ass as she moves. And then, when all is revealed, her gorgeous pussy, and her perfect clit, the fat pink glans already peeking out. She gives me a wicked smile. “Deep breaths, Riko. It’s time to test your lungs now.” I know what’s coming.

Ashlee stands above my head, and then begins to squat down above me. Slowly, slowly her pussy comes down and back toward my face. She may act as though she’s in control, but I can tell that she’s excited by what’s about to happen, too, because her fantastic clit is growing as she descends, becoming, longer and more swollen before my eyes. My mouth aches for it. And then, finally, it’s there, the glans slowly penetrating my pursed lips as she descends, until her entire glans is inside my mouth.

Who is this person I’ve suddenly become? Who is this persons who can’t get enough of the pussy in front of her? What happened to my nerves at the thought of licking another woman’s cunt for the first time? Forget licking, I’m sucking, I’m slurping, biting, straining to my neck to get her all the way inside my mouth, until she firmly presses me back down to the matt. She’s in still charge.

She bobs up and down there for a while, thrusting her erect clit into my mouth like a cock until it’s as hard as the hardest cock I’ve ever sucked on. When she’s ready, she sinks down to her knees and lowers her pussy mound to my mouth, labia to my lips, grinding her clit against my lips and teeth, saying “Catch your breath, Riko, you’re going to need it!”

I can’t breathe. It doesn’t matter; all I want is to keep devouring Ashlee’s slick, hairless pussy, whose hot juices begin to flow freely into my mouth, running down the side of my face, into my eyes, my hair, down my neck between my breasts…

As I begin to see gray in front of me she lifts off me and I gasp for air, yet strain my neck to continue devouring her. She lowers herself back onto me, and the process continues repeated over and over again, until I’m in another state of mind, an altered state in which my world is Ashlee’s pussy.

And then, just when I’m completely lost in the ecstasy of pleasuring her, I feel her hand on my clit, in my cunt, and, just like that, I’m exploding, I’m suffocating, I’m gasping, I’m hyperventilating, I’m squirting, I’m writhing, I’m gushing over and over and over again.

When I come to, Ashlee is holding me. I’m wrapped in a big soft towel, and she’s holding me in her strong arms. I’m cradled in arms, and, when I open my eyes, she’s smiling down at me. “Good job, Riko. I think you’ll do well here. I think we can make something of you. You’ve passed the test. Would you like to continue? If so, I’ll expect you to be here Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.”


“That’s ‘Yes, Mistress Ashlee’ to you, from now on,” she says, smiling, but with a note of steel in her voice.

“Yes, Mistress Ashlee, I say,” shyly, burying my face against her soft chest to hide the fierce blush burning my cheeks.

I can’t believe it. I submitted, and loved it. I have a domme. I love the taste and feel of pussy against my lips and tongue. I got the workout of my life All that in the first session?

I think I’m going to like it here. Three nights a week.

In my fantasy, that’s the first time I ever taste another woman’s pussy. But it’s not the last.

Jane’s Guide Reviews Rikochanpornstar!

Jane's guide loved Rikochan

Jane’s Guide liked Rikochanpornstar!

Riko is an extremely hot Japanese woman with a wonderfully muscular body, and a clit that is so large that I actually made yummy noises out loud when I saw it! This blog discusses her interest in getting into porn, and how she is trying to establish herself as a healthy and happy sex worker.

That’s how the very cute (click to check her out!) Vamp Ire‘s review of Rikochanpornstar on the excellent Jane’s Guide starts, and it concludes: “I was absolutely captivated!” I couldn’t ask for a better review. I get Vamp’s Pick seal, and the Original and Quality icons, too! So cool! I might have guessed maybe I’d get original, since my blog is a little bit unusual, but I was really shocked at the quality rating. I mean, I do my best, but it’s still such an amateur effort, I think. I really don’t know what I’m doing most of the time, honestly!

I’m so very pleased that a site that’s been reviewing sex sites in such a positive way, for so long (since 1997!), liked what I have to show and say. It’s so encouraging. I feel like tomorrow I’m going to have to jump out of bed and get right to work on bigger and better stuff. And, actually, I am doing something really exciting for the blog tomorrow, but I’ll save that news for another post. 😉

I’m sort of delirously happy–and more than a little drunk: I took time out from my own dinner party to write this entry, I was so excited. (If it’s totally mixed up and all, don’t worry, I’ll come back and fix it tomorrow when I’m a little less tipsy). Anyhow, enough about me–go check out my review: It’s a short and sweet and exactly summarizes what I’m trying to do, and it shows up in the Asian, blogs/journals, sex, and bodybuilders categories. If you’ve got a minute, you should go and read Jane’s Guide’s review of Rikochanpornstar.

Thanks for the great review, Vamp; thanks for the great Guide, Jane!



Ryoko Yoshida 吉田遼子 / Mirai Urata 浦田みらい

Wrestler Ryoko Yoshida's Sexy Muscles

Wrestler Ryoko Yoshida's Sexy Muscles

I’ve been shopping online for new Japanese porn lately, without much luck. And then I found wrestler, musclegirl, and catfighter Ryoko Yoshida (吉田遼子), who also goes by Mirai Urata (浦田みらい) and a few other aliases.

I’ve been looking online, because while I know nice, clean, inviting shops selling sex toys and fetish gear, none sell porn I want. Some of them carry a few things like Andrew Blake DVDs, but mostly stuff I already own. So I’ve been looking online. If you saw my browser history (and could read Japanese) you’d see that lately, I like a couple specific types of Japanese AV (adult video: porn).

