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Pumping Rikochan’s Big Clit Until it’s a Cock!

Rikochan's big fat pumped clit

For everyone who requested to see my big clit pumped up nice and fat, this one’s for you! (Click for the high-resolution version, as always!)

It’s been way too long since I last posted a clit-pumping picture on Rikochanpornstar. I know, because some of you told me…nicely! So, because I love you guys and want to make you happy and horny (and, of course, because it makes me happy and horny) I thought it was time to share a new pumped clit with you. I thought you might also like it because it’s a POV shot. That’s what I see when look down on my Japanese clitty as it gets bigger, and tighter and more swollen with blood and desire…

This was such a fun pumping session! I wasn’t so worried about making sure my clit pumped long and narrow, like I usually am. You know, I like it to look like a little girl cock. So, instead I used a much bigger tube, one that I originally bought for using on my titties, to make puffy nipples. It turns out it’s actually too big for my nips, so I have saved it to use on my clit every once in a while. It turns out that while my clit doesn’t get the cock-like shape, it become cock-like it its girth, at least. It turns into a nice and big and fat she-dick!

I love the way this clit tube feels. It’s a little smaller than a full pussy pump, which don’t tend to work so well for me–they’re never the right shape or size or depth. This tube pulls in just enough clit, hood, and labia that every bit of feels really deliciously tight and stretched until it reaches the fuzzy line between pleasure and pain. I love this tube especially because it’s big enough that, when I squirt, it actually goes into the tube. Sometimes I’ve actually filled the tube up, I’ve squirted so much of my juices into it. I feel like it’s pulling and pulling at my until I gush into it…sometimes it only takes a few pinches to my nipples to get me squirting into this tube. I loooooove how it feels to have my whole clit, pussy and labia swimming in a cupful of my own warm juices…

Wow, now I am all excited. I will have to try to get some pumping in tonight, after I finish working on the sequel to the ever popular big clit and femdom clip Gym Bullies 3! Coming soon, I promise!


Rikochan’s Big Clit to Thank You for All Your Support!

Rikochan's Gros Clito

I know what a lot of you want are extreme closeups of my huge clit, with the pink glans all swollen and glistening… Your wish is my command! Click for a giant-sized version of my giant clitoris!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say how ridiculously happy all of you, my fans and friends, have been making me lately. I thought posting a nice closeup of my big erect clit was a nice way to say just how much I appreciate you guys and girls!

Why am I so happy? Well, I’ve gotten a ton of amazing comments on Rikochanpornstar in the past little while, and a lot of great comments and DMs on Facebook and Fetlife, too, as well as lots and lots of friend requests in both places, too. I’m closing in on 2,000 friends on FL, and getting close to 1,000 on Facebook, which is just crazy! If you aren’t already my friend in both places, send me a request–I’d love to hear from you. I’m on both sites almost everyday. If you want to follow me between blog posts, that’s the place to do it! In fact, sometime I post pictures there first! This post’s photo of my big clitty actually showed up on Fetlife first. I’d love to hit 1,000 and 2,000 soon!

I’m also amazed at how popular my recent videos have been! Yesterday was one of my best days ever on Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium, my Clips4sale studio, and this month is on track for being the best month ever, too! I’ve also gotten some nice emails about the videos, including some requests to shoot more videos, which sound like they might be very exciting!

What’s Next for Rikochan?

It might sound silly, but the comments and encouragement friend requests and requests to shoot and your support of my little video store are all so flattering and so gratifying that they really make me want to make more photos and videos and blog posts. They’re really motivating me to get into better shape, and to go further in my videos, taking more risks, showing a little more of my face, my body, my self. It’s because of you all that I’m going to do more, take the next steps in my amateur porn career!

What does that mean? Well, in addition to more Gym Bullies, more Mistress M video, and my very first ever forced-orgasm video shoot (from a couple of years ago-finally!), I’m really going to branch out and be more daring in the porn I make.

I’m going to start expanding my list of people who I work with. I’m hoping to do some shibari and some foot-fetish shoots. I’m also looking into some harder BDSM shoots, and some shoots with a wider variety of girls–some more mainstream girls, I hope, in addition to the FBBs that I have loved working with. I’m looking into doing some serious forced orgasm shoots. LOVE forced orgasms.

And I’m going to work with some new directors and producers. I’m talking, for example, to a friend about maybe doing some muscle-worship video sessions with an amazing porn girl who is into fitness and a bodybuilder who does porn, as well as maybe a pornier BDSM shoot with mainstream clips4sale girl.  That’s all I’m going to say about that, because it’s just in the talking stages, but I really really hope it works out!

