FBB Rikochan's enlarged critoris is nearly as large as the head of the Hitachi Magic Wand

Who wins when my enlarged clitoris takes on the Hitachi Magic Wand? You do, that’s who. 🙂

Hi everyone, missed you all! Took a little summer vacation and then got the flu so bad that I ended up with an inhaler! I’m much better now, which is good news. Even better news, from your point of view: I had lots of time to work on my home studio and computer setup. And that means new videos at Rikochan’s Big Clit, my clips4sale studio! The first one is from an older shoot—all the way back in January, and it’s me showing off my big Japanese clitty and playing with my Hitachi Magic Wand. Wow, I was fat! I almost didn’t post it, but Kraka convinced me to go ahead because he thought the video was so hot. I’m not 100 percent convinced, but he tells me he’s jacked off to it many times (a fact I had not realized!), and it’s hard to argue with that!

I thought I had lost this video on my hard drive until Kraka pointed it out. This is my first 1080 HD video, which is exciting, but the lighting still needs help. I did a lot of reading and research and watched a ton of YouTube videos over the past few weeks, though, and I think the videos that I shoot starting next week will be a lot better, although it might cost me either $8 dollars, if I can replace the lights for my cheap work-light rig with better colored lights, or maybe a couple hundred if I buy a new real video rig. We’ll see how sales go this month!

Rikochan's favorite vibrator is the Hitachi Magic Wand

The best vibrator in the world!

So, this video is just a fun masturbation vid, not nearly as fetish-y as some of my other vids. I mean, relatively speaking. It’s still got my enormous clit in it, getting pumped to truly huge proportions, but there’s no squirting (although I am actually dripping wet at one point), no fetish or bondage gear, no latex, etc.  Basically, it’s just me pumping up my clitty bone and then masturbating like crazy with my Hitachi set on high til I come…hard.

 The sample video of Rikochan’s Big Clit Vs. The Hitachi Magic Wand is on MuscleTube: It’s a one-minute version of a nine-minute video. Jerk off while you watch me play with my huge clit, and, if you liked came hard enough, maybe go buy the full clip so I can get new lights and make better-looking video for you! 🙂

I hope you like the video! I will post some bigger stills tonight or maybe tomorrow.