Rikochan gets a buttplug up her ass and her big clit pumped at the same time.

Enjoying a butt-plug and a pumped clit; that’s a lot of sensations at once!

I’ve been bad about keeping up on my anal training. I really need to work on it more regularly. It’s something that I only dabble with every once in a while, and that means that every time I get back to it, I’m basically starting over. Not that there’s anything wrong with it feeling new and strange and wrong (in a good way) every time I start again, but I think anal is one of those things that you need to really get used to–and get your body used to–for it to be a reliably enjoyable part of sex.

I want it to someday be one of those things that I can enjoy without a big production and a serious slowdown of sex play. Right now, since each time I do it it’s sort of like starting over, like the first time, it takes a lot of work and cautious stop and go experimentation. Which is a lot of fun when the mood is right. But it’s not something that I’m comfortable enough with yet to just incorporate into all the rest of my fucking. I can’t just on a whim, in the middle of fucking demand that he switch to my ass. Or, better yet, have him decide that that’s where it’s going next. I mean, both of these things can happen, but the result is pretty much the opposite of the “zipless fuck.” It’s still a lot of work.

So, for 2013, one of my resolutions is going to be to get more comfortable with ass-play, and that means more anal training for me, and more Ass Wednesday pictures for Rikochanpornstar.com. I assume you guys won’t mind?

Hope you like this picture. I love how long my pumped clit looks in it!