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Rikochan’s Big Clit: Peach Panty Peek

I think that's what they call a "grelo grande" in Brazil!

I think this is what my Brazilian friends call a “grelo grande!”

I was so happy this picture came out well, because it’s got two of my favorite things in it: my swollen clit (of course) and my new Cosabella peach mesh panties. I don’t always understand why people love certain kinds of my pictures, but I definitely get the idea of panty peeks as sexy. I love the idea of panties as just barely hiding my pussy mound, easily pulled aside to glimpse my engorged clitty.

Of course, with this microfiber mesh panties, there’s really no hiding involved. You can see my distended clitty and labia pretty clearly, because there’s no pad or lining at all in these particular panties (they’re clearly made for sex). They’re so sheer and light that, as I get more and more excited, you can actually see my erect clit getting larger and larger, tenting my underwear as it swells. I love to watch that, and so, it seems, do my partners. I love to watch them caress my big clit through the thin fabric, teasing it to greater and greater hardness as my pussy begins to lubricate so copiously that the juices darken the fabric, turning it slick and slippery. Sometimes they don’t even get the panties off before I start sqirting and coming…

I’ve tried several time to shoot a clip of this part of the process, but none of them have come out, so far. It’s a hard thing to light, unfortunately. I’m more hopeful that I will eventually get a good series of pictures. That’s something I’m working on.

Anyhow, I thought you big clit fans might enjoy this latest picture as a little treat while I’m working away (very slowly) on videos. I should have some good stuff to post on my big clit clips4sale studio soon!

Rikochan’s Clitty Bone/Top 10 Clit Hits

Rikochan's clitty bone hardon

Yes, I’ve got a got a clit erection. Got a problem with that? DIdn’t think so! (Click for larger version)

You’ve all been very patient while I’ve posted a variety of everything but big clit pics. Muscle worship, full-body progress pics, and futanari pics are all fine, but, let’s face it, that’s not why most of you are here. No, most of you are here because you want to see my big clitty bone (one of my favorite English expressions)! You’ve been very patient, and said very nice things about my legs, my session pictures, and my futa obsession. Today you extreme clitoris aficionados get your reward!

Rikochan's clit looking like a big FTM dick in profile

Love how long and thick my clit looks in this picture…it almost looks like an FTM dick, doesn’t it? (Click for larger version)

Yes most of you are here for the clitty. Sure, some of you like my writing; and, yes, some of you have leg and foot fetish; and some of you are even into watching the (very slow) journeys of an amateur female bodybuilder and amateur porn enthusiast (despite my silly site name, I know I’m not really a star). But for most of you it’s about the little man in the boat (a favorite slang of mine). How do I know? Because I can see what searches led you pervs (a term I use with all love) to my site. On any given day, the top ten are almost all clit related. Check out the list below for today’s Rikochanpornstar searches.

Rikochan Big Clit Black Panties D

Wouldn’t you love to suck on that huge she-dick? I know I’d enjoy it! (Click for larger version)

Top 10 Things Rikochanpornstar Visitors Were Perving

10. Bodybuilder pussy
9. Swollen clitoritis
8. Clitoris enlarged to become penis
7. Enlarged clitoris
6. Clit pump
5. Squirt
4. Giant clit
3. Huge clit
2. Clit
1. Big clit

Rikochan Big Clit Black Panties A

Who else gives you four free massive clit shots for Thanksgiving? No one, that’s who! This one is for the spread-pussy fans. (Click for larger version)

I love it! Only one is anything but clits! I count “bodybuilder pussy” as a clit-related search, because, let’s face it, if you’re looking for bodybuilder pussy, you’re looking for big clits, whether you know it or not. The only non-clitty search that led people here today was “squirt.” And, in any case, if you’re going to see me squirting, chances are you’re also going to see my clitoris in all its massive glory. One other interesting thing you might notice: for some reason pervs often spell clitoris “clitoritis” which is makes me laugh. I have to wonder if the people who can’t spell it are the same people who can’t find it. Another strange spelling that brings people here: “steriod clit.” I guess these are the pron words specific to Rikochanpornstar!

Anyhow, for all you clit-lovers out there, these pics are for you. I hope you enjoy them. More to come soon—including some truly massive pumped clit pics: maybe my biggest ever!


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