Ryoko Yoshida 吉田遼子 / Mirai Urata 浦田みらい

Wrestler Ryoko Yoshida's Sexy Muscles

Wrestler Ryoko Yoshida's Sexy Muscles

I’ve been shopping online for new Japanese porn lately, without much luck. And then I found wrestler, musclegirl, and catfighter Ryoko Yoshida (吉田遼子), who also goes by Mirai Urata (浦田みらい) and a few other aliases.

I’ve been looking online, because while I know nice, clean, inviting shops selling sex toys and fetish gear, none sell porn I want. Some of them carry a few things like Andrew Blake DVDs, but mostly stuff I already own. So I’ve been looking online. If you saw my browser history (and could read Japanese) you’d see that lately, I like a couple specific types of Japanese AV (adult video: porn).

I like the nanpa genre–videos where amateur women get picked up and talked into nudity, blowjobs, even sex–but only if the women are cute and happy and at least somewhat convincingly amateurs. Lesbian nanpa is theoretically even better, mostly more obviously fake–all pornstars. I like professionals and amateurs, but not professionals pretending to be amateurs.

I like the gravure idol (グラビアアイドル) genre–videos of glamour models, or women with hourglass figures. It’s usually as much or more about fetishizing their figures as about sex. Japanese women are more developed than when I lived in Tokyo! I like gravure with at least a little sex–pure gravure genre really is just image play. But I want full nudity and at least masturbation (onanie)!

I like girl/girl porn, especially if it’s got Rio Hamasaki or Meguru Kosaka. Yeah, I guess I like big, soft, sexy boobs. I especially like it when girls squirt, because I’m a squirter too, and I find it sexy to watch other women squirt. Akane Hotaru (紅音ほたる) was a champion squirter…the Japanese Cytherea!

I like some fetish videos. The electrostim genre is very sexy, and there is a lot of it in Japan. I love electroplay! But that’s a whole blog post by itself.

In my recent AV searches, I discovered that Japan has a muscle/bodybuilder/wrestling porn genre. I’m so happy, the usual image of Japanese women is small, thin, and weak–none of which is like me, or like I want to be. I can’t imagine myself in their places, and I can’t imagine myself having sex with them either. Isn’t that what porn is for?

Japan’s wrestling/muscle genre’s most beautiful, hottest star that I have found is Ryoko Yoshida 吉田遼子, also called Mirai Urata 浦田みらい, and maybe one or two other names (Kimura, maybe?). Ryoko Yoshida seems to be a former pro wrestler who’s started to make porn. She’s a more hardcore than what I like best, but, wow, she is so beautiful, and her body is to die for.

Below (and above) are some links to Ryoko/Mirai’s video covers. Seems like her Mirai Urata stuff is more her dominating guys (she does a lot of actual wrestling) and her Yoshida Ryoko stuff is mostly the reverse, from what I can tell. I’ve ordered some, and I’ll let you know when I get them! Reviews will follow.

Here she is, in a very hardcore role:

Ryoko Yoshida Hardcore

Ryoko Yoshida Hardcore

Here she is under the name Kimura:

Ryoko Yoshida, under the name Kimura

Ryoko Yoshida, under the name Kimura

Here she is getting electrostim directly to her nipples…in the movie it seems like they are making it look like torture, but, believe me, it feels GREAT!

Ryoko Yoshida Electrostim

Ryoko Yoshida Electrostim

Striking a pose.

Ryokochan Strikes a pose

Ryoko Yoshida Strikes a pose

Want to do your own research? Check out the links below, use translate.google.com if you can’t read them!

Here is a link to Ryoko Yoshida DVDs on Japanese DMM.com (in Japanese). Lots of vidcaps.

Here’s a link to Ryoko Yoshida DVDs on Amazon Japan (in Japanese). In case you want to order and have a region 2 DVD player.

Here’s a link to Mirai Urata DVDs on Battle Films (in English!). Type “Mirai” into the search box. Lots and lots of videos!


  1. awesome pics, very sexy…


    • Wow, comments on my little blog from a real-live IFBB pro! Thanks so much for stopping by–visit any time.

      Ryoko is great, right? I love her! Can’t wait for my videos to arrive.



  2. I have downloaded “筋肉美人レスラー吉田遼子(23歳)”& ” 筋肉美人レスラー×電流アクメHARD “for free. She is a true masochist! I love her body and the way that she was tortured. I’d try to buy more from amazon.jp .

  3. OMG! Where can I download video with Ryoko? Its bicepses look more in last photos.

  4. Well basically this is why I found your blog rikochan; I found it while looking for more info on Ryoko Yoshida. As sites on her keep saying she is a wrestler, but can’t find where to confirm this.

    Anyway, ever since 2003, I’ve gotten a fetish on strong women. Guess Erika Nagai is who gave me that fetish as I became a big fan of her. She used to appear in videos in which she was a karate fighter, taking against girls and men alike. (She also gave me a fetish for women wearing karate gi or other martial arts uniforms).

    I have been also trying to find info on her (and these 2 girls who used to appear with her, Chiharu Miyama and Shinobu Ayukawa), but nothing so far; to the point I believe she might have retired for good.

    New karate girls have appeared but none have had the same passion as Erika.

    And as a derivate of this, I have a fetish for female body builders. One of them of course is Ryoko who has such a strong beautiful body; and the other one is Midori Takase.

    I really should suggest you to look for Midori Takase as well. I love that she is over 40 years old, but has a great body thanks to her muscular built, and just as you has been influenced to have a strong healthy body and influenced others, so she (like you) is a positive role model for women who think that because of age they can’t be pretty and strong!!! (So as men, like myself, I am no bodybuilder, but I do more excersise to have a better health).

    Plus I have the fantasy fetish of being dominated by a beautiful strong female!

    I love that you have this blog in order for people and fans to communicate with someone like you, to have a better “relation” (that is unlike some stars who shun people and fans, and show yourself as quite a humble and hardworking person).

    There are some Midori Takase videos around to view (just google her name), but yes; Rikochan is right, buy original videos to support the industry. Most get them from J-List but they are overpriced and sometimes the people there don’t feel like getting some. I get then with the aid of a friend from Japan, at good prices; not sure if you guys can ask someone who you know is over there.

    Oh and Rikochan, have the videos you ordered arrived yet? Thank you!

  5. So… have you recieved the videos? Have you seen them? Will you review them? Thinking of someday working with a JAV actress? Or will it be impossible?

  6. Where can I find the one where she is called Kimura?


  8. also search mizuki nagase, she is in her best physical shape in videos under this name

  9. I just looked closer and I think they are not the same actress. hard to tell. Very simlar bodies, faces and ages

  10. where can i buy their movies or see online free or ppv? thanks

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