FBB Rikochan: Ass Wednesday-Candid Legshow

A candid shot of FBB Rikochan's muscular ass and thick legs

What do you think of my ass and legs?

It’s Ass Wednesday! Every Wednesday should be Ass Wednesday, I know, but I’m so crazy busy right now that it’s only an occasional thing, sorry. I thought I would definitely post one this week, however, as an extra special thanks to everyone who bought my new video, Rikochan’s Big Clit Vs. The Fleshlight, on my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Big Clit. A bunch of buyers, combined with a superfan from Japan who bought every single one of my videos in one massive purchase, made it my best clips4sale day ever! I know, you may not be excited to hear about that, but it makes me very happy, since I recently spent a lot of money on new equipment for the site, and I would love to break even for the year (not there yet!).

Anyhow, here’s the usual disclaimer: I may not be an official FBB, but I am definitely a female who is very much into bodybuilding so that’s why I call myself an FBB in these post, even though I’m nowhere near the physical conditions like some of my friends and heroes who are in good enough shape to compete. I got started in this whole bodybuilding thing many years ago partly because I was tired of having a flat, flabby ass (skinny fat!) and shapeless doughy legs. So, it makes me happy when I get some pics that show me not looking like that. These may not be the best pics, but Kraka (who took them) tells me that some of you guys (and girls) might like them.

So, what do you think? As always, click on the images for full-sized versions!

Rikochan Candid Ass 2

Rikochan’s nightgown is a little bit too short. Or is it?

FBB Rikochan: Ass Wednesday Legshow & Progress picture

FBB Rikochan's latest leg and ass progress pic, plus: a red leather corset!

FBB Rikochan’s latest leg and ass progress pic

Yay, posting for the second day in row. If I can just get it up to three in a row, I think I will qualify as a blogger again. Yes, I have been neglecting you all for a while, it’s true, but I haven’t been neglecting the gym. I’m working out hard fix or six days a week, and I’m starting to see more growth and strength. My diet could have been stricter the past couple of weeks, but considering how crazy life has been for the past few weeks, I think I’ve done a pretty good job. I still think I don’t really qualify as a female bodybuilder, but I am definitely an FBB in training, I think.

I was very happy recently when a new woman trainer at my gym stopped to chat while I was drinking water after my workout and asked me if I was planning to compete someday. She was shocked when I said, no, never. “You’re always here, always training all kinds of crazy stuff—I’m always surprised when someone who isn’t getting on stage can get motivated to train like that.” I think I had been doing some kind of supersets with sled-dragging as one component and I was drenched in sweat. I have to say, it really made my week.

I told her I was just doing it for myself, which is true. I also really wanted to tell her about shooting for my website and porn videos, too, and about wanting to be in better shape the next time I worked with Ashlee Chambers or Darkside Milinda or another top level athlete who makes porn. Those women are my inspiration! Any progress I’ve made lately is at least partly because I met them this spring. But I thought it was better not to fill her in.

I don’t mean to make it sound like she was saying I’m in contest shape, or ripped, or even all that fit looking. She knew enough about bodybuilding to understand that I am off season. And that’s part of why it meant a lot to me. When people who don’t understand compliment me on my progress or some muscle they admire, that can be really flattering and even exciting, but it’s clear that most people only understand the end result, not what it took to get there. In this case, someone who understood was complimenting me on my effort and my dedication and my consistency. That made me very happy.

So, since I’ve been dragging that sled and squatting and doing walking lunges, and kettlebells swings and deadlifts, an since it’s Ass Wednesday, here’s a recent progress picture that shows off my legs, taken by a new woman photographer I’m working with. And, since I’m me, I’m in a corset and high heels. What do you think? I don’t know about the progress, but I really like her style!

Rikochan’s First Anal Gape

Rikochan's gaping anus is ready for anal sex

Rikochan’s Anal Training Leads to her first anal gape shot.

Hi everyone! Once again, it’s been too long since I posted here, and I have all kinds of crazy things to tell you about, but not enough time to give them the treatment they deserve. So, instead, I’m going to share a picture with you from last night: my first gaping anal shot! I recently did a very cool forced orgasm shoot with a couple new friends (that’s one of the things I have to tell you about!) and one of the elements in the shoot was anal toys—big ones (at least for me). So Kraka and I practiced for a while, doing what we called “training” every night. I like the idea of nightly sex training, as an addition to my daily bodybuilding training. We did pumping and anal toys each time, and I think the anal training really helped me get ready for the shoot, which was a week ago today.

I gave my poor asshole a rest for a few days after the shoot—it felt very good, but I thought I would take a little break. But last night we started to talk about doing some more shooting with another friend, and that shoot might also involve an anal element, so I thought it was time to start working out my anus again! Kraka used a series of increasingly larger toys on me, and the final one was pretty big, for me. I felt so full, so stretched, so naughty! When he pulled it out, finally, he was very excited and immediately grabbed the camera. When I asked him why, he told me it was my first gape. I actually didn’t know the word in English, so I had him show me the picture on the camera LCD. Wow! There was my asshole, wide open, staring back at me. I was very excited, and I knew that it would be the first picture I would share with you all when I did my first post-vacation post today.

I looked at a lot of gaping pictures last night—I saw some especially good ones of Belladonna, who I already loved and now love even more—and I realized that my gape shot is pretty tame. I want bigger and better ones! Still, it’s not bad for a first try, right?

Are you into anal toys and gapes? Do you like the picture? I’d love to hear your opinions. I’d also love any suggestions you might have on toys and movies to watch, and pornstars who do great anal and gape scenes. My anal training is just beginning, and I would appreciate any advice my readers can give me!

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