Site May Be Wonky. Help?

Hi everyone: I’m working on the site this weekend, partly to improve it, and partly because the latest big update to WordPress seems to have broken some parts. Don’t worry, I’ll get it fixed.

If You Want to Help

That’s so sweet, I could use some help!  All I need is for people to once in a while clear their cache and cookies and tell me how it looks. By that I mean is it rendering right, is the design all messed up, are there broken links, etc.

Yes, I can do this myself, but I’m in and out all weekend, and the occasional report would be a big help, especially since some of the problems seem intermittent. Just let me know what you find in the comments or via email or Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever…


  1. Hi Riko My computer die but now I’m back lost all your clips Bugger , I come back and you have 4 posts was so good to come bake and see you there love all the picks always love to see the big lump in your nikkers

    • rikochan

      May 9, 2015 at 10:16 pm

      Haha, I like “lump in your knickers!” Sorry to hear about your computer… 🙁

  2. Hi back from computer problems it die and I lost all your clips Bugger love all your new posts

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