Boy/Girl and Sessions?

So many of you have asked, that I’ll just say it here: no boy-girl stuff (unless it’s Kraka, shibari riggers, or maybe forced orgasm masters) and no actual sessions… For now! I have to confess, all the many, many requests I get for both are terribly flattering and exciting, enough that I have actually given both b/g porn and muscle worship sessions some serious thought. And I’m very, very curious about both of them, I have to say!

Kraka is open to me doing either boy/girl or sessions, if the circumstances are right, so I’m definitely getting the support I’d need to make that leap. I think I’d be more likely to dip my toe into sessions, first, probably. I’m not in a hurry, but I am definitely thinking about it. So, feel free to keep asking. It makes me super horny when you ask, and, as long as you don’t mind me saying no for now, I don’t mind you asking. Maybe you’ll convince me eventually! 😉

Anyhow, thanks for motivating me to make more and better porn and erotica. It’s all for you and all because of you. If you love my porn and want me to make more and go further, it’s the wonderful, lovely support that you’ve been giving me lately (and all along!) here, on my social networks and at my clips4sale studio that will make it happen.

~Love, Riko

New Video: Rikochan’s Dominatrix Lesson with Mistress Treasure

Mistress Treasure forces slave Kraka to lick Rikochan's swollen clit

Kraka is helpless to do anything but lick my huge clit, trapped between Mistress Riko and Mistress Treasure…

Hi everyone: just wanted to let you know that I’ve posted a new muscle domination and big clit video to my clips4sale studio, Rikochan’s Fetish Emporium. After our last video, in which the amazing female bodybuilder and dominatrix Mistress Treasure had her way with me, Mistress Treasure decided that I should get a taste of what it was like to be on the other end of the riding crop. She recruited Kraka to be our sub, lucky guy, for a new FBB femdom video!

The video is about 11 minutes long and there’s a nice long section of Mistress Treasure jamming her amazing ass into Kraka’s face forcing him to sniff her while he eats her gorgeous pussy. Then it’s my turn and she talks me through it all the while.

In the next section, she instructs me and Kraka in the art of Domme/sub pussy eating and Kraka licks and sucks my pussy–and my huge clitty which is swollen almost to bursting with excitement–until finally I came, squiting all over his masked face. You can’t see the squirting so well in this video, I should tell you, but there is a wet mark on the carpet under us after that you can see if you look.

It felt so good to be making Kraka lick my pussy, although, I confess, it was equally exciting to be following Mistress Treasure’s instructions, grinding and coming strictly to her schedule instead of my own. I guess that is just the sub in me! It didn’t hurt that I could look down and see her sucking on and biting my tender nipples as she held Kraka’s masked head in her strong, vascular hands, controlling the speed of the blowjob he was giving to my long, erect clit…

Good news: I was recently in touch with Mistress Treasure, and she said she’d like to work together again. Would you guys like to see more of us together?

The Fattest Clit in the World?

Rikochan's Big pumped futanari clit-cock

I remember him saying: “Look at your clit, it’s turning into a cock, a futanari cock…”

It’s been way to too long since I posted a new, actual new picture on here, sorry! I think this picture of my huge clit goes a long way to making up for that, though, right? This is from a set of pictures that I’m actually planning to sell, if I can ever get it together, but I just couldn’t resist sharing this one.

I was doing a little bit  of editing on it at lunch, and I got so hot and bothered looking at my big juicy clit and imaging Kraka cuffing and tying me to the bed and pumping me and pumping me and pumping me until my clit was so big that it was a fat as his cock, lying there staring at my clit swell as he made it bigger and bigger, the shaft stretching the skin on the glans getting tighter and tighter until the nerves were all firing at once, nonstop over and over again, until I begged him to let it out of the tube and touch it.

I imagined him letting out the pressure (the relief and disappointment at the loss of pressure), removing the tube, and touching my almost painfully erect clit with just the lightest of touches, like a feather, tickling me, until my legs were shaking against the ropes and I was moaning and moaning, desperate for him to touch me take me suck me, but knowing that the pumping had made my poor clitty so sensitive that anything more than blowing on it would be almost agony, almost too much to stand.

And then he did suddenly taking it into mouth and sucking it hard and rough and wet, and I came–immediately: moaning and jerking and crying with the overload of stimulation–animatistic shrieking sounds coming from me, til Kraka had to put his hand over my mouth, to muffle them so that the neighbors didn’t call the police out of real fear for my life…

Anyhow…that’s what I thought of when I looked at this picture. What do you see?

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