I like the nanpa genre–videos where amateur women get picked up and talked into nudity, blowjobs, even sex–but only if the women are cute and happy and at least somewhat convincingly amateurs. Lesbian nanpa is theoretically even better, mostly more obviously fake–all pornstars. I like professionals and amateurs, but not professionals pretending to be amateurs.

I like the gravure idol (グラビアアイドル) genre–videos of glamour models, or women with hourglass figures. It’s usually as much or more about fetishizing their figures as about sex. Japanese women are more developed than when I lived in Tokyo! I like gravure with at least a little sex–pure gravure genre really is just image play. But I want full nudity and at least masturbation (onanie)!

I like girl/girl porn, especially if it’s got Rio Hamasaki or Meguru Kosaka. Yeah, I guess I like big, soft, sexy boobs. I especially like it when girls squirt, because I’m a squirter too, and I find it sexy to watch other women squirt. Akane Hotaru (紅音ほたる) was a champion squirter…the Japanese Cytherea!

I like some fetish videos. The electrostim genre is very sexy, and there is a lot of it in Japan. I love electroplay! But that’s a whole blog post by itself.

In my recent AV searches, I discovered that Japan has a muscle/bodybuilder/wrestling porn genre. I’m so happy, the usual image of Japanese women is small, thin, and weak–none of which is like me, or like I want to be. I can’t imagine myself in their places, and I can’t imagine myself having sex with them either. Isn’t that what porn is for?

Japan’s wrestling/muscle genre’s most beautiful, hottest star that I have found is Ryoko Yoshida 吉田遼子, also called Mirai Urata 浦田みらい, and maybe one or two other names (Kimura, maybe?). Ryoko Yoshida seems to be a former pro wrestler who’s started to make porn. She’s a more hardcore than what I like best, but, wow, she is so beautiful, and her body is to die for.

Below (and above) are some links to Ryoko/Mirai’s video covers. Seems like her Mirai Urata stuff is more her dominating guys (she does a lot of actual wrestling) and her Yoshida Ryoko stuff is mostly the reverse, from what I can tell. I’ve ordered some, and I’ll let you know when I get them! Reviews will follow.

Here she is, in a very hardcore role:

Ryoko Yoshida Hardcore

Ryoko Yoshida Hardcore

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Rikochan’s Busy Weekend / Fetish Mask / Bruises

Rikochan bondage mask bj

Masked Slave Rikochan gives Kraka blowjob

[Click the link at the bottom of the post for the English version!]


先週の金曜日に、新しい動画を私の巨クリ映像販売サイトのclips4sale studioにアップしました~。タイトルは、”Squirt, Rikochan, Squirt!” (潮吹き画像です。)

先週の土曜日には、予告したとおり、写真家のBrian Moss氏と会って、彼のスタジオを見学してきました!(興奮気味)。Brianは、Shemuscle.comdirtymuscle.com等彼自身が運営するウェブサイトで、女性ボディービルダーを中心に美しい肉体美の写真や動画を次々と発表している写真家です。

会う前は、ちょっとどきどきでした、実際の彼はとっても気さくでいい人でした(ハンサムです)。なにより、彼の家が半端なくかっこいい!さりげに彼の作品が飾ってあったり、マネキンにそこはかとなくパンクっぽい洋服を着させていたり(しかもビンテージものっぽい)さすがアーティストっって感じのお家でした。おどろいたのは、彼が時間をかけて集めた70年代ころのアンティークのダンベル等のエクササイズ器具がそろった、ジム(shemuscle ジムと呼んでいました)は圧巻でした。今回は、本当に私が(安心して)できるかどうかを見極めるための顔合わせだけで、数ヵ月後に具体的な日時を決めることにしました。







Sorry I haven’t been able to update lately–I’ve been so busy! The post above is a recap of the past four days in Japanese.

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Rikochan’s Pro Shoot (?)

Brandi Mae from DirtyMuscle by Brian Moss (used with permission)

Brandi Mae from DirtyMuscle by Brian Moss (used with permission)

So, exciting news: the pro photographer meeting I wrote about, I think it’s really going to happen this weekend. I’ve got a date, a time, and directions! And the photographer I’m meeting? The amazing Brian Moss of shemuscle.com and DirtyMuscle.com fame.

Brian Moss takes incredible adult muscle girl, FBB (female bodybuilder), fitness, and figure pictures. I’m no photography expert, but I love his style; his images look clean and simple and unretouched. I imagine it’s a case of making hard work look effortless, however. I love the colors and the light in his pictures. I also love the way he gets the women he shoots to looks so strong and pretty and sexy without seeming like they’re trying too hard. And it’s not just standard bodybuilding poses, either. He has a real, distinct style—when I see one of Brian’s pictures, I always know it’s his before I see the logo.

Kraka and I are meeting him this weekend for a studio tour and mutual scoping out. I’ve never posed nude for anyone but Kraka, so it’s important to find a photographer who makes me comfortable. And Brian has only seen a tiny selection of our thousands of pics—the very few flattering ones. So it’s important for him to see me, too—he might change his mind! Either way, this meeting is just for getting acquainted. Even though I am very nervous, I think it will be fun, too. Kraka, of course, is ridiculously excited. But he is always convinced I look hot and always thinks everyone will want to shoot me.

My clit, sure. But what about the rest of me? We’ll see! Brian is laid back over email, so I have good feeling so far. If it works out, you’ll be able to get the pics on my images4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit.


PS: Do you like the picture above? It’s from Brian’s Dirty Muscle site–a very sexy bodybuilder and muay thai fighter named Brandi Mae Akers. Kraka and I are members of Dirty Muscle, and, it’s worth every penny. So many hot, sexy, inspirational pics–and videos, too! I’m going to go look some more at Brandi Mae right now!

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